GREEDY GREENS CASHING IN: Senior Greens party official takes big bucks from multi-national lobbying firm to peddle her influence with Adam Bandt and Greens Senators

hayleyconrwaygreensThe State Secretary of the Victorian Greens who recently worked in Adam Bandt’s office has joined Australia’s most conservative lobbying company Gavin Anderson in Canberra in order to sell her Green relationships to some of Australia’s largest miners and corporations.

Hayley Conway was Secretary of the Greens during the recent Federal Election and with help from the largest private corporate donation in Australian history was involved in electing Victoria’s first Green Members of both the Lower and Upper Houses.

She immediately obtained taxpayer work with Adam Bandt to set up his office and after doing so has now rushed to cash in on her unique relationship with Mr Bandt and the Greens.

She has this week sought and obtained employment with Gavin Anderson who are no doubt keen to offer a Green lobbying option for its blue chip clients which include mining giant BHP-Billiton, oil producer PTT, Onesteel, Cement Australia, Bluescope, the casino industry’s Australian Gaming Association and the rent-seekers at Better Place, which hopes to build a national chain of convenience stores with taxpayer money.

Recently Bluescope and Onesteel retained Gavin Anderson to destroy the ETS through a massive lobbying campaign. Something the Greens helped deliver for the miners by blocking the legislation in the Senate, incidentally whilew its self described adviser on the legislation Brian Walters was buying up industrial properties in the Coal rich Rockhampton area.

While Bob Brown has sought to criminalise Ministerial Advisers who leave their taxpayer roles to go to lobbying firms within two years through his introduction of the Lobbying and Ministerial Accountability Bill (attached), apparently just a lazy summer break is all that is required for Green staffers to set up a Green MP’s office and then head off to get paid to lobby Mr Bandt and his soon to be Victorian Senate comrade Richard Di Natale.

Gavin Anderson were recently excoriated by the Australian for their conduct in support of global pharmaceutical giant Merck during the trial in Melbourne over Merck. This included spying on journalist notepads and even following them as they went to the toilet.

VEXNEWS understands that some lobbyists in Canberra, at firms like Gavin Anderson, can earn as much as $500,000 per annum.



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38 responses to “GREEDY GREENS CASHING IN: Senior Greens party official takes big bucks from multi-national lobbying firm to peddle her influence with Adam Bandt and Greens Senators

  1. Wendy

    Gavin Anderson is not the most conservative lobbying company, not by a long shot. Have you seen how many former ALP advisers work there?

  2. Wendy

    Oh, and while I’m on a roll, are you accusing all the Libs who work for GA as being “greedy” and “cashing in”? I wouldn’t go there if I was you, you might bite the hand that feeds ….

  3. Wendy come on...

    Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink!

    Time for you to pack your bags and leave the Greens Wendy. It’s a whole new ball game out there. The classy photo of Hayley says it all!

    Up yours the Green members who actually believed in this stuff.

  4. Wendy

    LOL! That’s right boy-o, all those powerful women like Hayley, in the centre of the politcal action, earning the big dollars, making major decisions – these sort of women scare you, don’t they? Make you feel all small and inadequate? Your life a bit devoid, not in the main game, are you?

    Hey, put another DVD of West Wing on and you can pretend you’re Josh or Jed. I won’t tell anyone.

  5. Liberals stab you in the front

    Is that thing male or female? Either way he/she is just another example of greens treachery.

  6. Snouts in the trough.

    So Hayley’s former boss employs his partner without interview. Brian Walters the Greens candidate for Melbourne benefits from the coal industry. Young Hayley now is on the payrole. So if she is asked to lobby for say more coal mines, is that a goer? It just seems to go on and on….

    You know most people who voted Green were voting Green to escape this stuff. The same snouts that have snuffed around in other troughs have found themselves a whole new feeding ground in Victoria it seems.

    Lets see if the Greens stay together as a national entity or other cleaner states start to walk.

