EXTREMISTS: No Carbon Tax campaign must urgently delouse

Unilateral action on climate change without demanding similar changes from our global competitors has always worried us. The best argument – and it is a stretch – is that the world is inevitably shifting towards a lower carbon emission environment and that Australia should be ahead of the game. But of course exporting the jobs of our carbon-emission intensive industries – often in manufacturing – or increasing our energy costs while other countries don’t take action is a big potential problem. So you’d think we have some sympathy for the feisty oldies and young Tories who headed down to Canberra for the No Carbon Tax rally.

There are loyal and true members of the famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit involved in the campaign itself and we wish them the best. But the judgment of rally organisers must be questioned after yesterday’s rally in Canberra. And I hope this criticism is taken as constructive criticism.

Their Melbourne one had Les Twentyman speaking. Enough said. We thought about arranging a recording of his oration and then thought the world was probably better off not hearing or seeing it. “Laughable” was a description from a Liberal in the crowd.

The Canberra rally, a much bigger deal, was successful in its way (gaining national attention) but was all but completely undermined by the presence of lunatic League of Rights folks and other idiots who should have had their signs and odious T-shirts hidden by those in charge.

The organisers – unlike the more astute people in the US involved in the Tea Party – have clearly not read or paid attention to ‘Rules for Radicals’ a book written by Saul Alinsky as a guide for activism.

His teachings are essential reading, especially for right-wingers unused to mobilising people power.


He told his dirty unwashed hippy comrades of the far-left to clean up, to dress up, to reach out, to provoke enemies into doing stupid things while appearing as reasonable as possible. He was as cunning as a rat. His message wasn’t especially mainstream but he wanted it to look that way. His book was used by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and now the Tea Party to guide their public protests.

Based on those shrewd teachings, those with placards declaring the Prime Minister of Australia is a “witch” or “bitch” or “frump” or whatever should have been told to go home or dump the signs.

Based on any commonsense, those who had Adolf Hitler on the same T-shirt as Julia Gillard (with her Photoshopped doing a Hitler salute) should probably have been referred to a medical practitioner.

We are sympathetic to those who question the proposed carbon tax, dispute it will serve its stated purpose and question the certainties of often left-wing, occasionally propagandising and in some cases deceitful scientists or those pretending to be experts, who are variously economists or paleontologists or Al Gore.

We have seen in America that the cost of excitable rhetoric when mixed with volatile and troubled souls can be very high.

Not only do the anti-tax brigade they have every right to protest and to help promote their favoured Coalition onto victory at the next election, they have good arguments when they say the PM broke a pretty crucial promise, when they point out that a local unilateral solution to a supposedly global crisis won’t make a difference, when they say they feel duped when key parts of the climate change doomsday brigade are exposed as fabricators or serial exaggerators.

They make good arguments. They don’t need loons.

Their champion Tony Abbott has staked everything, his entire political career on these arguments and their successful prosecution. From zero after the 2007 election when he was complaining about his salary cut and his shadow portfolio to hero of the Coalition, bringing them back from nowhere to near victory.

And no-one on Abbott’s staff will appreciate those at the rally putting up signs behind their guy chock-full of hate-speech that actually attracts sympathy for his opponent and makes him look lies he’s in bed with scum.

His success on this carbon tax issue is not assured.

It will be undermined by associating with those who belong outside the mainstream of politics. People who don’t just oppose the Prime Minister but hate her. Abbott needs them like he needs a hole in the head.

It could be undermined by how he handles the incredible complexity of rolling back a tax and carbon emissions trading system.and repealing substantial welfare payment increases and income tax cuts. Potentially the Coalition will be going into the next federal election proposing substantial income-tax increases and welfare payment cuts in addition to advocating the dumping of the carbon tax.

It has very tough – as we have argued – before to run a scare campaign on tax policy once it has already been enacted. Indeed, it will be much easier for the government to run a scare campaign on the effects of reversing it and all the uncertainties and inconveniences associated with that.

Abbott needs help not Hitler T-shirts.

Abbott needs help not Hitler T-shirts. He’s in a fight for his political life.

