PAID SEX WORK: Sex party nearly scores more than Greens in Broady while paying "volunteers" to fake it

sexpartyfakingitThe weekend’s by-election in Broadmeadows, according to Victorian Electoral Commission 2PP data, was a strong result for Labor. Alternatively, its primary vote was way down. Easily the most amusing aspect of the results though was the Sex Party’s vote continues to clearly erode the support the Greens party once enjoyed from disgruntled, supposedly politically disconnected Gen-Y types.

But the most intriguing aspect of the weekend was the extent of the “faking” going on the hustings. Highlights:

■ The Sex party – demonstrating their support for paid sex work is more than just theoretical – paid dozens of volunteers, principally from a St Kilda hostel, to hand out How-To-Votes for them on the day. More on that later.

■ Key Taliban staffers were photographed posing as closely as possible to victorious Labor candidate Frank McGuire in the photographs appearing in the paper despite their associates doing everything possible to undermine the bloke in the lead-up to the by-election including generating nasty stories in The Age (reporting on unelected HSU state president Kathy Jackson’s hysterical claims about McGuire’s party membership) and Herald Sun (with an unfathomable story about McGuire consulting to the Hume council or something and that being a sinister thing). Labor’s 2PP vote appeared to increase, after some shrewd Head Office preference deals, so it appears the good people of Broady weren’t paying much attention to Taliban tensions. Out of respect for the good lads in question, we’ll refrain from publishing the pic.

■ Liberal ministerial staffers and party workers volunteering for the Turkish independent candidate Celal Sahin whose HTV urged Broady punters to put the ALP last. A Lib donor apparently put up the money for his nicely produced HTV cards, which would surely be enough to justify multiple public hearings of the new intended but now delayed Independent Commission Against Commission into political deceptions and whether ministers were privy to discussions about such things. One minister who should be concerned is one of our favourites, Matthew Guy, the Planning Minister, whose bright young staffer Samli Ozturk is believed to be a close associate of Mr Sahin and may well have brokered the whole rather shadowy sly candidacy. Sahin and Ozturk’s families are both said to be from the same village in Turkey and both are involved in a Turkish community group. All enough to justify a whole taskforce of phone-tapping Elliott Nesses monitoring who paid whom and how much and for what. Is it corrupt to run as an independent when you’re really a Liberal? We think not, but Ted Baillieu’s ICAC might take a different view. Off with their heads.

Back to the unique ways of the porn and sex industry’s Sex party. As we have noted, they had a near-orgasmic result, nearly coming ahead of their rivals in the Greens who are now seen as so boring, stodgy and part of the political Establishment that hipsters now turn up their nose at the oh-so-preachy enviro-dags and vote for the Sex party.

That itself is good, although we’d concede the moral contest between a suave pimp and a daggy loser extreme environmentalist is a close run thing.

Sources say the Sex Party’s operation is – aptly enough – rather good at faking it. They report that the party deployed at least ten – and possibly dozens – of fake volunteers at polling places throughout the Broadmeadows seat.

One overseas back-packer who was part of their army of simulation and stimulation asked a member of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit – embedded at a polling place – on arriving at the booth whether the Sex party “was for real”? A not unreasonable question, we suppose.

The paid Sex party worker thought it was a great joke, made all the more amusing by the fact that he was being paid $160 “cash-in-hand” (ICAC red alert) for the work. Certainly much more fun that working in a curry shop, construction site or factory.

When asked whether there were other paid sex party workers, he enthusiastically declared there were, saying there were at least a dozen from his St Kilda hostel who had ventured up to Broadmeadows for a taste of Australian democracy, and possibly a fine kebab after the event.

Later in the day, the back-packer turned quiet after receiving a private session (non-lap-dance) with party leader Fiona Patten who presumably told the lad to keep quiet about the issue of whether he was being paid to pump for the Sex party.

The Sex party is stealing votes from the daggy old political establishment leftard Greens and we can only cheer them on in that endeavour but as they too grow, they’ll need to begin to build a credible political infrastructure and not rely on faking it. While energetic ladies can put on quite a show, blokes with their fingers on the pulse can always tell the difference.



