TALIBAN ANGUISH: Supreme Court confirms Labor's Broadmeadows preselection process

talibanlegalThe Supreme Court of Victoria has rejected the push by a splinter right-wing Labor faction known as the “Taliban Right” for court orders that would have unsettled the ALP’s preselection process for the safe seat of Broadmeadows.

As a result, Frank McGuire, aligned with Bill Shorten and Steve Conroy’s Labor Unity group, will be endorsed as the Labor candidate.

The expensive court proceedings were apparently funded by a number of trade unions, including the Health Services Union. The Court also ordered those applicants, including HSU National Secretary Kathy Jackson, to pay the legal costs of the ALP. They are likely to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, insiders say.

The decision goes some way to validating the so-called supreme“plenary powers” of the ALP National Executive to solve problems that arise from time to time.

It will have the effect in the internal workings of the Victorian branch of making threats of litigation over preselection and procedural matters much less likely to be taken seriously, observers say. It has also greatly diminished the perception of the splinter group in the eyes of the National Right faction that was mostly appalled at their attempt to challenge the plenary powers that are routinely used to clean up internal messes in many other states and address issues like branch-stacking.

A big factor, we understand, in the judge’s decision (written reasons will follow soon) was that the applicants had failed to use the ALP’s elaborate internal Disputes resolution processes.

Our article yesterday that suggested this was all a bit of theatre calculated to hang on to some State Conference votes does appear to be confirmed. A very bleak situation indeed for all involved in it.

Kathy Jackson for her part was not letting an embarrassing defeat get in the way of her fun, pulling out her Taliban bazooka for a final blast:

Kathy Jackson from the Health Services Union has accused the so-called “faceless men” of the Labor party of acting shamefully.

“It’s a shameful day for the ALP and it’s a shameful day for party members in this state,” she said.

“I just can’t believe that some sections of the party think they can run the party as a private company or a personal fiefdom.

“It seems to me that if you’re related to Frank McGuire or Eddie McGuire you can do whatever you want in this state.”

The boss of the CFMEU Construction division in Victoria, Bill Oliver, is displeased too with the ABC’s intrepid Ryan Sheales soliciting comment from the big man:

“This is just … factional warlords looking to parachute someone in, as suits them”

We always enjoy the irregular verbs of ALP activity:

I broaden the base.
You stack.
She got in on affirmative action.
They are factional warlords who should be probed by the dodgy Ombudsman or Red Ted’s new ICAC.



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48 responses to “TALIBAN ANGUISH: Supreme Court confirms Labor's Broadmeadows preselection process

  1. Facts

    Burhan Yigit does not live in the seat of Broadmeadows.

  2. anon

    Let’s hope the ALP cops a big hard kick in the guts in Broady.

  3. Sotherby

    somebody take Kathy into full time care, if she believes the crap shes talking then she may acctually be more nutts than we already thought.

  4. Bearhan

    It’s OK i have a friend in David F

  5. Bob Dillon

    Lots of Independents will now run in the Broadmeadows by-election. Could make life interesting.

  6. Rampant

    Doubt that will happen anon. In fact I suspect the Green vote will fall, probably picked up by the ALP.

  7. Brimbank Party hack

    FOR SALE!!! SAVE STATE AND FEDERAL SEATS FOR SALE.The highes bidder is guaranteed a safe Labor SEAT.Party membership not required.

  8. Anonymous

    Use the National Exec. to keep Anglo’s in their seats and immigrants out.

    ALP = white supremacist organization.

  9. Anon

    Yes, but Burhan Yigit dies not live in Brighton.

  10. Anon

    Yes, i fyou are a McGuire, you can even be gifted Olympic Park, the icon of Australia’s Olympic heritage by mate John Brumby for exclusive Collingwood use. Bad luck Litle A’s or our future Olympians!

  11. The big clean

    This legal victory paves way for a big clean out. Bypassing petty factional warlords like sietz is the only way to rebuild.
    Read khairouz maiden speech if you think sda and nuw have any rational judgement left.

  12. Wendy

    Sotherby, it’s spelt “nuts”, not “nutts”. Perhaps, because you don’t have any, you are unsure how to spell it?

  13. Dumb and dumber

    The slow decline of the ALP started in 2001. Ten years later it is unelectable. This was not the it’s time factor. This was the constant preselection of dumb branch stackers and celebrity no hopers.

  14. Zoomie

    Yigit lives just over the road fron the Electrate.Brighton is miles away.will Frank now buy in Dallas.? Need rent a crowd to hand out cards.!!

  15. The Annointed One

    Why is anyone surprised now how did Gillard and all her cliquey mates eg Roxon etc get ALP safe seat selection? Seems its job for the anointed ones this time that anointed one is Frank Maguire!
    ps will Eddie Maguire be next to enter the fray?

  16. Brimbank Party hack

    I always thought that it’s against Party rules to suport a non-party Member against a Party Member.Even if Frank joins today it would take weeks like every other new aplicant to being an official Member.Does not his aplication have to come up at the normal Admin commity meeting?

