TALIBAN TENSIONS: It won't shock you to learn a faction comprising Maoists, Shoppies & union millionaire Kathy Jackson has occasional moments of discord

fourmullahsSerious tensions are arising in the ALP’s “Taliban” faction in Victoria, according to high-ranking insiders within that group, following today’s extraordinary effort in The Age where key figures of that group appeared to be undermining an endorsed party candidate days prior to the Broadmeadows by-election.

A letter apparently signed by four union secretaries, including the notorious CFMEU Construction division, asserted that the ALP candidate Frank McGuire isn’t a member of the ALP. He of course has already been endorsed as the ALP candidate and received dispensation from a range of old-fashioned party rules drafted up years ago by leftist thugs like Bill Hartley to exclude outsiders from party preselection.

Sources close to the leadership of the NUW are distancing themselves from the maneuvres, arguing the effort is being initiated by HSU “executive president” and trade union millionaire Kathy Jackson, with the backing of her political mentor Senator David Feeney.

However, those friendly with Feeney, strongly deny this, saying he knew nothing at all of Jackson’s latest salvo, timed to generate the ALP the maximum amount damage prior to Saturday’s poll, and making it clear that she acted alone.

Those suspicious of Feeney, who would strongly support the highly able SDA Senator, Prime Ministerial confidante and Parliamentary Secretary Jacinta Collins in any Senate preselection spat, say this is disingenous crap and that of course he knew.

While all of these nuanced positions are designed to perhaps avoid association with a bad act, they are also a little cute by half. Jackson, however mad she appears at times, at least has the courage of her convictions and doesn’t seek to duck and cover when the bombs are dropping.

In this case though, the argument put forward by her favoured and long-time lawyer David Langmead who has defended the Jacksons in many legal scrapes and entanglements is almost apologetic in its tone. We include a copy for the public amusement.

In the accompanying cover letter, it is clear that the union secretaries, increasingly referred to as the “four Mullahs of the Taliban faction”, have had their signatures “cut and pasted” on the document. We can only hope all were consulted before the letter was sent, our inquiries on that subject didn’t go anywhere this morning.

Party insiders in Broadmeadows who haven’t been thrilled about McGuire’s candidacy say that he’s done a good job of getting around the electorate and has kept things quiet. An absence of a high-profile rebel candidate, like Phil Cleary, means that McGuire should comfortably prevail on Saturday. No thanks to the four mullahs, whose politics is ostensibly moderate (except for the Maoist at the CFMEU) but whose tactics appear increasingly extremist and self-defeating. With their parliamentary representatives urging a “reconciliation” between the two moderate factions, and the four mullahs acting in this way, it seems there is a surprising absence of co-ordination and even communication among them. And while a Taliban bullet can sting, it’s disunity that’s death in politics.

Pointing to a better way was the person who lost the most from the recent Broadmeadows preselection, popular Hume councillor and former mayor Burhan Yigit who told The Aged today:

Asked about the fracas, Yigit says he is concerned about the process, not the byelection or the candidate. ”I know Frank and he’s a fine man,” says Yigit. ”It’s the process that I’m angry about, not Frank.”

We told you Burhan was a good bloke. And, indeed, a class act exhibiting a great deal of grace at a time when most would be lashing out. It’s enough to make you wonder whether those still undermining McGuire’s candidacy ever had Burhan’s best intentions at heart or were perhaps pushing another agenda rooted in self-aggrandisement, vengeance and wrecking.



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108 responses to “TALIBAN TENSIONS: It won't shock you to learn a faction comprising Maoists, Shoppies & union millionaire Kathy Jackson has occasional moments of discord

  1. Anonymous

    I hope HSU members arent paying for all Kathy;s legal advice and supreme court hearings…

  2. come eff me union

    Emma Walters is getting Kaye Darveniza’s seat is the word.

  3. Sandy Kefford

    Who is Emma Walters?

  4. Anonymous

    who is Kaye Darveniza

  5. Sir cum

    Burhan might sound like he is over it but behind the scenes he is filthy on his fellow Cr Ros Spence for shafting him. Frank has been silenced by her and she does all his phone enquiries so that the media cant get a story out about his dealings with Hume Council.
    Graeme Marr could be the Maverick here as he has polled very well I am told at the pre polling booths.
    A true Labor man not a member just like Frank.

