LIBERAL HEART-THROB: Julie Bishop will be next PM according to her growing band of supporters

juliebishoppm3Julie Bishop is destined to be the next Liberal Prime Minister, according to some enthusiasts from WA.

They point to Tony Abbott’s own lagging numbers in the published polls and lukewarm support in the party room as proof of the need to change. Some believe he is unelectable, mind you the one’s saying it loudest are ex-Turnbull backers who watched from the sidelines in stunned silence as the Mad Monk nearly won an election in 2010 no-one thought even remotely possible.

While Abbott’s aggressive style has been very much responsible for the Coalition being in the political ascendancy from the day he become Leader, it’s starting to take its toll on perceptions of him. His bizarre nodding death-stare aimed at the perhaps deserving 7 network’s Mark Riley after he suggested Abbott’s declaration that “sh*t happens” in battle somehow diminished the contribution of one or other Australian servicemen will haunt him for a long time, supporters fear.

Meanwhile, Julie Bishop, while the subject of plenty of criticism from the big nobs of the party, including Chris Pyne and others, has a very strong base of support within the party, Liberal insiders say. Her backers believe she is perfectly equipped to take-down Julia Gillard in the first female-on-female leader political contest in Australian history. Once under-estimated and even widely mocked for her style and lack of intellectual depth, few are writing her off right now. Ill-fated efforts to talk her down or even challenge her by some rivals have gone nowhere.

“Abbott has got us so far but is now clearly a liability, we need a more nuanced and less threatening approach to seal the deal, many think Julie Bishop could be an excellent way to go, perhaps a year out from the next election when Abbott is really on the nose” one supporter told VEXNEWS today.

credlinShe brings to the table, in a potential leadership showdown, pretty much every WA vote, moderates from NSW who have largely given up on one-time big ambition man Joe Hockey’s hopes and the prospect of several more from Queensland. It has been noticed – from the rarefied heights of Tony Abbott’s COS Peta Credlin down – that Bishop has adopted the “Brendan Nelson” approach when it comes to even the most exotic and demanding of backbencher requests. She has visited Queensland very regularly in the past twelve months, insiders say, and would “attend the opening of an envelope” in a Liberal backbencher’s seat if she thought she could win them over, one suspicious staffer told VEXNEWS. Few can keep up with the gruelling Brendan Nelson style pace she maintains, it seems.

Others say that the wily carnivore Victorian Senator Michael Ronaldson might even be about to re-enter the blood-thirsty number-crunching fray, possibly on Bishop’s support, if Abbott continues to stumble. “Ronno” is desperate to re-establish his king-maker cred after being ruthlessly shafted by Abbott from being a central political strategist to what he sees as a backwater in Veterans’ Affairs and some think he could latch on to Bishop as the anti-Abbott forces’ best bet. He craves revenge.

An accomplished, beautiful and charming woman, several of the less-than-cultured Queensland members are apparently quite awestruck by her perfumed presence and would seriously consider Bishop if things became untenable for Abbott, as some fear they will be, insiders familiar with the matter are saying. The anti-Abbott forces have the numbers pretty much now, they believe, it’s just a matter of time before they use them.



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28 responses to “LIBERAL HEART-THROB: Julie Bishop will be next PM according to her growing band of supporters

  1. Sir Humprey

    Attention Operatives

    The official codename is:
    Operation Jim Hacker

  2. JB

    “Another Liberal MP, Jamie Briggs, broke ranks on Adelaide radio, to declare the programs were designed to prevent terrorism and the rise of Islamic schools, and their axing was a bad idea.”

    Hey Joe, did you hear me on the radio attacking Tony. Aren’t I clever.

    Stick with me Joe. I’ll make sure your the next leader.

  3. Anonymous

    After Julia Julie hasn’t got a hope. Only enough stomach for 1 female dye rinsed hairdo at a time.

  4. One Day!

    When Tony Abbott is finished as our next PM, then beautiful Julie Bishop can step up as she would be far better as PM than the ranga bogan fake tears actress that doesnot have a clue how to impress as our current PM!
    Gillard is on the way out Julie Bishop is on the way up and at least Julie Bishop knows how to dress with some elegance!
    so the sooner Gillard gets deposed as PM the better
    Shorten the Gillard leadership
    So Bill Shorten, Stephen Smith, Chris Bowen anyone but Gillard for PM!The very latest Newspoll in the very low 30s indicates that people dont like Gillards government and rightfully so!

  5. Kathy Jackson

    Why is there a photo of me in this news story?

  6. The Abbott will precede the Bishop.

  7. motion29

    Couldn’t win a chook raffle if she tried, even with Gina Rinehart’s support.

  8. Jonny

    I’ll tell you why this is crap:

    At the last election, Abbott won 17 new seats. All but a couple of those are big Abbott supporters who owe him their seats in parliament.

    So Abbott’s numbers in the party room are much bigger than they were when he was first elected.

    This is just fantasy.

  9. Alfonso Sliperwunwhy

    Would the fact that she is seriously stupid and nasty go against her?

  10. N Donaldson

    Abbott is expected to crash within six months. When it happens the conservative block will definitely go to Kevin Andrews. Kevin will also carry the Victorian vote, ensuring he is the party leader and next Liberal Prime Minister.

