LOONEY TOON: The Age's nasty hippy toonist disses democracy

The Age published this appalling Leunig cartoon yesterday which well-expressed their contempt for democracy, a system that many Australians have died protecting.



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5 responses to “LOONEY TOON: The Age's nasty hippy toonist disses democracy

  1. Pinky Speedway

    Really, that’s the angle you’re taking? I care for neither The Age or Leunig but I do hope you get the irony of your comments versus the statement made by the cartoon. Maybe you’re trolling, but I support both those who died protecting the freedoms of this country as well as the commentary expressed by the cartoon without paradox or conflict.

  2. Martin

    I guess it all depends on what he means by ‘tear each other’s ideas to shreds’. If he means that people criticise ideas on the basis of the idea’s underlying evidence and morality, then I disagree that this can be somehow equated with dictatorship.

    If however, he means that people criticise each other’s ideas because of who stated the idea, then this could be similar to totalitarianism.

    If he means either one (which is what he appears to be saying) and he wants everyone’s ideas to be heard and given equal weight in any discussion, then he better be careful what he wishes for.

    The top part of the strip is ignorant, and actually leaves me cold. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the people who live under dictatorships.

  3. it is clear

    this is another Leunig stab at moral equivalence between dictatorship and democracy. Democracies are the most responsive systems of governance yet devised. Politicians ignore their constituents at their own peril. The response to fellow Australians after the tragic floods last year show that people here care about one another. Dictatorships ignore people because they can and destroy solidarity between citizens through repressive measures. What planet is Leunig on!?

  4. this is another bizarre offering from loopy Leunig, coming as the people of the Middle East and Africa bravely take a stand against repressive dictators. and what does Leunig offer? the kind of proto-Marxist drivel espoused by the likes of Gaddafi. shame Leunig and shame the Age, a poor shoddy shadow of its former self, and like Gadaffi and his vile offspring, not long for this world.

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    Never assume a conspiracy when a good old fashioned cock-up will do. I am sure Leunig did not intend moral equivalence between democracy and dictatorship – everyone knows he much prefers a dictatorship of the proletariat guided and run unilaterally by its self appointed latte sipping guardians in academia and journalism. However, it was a poorly executed and incompetent attempt at highlighting the delightful privilege we have to be citizens in a country in this century where geriatrics like Leunig and I can waffle on about matters that would put us in gaol in the majority of countries in the world. The editorial oversight was sadly lacking to let this one through. It is neither funny nor witty unlike much of his prodigious work. Leunig is not loopy – he is a very smart and usually accurate commentator on the human condition from the perspective of a seemingly attractive humanist anarcho-nihilist value system. I quite enjoy his take on things even though I often rail at the underlying none-too-subtle message he subliminally communicates. How can a subliminal message be none-too-subtle you may ask? When you catch on to it!

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