  6. Anonymous

    Vex – check out this:
    new govt interferring with Opening of Parliament. Taking over and holding back procedings….pre xmas and really not their business.
    New govts….don’t get involved in Parl openings.
    New govts should not be paranoid and dictate apolitical appointments within Parl pressuring Presiding Officers.
    how is it they have time for this and yet plenty time to head hunt staff by kapel and co..reject them and give Ministers no power and / or unhappy, with distasteful interviews as expereienced by a folk who are left humilitated and speechless for being ‘called in’ to be interviewed. Stalin is right. Micro managing is right. Big picture and the state is right…..but no to be heard or found. premier does not equal dictator

  7. Brimbank Party hack

    Long live the Taliban in victoria,if it means the dictatorship of appointing not pre-selecting no-hopers is finished.Why join the ALP? only ill informed people join,the smart one are leaving in droves.They are sick of being used.All those deputy liberals,sorry,I meaned antilaborites do is suck up to BIG bussiness and stuff the working class.The Greens sound better,even trough they are nutcases

  8. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Frank was pictured in the press today at Broady rail station with his election poster A frame. Travelling from Brighton daily to get there will mean he will have to get up in the dark. Is he travelling by rail from Brighton or is he using Eddies Rolls Royce

  9. unfair to real victims

    Calling the ramshackle scandal ridden HSU the ‘Taliban’ of the ALP is grossing misleadling and belittles the trauma endured by the many victims of the real Taliban.

    Kathy has never cut off the noses and ears of innocent victims – although she must have been tempted to remove another part of one former official’s anatomy.

  10. HSU

    While the HSU is unfairly depicted as the Afghanistan of unions it is clearly more like Greece of Australian unions.

    Broken and bankrupted by immoral leaders.

    What a pity a rescue package can not be put in place for Australia’s most dis-functional union.

  11. Short Changed

    Maybe the day Little Willie Shortpants realises that the ALP is not not his private property to be used as a vehicle for unwarranted elevation to political deity ( or more likely, the day he departs the ALP altogether), will be the day that other people might feel they have a stake in the organisation.

    Unless this happens, the ever increasing throng of disenfranchised in the ALP are unlikely to play alonf with Shortie’s games.

  12. Off with his toe

    re: unfair to real victims

    Are saying that Kathy wanted to remove Jeff’s big toe?

  13. more ALP family vaules

    @Off with his toe

    try a bit higher

  14. Renegade

    Pissing in the pockets of priveleged “celebutantes” and giving them a free ride , is beautifully summed up by the Broady train travellers responding to Frank’s 5 minutes of campaigning , “why bother you’re going to win” in what will almost certainly become a fait accompli , those workers boarding that train have no choice , ALP members never had the choice , who are the real Talibans?

  15. Brighton's battler is giving hope in broady

    Frank is a real example….Now Every kid in Broady can aspire to be elected to represent their community if….

    • their brother becomes media super star
    • they sell out and move to brighton
    • they fall in with power elite of ex-Xavier boys
    • they are useful to bayside developers.
    • do not join the ALP.

    Thanks for connecting all the dots.

  16. shortconistas

    The shortconistas are showing what the centralisation of power is all about.

    Mubarak would be happy in this new labor party.

  17. The whores Commissioner

    Yet again my darling Kathy you have put my career on the line

  18. Slash

    We may imagine some of the conversations between the Mc Guire siblings.

    Ed, Ed, can I succeed you as President of Collingwood, just like the ludicrous Malthouse/Buckley succession plan? No Frank.

    Ed, Ed, I’ve got a great script, it will be an Academy Award winning movie, it’s called ‘Joffa The Sequel’.
    You’re retarded Frank.

    Ed, Ed, can I appear on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and get the questions in advance?
    I think you might still f**k it Frank.

    Ed, Ed, can you get me a gig as the King of Moomba?
    You’d scare the kids Frank.

    Ed, Ed, can you get me preselection for the ALP?
    Well they’ll take any d*ckhead, I’ll call my mate Billy The Short Thing and get you a guernsey. Now lick your dish Drover.

    And the ALP wonder why voters are turning away in droves.

  19. Fatinga

    Boofa have you got a spare little blue pill for Savo, he has lost all interest and I don’t know why?

  20. Renegade

    The sad irony in that last post is that joffa has possibly done more community work with welfare groups & real strugglers with strong connections with the indigenous community , something the ALP stood for a long long time ago BS (before shorten)

  21. Preston eye

    Sober up langmead

  22. The 4th estate

    Its gets better. One of the signatories sent in a proxy for this Thursday’s meeting dated the 10th of February, much earlier then the letter he allegedly signed stating his concern that a meeting needed to be called to deal with McGuire’s membership. Was that signature cut and pasted?