  7. Wendy come-on...

    Sticks hand down pants (don’t get to excited male vex-readers, this is just to confirm what I already know), nup, no prick in evidence.

    Prods chest (fends off husband who offers to do the checking job) yep, tits! by golly, by gosh! The real thing too, no nasty implants. Holy shit – I’m a woman! Should have known from the 5 pregnancies.

    So Wendy the continual seeing sexism where none exists is a bit of a drag.

    The most dangerous person to the Victorian Greens is someone like you. Someone who is so on-rails that even when her party is straying badly from the rails will continue to blindly defend what’s going on. As seen by the lack of the voting electorate for Brian Walters, and the behind the scenes fuming, you are going to eventually be left in the cold.

    Or about as electable as the Democrats. Read the signs Wendy and start to clean the Victorian greens up. Or the other states will start to disassociate themselves from you.

  8. Liberal insider

    Hot news is that State Liberal Treasurer, Andrew Burnes, is stepping down.

    It has been well known that David Kemp, Tony Nutt and Ted Bailieu have not been happy with Burnes’ performance and attitude. He is regarded as the worst Treasurer for at least the last dozen years. He has been almost invisible despite the change of State Governments. He does not attend Admin meetings and does not make the cold calls to raise money.

    My feedback is that the 500 Club President Lethlain might put his hand up. But why would he? He according to rumours is being groomed for a more important role in the new Government.

  9. Wendy's daughter

    Our entire family is still laughing at these comments by the person with the boy-rod and the fantasy of Joycelen Newman on his mind.

    Is this the best you can do, little petal? Is that the extent of your vective? You’ll have to do betetr than that to compete with my mother.

    No wonder your State is led by a clown and the Greens garner almost 20% of the urban vote. Clods and buffoons seem to be more common down there than first imagined. Whew, we seem safe north of border …

    This effort was just plain pathetic. Now it’s late, so I suggest you go home to bed and into mummy …

  10. I prefer Groucho Marx

    Scratch a greenie and all you’ll find is someone GREEN with envy of anyone with more money than them.

    Any chance to make a buck (honest or not) does not escape them, as long as the ends justifies the means.

  11. RDR

    Yuk! Hayley, pls don’t txt me. Wld not b hot.

  12. Male, Female or OTHER ???

    Faaaaark, that thing a male or female? DNA test it please, jeeeezuz.

  13. Wendy come-on...

    Wendy’s daughter’s response was so wierd that I’m not sure if it was directed to me or not. The joys of the web, I guess. Such interesting people you meet – some with so many sexual obsessions and hangups that every time someone disagrees with them they accuse them of being male. Actually Wendy’s daughter, I suspect you are Wendy’s other cloned personality. Her imaginary friend. I guess Wendy needs someone to talk too.

    Fortunately such inhabitants of the internet zoo are usually so incoherant in person that they are usually not let out except with a minder so encountering them at the supermarket is not to scary for the rest of us.

    Now very slowly so it gets through your head.

    The Australian Democrats had a brand that the Australian electorate identified with and as a result had for a small party a significant electoral success. They blew it. They tarnished their ‘keeping the bastards honest’, brand by getting into bed with the bastards.

    The Greens have a brand. It’s a good and sellable one. But it’s being eroded from the inside by little departures from what people see what that brand stand for. EG running candidates who campaign against global warming while working for the coal industry. The worst things that real Greens can do in response to this is to join in the spin campaign to try and clean these little departures up instead of demanding that there are no departures to begin with. After the voting public won’t swallow the spin – mostly they don’t appreciate being treated like idiots.

    Anyway it’s been fun Wendy and your imaginary daughter/friend. But enough of hanging around lemmings heading for the cliff the result of which are obvious to everyone else. If you get upset at this post try not to leave spittle on the computer screen.

  14. Bill Calvin

    [deleted] bush pig

  15. gt

    ‘these sort of women scare you, don’t they?’

