COMING FIRST: Federal Minister Kate Ellis and lover journo David Penberthy come clean over secret love originally revealed on VEXNEWS

penbokate2VEXNEWS is first with the worst. And even with heart-warming stories of love in the whispering corridors of power.

Back in August last year, we exclusively reported denials from then The Punch now editor David Penberthy that he was having a “romantic liaison” with glamorous federal minister for Employment Participation and Labor moderate Kate Ellis.

You can read the original story here.

To give our loyal and true members of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit an insight into how we bring such exciting tales like that to your attention, we have decided to share some of the communications used in our news gathering process. Other than deleting the name or any other information that would identify a source, they are unedited.

from Andrew Landeryou
to Source
date Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 10:13 AM
subject Salacious whispers

It is said – in the corridors of power – that Penbo and Kate Ellis are ‘rubbing nasties’ as the young ppl say… Your thoughts?


from: Source
to Andrew Landeryou
date Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM
subject RE: Salacious whispers

Hello mate. I have word from the man himself that it is bollocks. They are old friends and had some beers one night when they were both at the World Cup and some over-excitable observers turned that into Last Tango in Paris…

from Andrew Landeryou
to Source
date Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:04 AM
subject Re: Salacious whispers

LOL, how disappointing, they’d make such a dashing couple, he’d be the Chris Martin to her Gwyneth Paltrow.

from Source
to Andrew Landeryou
date Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:05 AM
subject RE: Salacious whispers

Yeah, Penbo’s pretty upset it’s not true as well.

Given our original informant had failed to provide night vision footage of them getting it on at the World Cup to the incessant beat of vuvuzela blows and bongo drums, we ran the firm denial. This is the kind of responsible journalism we practise at VEXNEWS.

Today’s Adelaide Sunday Mail reported on the yarn, falsely giving credit to the Sydney Morning Herald for being the first to publish word of their lerv. The reporter concerned must be angling for a job at the ailing Fairfax flagship. They published something about their “chemistry” in October, months after VEX.

mattglibertsonMatt Gilbertson – a self-described “gossip bitch” at the Sunday Mail reckons:

Rumours about the liaison have been doing the rounds since the federal election.

The federal election was on August 21st and our revelations occurred a full week before that and no doubt prompted the rumours on which he is reporting.

We know the Egyptian regime has shut down the internet to stop wild jihadists turning Cairo into a caliphate but we can only assume Adelaide was not similarly excluded from the wild world wide web despite the Advertiser’s frothing at the mouth about Mick Atkinson, the patriot former SA Attorney-General whose wise and judicious attempts to ensure correct regulation of online content in the Don Dunstan state attracted bitter criticism from the paper.

Gilbertson – and this is how you give credit in case he’s taking note – reckons that the high-flying pair went to the Tour Down Under finale last week “and made no secret they were a couple.”


He makes the racy claim that:

“The two enjoyed the hospitality under the VIP stand and were rarely apart all day.”

Benny Hill could certainly misinterpret that sentence.

Impressively, Matt has a creative streak, presenting at various Adelaide places of entertainment as a perhaps Bruno-inspired Hans, who performs “Marlene to Abba, Madonna, Kylie and even the Pussycat Dolls” tunes on the piano accordion.

His promotional site reports:

In 2008 Hans achieved a world record for continuous accordion playing for almost 30 hours playing only Madonna tunes. This record remains unbeaten.

May it long endure.

And may the Penbo-Ellis combination – PenKat – also last at least until the last pie floater is safely consumed on the leafy streets of Radelaide. On behalf of VEXNEWS Nation, we send our best wishes to all. Except to Hans, who should clearly spend less time squeezing his organ.



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56 responses to “COMING FIRST: Federal Minister Kate Ellis and lover journo David Penberthy come clean over secret love originally revealed on VEXNEWS

  1. Anonymous

    And how fair and unbiased will the news reporting of this issue be if the Editor is in fact involved? The news deliverer and news maker = unreliable.

  2. Anonymous

    well worn path is that girl

  3. Real

    Now who is the jealous one? I suspect that the person who emailed ‘the source’ is covering up for their own ‘rubbing nasties’ with Sophie Mirabella.