  23. Anon

    What a load of steaming ones Andrew.

    Its obvious what side you write for.

    The process was de-legitimate. The candidate is still not even a member, and our federal vote is down to 32%. We lost in WA, nearly SA and lost in VIC recently. We are going to lose in NSW also and are in long term structural decline.

    Self-serving affection won’t save the party of working parties. Getting back to our grassroots will. So pull the finger out.

  24. zoomie

    Bet Eddie and Frank nearly chocked on their caviar last night watching the 9news hearing the Independent Graeme Marr push the line about Brighton vs Broady.Dont underestimate the feeling of the electorate as Phil Cleary showed once.


    Many eligible people we know grew up in Brighton voted Labor and were not approached to stand in Broady
    So its very clear ALP play favorites they are by far the least democractic orgnisation in the country
    suggestion how about Shane Warney for next ALP state candidate well he is good at bowling maidens over, he is a celebrity and he would get a lot of publcity for the ALP and he is far better looking than Gillard!

  26. Anon

    David Langmead is the biggest sack of shit legal advisor I’ve ever seen!

  27. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Frank was a Republican leader during the referendum – failed then Democrats leaders Natasha Stott De Spoya strategist – failed and now an ALP potential leader – ???.

    He is a successful reporter winning a few awards but so was Many De la Hunty the failed Arts Minister and Maxine McKew who won Bennelong for only one term on 2007.

  28. Anonymous

    @Brimbank Party hack: Gurkan Caper stop posting everyone knows its you.

  29. Anonymous

    @HSU: Well Kathy aka Katrina is formally of Greek heritage.

  30. bearhan

    i wish feeney supported me


    Do you play bfbc2 Jacko?

  32. Marco's bong

    Leave the country Kathy , you’ve made a million out of the hsu. Btw tell langmead five glasses of red at 9am does not constitute a breakfast

  33. Deegle

    Oh Dear, the Yianoulati have dragged their derelict political carcasses out of the abyss and joined this thread.

  34. ansteybranchopolous

    Whatever dregs turn up to do the HTV thingy fo rthe Brighton boy on Saturday best watch their backs

  35. Marco's bong

    Touched a raw nerve have we brother bolano, hsam taking Heath by storm! If your an obedient little boy Kathy my give you a few extra roubles

  36. Craig

    Marco you remind me of my old pal Jake…what are you “up” to tomorrow night??

  37. Anon

    Leave Marco alone, I fink he is doing a good job for hsam, they should have him on their payroll.
    Kathy, well she is way out of control and bet Williamson did not now what a backetcase he took over with the Victorian Branch of the delightful HSU. Not to worry, his power base has gone. Happy 100 years HSU, the only union in Australia that has a private company competing with them and HSU sure are losing the battle.

  38. CraigL

    I busy downsizing from State politics to local government but call me sunday week after I lose the bi-election. I like things that are bi.

  39. Marco's bong

    Poor Marco still having those fits we hear

  40. the man

    Word on the street Marr is polling well.Any thing under 60% of the primary Frank should be Sacked. Will the sex party get him UP>.The BIG rumour doing the rounds for weeks, was well managed.But more than a rumour FOI requests are at the Hume CEOS desk.

  41. jungswirth

    I am disgusted with the behavior of my beloved ALP. I have been pushing their propoganda for years on any idiot prepared to listen and I got the arse for Liz Beattie in a fair contest but my loyal subject Burham has been FUTA BY THE PARTY and given his marching orders.
    Still, Frank Mcguire is a true believer in social justice and learning and we were both able to get the learning centre up and running. I hope that gets me a job with him now that Theo is sucking on a Oyzo cocktail in retirement.

  42. fallen stars are the new light on the hill

    With the Greens eroding the under 35 vote and the Abbott’s Fortress Australia slogans grabbing the votes of early school leavers (e.g Queenslanders) the Labor Party is being squeezed from two sides.

    Hitching itself to celebrities and near celebs is the only way forward.

    Perhaps pre-selection should be linked to appearances on dancing with the stars or Idol.

    Even fallen stars could give this beaten and battered Labor crew a lift.

  43. Brimbank Party hack

    @Anonymous: Except me of cause

  44. Bob Johnson

    Where did Kathy Jackson get her millions?

  45. Jeffsta

    Fatty Feensta, hooked up with Freedom Sandwich when you were in Canberra. Cleaned out all her cobwebs for you. Got her purring like a kitten now. Call me sometime.

