DEFECTION EXCLUSIVE: The Age loses one of its biggest names – Underbelly's Andrew Rule – to the Herald Sun

theageincrisisAndrew Rule, one of the most senior and respected journalists at The Age newspaper, has just told his beseiged Editor-in-Chief Paul Ramadge that he’s leaving the troubled journal for the broad, sunlit uplands of the Herald Sun where he will serve and prosper as Associate Editor of the daily Herald Sun.

He’s one of the Age’s biggest names, a co-author of the Underbelly and was written extensively on crime, politics and everything else.

No need to over-editorialise this, Andrew Rule’s defection is really going to sting the comrades at The Age. On rare occasion, journos go from one paper to another but rarely as senior as this.

Age insiders say the mood in their newsroom is “glum”.



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30 responses to “DEFECTION EXCLUSIVE: The Age loses one of its biggest names – Underbelly's Andrew Rule – to the Herald Sun

  1. no big loss

    How much will it really affect the paper?

    Rule only wrote about 5 stories a year and only recently began filing more regularly (albeit weekly) on Saturdays with his bald pal Sly.

    His stories were about crime – dickheads doing bad and stupid things. His work on Geoff Clark and and the Denis Tanner are the exceptions.

    He was never in the newsroom and certainly never took any younger reporters under his wing.

    What is more he astonishingly is that he was granted leave to work as his wife’s media adviser for her campaign as Lib candidate for Burwood in 2002.

    His right wing politics and obsession with crime suits the Hun better and he is just returning to where he came from.

    PS – has he EVER managed to wite a story that didn’t have the words “joe bloggs was a criminal/gangster/copper straight out of central casting”?

  2. rare?

    ok here is a non exhaustive list of journos who swap papers – it happens ALL the time!

    Michael Gleeson – Hun to Age.
    Julie Anne Davies – Age to Oz.
    Michael Bachelard – Oz to Age.
    Ewin Hannan – Age to Oz.
    Ian McIllwraith – Hun to Age.
    P P Padriac Murphy – Age to Oz to Hun.
    Andrew Clennell – SMH to Tele.
    Lenore Taylor – AFR to Oz to SMH.
    Gary Hughes – Age to Oz.

    A few Walkey winners in that list too.

  3. get your hand off it

    Your problem Andy is because you can type you think you are a media player. You are not. You are just a man with a blog and a whole lot of hate. What you do have in common with journalists is that they rarely find anything out themselves – they just material it dropped in their laps by disaffected sooky-la-las.

  4. Jeez-chill-u-lot

    What a bucket-load of bile, “no big loss” 13.30. I’d rather have someone create five ground-breaking, READABLE, important stories a year than the dreary rivulents of dross which most 9-to-5 word clerks produce these days. Andy will Rule no matter who stuffs his pay-packet. He is one of the finest journalists in the country.
    I assume “n.b.l.” that you worked with Andrew, or shared the same editorial floor. That’s all you share with him – and with Sly, btw.
    On the matter of his “obsession” with crime and criminals, it may have escaped your attention that Melbourne has gone through (or perhaps still is) one of the most astonishingly fatal crime wars in our nation’s history. But, you probably missed that, along with anything else which real people found important in the past 20 years!
    Chill, and give the man a pat on the back on his way out. Not a kick in the a*se.

  5. Ron

    Hahaha I think the last 3 Age staffers qualified to type on a keyboard dropped by to vent.

  6. Brett

    @get your hand off it: something must be working if the likes of you are constantly here posting rebuttals.

  7. Wishful thinker

    Media insiders DON’T think this is a powerful signal that the newspaper is in irrevocable decline.

    YOU do!

  8. Wishful thinker

    The Age is bringing out a completely revitalised Saturday edition.

    You should try to rework Vexnews to make it more appealing.

  9. Mick

    Yep, media insiders prefer the raw circulation data that shows if you remove free / packaged / insanely cheap ($50pa subs) numbers from The Age’s circulation all you have left is rigor mortis.

  10. Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law

  11. Out of suffering come the strongest souls. God’s wounded often make his best soldiers. Tips for Emotional Honesty

  12. Be fair

    Who waits to get news from a broadsheet? Life is too short. But hats off to Age for keeping an earlier artform alive. It is fun to see the old craft in use even if it is redundant.

  13. Anonymous

    Dear Jeez-chill-u-lot –
    Sorry but I’m not interested in crime wars between idiots who think they are in an episode of The Sopranos.
    Everyone seems to get a hard-on for the scum that is the Williams and Moran mob. It’s a sick spectator sport.
    Where are the stories about the cops who permit this activity or the drug culture that creates demand for meth labs in Melbourne suburbs?
    No, let’s just glorify Chopper and and all the other thugs and call it journalism.