  11. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Julie Bishop is a good cabinet minister but she will not be leader or PM. Firstly she is not from the eastern states. Labour has a WA leader, Kim Beasley but he could not get elected to government despite being better that both Rudd and Gillard.

    In a polls today (14 Feb 11) in The Age today Jewlia (I support Israel) Gillard is on the slides with the Coalition the preferred government. This is what happens if you support Israel Jewlia.

    Tony Abbott has 41% as preferred PM according to the poll which is very high when you are not PM. Usually an opposition is around 30% from memory be he/she Liberal or Labour.

  12. Ally

    I have never read so much rubbish in my life. A lightweight of the highest order. You obviously didn’t read sheridans piece today.

  13. Taking of Pell 123

    Noooooooooooooooo, not a woman as leader not even a Bishop. Call in Pell to explain the role of women in society

  14. Boofa Leigh

    She need plenty of mentoring if she is to be a PM. Julie luv it’s your lucky day as Ol Boofa is ‘up’ to this task. Percy and I have a vacancy in our ‘professional services’ on Tuesday evenings between 10.00 and 10.02pm on the romantic bank of Mordy Creek.

  15. Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM

    Julie Bishop will never be leader because she is from WA and not from the 3 big eastern states. She is a good minister though and parliamentary performer if we think the latter is important.

    Labour failed to win office with a man from WA in recent history. Beasley despite being a better man that Rudd or Gillard retired as a former opposition leader sadly.

    Also in The Age today (14 Feb 11) the polls said Gillard is on the slide and the Coalition would have win an election if held today. The Liberals are ahead on both primary and 2PP vote.

    Further Abbott’s got 41% as preferred PM with is very high if you are not PM. Usually an opposition leader (Lib or Lab) only gets 30% or less as preferred PM.

  16. Captain (Retard) Wacko Jacko (Active) WANKER

    Even a broken watch tells the correct time twice a day….

    Captain Jackson’s comments at 22:45 are correct.

  17. Sotherby

    @Captain (Retired) Adrian Jackson, ASM (SE Asia), DFSM & Clasp, ADM: Bomber didnt get elected because he was a bloated waffle machine, he was a shit leader and thats that, had nothing to do with his home state.

  18. Very clever Malcolm, very clever! Its about time the liberal Liberals started being as Machiavellian as the hard Right.

  19. Nicely said, agree with pretty much everything there. Thanks 😀

  20. A Nonny Mouse

    Come on, she’s a ditz. Julie Bishop is but a chimera of a serious and talented politician. So she got one up on Abbott & Robb last week. That all of a sudden qualifies her to be PM? Seriously?

  21. Micky D

    She would do very nicely. There are just so many reports already written that she can use for her plagiarism talents.

  22. Sexual Politics in the Liberal Party

    Leadership! Leadership!
    Where are the whips?
    Backbencher Liberals are licking their lips!
    Tony’s exploded.
    He can’t be reloaded.
    Let’s not replace him with Andrew or Mal.
    It’s gotta be Julie, the loyalty gal!
    She’s done a wonderful job
    Backing Brendan and Tony
    And Mal, the show pony.
    But what about Joe?
    Too sloppy. He’s not the go.
    He’s sometimes unruly.
    Let’s go for Julie,
    She’s snake-eyed and slim,
    The obvious choice before him.
    And a woman is better to clean up our mess.
    The man we’ll choose after is anyone’s guess.

  23. Little Blonde Choir Boy

    Please keep Mr Abbott busy in Canberra and away from me.

  24. Rachael

    Little Blonde Choir Boy, you are confusing scumbag Milton Orkopoulos for Tony Abbott.

  25. Darren

    Julie’s favoutrite position is being loyal to the leader –

  26. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

  27. Giuseppe De Simone

    The Federal Liberal members of Parliament I spoke to today have suggested that Julie Bishop as leader of the parliamentary party is not a realistic scenario in the foreseeable future. That means nothing really. I suggest a Tarot card reading is going to be more accurate. Everyone who observes the political process of leadership succession knows it is as much about being in the right place at the right time as it is about merit. Most times the media favourites and the front runners don’t even run. Ms Bishop is a talented and plausible candidate but may never get the opportunity to be leader. Mr Abbott appears to still have the confidence of a majority of the parliamentary party especially the class of 2010. That said, there are many former ministers and front benchers and even some self-styled leading backbenchers who may prefer someone else (possibly even themselves) as leader. This is healthy in a political party in a pluralist democracy. The former Prime Minister John Howard when he first became leader of the opposition said it was quite healthy to covet the job of leader. That was before he served as leader of the opposition, surely one of the few truly poisoned chalices. While some long serving leaders of the opposition (i.e. having gone to an election and lost) become the Prime Minister or Premier (Kennett, Baillieu, Whitlam, Howard with a triple by-pass), it is very much the exception. I am certain Tony Abbott can become Prime Minister but that is not a prediction of whether he will. I very much hope he does and that he does so sooner rather than later. I still think it is the most likely scenario of all the possible scenarios between now and the next election (or even before the next election), however, it is still not something I can feel confident about. Who (apart from the man himself) would have predicted Rudd as PM in 1996 or even in 2005?

  28. When are you going to post again? You really entertain a lot of people!

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