We love the drama of politics, perhaps too much. We engage in more than a bit of aggressive name-calling ourselves. Because a Greens militant was wielding a broomstick in a brilliant pic taken by a VEXNEWS Investigator the other day, while she was attempting to rip down opponents signs in the battle for Marrickville, we succumbed to the temptation of repeating a local’s joking claim she was a ‘witch with a broomstick’. We should have judiciously censored this assertion and not repeated it in a large witchly typeface. We thought about taking it down but then decided you should witness our folly and make up your own mind about whether we are the pot calling the kettle black.

We have seen in America that the cost of excitable rhetoric when mixed with volatile and troubled souls can be very high. Naturally, the VEXNEWS audience is full of sensible and good folk who can discount hyperbole and process it for what it is.

We want the Greens defeated and we really object to their views but we don’t hate them. And nor should anyone else. Life’s too short. We should always ensure our rhetoric reflects that world-view.

And those who oppose the carbon tax ought be able to throw every bit of passion and drama at it without baselessly comparing the Prime Minister with Adolf Hitler. It’s outrageous. And in this case, by coincidence, we also ripped into a Green for perpetrating a boycott of Jewish commerce in a manner chillingly reminiscent of his policies. In that case, we make no apology for the comparison. Fiona Byrne may not be genocidal but make no mistake that her policy of boycotting, divesting and punishing Israel is calculated at undermining the viability of the Jewish state in a manner that is just as vile and worrying. If she acts like a disgrace the
n she shall be so labelled.

So our criticism comes from someone in the slagging business, well-versed as we are in sometimes overly excitable rhetoric. It comes from someone who is deeply suspicious – not of climate science but – of left-wing climate scientists who lie. It comes from someone who knows that 99% of those who gave up their day to travel down to Canberra to campaign for a cause are good people with sincerely held views and some powerful arguments. If we’re deeply uncomfortable about some of what went on then we suspect much of middle Australia is quietly offended too. If the purpose of the rally isn’t exclusively about winning support for the cause, then it’s just mad indulgence of the kind we so frequently laugh at in the ultra-left. We didn’t like the Howard-haters (and said so at the time loudly) and we know that those with maniacal Gillard-grudge are just the opposite side of exactly the same coin.

The good people who want to oppose a tax that’s a breach of a campaign promise that will not really achieve much other than aiding the warm inner-glow of a few enviro-whiners should be free to exercise their political rights in loud and proud form but they also need to shake off the lice of those who get off on calling our first female Prime Minister a “bitch”, a “frump”, a “witch”, a “whore” and Adolf Hitler.




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43 responses to “EXTREMISTS: No Carbon Tax campaign must urgently delouse

  1. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott please stop chasing that Red Headed Flibbertigibbet Woman from One Nation she is from the common class, instead please join me in my Pulpit as there are more youing boys to induct into our Choir.

  2. anon

    Which one of the good Lieutenant-Colonel’s Squaddies fired the ‘live pellet’ into Sophie’s big plump tum?

  3. I think there is genuine anger and hatred in the community for Julia Gillard and the Labor Party. I support these rallies and will take part in Sydney one.

    I don’t blame some people in the crowd for having deep dislike of Julia Gillard by calling her different names. The fact of the matter is that here in NSW, we are seeing and hearing much worse things said about her. Things that I can’t type here.

    It is not about glorifying Nazism but it is about comparing two different eras of time where certain individuals were deeply hated by people.

    For some people, Hitler’s sins (holocaust) are similar to Gillard’s sins (carbon tax) – these are two different issues but the end result is same i.e. Large scale Human Suffering!

  4. Wenchy

    I like pushing the boundaries but as Brother Abbott and Boofa are over 40, I have a gap. Is there anyone who can fill it?

  5. ethnic branchstacker

    What irony that Tony is flanked by the two blue witches – Bronwyn and Sophie, two of the most vile women in politics.

  6. If its moderation in t-shirt styles you’re looking for a created a toned down version here -> http://www.cafepress.com/nocarbontax

    Perhaps you could pass this onto Tony.

