CEASEFIRE: Labor’s brawl over Broadmeadows ends with withdrawal of Burhan Yigit

Popular former local mayor and Labor moderate Burhan Yigit has pulled out of the contest for Broadmeadows preselection prior to the ALP’s National Executive making the decision about who will receive party endorsement.

That leaves Andrew Lappos and Frank McGuire, with McGuire widely expected to prevail.



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11 responses to “CEASEFIRE: Labor’s brawl over Broadmeadows ends with withdrawal of Burhan Yigit

  1. hardcore facts

    Given Andrew Lappos very close alliance with George Seitz would this mean Lappos is now the candidate for the ‘Taliban’? Surely George will rally the ‘Taliban’ troops behind Lappos.

  2. kangaroo court

    cease fire oh yea bull shit.Yigit pulled out no numbers yogi.

  3. Elayne Whatman

    Where is this nonsense of Yigit being popular throughout Broadmeadows coming from? Let me tell you he is not. Ask him why he has not been elected Mayor and will not be during this 4 year term of Council.

  4. the hunter

    Poor old Burhan did everything by the ALP manual and then got gerzumped by the Eddie clone “Bill Shortone”
    You dont need to be popular to get on in the Labor party you just need to know the major players well enough.
    Frank is only a stooge for Ros Spence, who will take over as soon as Franks 200k deal comes out with Teds ICAC
    Marr is the wild card!!

  5. zoomie

    The Hume council meeting was interesting last night with Burhan sitting next to the person who shafted him Ros Spence. True party love!! me thinks one of them will ask for a seat change.

  6. the man

    True love is never having to say sorry..Bastardry Burhan said, sure is.These two very good councillors will work it out.BTW Zoomie they sit iether side of the table,well they used too.Love is strange.

  7. telmo.languiller

    Ombres , Lappos amigos , why cant some one do anything about him. he has become very popular in the Greek community, i need to stop him, please some one commrade shorten/ Conroy please asist me aginst this person!!

  8. Adam Somureyk

    Telmo, we told you last time , we will tell ou again, our boy lappos is home, we want you to retire no offence you are a nice bloke and all but politics is politics!!

  9. the man

    Just read the Adem Atmaca report by the victorian ombudsman.You F%$^&ng discrace.Resign you Bastard low life.

  10. zoomie

    Cr Atmaca made a fatal mistake. He thought the Govt was never going to change and that his shifty dealings would go unnoticed by the Local Govt Minister as most things did when they were ALP members doing it.
    But now there is a new master and Adam might have to get his toothbrush and soap on a rope ready cause there are Legal people within Govt working out the charges he will gewt hit with. Party is over comrade!!

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