SIX MILLION DOLLAR WOMAN: Rich Greens councillor by day, shonky developer by night

Yesterday’s revelations about Greens Manly councillor and beach protection crusader Cathy Griffin’s illegal property development on her beachfront home are compounded by local tip-offs that the eco-vandal is stinking rich.

Manly locals appalled by the Greens party councillor’s outrageous disregard for the planning and environment laws she is sworn to uphold and protect have spoken up, expressing concern about Griffins’ high-handed and arrogant ways:

“She lords it over the local community and thinks she’s one step up from any of the ‘renters’ on the street. It’s about time Ms High & Mighty had her comeuppance,” one local preferring to remain anonymous emailed VEXNEWS yesterday.

Griffin’s three-storey overbuilt property is conservatively valued at $6 million by locals in the know and familiar with the local buoyant real estate market. Smaller properties on the same street have sold for more in recent times.

The enormous property has breath-taking Harbour views and looks majestically and directly onto a Manly beach. It is a short walk to a splendid water-side national park and is probably one of the most magnificent residential properties we have examined.

For privacy reasons we are unable to disclose the exact address but local newspapers have revealed she lives on Stuart Street, Manly just near the Little Manly beach. It’s truly a beautiful spot, proud locals say, but it has already had more humble homes replaced by three storey over-developed McMansions and Griffin’s illegal development has been the final straw for some.

They find Griffin’s excuse that she didn’t know a development application was required for the building works to be absolutely preposterous.

“She just couldn’t be arsed, is more like it. She knew there would be objections and thought she’d get away with it because of who she is, that’s what happened,” the angry local explained.

Griffin’s husband is a high-priced lawyer. Griffin has lived in Manly for over a decade and is intimately familiar with all aspects of the planning process, as a local councillor and self-described community activist, beach-protection crusader and campaigner against “inappropriate development.”

In that capacity she has served on the Little Manly Precinct Community Forum and as a member of the Manly Council Environment and Climate Change Committees.

Her biographical material on the Manly council website asserts she “has a history of active community consultation” which she reckons “contributes to Cathy’s knowledge and understanding of the community and the environment in which she lives.”

And yet according to the Manly Daily, it was only anonymous tip-offs from disgruntled near-neighbours that prompted the issuing of a council emergency stop-work order on Griffin’s illegal development works. They were obviously not consulted and nor were the local council. When council compliance officers raided the illegal development, despite pressure from the councillor and her lawyer husband, they threw the book at her, issuing the stop-work order and requiring that she file a development application for the unauthorised works.

If anyone else had acted in this scandalous way, Griffin would be the first to be quoted condemning the shonky developer, the first to pose for local press photographers with little placards, roping in little kids who knew no better, the first to act all “high and mighty” in the self-righteous style that critics say is evident in all Greens politicians from the preachy neo-Marxism of Adam Bandt to the sanctimonious union-bashing of Tassie Prisons Minister slick Nick McKim to the squabbling feud-sisters baby boomer Christine Milne and Gen-Y’s ambitous ex-Goth Sarah Hanson-Young. We will leave descriptions of the outrageous NSW Senator-Elect Lee Rhiannon to another time, for reasons of space.

Griffin, for her part, the multi-millionaire owner of this very large property with the illegal building works self-describes as being:

interested in and committed to social justice, ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy and peace; the four pillars that inform the Greens polices.

How locals square that rhetoric with the proven facts that she really is just a rich, shonky developer with contempt for her community and the laws she is sworn to uphold will soon be revealed.

Many think she’s not likely to survive pressure on her to resign ahead of a corruption probe.



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32 responses to “SIX MILLION DOLLAR WOMAN: Rich Greens councillor by day, shonky developer by night

  1. Sotherby

    “shock” another extremist more interested with feathering her own nest than helping her fellow creatures. The greens party membership have only theirselves to blame for this twadle getting up, they pride themselves on being so bloody open on pre-selections and the like, you would think they wouldnt want this rubbish getting through, but then she’s probably the less smelly of a rotten lot.

  2. the Insider

    I am not sure why this is deemed ‘newsworthy’ – from what I can gather all Greens are hypocrites – living in the lap of luxury while wanting the rest of us to live in the dark ages

  3. Shambles

    I am a respected political strategist. I support developers. Is this nice lady looking for a lobbyist?

  4. Zoran tinking the Greens bashing is fun but getting a little boring.

  5. We already knowing them all bull shitters and hypocrits….maybe time to move on to more interesting tings.

  6. Wendy

    You are so right Sotherby, Greens cannot be wealthy. Libs cannot be poor or believe in climate change and Labor is just for the middle class. It is against the law for someone to advocate against the major parties and have a large income. Just like it is a criminal act for anyone but a noted buffoon and crack monkey to join the Liberals or Nationals.

    Now crawl back to your western suburbs ghetto, don the white sheet with the eyes cut out and turn on your plasma TV so your rug rats can get an edjumacation.

  7. blackmambo

    Good on you Vexx, a thououghly deserving expose.