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51 responses to “PAID SEX WORK: Sex party nearly scores more than Greens in Broady while paying "volunteers" to fake it

  1. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    If a candidate get 50% plus one vote or more in primary votes then preference’s are not distributed and are therefore irrelevant as is the 2PP figure.

    Paying polling workers is OK and perhaps the other parties should look at doing it too. One could argue that unpaid polling workers is a bit like running a sweat shop or a slavery (unpaid) operation.


    Who shall emancipate the slaves (booth workers)?

  3. c u on the tram

    big ‘hipster’ vote in broady you reckon?

  4. Andrew Landeryou - editor VEXNEWS

    @c u on the tram: The presumption by our friend above that Broadmeadows is hipster-free perhaps explains their problem.

    You should get out more, comrade.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there much difference in paying people to hand out how to votes then the major parties paying political hacks to work in electoral offices and their HQ.These staff recruit members and non members to help out on election days.

    They then mostly sit in offices doing other work on election days while others sit in the rain or heat for nothing.

    Every party member who works for more then 4 hours on a polling booth should have their membership for free for the next 12 months. If they are caught lying their membership should be doubled the next year.

  6. Kmurph

    It’s routine practice for the ALP to use paid Union thugs and workers to set up booths and hand out how to vote cards on election day. Why wouldn’t you want to waste your hard earned a be a union member!?

  7. RDR

    Do any young ladies need a ‘lift’ home after any of their Party functions?

  8. Sotherby

    The AEC and all state offices should abolish the HTV’s from polling day and just have a stash inside or stuck up on the booth when you go to scribble on the ballot.

    What a nicer campaign it would be without having to organise your “volunteers” that vary from the extremely useful at connecting with people to those that look like they are on day release from a sex offender clinic.

    The Age is very quiet on the lackluster performance of the Greens, i guess it doesnt matter that yet again we have an illustration of how they can not capture votes in non latte saturated seats, hence never be a viable party of government.

  9. Reds are better in bed

    Sex party putting regular church goer Frank McGuire second on their ticket, are they the unofficial ‘slut’ faction of the ALP?

  10. Greens v Sex

    Greens are prudes who want to outlaw sex work and push sex workers into the street, no wonder Sex Party hate them.

  11. fads

    Greens are so 2009.

  12. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    I agree with Sotherby – on election day and at pre polling there should be no distractions for voters. No HTV cards, no posters and no plastic wrap.

    I think the party of party candidate should not be on the ballot paper either. Voter can work it out and read literature they get in the letterbox or via information in newspapers and on TV ads and news

  13. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Red – in a “safeish” seat for the major parties (50%+ of the primary vote) preferences are not distributed so it does not matter what the HTV card says.

  14. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Our sympathy for our NZ pals in Christchurch too

  15. Honneker

    Yes my polling booths were colourless and drab affairs with no HTV cards needed at all.

    Long live the GDR!

    Love like our friend and comrade Adrian Jackson!

  16. comrade

    The Liberals have been paying people for years to be at booths, particuarly in electorates were they have minimal support (Northern Suburbs in Melb). They tend to recruit commerce students from Monash and Melbourne.

  17. Giuseppe De Simone

    While it may have been interesting for psephologists to see how well an endorsed Liberal candidate did in Broadmeadows, there is no realistic prospect the Liberal candidate would have done a Burwood and taken the seat. However, the ongoing decline in the primary vote for the ALP is the real story here. The ALP now relies on a range of minor parties to win seats and those parties are going to continue to cannibalise their vote. According to reports this morning, the Australian Greens Political Party has reached a significant milestone in 10,000 members Australia wide setting it up to be an ongoing thorn in the side of the ALP (and eventually the Liberals) in the latte seats by diverting resources and members from the marginals that decide government to the marginals that decide which member of the leftist coalition gets the salary and staffing perks. Unless the ALP takes the Greens head on, it will be relegated to a party of opposition with its energy sapped. Tragically, we have reached the point in Australian politics where the dumbing down of debate is the result of the unholy alliance of latte journalists and latte politicians peddling latte ideas via latte events and gimmicks that the mainstream politicians have foolishly embraced.

