HOW ALARMING: Victorian Liberal government sings praises of eco-alarmist and crank

davidsuzukimartindixonSome people thought a Liberal government had been elected late last year. It seems though that in the public sector the more things change, the more they stay the same. Especially in the left-wing cabal that is the Victorian Education Department.

This morning’s effort saw the supposedly Liberal Education minister, Martin Dixon, clearly a man who stands for nothing, lavish praise on the highly controversial environmental extremist David Suzuki.

Suzuki has been slammed for his extreme climate alarmism and repeated errors in his research calculated to make political or anti-development points.

One respected scholar slammed Suzuki, as quoted by Andrew Bolt a while ago:

There are many science mistakes in the book too numerous to list …but here is one that illustrates how far Suzuki has strayed from a rational assessment of main stream science

That doesn’t concern the Education Department but you’d like to think it might worry a Liberal minister for Education.

The intrepid Bolta has a strong stomach and once subjected himself to a lecture by Suzuki of enraptured Victorian public servants. He told the sorry tale. Highlights:

â– Crazed hectoring by Suzuki, lapped up by the public service crowd;

■Suzuki predicting the end of capitalism which is on a “suicidal path”;

■His proclamation that “conventional economics is a form of brain damage”;

■And that science is “bullsh*t to baffle” (students might be use to that to pass a pesky Physics test);

â– Indeed: “The last thing in the world people need is more information” except as Bolt noted “for the information in Suzuki’s book, which he duly plugged, sold and signed”;

■That it’s “disgusting” we lived in bigger homes than our grandparents; and

â– Advocacy for a return to tribal, be it Indian or Aboriginal ways which would make our morning latte and Vespa moped a thing of the past, we assume.

Liberal insiders say this sort of cock-up is one of many potential dangers arising from not hiring competent political advisers quickly and vetoing many dozens of party members with strong experience on the basis they weren’t sufficiently enamoured of Ted Baillieu and his chief of staff Michael Kapel.

Here’s the release, chock-full of unthinking, uninformed praise for a guy who is even pretty controversial in left-wing circles let alone in a conservative party sceptical about many of the extremist rhetoric of environmental alarmism. Note that the release makes reference to “more than 300 budding environmentalists from 17 schools” as if they were being trained for activism at school.

The minister himself said how he and the department is “honoured to have such a highly acclaimed education to empower our future leaders” (environmentalists!)

It’s bad. No doubt all this arrangement with Suzuki long preceded Dixon’s appointment, it probably was something a Labor Left education minister would have been happy with but is this really what Liberal party members can expect from the Baillieu government over the next four years?

From: Justine Sywak On Behalf Of CoalitionMedia Victoria
Sent: Friday, 18 February 2011 10:00 AM
Subject: Dixon – David Suzuki inspires students to make a difference (Media release)


Friday 18 February 2011

David Suzuki inspires students to make a difference
More than 300 budding environmentalists from 17 schools across the state today received some expert advice from David Suzuki, one of the world’s best-known environmental educators, at the Force of Youth Education Day.
Education Minister Martin Dixon joined Dr Suzuki to welcome students and launch the full day event at the Sustainable Living Festival.
“Through his books, radio programs, films and television series David has inspired a generation of people around the globe to take a more active interest in their environment,” Mr Dixon said.
“David is a fantastic role model and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is honoured to have such a highly acclaimed educator here to empower our future leaders.”
Mr Dixon said students participated in a ‘Create a Campaign’ workshop where they transformed their ideas into action plans for their schools or homes. They also watched a preview screening of Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie.
“One of the ways we can learn more about sustainable living is by coming to special events like this, and learning from internationally recognised experts or participating in master classes and workshops,” Mr Dixon said.
“In our everyday lives, I believe it is important that our schools play a part in educating our young people on how best to look after the environment.
“Victorian schools have outstanding teachers and principals who present exciting programs and activities around the issue of environmental sustainability.
“Many schools now have water tanks and recycling systems, and use solar power and energy efficient lighting.  If you look around your local school you will likely see how classrooms and schools are being designed to make less of an environmental impact than ever before.
“By finding ways to live more sustainably, we can ensure that our natural treasures are preserved for generations to come,” Mr Dixon said.
The Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne and Beyond, runs until 27 February 2011. For more information visit
Media contact:         Justine Sywak 0448 448 4xx



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35 responses to “HOW ALARMING: Victorian Liberal government sings praises of eco-alarmist and crank

  1. do nothings

    The word ‘moderate’ so often used on this site seems to mean to do nothing. Suzuki is asking us to think. Maybe that makes him a target for vexnews because thinking is a form of action that ‘moderates’ avoid.