  46. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    In today’s Herald Sun (18 Feb 11) it says Frank McGuire claimed Hume Council payed him $20,000 to lobby the Commonwealth Government for a $8 million global learning centre in Craigieburn.

    He claims he was to be payed $200,000 but Hume Council says a council officer did the presentation to government and the local Commonwealth MP helped get the project funds too.

    Being a Broady boy I would have though he would have done the lobbying for free.

    I am always suggesting improvement to my Port Phillip Council and some get implemented but I do not put my hand out.

    Frank McGiure – Irish, Roman Catholic and a Republican. It says it all doesn’t it.


    Yes Catholic Irish Republican the trifecta wow cant do better than that!

  48. Anon

    Bob Johnson 13.34 perhaps you could start by asking the networks

  49. Anonymous

    You people are insane

  50. the man

    200k on black Caviar at $1.45. 90k profit could help Atmacas Lawyers.

  51. gutter tramp

    what a pi$$a Broady is now a marginal seat.WTF are these loo sers on.So is Brighton north a left or right seat now.

  52. jungswirth

    Well the truth finally came out thanks to the heraldsun and Neil mitchell.Bet Frank and Ros were squirming when this hit the airwaves. Graeme Marr even got a free hearing to put the boot in.

  53. Sir Scoffalot

    @Marco’s bong: SHAM taking health by storm? Hardly. Once he princess gets her seafood share, are there any crumbs for the minions?

  54. Anonymous

    Is Emma Walters the the chick that was banging in her union office and it was caught on CCTV and then promtly passed around to other unions for a laugh?

  55. Marco the pool cleaner

    No it was Kathy Jackson taking it like a dog on video

  56. gutter tramp

    A bit of woofty on camera.Looks like there is more than one of us.Warnie eat your heart out.

  57. Clueless Carol

    Poor Kathy losing members to a private company,It will only end in tears commissioner

  58. Anon

    Clueless Carol, Poor Kathy be buggered, yes she has lost over 5000 to this private company, but did she really care about them NO.Just the power she thought she would have, well, well, well wonder what the ALP and Williamson will do with her now

  59. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    I just watched the new Opposition Leader of Victoria interviewed outside a polling station in Broadmeadows. Has he got a back problem or is he just got bad posture.

    He is really hunched over like the hunch back of Notre Dame (well not that bad but pretty close). Get your shoulders back, stomach in and walk tall comrade just like Big Ted does.

  60. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Frank McGuire appears to have won Broadmeadows on primary vote so far (54%) but the ALP has had an 8% swing against it which does not reflect well on the ALP nor Frank McGuire.

  61. Anonymous

    Who is the opposition leader Captain? I haven’t noticed.

  62. Frank

    Ed, Ed I won.

    Yeh, Frank just like Stephen Bradbury.

  63. Anonymous

    5000??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????don’t think so, nice try.

  64. The Mathematician

    Fifty only has one zero

  65. Writing on the wall

    The greens are the real losers in this byelection. The result saw a swing against them even though the Liberals didn’t stand a candidate. They are going backwards at each election over the last 6 months. I can’t wait to see how the Green political machine will spin that as a positive as they always do. They’ll probably quote some stupid 2PP figure and say they’re now the real opposition to Labor in Broady.

  66. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Yes your are spot on the Greens did poorly (6%) but on the 2PP on the VEC website they get about 23%. Which is crazy VEC as Franks pathetic 54% primary vote does not need to go to preferences.

    The Independent that got about 23% primary might have some Libs or ALP types knocking on her door to join their parties perhaps too – good effort

  67. That's hot

    Sex party outpolled greens very funny

  68. gutter tramp

    Sex party out pols Greens.MAAAAAAWAHAAAA. As Teddy would Say.Shoved it right up the Bastards. 53.8% what a legend Frank.Burhan has told the Turkish news he would have would have got at least 65% They said only 65%.One more election and its all over Commrades. Will be good to see a range rover driving around the streets of broady till the next election.

  69. jungswirth

    Now I am furious at this result because my fellow comrade Burham would certainly have done better then Frank. How bad are the ALP going when Graeme Marr an Independent can poll better then the greens.The Libs did a great job right under Daniels nose with their choice candidate who ran as an Independent! It’s not over yet as there could be some interesting events to follow such as VEC’s handling of the election and the over exuberance of Frank trying to make sure the ladies voted for him not to mention the 200k consultancy fee that snuck out into the media on Friday There might be a few bruised arms today.