    Hits the right notes with a clear message whilst not having the Pinocchio or Hitler references.

    Got 500 sales initially, was aiming for 1000 but came up short. Hope this is of interest.

  7. If its moderation in t-shirt styles you’re looking for, I created a toned down version here -> http://www.cafepress.com/nocarbontax

    Perhaps you could pass this onto Tony.

    Hits the right notes with a clear message whilst not having the Pinocchio or Hitler references.

    Got 500 sales initially, was aiming for 1000 but came up short. Hope this is of interest.

  8. Jeremy C Browne

    Who held up the ‘bitch’ sign? It has all the hallmarks of an ALP/Get Up! sting. Does anybody know?

  9. Sotherby

    great to see the aged care homes providing the bulk if not all of the feet for that rally- some interesting folk, always nice to see dumb arses whether they be extreme right or left make fools of themselves, in particular the mutant that felt the “don’t tread on me” flag was some sort of Australian investion- top makes for all the crazy.

  10. GYoung

    Interesting how well balanced and thoughtful this article is compared to anything you run about the Left.

  11. Adrian Jackson

    I agree with Jeremy C Browne.

    Instead of a carbon tax the government should build huge solar and nuclear power plants. They did it for the Snowy Mountains hydro power scheme in the 1950’s and a similar one in Tasmania in the 1970’s. Think big government and opposition

    All solar panels on homes do is make yuppies feel good will little impact of the power grid.

  12. sg

    The task of tackling anthropogenic induced climate change being undermined by a small minority? Never!

  13. willy

    will ms mirabella please explain the role noel crighton brown played in her efforts to get pre-selected for the seat of indi

  14. Labor will say anything, do anything to keep power

    Labors push for the Carbon Tax is in response to their need for the green preferences to hold power in a minority govt situation.

    Bob Brown is the puppeteer, then the Labor Party is the puppet.

    Drunk on power, Labor will try and rewrite history in order to keep Grees support.

    However there is another element here, with Labor trying to reconnect with those prodigals that have gone to the Greens.

    Good government and labor just doesn’t travel together.

  15. coz

    Pauline Hanson got “Burn The Witch” placards and a large chant of the same phrase (think it was in Darwin) and that came from the left/greens, so it’s not a new or unique phenomenon. Did Vexnews also disapprove of that?

    Ultimately socialism ends in fascism, so the Hitler analagies are not inappropriate.

  16. Brimbank Party hack

    Australia would do more off cutting world wide CO2 by stopping all export off Coal,but of cause that would upset to many Miners.

  17. Porky

    Absolutely disgusting that anyone would compare an environmental policy supported by the majority of Australians with the Holocaust.

    Tony Abbott you are just as bad for standing on the same platform as Pauline Hanson and the rest of this filth.

  18. MC

    Compared to the abuse and hatred and vilification directed at John Howard and George Bush during various rallies over the years, this was all pretty tame. Surprised that VEXNEWS would follow the rest of the media in exaggerating their feigned disgust at any opposition to our dear leader Ju-liar. BTW I was there yesterday and with the exception of the idiot Hanson and half a dozen League of Rights/CEC types, to call this crowd “extremists” is laughable. It looked like the wednesday bingo crowd at Rooty Hill RSL club.

  19. Zaf

    Oh dear, oh dear. You wanted an Australian Tea Party and now you’re getting cold feet when it starts showing up? Sorry to tell you, vexnews, but you can’t have the crazy without the crazy. Oh, and it’s always easier to get on a tiger than get off one, but you knew that.

  20. Not a right wing idiot

    You people are disgusting. What don’t you get about a carbon tax? Explain why it’s so bad, go on I dare you.
    Seriously get a grip.

  21. Greg

    The ALP can hardly complain about tone with this on their website:

    In case they take it down through shame, here is a screen capture of it:

    ALP Goebels

  22. @MC: Bush and Howard were vilified. Funny though, the folk who attacked Bush didn’t like it when President Obama became the target.

  23. Adrian Jackson

    I thought the riot, about 12 years ago, where the glass doors to the Houses of Parliament were smashed but union thugs and native ratbags was far works that this peaceful protest.

