AWESOME: The nation's best paper impresses with special edition on Cyclone Yasi's devastation


In stark contrast to the Age’s abysmal lack of coverage (it ran on page 5 yesterday) of Cyclone Yasi, it’s been amazing to watch the Herald Sun’s insightful and sensitive coverage that recognised this event for what it is.

They’re even putting out an 11AM edition to bring Melbourne readers up to speed with the shocking aftermath of the cyclone’s 250km/h winds which have utterly devastated some of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

We understand that special arrangements have been made by Herald and Weekly Times to get the special edition to CBD outlets before lunchtime today. There’ll be about 20,000 printed and are expected to sell-out.

Putting out a daily newspaper is an awesome effort at the best of times, this special edition though is a great credit to those who burn the midnight oil in the HWT building and printing facility to make it happen.

It’s the fourth special edition like this the Herald Sun has put out in eighteen months under the enlightened editorship of Phil Gardiner and Simon Pristel including ones on the demise of Michael Jackson, the elevation of Julia Gillard as PM and Tiger Woods talking about his love of the ladies.

A brilliant effort by the paper that is clearly not only Melbourne’s best but the country’s finest.

Naturally, the Age has not put out a special edition, although did manage to put the Cyclone Yasi on the front-page today.



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24 responses to “AWESOME: The nation's best paper impresses with special edition on Cyclone Yasi's devastation

  1. Steven M

    This has got everything mixed up hasn’t it? Last time I checked, the Herald Sun was a sensationalist rag which was only just above Women’s Weekly as a reputable source of news and opinion.

    Has that changed since yesterday? If so, good for them.

  2. Mark

    “Country’s finest”? Jesus ….

  3. anon

    The demise of Michael Jackson? Tiger Woods’s sex life? For crying out loud, The Hun is a celebrity driven, sensationalist tabloid rag.

  4. Fiona

    @Steven M: It’s always great when The Age readers, popping down their lattes, drop in to add their intellectual, insightful, factually-relevant and keenly sought-after two-bob’s worth to the discussion.

  5. Anonymous

    Journo’s are REALLY disappointed that the cyclone wasnt as destructive as they hoped.

    They keep ratcheting up the fear and then, poooof, its gone.

    Better luck next time your sensationalist scumbags.

  6. Anonymous

    Journo’s are REALLY disappointed that the cyclone wasnt as destructive as they hoped.

    They keep ratcheting up the fear and then, poooof, its gone.

    Better luck next time your sensationalist turds.

  7. Malcolm

    Anonymous | February 3, 2011, 16:14

    Could not agree more.

    I particularly enjoyed stories from reporters “on the ground” in South-East Qld recently. Said reporters were often seen standing in knee deep water while still wearing business wear. I’m sure this was of course to demonsrate that they were in the thick of it with those Queensland Aussie Battlers.

    The real news is found here!

  8. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott come to my Pulpit with the Altar Boy immediately.

  9. Anonymous

    The journo’s just dont stop. Now quoting a local Mayor as saying “deaths cant be ruled out”.

    These turd journo’s ring the Mayor as ask if he can rule out anyone having died. He replies no. So now he is quoted as saying deaths cant be ruled out.

    If journo’s would like to quote me, I cannot also rule out that an asteroid will hit earth tomorrow, that there might be an earthquake in Peru and that Michael Jackson will be found alive.

    Journo’s really want some deaths so they can get a bodycount going like they did with the floods and 2009 bushfires.

  10. Powerful winds and driving rains lash the northern coast of Queensland as the fierce category five Cyclone Yasi makes landfall in the…

  11. All the latest on Cyclone Yasi this morning, also more giveaways then you can poke a stick at including Josh driving the 92.9 School Bus.

  12. Adrian Jackson

    When The Melbourne Herald (evening) was absorbed into The Melbourne Sun (morning) to create the Herald Sun (The Sun with Herald title added to the name) there was meant to be late or extra editions in the afternoon. This lasted about 3 weeks after the Herald disappeared.

    Some of the priorities of the newspapers for the front page are odd too. Sport on the front page – get real. It should be on the back pages. Herald Sun sport appears to be 50 pictures of AFL footballers with goofy looks on their faces chasing the ball while the occasional sports woman get a small picture published provided she looks sexy.

    I was disappointed when The Age Diary column disappeared. It used to be a weekly treat in the Sunday Age then it went to the weekly Age then it disappeared completely.

  13. Real

    I suspect Captain Jackson had a lot of time to read both the morning and evening editions of the newspaper. being in charge of company latrines would no doubt require frequent re-stocking of reading material, hence his interest in daily news sheets.

    PS > What know so little about the IDF that it calls into question your military acumen. Real

  14. Patricio

    Sitting around the lunch room at work, I’ve never heard anyone that took the herald seriously. It’s a joke and everyone is in on it.

  15. Adrian Jackson

    Real – you don’t read the Herald Sun you look at it and usually in coffee shops as I do not by it.

    Now you know my rank please call me “SIR” too Private Real

  16. Grover

    Yes, they got the cyclone on the front page and then in the caption called it Cyclone Nasi!!!

  17. Captain Wacko Jacko

    Call me Sir!


    Could VEXNEWS be the white-hot centre of the “Bring Back Dirty Larry Lawrence Money” movement?

  19. tom

    The “nation’s best paper”? what a pathetic joke

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