  70. Gazza fan club

    Gary the collapse of Alp vote might help you back on to Hume council . just talk independent style and bag frank’s attempted $200k consultancy. ALP club Feds are so outa touch you have to pay their mates to get money in safe labor seats. Whoops hope you did not vote for that one gazza.

    Have those dirty libs pushed you off the cemetry trust yet?
    Go gazza.

    They get majority in both houses and then these libs think they own the joint.

    Atleast they looked after georgie boy in the VMC, he is now on public purse promoting the visa factories…. I mean our glorious international education industry.

  71. Off to flying start

    labor’s Marginal seat MPs must be over the moon to see what was the safest labor seat in the state reduced to 53.8% primary.

  72. Whooppssssiee

    frank, frank, frank ….. Some mothers do ave em.

  73. Broady speaking

    An 11% swing then an 8% one.
    I reckon broady has spoken.
    Anyone listening?
    Cairo is not the only place that wants respect and democracy.

  74. Give the hunchback a break

    Retired army types may not like daniels but most us long to be led by an overweight slouch. Focus groups have shown that couch potatoes can be trusted with most things except corn chips.

  75. Anonymous

    its all over Burhan!maybe marlene can move aside for you…

  76. Anonymous

    Brumby, Thwaites, Haermeyer and later Bracks all rebuit Labor after their loss in 1992. Who will bring Labor back? Daniel Andrews? Seriously….

  77. Bret

    primary really means nothing in the end, whats the TTP? this is much nicer than what would have happened had it been held prior to the last election so anyone trying to draw some amazing conclusions needs to have a look back through history and be amazed to find nothing spectacular has happened.

  78. Anon

    So Kathy what do you do now – McGuire is in, you have cost unions money, your own union is stuffed, you have not a ounce of creditability and you should be sacked – or if you have a conscience resign. Let someone who cares about the ALP and the HSU take over and flaunt yourself somewhere else. Perhaps you should sign up for the Worlds Greatest Loser

  79. the international search for a New job for Kathy

    Kathy would make a great spokesperson for detective agency looking at cheating husbands in public office.

  80. Free broady

    No inside story on that all important by election?
    Not labor’s finest moment.

  81. gutter tramp

    Primary realy means nothing.WTF T.V rating mean F>A. Brett What ever your on be wary of the Federal police dogs, they will do more than pi$$ on your leg.

  82. Rot sets in

    Anyone else get the feeling the liberals are happy to have a member for broadmeadows with strong links to the failed triangle development and Hume council?

    The liberals anti labor smear unit, IBAC has just got another labor butt to kick.

    It will not matter if frank is innocent – a public unit like this will at the very least smear him as greedy and grasping and labor machine in Hume as self serving.

  83. IBAc a two term winner

    If libs are smart they will use leaks from IBAC probes to smear senior past labor figures over next 3 years.

    The can then announce just prior to next election their intention to refer certain matters to further investigation and prosecution.

    Then voters will be given a choice: can labor be trusted to investigate their own mates?

  84. Elliot ness

    I have been asked to investigate the alleged cover up of this affair and the threats made by the executive of the ALP to the media to not run any stories.
    Frank will be asked to answer what he knows about the Moreton Bay Council!
    Dirt units are not new only the Govt’s who choose to use them.So it is no use for the ALP to start complaining now when they started this shitfight when in power..

  85. Kathy Johnston

    The greens failed badly in Broadmeadows. This was their big chance to show some growth outside the inner suburbs. But they went backwards!
    Does this mean they are in danger from another environemntal political party getting started?

  86. Bret

    @gutter tramp: I thinka lib party member with liberal staffers handing out HTV’s was more interesting than the 80 year old bowel movement pace of the campaign and end result where Freddie is on 74% fucktard

  87. Minister for distruction of brand labor

    The anti corruption minister is very partisan. Now doubt they will try to smear madden and mcguire.
    My bet is they will concentrate attacks on current MPs like Pallas, Green and any shadow ministers. Some upper house MPs will also get some attention.
    4 years is a longtime to dredge up all manner of tasty items. Baillieu’s do nothing government will need some labor scandals to get back in.

    No doubt they will manufacture the items they need.

  88. Michael the trouser snake Williamson

    Hey Marco have you found me any new members in Victoria yet?its not easy keeping a wife, mistress and Jeff on $500,000 a year

  89. zoomie

    Dont be surprised if there are a couple of ALP Minister resignations before ICAC starts its search..