  18. Pissy Chryne

    I like to form a new Party, The Australian Same Sex Party with Alan.

  19. Earnast Ernie

    Giuseppe De Simone, that is a lovely piece. Viva la revolution.

  20. CraigL

    I never fake the love of a man, just ask Jake.

  21. lolol

    @ comrade. you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  22. H the B

    @Giuseppe De Simone: Do the underpaid workers serve lattes at your business Giuseppe?

  23. Brimbank Party hack

    What about the paid Boothworkers for unendorsed ALP Canditats in some of the western Subs?Party Members refused to help hand out how to vote Cards,because The ALP sucks.

  24. Cwaig Wangdon EM PEE

    I take from Jake

  25. Jimmy

    That was the most non-sensical bit of gibberish I have ever read.

  26. Jim

    Good old Matthew Guy certainly seemed to have a lot of his staffers out on the day. Doing his bit to stamp out corruption I suppose.

  27. The 4th estate

    So how is this Turkish candidate going to explain to his muslim community that he was asking them to vote for the sex party before Labor?

  28. expanding the labor base

    Is the rumour true that a former HSU official tried to get ALP affiliation for the sex industry?

    A few former officials certainly had strong links to that industry and could have represented the sex industry bosses very well.

  29. Piv

    Jim and Kmurph.

    A bit misleading there don’t you think? ALP and Union staffers working on polling booths on a Saturday are not being paid overtime. Their time is volunteered, the same as for ALP members and supporters who do polling booth work. How is this similar to Sex Party paying cash to backpackers?

  30. comrade

    @lolol – how so? No I am not a Liberal so dont know (or care) were or how Liberals get there people to man booths.

    But it is a fact. The last Federal election is the only one that I can recall for the last decade or so that the Liberals DID NOT recurit commerce students to be on booths (no one turns up for scruitneering) in the Northern Suburbs.

  31. Sotherby

    @Giuseppe De Simone: decline at the bottom of the political cycle, in the first by-election following the state election for a new government…there is nothing exceptional or exciting int he result, its very uncommon for the oppositiont o increase its vote in these circumstances, regardless of party. primary and TPP will be up in a situation like that after a second or third term, like what has happened elsewhere.

    The Greens will not provide a sufficient threat to the liberals in their safe seats, and it seems will only be succesful in some of the ALP’s depending on the local circumstances. If the Greens want to ensure the tories are elected more than the ALP then targeting the ALP in their seats will ensure that happens, but really they are unlikely to personally beenfit and if anything ensure tory rule for some time.

  32. MARRmite

    I had a very busy day handing out HTV cards and almost got crushed by the crowd in the excitement.
    27 people handing out HTV cards what a joke. The ALP and Greens were fanatically trying to out do each other with their numbers of party hacks there.
    What hasnt been highlighted was the fantastic result by the firebrand Independent Graeme Marr who got more votes than the party boys. Not bad for a 10 day campaign.

  33. Earnast Ernie

    All parties pay for HTV booth workers at some point. The article is nonsense.

  34. boohan

    oh and of course i had nothing to do with Mr Sahin running. My loyalties should never be questioned.

  35. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    The 4th Estate – Muslims like sex too as they are just like the rest of us.

    But your point is irrelevant as under the preferential voting system we have to put a number next to every candidate for the vote to count and if the ALP candidate was the main threat to the independent who got the second most primary vote then of cause all the lesser candidate will be ahead of the ALP in this instance

  36. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Good effort by Graeme Marr too

  37. hmmm

    i handed out HTV in deakin for Mike Symon. the family first bloke was a uni student from latrobe who was paid to hand out HTVs. he had been in the country for 2 weeks and he was told he could keep the t shirt. i advised him against wearing it to uni.

  38. Sandy Taggert

    The Sex Party was only slightly pipped by the Greens on Saturday. With the Greens vote down, does this mean the Sex Party is the growing party?