  4. SHY Green Senator

    She should be ashamed of herself for busting up Penbo’s marriage. Still, she only got preselected by sleeping with a faction leader and has been very active in climbing (or squatting on) any greasy pole to get attention.

    At least I am more discreet and didn’t have to sleep with Bob Brown to get into parliament. I just do over a member of the press gallery after the Kennedy room on Wednesday nights.

  5. Adrian Jackson

    Well done Andrew sitst with this story in August. She would make a better ALP PM too. Seems to be a trend starting her – left wing blondes marrying right wing journalists. Former Sen Natasha Stott Despoja and the former Liberals media man (Tim Smith I think his name is) being the other. Perhaps hairy, tattooed, pommy accented union officials does not do it for the girls anymore. “MUA go away”

  6. Anon

    Kat’es dress – etiher she has a wind problem or she has a bun in the oven and could not disquise it anymore. What ahppented to the female pal?

  7. Kate Ellis

    I’m just a girl who cain’t say no…

  8. No surprises to see “Independent” MP Tony Windsor come to the robust defence of Joolia’s levy.

  9. Wendy

    Andrew – when are you going to stop the slander of Senator Hanson-Young on this website? You moderate a lot of things, but allow this wallower in muck and filth to post here all the time, and I suspect you may well be sued one day for allowing this type or libel on your site.

  10. Tim Coutsantonis

    You ungrateful hussy, Kate! Just remember that preselection is a bitch without me.

    Sleep with one eye open, Penbo!

  11. Men at work

    And just as well noone has turned the spot light on the activities in the duchess of Sturts office- many hours of hard labour there

  12. anon

    Word around the trap is she is well overdue for a re-sleeve.

  13. “In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives. It is how we make our living.” | 2011 State of the Union Speech sotu

  14. arther conan doyle

    More P@*cks, than German tanks through France is the word. They deserve each other. The fight for the mirror in the morning would be amusing. Is there children involved here (other than the subject pair)?

  15. Wacko Jacko

    Kate Ellis is not blonde nor left wing.
    Stott Despoja was a political opportunist who took the easiest path to political fame in a dysfunctional party knowing she couldn’t make it through ALP or Lib ranks.

  16. Why do I bother

    So no mention that Penbo’s knob is about to fall off from excessive shagging but apparently it’s ok to have a crack at Kate Ellis’ vagina.

    The ‘men are studs and women are sluts’ credo still runs true in vexnews land.

  17. SA Correspondent

    Not only, as mentioned previously, is K8 not blonde nor left wing, Penbo is not right wing. He just worked for Murdoch.
    And ‘Wacko Jacko’, as someone who has knowns Natasha Stott Despoja since a teenager, NSD joned the Democrats as she believed in their policies and not that of the Laberals. At the time she joined, the Democrats were at their height, in 1990. They got dysfunctional later.

  18. Big Ears Ryan

    It doesn’t matter if my decision kills more Victorians on the road, I’ll take the populist path and attack speed cameras and the Chooks will love me, even if it stuffs Kimbo’s budget.

  19. Bemused

    What’s the gosp about Julia G’s female COS leaving because her partner is having twins?

  20. Unity Boy

    Flinders Uni girl and an Adelaide uni boy! Good on’em. Feel for the wife if it was going on beforehand but that seems to not be the case. What will the kids look like? Supermodels I expect! Oh and before the SA Correspondent gets scooped… remember Nasty Snot Destroyer joined the Maoist Commies on campus before she joined the Democraps!

  21. Lefty the Lecherous

    Whilst on twins or duos as they are called Bemused… there was a recent twinning involving Kate Ellis, her besty COS and a former male employee of the Minister! He was doing the Minister and her COS who are besties and they were unaware for a while. The guy is a legend with the other kids club staff members in ACT!

  22. WTF?

    Jule’s COS’s partner is unwell with pregnancy related problems and her leaving has no nefarious undertones, of that you can rest assured

  23. Why bemused?

    Yes Amanda Lampe is a mother. Her female partner gave birth last December so no wonder she wants to quit and focus on her family.

    Why motherhood is bemusing to Bemused is anyone’s guess.

  24. Medici

    She looks preggers in that red dress! Oh and I would do anyone from the MUA anyday.

  25. Bemused

    who was the father then?

  26. Why bemused?

    Why is that any of your business?

