BAD LADS: CFMEU's not so shy but retiring leadership shuffles off

cfmeubulliesThings are changing at the nation’s most notorious union, the CFMEU Construction division. In WA, they’ve announced that Kevin Reynolds, known for his million-dollar penthouses, multi-million dollar pub joint ventures with bosses and fondness for Range Rovers, will be retiring at the end of this year.

There’s also been plenty of speculation about Victoria’s equivalent Bill Oliver who’s been suffering from a very bad back, something we wouldn’t wish on anyone, even him. As we have explained previously, the extremist union is an alliance with a splinter-right group in the Victorian ALP that is increasingly on the outer edges of the mainstream and are referred to by foes as “the Taliban” due to their fondness for beheading political enemies.

He’ll be throwing in the towel, VEXNEWS hears, late next year, handing over to John Sekta, currently an assistant secretary. John is said to be a reasonable chap, as you reasonable as you get at the notionally Maoist crime syndicate, although is thought to be “dating” mad-as-a-cut-snake blue-eyed firebrand Emma Walters who worked at the union before being farmed out to the union’s law firm, the highly prosperous listed company Slater & Gordon.

Walters is thought to covet a seat in state Parliament and given her history of swapping unions, factions, partners (usually work colleagues) and such she could well end up in the National Party, when all is said and done.

While Slaters can be criticised for this and that, their defenders say that at least they’re not attacking the whole system of workers compensation that has so enriched them, in the manner of rival firm, Maurice Blackburn. Raised eyebrows all round on that one.



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28 responses to “BAD LADS: CFMEU's not so shy but retiring leadership shuffles off

  1. Bill Calvin

    Good riddance to this corpulent scum bag. Thanks to his bullying, foul mouth, 1950’s industrial outlook and hypocritical lifestyle, he has done more damage to the Union movement that John Howard ever did.

  2. Craig

    Is it me or is Kevin Reynolds a bit of a spunk?

  3. Brimbank Party hack

    What to you mean that the Taliban Aus Branch are the bad Blokes?We are only trying to return the ALP to it rightfull Owners the Australian Workers from the sellout Merchants that have sold the Working Class down the Drain.

  4. Anonymous

    You really undermine your argument when you refer to a woman (or man for that matter) “swapping … partners”, THAT is none of your god damn business.

  5. @Craig: It’s you.
    Russ Hinze gave you major chubbies too, I suppose.

  6. JB

    These union bosses are the reason we need to bring back Work Choices.

  7. RealWorld

    ‘swapping partners’ – defamatory comment based on nothing. Expect nothing more from an ordinary website like this

  8. Craig – It’s you.
    Russ Hinze gave you major chubbies too, I suppose.


    Great look fellas….so relevant!

  10. Anonymous

    Dont forget Kathy Jackson

  11. YLARRRRGHHH! Kathy…..ohhhhhh yeahhh

  12. Adrian Jackson (Ex-Australian Regular Army Infantry Officer)

    Gee these CFMEU leaders look like aged pensioners. Do the CFMEU have some younger leaders or are they all staffers for MPs?

  13. Adrian Jackson (Ex-Australian Regular Army Infantry Officer)

    An acquaintance of mine once went for a job interview as a lawyer at Slater & Gordon and at the end of the interview he was asked if he was a member of the ALP.

    Apparently this law firm that spawned Julia Gillard only employs lawyers that a socialists. Restricting the gene pool a bit I think and does this breach anti discrimination laws in Victoria?

  14. whores whore

    Stop picking on Emma! Kathy Jackson slept around with dozens of other men during her marriage

  15. Taking of Pell 123

    Leigh Johns will be disappointed that the the bogeymen are leaving

  16. The 4th estate

    Whacky Kathy lives in Sydney with her new partner. Then why did she say in court that she is a resident of the state which she now only visits when she wants to dump another whacky bomb on someone?

  17. Dean Mighall

    Has anyone got a she-male dvd for us, me and Howard are hanging?

  18. P. Smear

    Useless fat fucks

  19. Mark Chiba

    Michael Wheelahan, SC, is acting for Maurice Blackburn. How wonderful! He is the same Liberal Party supporter who was Louise Staley’s boyfriend at University, Xavier old-boy. Michael has quite a practice in defending dodgy and incompetent lawyers from negligence claims. True to form.

  20. cynic

    Some might be interested to learn kevy will hang around a bit giving his young replacement, a junior organiser, some assistance for a day or so on a weekly basis!!!! That old 1960s song of “puppet on a string” seems rather apt!!!!! The fat lady is not singing yet for some.

  21. Kathy's millions

    Good point 4th estate, maybe Kathy could get off her back and do some real work for members in Vic

  22. Anonymous

    It is WorkCover representing Maurice Blackburn as their insurer you idiots. MBs have nothing to do with the action. That is, if you knew anything about the Worker’s Comp system.

  23. Clueless Carol

    Put the bong down Marco stop counting your money Kathy the new player is taking over

  24. wanker

    Just checked the link above and got excited

  25. labor mp

    kill the cfmeu they are dogs who will fuck anything they are allowed into like the desal, the westgate and anything else this state builds. thans god it’s someone elses fault

  26. [deleted]

    I always do my best work with married men

  27. The fragmented right

    The Taliban have one common goal. They fight and kill to push their idea of what society should be under their rule.

    The Labor “Taliban” are named incorrectly because they do not have a common goal. They have no plan for world dominance, only in Victoria. Their interstate bretheren steer clear of Victoria because they think they are part of the ” Mad Hatters Tea Party”.

    But they do have one great trait. They do not seem to like celebrity politicans who wait until they are guaranteed to get a job then join the Labor party!

  28. billy bob of bent and distorted NSW

    whats the difference between a cfmeu organiser and a working girl ???
    the working gal gets paid first and then screws you….

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