DODGY LOOT: Greens splash the cash but fail to comply with electoral laws

greenssleepingonjobThe Australian Greens party once championed restrictive and draconian electoral donations laws to ensure all parties were brought down to their level. As an anti-business and anti-development party, they often struggled to get donations in the past.

However, they have been able to come to terms with near billionaires like Graeme Wood who built his fortune by promoting last-minute leisure non-essential travel that many strict environmentalists would see as polluting the eco-system and wasting resources. He gave them the biggest ever donation in political history in the form of $1.6 million, an enormous amount by any measure and one that prompted Greens party leader and superannuation millionaire Bob Brown to say he would be ‘forever grateful’ for the loot.

Nice to see that once bought, Brown stays bought, in fulfilment of the Chicago doctrine.

Indeed, there’s now plenty of money sloshing around the extreme-left party. So much so that the cash-rich Victorian branch of the Greens was able to channel a spare $110,000 to the federal Australian Greens.

The only reason we know that is the federal Greens party submitted their financial disclosures – as required under federal law – to the Australian Electoral Commission.

hayleyconwayfingerThe Victorian branch – administered by Hayley Conway at the material times – has not complied with their legal requirements, as is evident from the Commission’s own website.

If any other party had made a similar lapse, the Greens would be the first baying for blood.

The failure by Victorian Greens officials is a criminal offence:



(1)  Where a person fails to furnish a return that the person is required to furnish under Division 4, 5 or 5A within the time required by this Part, the person is guilty of an offence punishable, upon conviction, by a fine not exceeding:

(a)  in the case of a return required to be furnished by the agent of a political party or of a State branch of a political party–$5,000;

The person in charge of this mess – among others facing criminal charges – is Greens party official and Adam Bandt staffer turned high-priced lobbyist Hayley Conway who now receives money from the multi-national owned Kreab Gavin Anderson to lobby Greens party MPs in support of clients including the Australian casino industry, pokies barns, oil producers and miners. The inside word is that she is being paid as much as $5000 per week. At least she’ll have no trouble paying the fines from her criminal reign of error as a Greens party official.



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10 responses to “DODGY LOOT: Greens splash the cash but fail to comply with electoral laws

  1. Disillusioned

    It was only due in October. Perhaps during all the fuss leading up to the election the disclosure form slipped behind a brown faux-wood metal-legged desk that’s been hanging around the AEC offices since the 70s?

    I guess in an effort to reduce pulping paper the Greens didn’t think of taking a photocopy?

  2. [deleted - impersonation]

    Hayley, you don’t like it up the bum by any chance?

  3. Hayley the joker

    Why so serious?

  4. Adrian Jackson

    How come most Greens girls have short hairs and most Greens boys have a Bob Marley hair do?

  5. Adrian Jackson

    We could call the girls haircut a Hayley and the boys haicut a Marley

  6. the hullster

    The greens should change their name to the DPP. Dykes Political Party.

  7. Bob Dillon

    I can see a new environmental political party coming along

  8. Walter Plinge

    When I first saw the pic of Hayley I thought she was a boy and a homely one at that. Those eyebrows have never seen tweezers.

  9. Anonymous

    @Walter Plinge: Ms H, Conway, what a class act!

  10. Dr. Moureau

    Aha! I recognise this creatue now! It has been many years since she escaped from my island- a failed attempt at breeding a better politician by crossing with an Orang-utan- and I had thought that she, if still alive, was living in the jungle breeding with the primates. Instead it appears she is doing something similar at Green party headquarters. Life is so strange!

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