  90. gutter tramp

    who was that blond trying to get her Tounge down Franks throat.OMG Frank looked like the cat that had a 73% primary..MAAAAAAAWAHAAAA.53%
    Shit the Sun still come up.WTF Sad day for the ALP.Now we are are a marginal seat will we get the lot. Grass hopper?

  91. Anon

    Michael the trouser snake Williamson,’
    Cannot rely on Marco, just heard hsam clients have reached well over 5000,shit Marco you will have to pull the finger out

  92. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

  93. I think not

    Can SHAM survive the seafood tower demands of the princess?

  94. Marco's bong

    Better a seafood tower than Willows Willy!

  95. What's is the price of Taliban silence?

    The new Liberal government has come as a shock for many Taliban MPs with their factional operators snouts firmly in the trough.

    What do you do for instance if your chief ethnic warlord is getting $12,000 per year from the Victorian Multicultural Commission?

    This becomes even more pressing when the said individual’s numbers (not stacks) are allegedly propping up the Preston ALP branch.

    The answer has been somewhat embarrassing with Labor figures lobbying the Liberals to keep their key ALP players on the VMC.

    This lobbying has been successful so far. But the question Labor members are asking about this Taliban triumph is at what cost this dependency on Liberal patronage?

    Given the normal low level of activity of many Taliban MPs it is difficult to say if any have now stopped fighting the Liberals in a desperate attempt to get cash for their key ethnic recruiters (‘branch stackers’ is such a vulgar term).

    But many ALP members are now asking is $12,000 the price of silence for a Taliban MP?

  96. the wild brumby

    Comrades what has happened to my beloved ALP since my minor mishap that gave the Libs total control.
    A non member gets to inherit my seat albeit with a large reduction in support, and my loyal Turk mate Burhan is now gunshy because of the way his fellow members shafted him.
    Perhaps he should consider setting up a branch in Niddrie as it wont be long before my boverboy Hullsy pulls the pin and enjoys the fruits of his Labor pension.
    I know I am and it is amazing how far a couple of million dollars can go.Gee I feel for the voters of Broady who helped me get it but then again I dont think there are any rocket scientists living there and generally they are politically stupid so that accounts for why they voted for me as you cannot put brains into idiots can you!! My new motto is now “charity begins at home”.
    Sounds good doesnt it.

  97. anon

    You are right about Broady. The collective IQ of the electorate is down at the level of a piss ant. All the locals care about is welfare benefits, cheap booze, Winnie Reds and pokies. The only booming business is the tat shop and the moccasin retailer.

  98. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    anon – you may be correct as 9.5% of Broady voters voted informal. With 9 candidates and 10 fingers per voters (no 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9) it should not be to difficult to place the numbers besides the candidates – but no not for the Broady informal voters.

    In relation to Frank McGuire being parachuted into the seat as the ALP candidate; with a 8% swing against the ALP perhaps a local candidate could have done better after all. Perhaps Kath Jackson (no relation) could have done better for the ALP.

  99. Anon

    Kathy Jackson doing better – you have to be joking. She would not lower herself to associated with anything/or anyone from Broadmeadows. That is why her union is so stuffed – she thinks she is above the members, so much so it is surprising she does not wear gloves when she goes out to the membership

  100. anon

    Half the dickheads residing in Broady probably lost that finger with a power tool fixing their VB Commodore.

  101. Fairwork aus

    Even fegan would have won broadmedows and it has never won an election of any sort

  102. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    I was going to mention most should have 10 fingers but decided against it however if the power saw cut off the No 1 finger that could explain why the ballot paper ended up with the numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 and became informal.

  103. gutter tramp

    WTF would you Bastards know.Dont knock Broady,or compare us to land roving drivers from Brighton.We are proud of Broady.Just remember who has let us down for decades,the only one to improve things out this way was John Brumby.Frank will be a waste of space.

  104. fair go

    Funny though, when kids get caught beheading kittens, they come from Brighton not Broady. Better people there than some of you have ever met.

    Adrian, Daniel Andrews would whoop you in a game of golf in a second, and has more brains, heart and soul than any politician I have ever met. Sorry he doesn’t have a posture that you are attracted to.

  105. Adam Somureyk

    where is andrew lappos , apparently , he had the Greeks under control?

  106. gutter tramp

    Sheeple time for a revolt..Will marrmite lead us to the promised land. BRIGHTON.

  107. Awesome post ! Thanks for, writing on this blog dude. I’ll message you again. I did not realise that.

  108. gutter tramp

    How many nights has Frank and the kids spent in the Broady house since the election.Not 1.The Land rover FM 200k Not to be seen ever again in Broady.

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