    Greg Combet should looks at the conduct of these ACTU thugs first. Former ACTU Fuhrer Jenny George was present at the riot of her unionist storm troopers too

  24. fair go

    Adrian, I was there too. I doubt that you were. The ‘riot’ (which of course it wasnt) was the work of a couple of extreme groups who entered the fray after the event had started. As someone who was at the bollards not far from the doors I can tell you 95% of the crowd did not even know it happened until they heard and saw it on the news, including myself. It was not ACTU orchestrated or approved. In fact it was downright embarrassing. Not surprising however that you would seek to tarnish a whole group by your misinformed views about a few.

  25. fair go

    socialism ends in fascism? agggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Perhaps it is the style of the leader, not the political persuasion that results in fascism. There are various forms of socialism active around the world. Hitler abandoned socialism because of a perceived Jewish conspiracy, others because they were fat greedy skunks. Others because they were selfishly convinced to do so by Western Governments.

    Maybe socialism hasn’t been a rip snorting success, however raw free-market capitalism can hardly be described as a total success either.

    Don’t get me started!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Adrian Jackson

    fair go (what is your name?) Combet and Gillard tryed to tarnish the whole group yesterday!

    Left wing thugs are thugs and the parliament entry was trashed, staff intimidated and no one was charged. The AFP should have shot the scum with tazers

  27. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist.

    Do these peaceful, law-abiding, middle of the road Australians need a lobbyist to run their campaign?

  28. SCHEMER!

    Some may contemplate that Gillard so gets what she deserves well she has treated the voting public with utter contempt with her shameless broken promise re the carbon tax!
    So whilst no one condones various signs they are so very reflective of the angst and dismay that Gillard causes to erupt from within the general community! Cant imagine Paul keating pulling the swifties that Gillard does ! See Keating had integrity his word counted so Gillard as a suggestion go to the Paul Keating schhol of politics to learn how to be a master politician!
    Alternatively join master- chef Gillard because you are good at cooking up schemes eh a scheming carbon tax!

  29. Bonshaw

    Andrew you are undoubtedly correct that the display of what could rightly be considered offensive placards and teat shirts is to be regretted. But please remember that it is the socialist side of politics that has made offensive behavior and violence the hallmark of political demonstrations. One must wonder at the current delicate disposition of Combet and Brown when you look at the kind of violent demonstrations that they have endorsed in the past. For instance Brown’s personal endorsed the violence and criminal behavior of the S11 protesters at the 2000 World Economic Forum in Melbourne. Likewise Combet was involved in a violent ACTU protect which injured innocent people and trashed the entrance to Parliament House. Why do they now suffer the vapors?


  30. “Not a right wing idiot”
    wouldn’t be able to write this nonsense –

    “You people are disgusting. What don’t you get about a carbon tax? Explain why it’s so bad, go on I dare you. Seriously get a grip.”

    If Vexnews actually published material on the consequences of a carbon tax.

  31. Gibbot

    @Mark Sharma:

    This wing nut is precisely the sort of idiot the Right should distance itself from if it is to retain any credibility. He’s running on an independent ticket on Saturday. He ran in the last federal election. He’ll get the same four primary votes from sympathetic family members as he did then, but has probably been preferenced by Liberal candidate Casuscelli, so will sap enough electoral funding to continue smearing ballot papers with shit well into the foreseeable future.

    Disclaimer: I’m not with any party. I just have no time for window-licking morons.

  32. Shame Liberals

    The irony of foul mouthed conservatives using the vilest and most sexist US street slang shows where Abbott has taken the liberals – to the very gutter.

    Can the hatred of women and the fear and loathing of refugees really be the only way the ab ABBOTT government can be formed?

  33. Ben

    Labor members have used words such as: “bitch”, “frump”, “witch”, “whore” and “Nazi”. They’ve used worse words, in fact. Now the Labor-first media is offended? This is manufactured rage. I’m not falling for it. This is just a leftwing attempt to silence speech. The word “denier” is far worse, when used in certain ways. So anti-carbon tax people have to “lose” people that use the “w” word, but this same rule doesn’t apply to members of the Labor party? I thought this website was opposed to tribalism.

