PHONE RINGING, NO-ONE HOME: Business leader complains “phone rang out” when he tried to phone Vic minister’s office…

nooneansweringMat Dunkley wrote an interesting and mostly favourable review of the first days of the Baillieu administration in Victoria for the pay-walled Financial Review.

Not many governments get thrown out for doing nothing so they’ll be happy that’s how he’s described them, essentially.

One manifestation of this that they will have to do something about is the dysfunction in ministerial offices, which, as highlighted here, has reached comic levels.

Some Liberals have told VEXNEWS that so many people have been vetoed that the government has engaged a number of head-hunters to cold-call people encouraging them to apply for gigs when they had already been vetoed by the Baillieu “Star Chamber” which appears to vetoing people for reasons other than merit, potentially giving rise to a series of corruption allegations that could be investigated by the soon-to-be-constituted and certain-to-be-disastrous ICAC.

Hundreds of applicants have been ruled on disloyalty grounds, we understands, including as we first reported months ago, the federal deputy director of the Liberal party, Julian Sheezel.

The article also points out the near-crisis situation in their media ranks with its boss Josephine Cafagna being clearly out of her depth. Simon Troeth or pants-man Paul Price would both have done better jobs, insiders say, and may well be given their chance when Cafagna is shown the door with a big fat hush-money pay-out, as many believe will be the case. That too could be referred to ICAC for many days of hearings, bugged phone calls, subpoenaed emails and all sorts. JoCa (pronounced Joker) could end up being hauled away in chains, a delicious prospect for all patriots.



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6 responses to “PHONE RINGING, NO-ONE HOME: Business leader complains “phone rang out” when he tried to phone Vic minister’s office…

  1. Anonymous

    Who’s gunning for jo? She’s been there all of two minutes…

  2. Bill Hust

    A recent Star Chamber interview:
    Q: So why do you want to work for the Liberal Government?
    A: I’m not sure I do. You rang me!

  3. Gunning

    Brilliant media strategy by Cafagna and her mob – send Baillieu to a hostile school on the day its revealed the Libs lied when they promised they would make teachers the best paid in the country.


  4. Its time

    1st meeting of HSU East reform group meeting 17/03/2011 7PM. Venue TBA.Please note posters will appear in your hospitals this week. Its time for HSU members to take our union back from the Millionaires controlling our union

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    A do nothing government is just the sort of government the people of Victoria could grow to admire and respect. Let’s hope the masterful inactivity continues. It is unfortunate that something will need to be done about the constant and ongoing expenditure that the public service continues to inflict on us. Perhaps if the government were to fail to introduce the budget, now that would be truly delightful. The wheels of government would grind to a halt as the money ran out. Some people might feel the closure of schools, hospitals and police stations would be a major calamity. However, with no state revenue office to harass honest citizens with demands for payment of extortionate land taxes and stamp duties, we’d all be able to fund the services we wanted to pay for using the money we saved from the clammy hands of the treasury. Schools could start being truly community funded and supported, hospitals could receive huge charitable donations to pay for costs of medical care for the needy. As for the police – well, we’d soon stop funding the tax-collectors pretending to be interested in road safety and concentrate on police on the beat to make the streets safer and people more secure in their homes. Of course, I’m not being serious – or am I?

  6. Giuseppe De Simone

    I want all our teachers to be the best paid in the world. However, that is secondary to my desire to have our teachers being the best in the world. It’s pretty basic really. If our teachers are the most effective, they will be the best paid. If they are not the best, they shouldn’t be paid the most. I am sure all decent, competent and fair minded teachers would agree with me. Under a Liberal government, our teachers will be the best in the world and they will be the best paid as a result not of their industrial muscle but as a result of their students’ rapid progress on the road of learning.

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