DRIES ASCENDING: The PMO with no beer solicits money for good causes

alcoholThe famed VEXNEWS Investigations Unit has uncovered a plot in the Prime Minister’s office by some within it to give up alcohol for the month of February.

Naturally, they’ve chosen the shortest month of the year in which to adopt the supposed drinking habits of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt (we all know its easier to get Johnnie Walker Blue that bacteria-free drinking water in most jihadist training camps).

Members of the Prime Minister’s media staff have used this event as an excuse to engage in some do-gooding too, raising funds for a wide variety of worthy charities that tackle alcohol and drug abuse.

We think you ought to visit the webpage commemorating this occurrence – surely an event as spectacular as any since the days when Barrie Cassidy and Andrew Bolt worked for Labor Prime Ministers in a similar capacity as these blokes– read some of the cheeky comments like:

Andrew Leigh -  Does this mean the dries are in the ascendancy at the PMO?

We understand you can say anything you like at all as long as you pay money which sounds a bit like the traditional ALP Budget Night fundraiser.

So before they put a levy on you for this, you’d be well advised to click here and send as much loot as your credit provider will permit.



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4 responses to “DRIES ASCENDING: The PMO with no beer solicits money for good causes

  1. Give up the BORE

    Give up the boorish bore la Gillhard of the wooden demeanour and not the beer!
    We are so sick of her telling us she is our PM hey we have known that for so many months aready too many in fact!

  2. I don’t know if it’s humanly possible to work for Bogan Ranga No 1 WITHOUT a grog or two to cloud the mind.
    Climb on the wagon, only to jump ship?
    We may see departures in Ruddian proportions out of this.

  3. oscar

    DEEDs not fake emotions that count Gillard well why havent you got emotional before eg like about the boat people at christmas time
    Gillard deserves an oscar for being an actress and she deserves the boot out for being a most inept PM cmon voting public dont be so gullible Gillard is in trouuble in the polls so now she is pulling flags out of the bag wow what a magic trick that was! you are not a master poltician Gillard and beside Anna Bligh and Carmen Lawrence you look incompetent because thats what you are! Bring back the likes of Paul Keating or John Howard we want inspiring Pms that stand on integrity and conviction and not teary actresses!

  4. PM Cries Crocodile Tears

    After weeks of bad polls and the short one organising a crucifiction for Easter, the tears start. And youn know what they say, “if you can fiegn sincerity in politics you are made” and that is why Easter 2011 will bring us one more change of leadership in the Federal ALP party.

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