  39. Lowrain Woeful

    I really wanted to to be a Sex Party Candidate.If I was the sex party leader, it could be the biggest party in Victoria.I would then enjoy party meetings, not like the boring ones Ted now runs. I really really like leadership rolls. I will give any leader a roll he will never forget.RDR, text me now.Yes I know you are over 40 but I will occassionally make exceptions to my rules.

  40. gutter tramp

    Yawn, what a load of crap.Went to the pre on many occasions Local members staff, paid by the Tax payers were handing out cards.WTF
    Were the Sex party HTV people paid Cash or was it cut out some other way.Any way the spin docs look at it,the ALP were rooted .Graeme marr out poles party’s MAAAAAAWAAAAHAAA.Turned on Channel 2 pizza and stubbies, Hubby getting excited .No Count.WTF Thought Edd would have had it channel edd ,Bugger all.

  41. Wenchy

    Boofa you must realise that I am a very important woman, I’m a MP now. Your very brief mentoring services are longer required and I don’t have the time to listen to your silly little tin pot friends from the Green Wedge Developers.

  42. We are free speech party I didn’t tell anyone, even a sweet pommie backpacker to be quiet. And we certainly weren’t faking which is more than I can say for the others.

  43. R. Douglas Fletcher

    Excuse me, just because someone says they were paid, doesn’t mean they were paid. I volunteer for the Australian Sex Party too and am a member, and no money has ever been offered to our volunteers to my knowledge.

    Check your sources please.

    (You tell ’em Fiona! xx That’s right — we don’t need to fake it, do we? :))

  44. the wild brumby

    Fiona what were you thinking when you agreed to preference the ALP. Was there a trade off.

  45. Real

    I do hope Private Adrian Jackson runs at the next federal election under his chosen banner, The Australian Cowards Party.

    His HTV material will be printed on Kleenex 4 ply and three word mantra will be ‘F*ck The Goats’, a reference to the pastimes.

  46. gutter tramp

    Well Sheeple its time for a revolt.JuLIAR is stiching us uo $$%$# Feeny.

  47. gutter tramp

    Well Sheeple its time for a revolt.JuLIAR is stiching us up $$%$# Feeny.

  48. Sexpotation

    Sexparty are a con. how did they manage to secure registration of the name SEx. This is pure exploitation a misuse and abuse of Sex to attract voters.

    the fact is they are there to lobby to the right to have soft and hatrd porn commercially available on paid TV. They are paid for by the zex inustry that wants to expand their market share.

    Above the line voting has given them a voice disporotional to their member.

    I consider the saex party to be just as dangerous as One nation or Family First, worst in some ways as they are promoting an agenda that is very much misleading and misguided.

    They use civil right as a front for commercial political activity.

    The sad fact is that member of the ALP dressed up in their t-shirt and handed out their How-to-vote cards. Some were from the Greens, who were the main party to benefit from Sex preferences.

    Whilst I share some of the civil rights concerns I do not support this group’s nomination for public office.

  49. Maguire sent labour back 9%

    The results show that labour have mangaged to make Broady marginal on primaries. Only 53% foe Eddy Everywhere’s brother vs 62% for John Brumby

    You can smell labor rotting all over victoria

  50. Giuseppe De Simone

    @H the B: No worker is underpaid and no latte is served. My staff love me. There is a long queue of people wanting to work for me. Truly you are mistaken and you have no humour. It is not the role of government to decide how much someone should be paid for doing a particular job. In a true liberal democracy that respects people’s individual decisions and the right to bargain, the employer and employee should decide, individually or collectively. If someone not under any disability or coercion, applies for a job and voluntarily signs an agreement saying they are happy to be paid at a particular rate, everyone else should butt out. It is extortion (akin to organised criminal thuggery) to have the employee complain later after they have resigned that they were underpaid and get the state to interfere via some misguided piece of social engineering called the Fair Work Act. It isn’t Fair and it reduces the amount of Work in the economy. It should be called the Unfair Unemployment Act.

  51. This really solved my problem, thank you!

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