VIC GST: It’s Get Square Time for Red Ted as he threatens to take axe to employer groups

ActOfVengeanceLogoIn Liberal circles, Ted Baillieu is widely known as a much harder player than his normally goofy laid-back public image could ever suggest.

As we have chronicled here and at VEXNEWS’ predecessor publication the OC, many of those in competing Liberal factions in Victoria regard him as quite the factional thug and bully. His backers say these claims were also exaggerated by foes for political reasons and that he is really and truly a gentle, old-money giant.

However, today’s Fin Review reports that the Victorian Government has “plans to cut back on welfare” to business groups, peak bodies and unions.

On Ted Baillieu’s orders, Kim Wells has demanded from all government departments detailed information on the extent of government grants, donations, subsidies, business dealings, subscriptions and everything else that might have had the effect of benefiting business lobby groups.

This is code – apparently – for some very deep cuts.

Why on Earth would a Liberal government be taking the axe to key business and employer groups?

It’s a payback, most will be left thinking, for those groups being on friendly terms with the pro-business Brumby Labor government that preceded it.

Treasurer Kim Wells says as much:

“In opposition, having spoken to all industry groups across the state, there were murmurs of concerns and we want to make sure that taxpayers are getting value for money.”

The axe looms, which could cause considerable financial hardship and job losses at several business peak bodies, apparently.

Dunckley reports on Lib angst about the perceived “betrayal” of them by business groups:

“Senior members of Ted Baillieu’s team have privately expressed the opinion that these groups were too close to the former Brumby Labor government…”

“Some inside the government are known to have been far from impressed with the lack of support they received in opposition from industry groups and some blamed the financial relationship with the previous government.”

One government source said it was ‘immoral’ to use public money to curry favour with stakeholders.

We doubt their opposition to currying favour will last longer than 2011 but it’s still going to cause tremendous disruption among some of the Liberal party’s biggest traditional supporters in Melbourne.



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6 responses to “VIC GST: It’s Get Square Time for Red Ted as he threatens to take axe to employer groups

  1. I think that it’s time for some pay back on Teds behalf, Anyway I’m done with it all. Meaning if they don’t want leadership then so be it!!!!.

  2. Andrew if you like I’II get in contact with you. But it’s up to you!.

  3. Hoppy

    Interesting – Kim’s parliamentary profile still has him listed as “married”…

  4. Why Kim

    And he’s the only one with Mr instead of Hon

  5. Blue Dingo

    I hope those dogs at AIG are the first to be targeted. they are complete sell-outs of employers

  6. the hunter

    Well as they say all good things come to those who wait.Wonder what those so called lobbyists of the green wedge gravy train will do now. They should start with the RACV and Vicroads.

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