  8. the Insider

    but Wendy – why are ALL the Greens wealthy?

  9. Wendy

    Why not? What, you cannot believe in sustainability and have an income? What tosh. That is just mutant ideology and shows you up as a clown and a sod.

  10. Harry The B

    @Wendy: So if the Greens end up in Government I wont be allowed to watch Al Gore’s Inconveniant Truth on my plasma? Is my only choice to see it reinacted by the Lesbian Community Theatre Collective in Brunswick and listen to it on 3CR?

  11. Sotherby

    what other parties demand their members follow their decrees and impose extreme vies on society, whilst doing the opposite. The Greens are classical twats and we all love you for it, because while you can see commonsense through the ideology we can all sit back and laugh at the natural party of irrelevance.

    but hey you guys are ideas men/women/its- less trucks on the road because you want groceries transported via rail freight…great if your coles or woollies is on a rail line. Great policy, yet again the Greens hate people and want everyone to suffer while they live in palacial waterfront mansions while you make money from dodgy developments and snake oil sales.

  12. Wendy

    What rubbish Sotherby – they “demand members follow their decrees” – how? The Inquisition? Thought police? The Catholic Church? No fly zones. This rant brings to the fore your abject stupidity.

    I presume those 32 European nations with an ETS and who are moving towards renewable energy and non-petrolium transport are also ‘dodgy’, and California too, well they must be bonkers. Columbia, with no cars in the city – high as kites; and London with a congestion tax – fruit loops, obviously. China’s 12% renewable target – what can you expect from commies….

    Your ideological blindspots prevent you from any form of rational discourse or debate. You are a bore and rather limited in your world view. I’ve passed wind that’s made more sense than your entire life …

  13. blackmambo

    I am looking for advice on how to access the energy bills etc of Greens MPs? How much air travel they do, and for what reason etc.

    How to do this…is it just I write to them rrequesting it, an then go the FOI route? Does FOI even cover this stuff?

  14. the Insider

    @Wendy – so as rich people all the Greens need to have gas guzzling 4WDs as well?

  15. Wendy

    Re The Insider. I think you may have sniffed one too many petrol tanks….

  16. Pablo Escobar

    wendy , where is Columbia? i have been to Colombia a few times and i have not noticed that there are no cars in the city. i was in Bogota 18 months ago and there are cars everywhere,- including the CBD

  17. the Insider

    @Wendy – it is better than smelling the dirty smelly greens!

  18. Wendy

    Pablo, you have taken too much marching powder for your own good.

    Insider – how old are you? Have you learnt to shave yet?

  19. Taking of Pell 123

    Wendy I think the Insider is more of a waxer than a shaver. But back to Greens and their unsustainable lifestyles…..

  20. H the B

    Wendy appears to be a total and utter snob. Methinks Wendy is a bloke and has numerous issues. Where on Gaia do you start? Wendy, have you ever been to the Western suburbs? What did they do to you? Can you still hear the lambs Wendy? Are you made of carbon?

    Carbon dioxide rises AFTER temperature has increased. Peer reviewed and all.

  21. I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon. I am in awe about the time and effort it took for you to put up this blog into shape. Ciao! And let’s keep in touch.. You got my email.

  22. anono

    They have plenty of cars in Bogota, Colombia.

    Wendy may be thinking of their Mayor who developed walking routes and cycleways independent of the main roads and an extensive network of extremely cost effective bus only expressways.

    This is quite different from the Greens’ strategies of simply painting a bit of green paint on a road and calling it a cycleway or investing billions in over engineered light rail networks that would serve only very limited areas of the, surprise surprise, inner suburbs. All the while advocating a massive expansion of subsidies in the form of fare cuts for those lucky middle class types who can afford to leave close enough to the city to commute by public transport all to be paid for by the taxes of those in the actual working classes who have to travel across suburbs to work.

  23. Watchdog

    What role did Mark Norek play in this expose

  24. Green corruption

    The NSW anti corruption authority and or the Ombudsman should investigate the allegation which are serious and possible in breach of the Local Government code of ethics

  25. Giuseppe De Simone

    Heck – finally a Green I can vote for. A real can-do developer with appropriate contempt for cardigan wearing local council bureaucrats and meddling nimby types being helped out by a highly paid commercial lawyer husband living right on the beach in a $6 million dollar property. She sounds so much like Joh Bjelke ministerial material I am nearly beside myself with pride in our democracy that allows the political process to produce such stunningly talented and suitably self-interested people in positions of power. If only she had run for the NSW Parliament, we would now have a person in the legislature who understood how to get NSW moving ahead by using the wrecking ball on derelict precincts and getting rid of anti-development road blocks with the judicious use of the brown paper bag for far-sighted amenable and deserving construction union leaders.

  26. Giuseppe De Simone

    FYI. The previous post contains a large number of typographical errors. I meant to say something entirely different to what ended up being posted.

  27. Red Presents

    Mark Norek, Mark Norek Mark Norek

  28. Thanks a lot for writing this, it was unbelieveably informative and told me a ton

  29. Thanks for an thought, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do one thing with it.

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