  27. Bemused

    it is none of my business but I am curious – the ABC report has started this not me

  28. RDR

    Has Kate a teenage sister?

  29. On The Job

    Penbo what a legend son you look absolutely shagged mate! She must a real goer you dirty dog!

  30. Miles

    But what about ME!

    I’m from SA too. Why don’t any nice girls return my calls?

  31. Craig.L.

    Has Kate a teenage brother?

  32. Wendy

    I love these comments by blokes who sound like they haven’t had a decent rodgering in years. Less keyboard and more palm action might make you lads settle down a tad … or is that your own ‘missus’ doesn’t measure up to Ms Ellis? Maybe click on one of those ‘special’ online favourites you use when the lady is out of the house… LOL

  33. Boofa Leigh

    Penbo we should compare notes on chasing a bit of the extra-marital, I’m a master of it and I happy to share me sordid trade secrets.

  34. Wenchy

    Geoffrey are you up for ‘it’ on Tuesday night, remember the new location my big oak desk opposte the Golden Arches in Cheltenham.

  35. Howard Liberal

    So in a corrupt offer of $10, 000 including a massage how does Scott Farlow responded “what sort of massage” to which Mr Armstrong suspected he meant one that would have a ‘happy ending. Yes, the same married man Scott Farlow.

    What a low life.

  36. Lowrain Woeful

    Geoffrey, please bring your own Mr Sheen.Need to give it a spit an polish between my Lowrain and Woeful consultations for which I am now proudly known.

  37. Boofa Leigh

    I don’t have Mr Sheen, there is only KY in me toolbox luv.

  38. Zoran Kidney

    When exactly did she stop sleeping with Mark Arbib?

  39. Dullsville

    Just who HASN’T F*cked Kate Ellis???

  40. SouthAussieBob

    Poor old Kate. 7 yrs at uni and no degree (and she was doing Arts) – she rolled in the hay with Tom Koutsantonis in the pre-selction joust for Adelaide in 2004 and now wanders from beau to beau. Poor Mrs Penberthy, victim of another man attracted to powerful women. What happens when the career is over and she’s got no parlimanetary pension on the post-Latham era?

  41. Anonymous

    Don’t know or care about Ms Ellis, let alone her love life, but is all this nastiness and the predictable sexist comments necessary?

  42. Sotherby

    @SouthAussieBob: yeah poor kate- rather than have a BA she’s on a nice little earner as a minister and once defeated she will get a job as an advisor or the like.

  43. Wenchy

    Boofa don’t forget your little blue pills tonight.

  44. Anon

    Good work, Penbo.

  45. Ewwwwww

    The ashtray and the trashtray…

  46. Kate Ellis….if you wanted a dog in you life why not just go to pet shop?

  47. Nick Labiris

    This is great news. Perhaps next you could report on who sponge bob square pants is dating.

  48. SA Correspondent

    Hey Unity Boy, get back to work in the electorate office and off gossip on Vexnews or I’ll tell your boss. Natasha was not a member of the Maoists, she was only ever a member (and became leader) of the Independents who, broadly speaking, were a collection of non-aligned lefties, Democrats, small-L liberals and anyone else who weren’t in the Trots, Progressive Left Alliance, Labor or Liberal clubs. I don’t recall you being there at the time.

  49. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Zoran’s kidney? Did he pick up something nasty from Ellis?

  50. Wenchy

    Geoffrey, please dont be sad this week becasue I will not have time for you .I will be so very busy now looking after the Liberal MP’s at the retreat this week . I will be suroounded by men and some of them will even be my prefered vintage under 30. I will be very busy and they will not need little blue pills.

  51. Unity Boy

    SA correspondent at least we have offices the Democrats dont anymore. NSD join the commies in 1st semester of 1st year a fact she has never denied. She was just an opportunist and hence why she quit the commies and started the Indies. Nothing wrong with that… a young woman who has a plan to be an MP whatever it takes. I would like to think I helped her on her way as we helped knock her off for NUS President in 1992. Don’t worry I was there!

  52. Blue Dingo

    Trust Gillard to have a bull dyke as her COS. Of course the media never report such things prior to elections, just like how they hid that Rudd’s daughter married a chink

  53. @Anonymous:

    Taste Zoran’s urine to see….

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