  2. CraigL

    I like my guys a fair bit younger than Suzuki although I like the near nude look.

  3. The factional system is delivering poorer quality members of Parliament. This is effecting the quality of Government big time.

  4. blackmambo

    I know you are a very cheeky mob at Vexnews, with the full larrikan spirit of the old Bulletin etc. However, your picture here just spoiled my lunch…please.

  5. Sandy Taggert

    He sure sounds extremist. No doubt the Environment Minister Ryan Smith would not have participated with him.

  6. Burny Fin

    Why do these idiot ministers continue to not listen to me?

  7. Dave Suzy

    I also predict the end of Vexnews! It will be destroyed by a giant wave of unread Age newspapers. Marty D is a great bloke. Where else but the Liberal Party would you find someone so intelligent and loquacious.

  8. Pissy Chryne

    Oh I love the feeling of a throbbing Suzuki behind me.

  9. Lowrain Woeful

    I like that fig leaf. Can I chew it off?

  10. Anonymous

    And what are your scientific qualifications Mr Vex?

  11. Suzuki ran a campaign called 10 Years To Get It Right. Ten years, he warned, were all that separated us from irredeemable disaster. That was back in the late 80s.
    Suzuki must either have the memory of a goldfish of the shamelessness of a Borat to be pushing his doomsday bs for so long.

  12. RDR lookalike

    Suzuki, don’t text me – you are too old.

  13. steven peters

    Oh dear, you really don’t get it do you Andrew! Imagine having a review of why the ALP are going backwards when a blog site like this are all the evidence that needs to be looked at,.
    Hows your chum, Billy bouy Shorten going,I think your boats are sinking, or is that just the ocean rising!

  14. ethnic branchstacker

    Martin Dixon is a fine man, but one of those people elevated to the front bench back in the days when the poor old Libs had noone. Because he’s inoffensive, he has stayed, and now heads the education department. Have some sympathy, he and Kin Wells will be absolutely slaughtered in coming days, months and years ..

  15. ethnic branchstacker

    Martin Dixon is a fine man, but one of those people elevated to the front bench back in the days when the poor old Libs had noone. Because he’s inoffensive, he has stayed, and now heads the education department. Have some sympathy, he and Kim Wells will be absolutely slaughtered in coming days, months and years ..

  16. Temba Wood

    Journalism is about reporting the facts. Something which we are clearly looking in the wrong place for here with VEXNEWS. It’s embarrassing to see this poor example of journalistic extremism and bias. Let them drown I say in their own sour stupidity.

  17. leftyslayer

    This wouldn’t happen under a Finn Government.

  18. Anon

    Pity Finn is in the Upper House

  19. Ollie

    I have fond memories of Bernard as does my buttocks.

  20. ethnic branchstacker

    Pitty Finn is in Parliament full stop.

  21. Anon

    Does anyone know which one of Liberal’a Febfasting Victorian MPs was seen repeatedly drinking in a winebar ?

  22. Anonski

    Hulls is not a Liberal MP.

  23. gutter tramp

    I was told Finn dont drink any more..mmm Might not drink any less also..Finn would have had a good reason to drink, Broady the safest seat in the world now a marginal.
    53.8% frank your a Broady legend.

  24. Wenchy

    Hee hee you know what I drop down after after a few winies don’t we Boofa.

  25. I thought the days were long gone when anyone at all took Suzuki seriously. It’s amazing he still had believers in his thrall. Must have a great personality.

    Sandy (above) — good one. Seperated at birth!

  26. Lowrain Woeful

    I like Suzuki’s fig leaf, but I prefer younger meat.Under 30 by preferance.

  27. Now this is really depressing.
    The lone review of Suzuki’s book at Amazon was written by one of us.
    Overall, this book is not particularly memorable, or well written and does not break much new ground, but its sincerity and conviction do in the end come through and the authors’ worst case scenario is horrific enough to be worth consideration at some point in our crowded school curricula.
    Sincerity and conviction. Hoofarkingray for sincerity and conviction.

  28. Anonymous

    @Anonski: No Hulls is a Green MP.

  29. Herman

    I’m stunned by the scientific insights revealed on this thread. That’s it, I accept it the planet is getting more summery and there are no consequences.

  30. I cannot WAIT to read more of this. I mean, you just know so much about this. So much of it Ive never even thought of. You sure did put a new twist on something that Ive heard so much about. I dont believe Ive actually read anything that does this subject as good justice as you just did.

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