    Margaret Thatcher remains a firm favourite of those of us on the right and will remain so long after you lefties try to live down the likes of Kirner, Kenneally and Gillard.

  16. Bob Dillon

    A serious environmental party will replace the Greens. They are behaving so badly.

  17. Peter

    As usual, the comments on this story are disgusting. You need to moderate the sexist and homophobic claptrap that your avid fans seem to find the need to post every time you break some so called news. Appalling.

  18. Bob santamaria

    Really, are their no depths that this site will not fall to.
    I do question if your hypocracy escapes you or whether this is just a walk up call to the Greens about the level of political debate in Australia.
    If Hayley has accepted the job well thats her business, but the vicious sexist, bizarre attack says more about the two major parties and the faction that this blog supports than any extrapolation about the Greens and their role in Australian Politics.
    If you had simply exposed this story, left a bit to the imagination of the reader I think you could have achieved your aim, what ever that is.

  19. Sotherby

    The Greens have just gotten tired of the Australian destroying their image they’ve decided to do it themselves, this rabble will face its biggest test when they take the balance of power in the senate and then see how many rats start to escape the smelly leaking shit, whoops ship led by tired old Bob and successor Milney, until eventually knifed by journo pumper SHY.

    Maybe Wendy is correct, maybe its just that everyone is scared of the females taking the jobs off the boys or perhaps its just her little brain trying to pump out an excuse for her ultra left wing hypocracy- that and why her father is her daughters father.

  20. Simon

    I just see this as a sign that the movement has moved on towards whatever is fashionable to little old ladies now. There isn’t much to the green movement, oppose everything that humans do and then complain about the lack of fairness in nature. My guess is they will be replaced with a cooking and “appreciate cheap food party” or even just mothers club cake stall. The more politically astute greens will jump ship to labor and then cling like lifelong apparatchiks until the next big fart bubble of political branding arrives and they can all capture and retain lungfulls to ruminate on for the next decade or so.

  21. Brett

    Peter- Wendy’s father?

  22. Peter

    No Brett, an ALP member with a brain and a conscience. Unlike everyone associated with this website.

  23. Jazz

    Peter, if you notice such appaling behavior in the comments so often why do you continue to read them? So much for that “ALP member with a brain”, seems like that is as elusive as a sasquatch!

  24. To the Point

    Oh Peter- an ALP member with a brain AND a conscience!! you Must be very lonely at party meetings!

  25. Is that thing male or female? I am really curious

  26. Brett

    great to hear Peter- so the fact that you are a member of the ALP matters howso? interesting point though- must be lonely at the Pete’s fraction meetings in the old phone booth.

  27. ethnic branchstacker

    Dirty, filthy, unwashed Greens!

  28. the hullster

    I am getting tired of the dykes blowing wind up the smelly twats of these green misfits. Obviously she knows how to give head so that should hold her in good stead.With those features she might even confuse old Bob into thinking she is one of his.

  29. FULL BUSH ??

    Betcha she has an out of control forest down there, never shaved and completely wild, uuugggghhhhh Lefty women, such pigs.

  30. gt

    ‘Bob santamaria’

    You know, I really don’t think that is your real name. Which makes you a sanctimonious hypocrite.

  31. Same old master class

    These political advisers are all the same. Greens ones seem to be the biggest backflippers. A real slimey lot. Not sure about Wendy- sounds like another hard core self server. With morals like this no wonder they enjoyed the liberal preferences so much. But that dishonest arrangement has also ended.

  32. Anonymous

    There are just some people that are just so bloody ugly that it hits you like a hammer.

  33. Anonymous

    Oh and she has no loyalty/morals/etc

  34. Scott Farlow

    Anyone for a massage? Sure, doesn’t matter that I’m married…we can all enjoy a happy ending.

  35. Bill Calvin

    Lezo get censored but dyke is OK. WTF?

  36. Bec wants to make me more green.

  37. Anonymous

    Give her a break

  38. bob down

    god i can smell that thing here …

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