POLLED: Not much love for Combet with the punters

The weekend News Ltd papers had the cracking yarn from Samantha Maiden that Julie Bishop had told her that Bob Hawke had said at a function that Greg Combet would lead the ALP. Maiden hasn’t been in the Sundays gig for long but is seriously kicking butt in her new role.

Combet’s defence that Hawke must have had a few red wines probably rang true, although many in Canberra notice the ambitious bloke self-promoting perhaps slightly in excess of the ministerial average. We’re not sure that’s a bad thing. Ambition makes the world go round.

That said, the punters aren’t that keen yet on Combet, despite the effusive backing of one of the nation’s best-known gamblers, the former PM. Sportsbet had a market in who would lead Labor to the next poll, seemingly purely for publicity purposes, where it had Combet a long way behind the incumbent and Bill Shorten and several others thought more likely. Interestingly, their price on Gillard ($2.50 into $2.00) was so attractive that when we went to have a look this fine Monday morning, they’d closed it, at least for now. An insight into how to promote a sportsbook.

Equally scientific, although the numbers are huge, is the ninemsn poll which asked its well-informed readers about whether Greg Combet would make a good PM. 56,000 thought not, a mere 19,000 thought he’d be at least half as good as he thinks he is.

You should check it out on the ninemsn before Combet’s staff get to work this morning.



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3 responses to “POLLED: Not much love for Combet with the punters

  1. Anonymous

    This is a standard betting option in Fed. politics. Nothing very new here.

  2. Elaine Venn

    If Greg Combet were to handle anything in the way that he handled the closure of the Home Insulation Program, then he shouldn’t be in charge of anything.
    Many very reputable good businesses have been destroyed through this debacle. Minister Combet doesn’t even have the common decency to answer emails or address concerns these businesses have had.


    Combet lost all his charm when he left the ACTU. He’s an idiot savant withmore idiot than savant.

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