  14. Jeez-chill-u-lot

    G’day Anonymous (9.26). I appreciate you don’t want to read about this sort of stuff. You don’t have to. All I’m saying is that Andrew and Sly have done more to tell Australians about what’s going on than most other journalists alive today. Yes, it’s important to know if some bent coppers are about and to try to understand the underlying causes of the drug wars, but first you have to know what’s happening. If Rule and Silvester had failed to report the facts, how could you have known that the Williams/Moran mobs are – as you say – scum?

  15. Alan

    “He was never in the newsroom and certainly never took any younger reporters under his wing.” What a load of bullshit.

  16. Graeme - Prahran

    Thank you Mick; you have just made me decide to give THE AGED another chance; I think I’ll take out one of those subs at just under $1 pw. Why; I hear peoples utter in sheeer amazement. Because it is worth that much to just have the choice of all that leftist bile and pap that they put out. Or as the late lamented Don Chipp may have said, “to see precisely just what those bastards are up to”.

  17. Perry White

    It is my recollection that Rule was the scum who thought that Richard Pratt’s private family issues were “in the public interest” and saw it as his business to humiliate Pratt, and even worse, his wife and family.

    Rule is not a respected journlist. He is low life filth.

  18. this may further supports Andrew Rule’s eye for details re: Dick Pratt. This particular Age ‘article’ was nominated for an Walkeys Award this year, and it certainly covers some remarkable new insight into why Mr Pratt needs public interest news written about his business style particularly if he was linked to Patricks Stevedores/ MUA/ Army scab labour matters from the 1997 era.

    ‘Bribery, corruption, illicit sex: the other world of Richard Pratt’ Michael Bachelard July 25, 2010

  19. his may further support Andrew Rule’s eye for detail re: Dick Pratt. This particular Age ‘article’ was nominated for the Walkeys Award this year, and it certainly covers some remarkable new insight into why Mr Pratt needs public interest news written about his business style particularly if he was linked to Patricks Stevedores/ MUA/ Army scab labour matters from the 1997 era.

    ‘Bribery, corruption, illicit sex: the other world of Richard Pratt’ Michael Bachelard July 25, 2010

  20. Adrian Jackson

    While Dick Pratt was a successful businessman and promoted himself by he philanthropic work we must remember he was caught out as a cartel crook with the Visi price fixing racket for recycle garbage collection.

    We all payed more via our council rates for waste collection so it is no wonder he had money for charities.

    His prostitute (quaintly called a mistress) living in the out house was a bit tacky too.

    The cardboard boxes with internal strength corrugated ribbing that he initially made money on was not even his idea but the idea of a post WW2 immigrant who had to sell out to Pratt when he got into financial difficulties

  21. Andrew Landeryou

    Very funny how some keep peddling blueblood Amcor crooks’ lies about Richard Pratt, probably Melbourne’s greatest ever businessman. Rupe is more a multi-city chap I suppose. Unlike many spivs, rent-seekers and charlatans in business these days, Pratt was old school, a true believer in manufacturing, who loved nothing more than visiting the factory floor when the blokes started before most online whiners ever thought of getting out of bed.

    It was my great honour to know Richard Pratt and call him a friend. Those denigrating his memory are entitled to their view but might also perhaps think about the real reasons why his competitors, ego-trippers at the ACCC, anti-Semites and the ferociously anti-commerce left-wing press might have been so determined to run the great man down.

  22. Adrian Jackson

    Give us the name of the Amcor executives at the time of the vile cartel crime. I am happy to give them a kick in the balls too but this story was about Rule and Perry White (an editor in the 1950’s Superman TV series) had to be responded to. Perry must be getting on now and must be at least 120 years old.

  23. Andrew Landeryou

    Low profile types like:

    Peter Brown.

    Russell Jones.

    There were many others who were never going to cop the public caning that Richard Pratt got.

    Fact is the “cartel” was initiated by Amcor and they were the leading beneficiary of it.

    At the time of the supposed cartel, Visy were pinching and poaching customers from competitors including Amcor. The whole thing doesn’t really add up to me.

    The ACCC gave Amcor immunity in breach of their own stated policies, so there’s a lot about their activities that we’ve never been told.

    Hopefully, the whole truth will out eventually. It usually does.

  24. SHY Green Senator

    I like the Age as it refuses to publish information about my Canberra infidelity with my very own Mr Right.

    Every Wednesday I get loose at the Kennedy Room nightclub where I forget all about my husband and disappear with Mr Right for a right old rogering.

    Thank you Age for allowing my indiscretions to remain a secret.

  25. Bollocks

    Richard Pratt was far too interested in ‘boxes’.

  26. Anonymous

    The Pratt/Hitchcock story was broken by Ben Hills of the SMH – not Andrew Rule.

    Alan – what evidence have you of Rule’s mentoring of younger journos?

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