THE SULTAN MIGHT SWING: Greens MP Adam Bandt's favourite Arab dictator in trouble with Oman uprising

Just last year Greens MP Adam Bandt lavished praise on the dicatatorship of Oman in a speech arguing for a unilateral withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan saying it compared favourably with its neighbours and had “transformed itself” with a greatly enhanced role for women, with three of them, no less, he gushed, serving in the cabinet.

His argument was basically that by spending money on schools etc in Afghanistan rather than military activities that it could become like Oman. He didn’t explain all these schools for girls and other civil infrastructure would be built after the Taliban took over immediately after our retreat. Details are not as much fun as chatting up a storm over a latte.

Never mind that his remarks on Oman were largely ripped from a New York Times article that had appeared a couple of days earlier, he was at least an enthusiastic plagiarist.

However, that same publication reveals that all is not well in Bandt’s favoured Arab dictatorship.

Sultan Qaboos is an “absolute monarch” who bumped off his old man from the role, as you do. He is thought to exercise an even tighter rule on the oil-rich nation than the Saudi royal family who at least consult among the extended family in between Ferrari-racing contests and inspecting new additions to the harem.

Like the Saudis, the unelected Sultan lives like a, well, Sultan, as this impressive list of grand palaces demonstrates.

He’s also partial to impressive titles, calling himself Field Marshal of the Royal Army, Admiral of the Fleet, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Supreme Commander of the cops and is even the proud recipient of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum.

Contrary to Bandt’s ill-informed gushing about giving surrender a chance in Afghanistan (and elsewhere), Oman actually spends a very high percentage of its GDP on the military, usually well over 10% and is armed to the teeth with apparently the world’s biggest arsenal of Scud missiles.


Sultan Qaboos – who we accept is slightly less evil a tyrant than most of his neighbouring rulers – is in all sorts of bother with days of protest and a planned uprising for tomorrow, March 2nd.

Protesters have blocked roads, set fire to supermarkets, camped out Cairo-style, with deadly clashes on Sunday that saw six protesters killed by Bandt’s favourite Sultan’s security forces.

While Bandt waxed lyrical about Oman, the protesters are protesting about their living standards, corruption of officials and ministers,

Many observers believe Sultan Qaboos who deposed his old man in a coup forty years ago will be able to hang on, perhaps even longer than the next federal election expected in 2013 where a people’s revolt will surely topple tyrant-loving Adam Bandt from his Melbourne throne.



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12 responses to “THE SULTAN MIGHT SWING: Greens MP Adam Bandt's favourite Arab dictator in trouble with Oman uprising

  1. kermit

    Adam Bandt is like a eunich in a brothel. He looks like a Politician but has no idea of what is going on. This is the same dickhead claiming that he wouldnt deal with the libs prior to the State Election. That was a good move considering the preferences hadnt been sorted out.Why doesnt sweet little Adam travel over to Oman and advise the sultan on strategy.

  2. blackmambo

    Yeah, this guy is gormless, yet Melborne voted for him. Having left Melbourne soem time ago I recal most people there are obnoxious, parochial and obese.

    I ask a question – how can the public find out Green pollies home energy bills and how many flights (in kms) each one takes and that kind of stuff. Apparently Al Gores home energy bill is the size of a small town. Is it via an FOI?

  3. ansteybranchopolous

    Anything was better in Melbourne than another pitiful ex union hack travelling on the conveyor belt of professional political snout in trough. Anyone tracked down Tanner since his gutless wimp out? I hear he is swanning about in Paris.

  4. Wendy

    Groundhog Day. Another round of insulting comments from boys too gutless, too gormless, too weak to stand for office and fave the electorate.

    What a bunch of sob sisters. Ohh ahh, he said silly thing that silly Green so i’m going to call him names.

    Every time another anti-Green ‘article’ appears, the small appendages come out, the palms wrap around it and the boys squirt off their envy.

    Here’s a thought Kermit and Blackmambo, stand at the next federal eelction in the seat of melbourne. Go on, be brave. Show us your worth.

    Nah, just write more ass gravy and feel big and tough. My heros. What men.

  5. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott don’t forget we need to go to the assembly at St Chester’s tomorrow at 9am. We need to encourage more young lads into the choir.

  6. gt

    Instead of attacking the readers of this site Wendy, why don’t you try to engage with the actual article.

    Are you prepared to defend Brandt’s actions?

  7. Greenslayer

    “Chatting up a storm over a latte”. That’s all he does.

  8. kermit

    Well Wendy I would gladly stand if I lived in the electorate as I have done before in my own.
    Question is why havent you?
    If you can give me one positive answer as to why Bandt should be taken seriously I welcome it.Dont think too hard as it might trigger another bout of PMT.

  9. Leigh Lowe

    Missed your tablets today eh Wendy?

  10. blackmambo

    lols at “wendy”

  11. Adam Bandt is a nuisance. No doubt about it but Sulatan Qaboos Bin Said is the best thing that has ever happened to Middle East.

    He is loved by Western Nations, Asian Neighbours and by his own people. The people who are protesting in Oman are NOT protesting against the King. They are protesting against the Ministers of his cabinet.

    He doesn’t run the country. He lives in a camp away from the Capital. Forget Adam Bandt, Qaboos is my favorite dictator too. Even though usually I prefer that dictators are dead but Qaboos is different.

    Do you know he allows non muslims to practice their religion and have their place of worship? Omanis are nice people but generally very lazy and their thoughts are similar to Union Bosses in Australia i.e. Give us Free Salaries. And that is exactly Qaboos has provided for years. He has literally fed his people with his own hands.

    He has served in British Army and all British soldiers visit Oman for weather acclimatization before the head to Afghanistan.

    Sorry Andrew but you got it wrong with Sultan Qaboos. More Omanis would rather burn Adam Bandt’s cut out then their own loving King!

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