    Let’s compile a list of every organization in Australia starting with the Greens and the Labor Party and hold them to the same standards. And another thing: the protest was made up of individuals.

  34. Barry Soetoro

    LOL @ Gillard being Bob Brown’s bitch – funny coz it’s true.

  35. Jeremy C Browne

    The ‘bitch’ and ‘witch’ placard holders were both acting on behalf of Get Up! Why isn’t the media criticizing them for doing so, in an attempt to delegitimize anti-carbon sentiment. Andrew, why do you write this article with no attempt to prosecute the individuals who took part? If I attend a Get Up! rally and hold up a sign which targets Tony Abbott’s daughters will you reprise this same article? Also, why isn’t Abbott attacking them rather than defending them?

  36. blackmambo

    @Not a right wing idiot:

    read Andrew Bolts blog if you are in any doubt

  37. Looter Lew

    Mark McInnes is a top bloke.

  38. Adrian Jackson

    Some nicknames: US General MacArthur “Dug out Doug”, Sir Arthur Tange (Sec Dept of Defence in the 70’s) “Uranga Tange” and “Mao Tse Tange”, Sir Robert Menzies “Pig Iron Bob”, Lance Barnard (Minister for Defence in the Whitlam Govt) “Barn yard”.

    The Aussie nicknames were openly used in Australian Officers’ Messes in the 1970’s so get used to it MP’s and ADF senior officers.

  39. treehugger

    how much will the GST increase and will the states give any compensation.

    The full costings must be made available as increases in ST mean increases in Cost of iving which means HIGHER INTEREST RATES to stop inflation.

    Abbott & co gave low income people $4 per week compensation for the GST ( Abbott himself got $70). So how much will JULIA give herself and how much will she give pensioners & low income people?

    Every one should get same relief.
    What a relief that I have got this off my Chest.

  40. Syphologist

    Reports today suggest that oil rig laundry workers earn more than the PM.

    One gives you the sh*ts, the other cleans your underpants afterwards. Who deserves more?

  41. Steve Frankes

    I have to laugh at all the brainwashed people on the carbon tax and their futile attempts to denegrate people for exercising their democratic rights. These people with their failed outdated socialistic/communistic views really need to expand their factual knowledge of the world and climate a bit more before opening their mouths

  42. BIG SOOK

    Australia has a failed leader Ms AFL loving Gillard who so protests in shock horror at the signs at the carbon tax demonstration! Now has Ms Anti-life Gillard even been to an abortion clinic where the anti-lifers in eg Melbourne incessantly scream through megaphones at those that dont agree with their version of choice! So what does Gillard have to say to those that emblazon save whales but kill babies on their megaphones? Where is the shock/ horror there at protesters that says its ok to save whales but kill innocent unborn, our future the next generation?
    Aw C;mon Gillard you are a big girl surely you must have been around or come across some tough foul mouthed unionists, in your time as a union lawyer! So cant you handle a few signs? Gillard sure was so very hard on Kevin Rudd and now Gillard is so offended! Ms Gillard if you cant stand the heat get out you should be glad that the community is at least letting you know that they dont approve of your inane carbon tax and that’s too bad for you! Ms Gillard is always for choice so long as its her own and no one elses! Australians are now choosing not to approve of Gillard’s choice to impose this carbon tax nor are they convinced they are moving forward! So Gillard dump the tax and dump the big sook act hey many demonstrations worldwide have been far far worse than this! Now no one condones a lack of tone in signage but hey Gillard stick to the main argument and listen to the public and dump the carbon tax ASAP!

  43. Matt Sydney

    Who cares about a few signs that have upset the leftards stuff em I say they are scum and deserve what they get.

    We should be dumping Tony Abbott and that commo Turnbull as well. They both believe in this climate change bullshit. They should listen to Nick Minchin instead of trying to appease some bleeding hearts.

    Look at the witch since she has been banging on about her stupid Carbon Tax, her popularity has increased whilst Abbotts has gone down the gurgler because he is playing politics instead of denouncing the haridan.

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