  17. Union members dudded again

    Yet another reason why I will never join a union. Pretentious wankers.

    Little tin-pot pollies using members funds to play their war games with no benefit at all to members. No doubt pissed off they didn’t get the safe seat for their own sinecure.

  18. Legal hurdle removed

    With 19 useless mps the Taliban has just removed any legal hurdle for future removal.

  19. Disunity is death

    The current labor fight is just brimbank Fight continued. Labor has learnt nothing.

  20. Anon

    Dear Kathy, what in the hell are you trying to do – you destroyed HSU Victoria and now you are spending union members money to fight your own party. Get out of the ALP if you do not like it

  21. Medici

    Kathy Jackson, wow did she make her comments with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek? Who is paying the legal costs? Were any of the unions involved members consulted as to how their money will be spent. These union bosses give unions a bad name, no wonder people are disillusioned with unions-who gives a toss about Broadmeadows, I hope a load of genuine independents run and the good people of Broadmeadows get a local member who is worthy of them.

  22. The 4th estate

    I always enjoy reading in the paper how these union thugs always refer to us as “their members”. Sorry idiots we pay money to get a service and not so you can walk around parading yourself as some powerful wanker with lots of our money to spend.

  23. Anon

    Kathy should start a new party with Liberal outcasts Baillieu, Troeth, David Davis, Fraser and Georgiou. “The treacherous ones ” may be a good name for them all.

  24. Anonymous

    Get real 4th estate unions don’t service their members anymore! the word service is repellant to most unions, they now speak of organising which is code for not servicing. this is now the mantra of most unions particularly the affiliated kind, and the mantra of the ACTU which is an apparatus of the ALP. so unions are nice and soft in their compliance when the ALP are in government, and campaign for the ALP when they are in opposition, all with union members money. the ACTU bent over and passively allowed the ALP to renege on their comitment to repeal Workchoices, instead they settled for Fair Work, Workchoices in a milder form. one hopes that union members take action, by inaction on payment of their union dues, until union leaders not comitted to serving their members piss off and their unions disaffiliate. aside from the problems of affiliation, most of our lazy, gutless unions (the ACTU being the greatest ineffective lemon of all)take their lead from feeble american unions who think its a great strategy to charge members to do things themselves, and in the process willingly give up workplace conditions for lists of employees they can attempt to recruit using the sales techniques of amway. they should cast their eyes to some of the robust unions in continental europe or indeed asia.

  25. Medici

    Bravo Anonymous January 29, 2011, 11:53 could not have put it better myself although I would not tar all unions the same way. Some branches of the CEPU are affiliated but do not play the ALP/ACTU game and the ETU (Vic) disaffiliated. The MUA remain affiliated but I believe they were coerced into that because of the ‘flag of convenience’ ships issue, this is how the ALP keeps control of dissidents in the union movement. Sometimes you have to do deals with the devil to benefit your members. The right wing unions of the ALP are only marginally worse than the SL unions, the SL unions are more interested in obsessing over Socialist Alliance and The Greens than doing anything remotely constructive in the ALP, they truly are useful idiots for the right.

  26. Anonymous

    dear medici, i’d like to clarify in light of your comment, that my comments do not refer to the ETU, the construction division of the CFMEU or the MUA and a few others, all fine unions looking out for members as a priority. unfortunately, in the interest of being concise, i did not provide a list.

  27. Anonymous

    p.s. i may in the future provide a list of the feeble unions and self serving ALP sycophant officials, if it takes my fancy.

  28. Broady vote

    Broady vote will go up with abscence of brumby.

  29. Away with pixies

    Anon and medici live in nice world far from organising frontline. Trade based skilled and regulated workforce like police plumbers and electricians are elite unions that function with enough dues to service.
    Unions representing casual and semi skilled sections of manufacturing and service sectors struggle to service with less dues and a fragmented workplace with 457 visa and semi legal overseas workers.

    The workplace is alot more cut throat outside of boom industries and protected trades.

    The ALP games do not help but what is destroying unions is massive deregulation of labour market via 457 visas and overseas students.

    The use of overseas labour with no rights will soon increase and the decline of unions and wages outside of trades and professions will continue to produce a new class of working poor.

    This along with a massive housing bubble is the real economic acid destroying the Australian fair go for future generations.

  30. Anonymous

    Can Dean Sherriff pick up the phone to Gerrit Shorel-Hlavka (from Viewbank, Banyule) and get him to preference Labor or will “Gerry the nut” not register a how to vote card again.
    If maddies like Gerry are all that run then Labor will win on primary votes.

  31. kangaroo court

    Lets see if the FOI request that will be made to Hume City Council is more than a rumour.mmm The race will be called off .Too many Kangaroos with the snout in the trough. She cried.200k for bugger all what a rort.To think 1 Kangaroo brought a race meeting to its knees.Watch this Space

  32. Kylie French

    Is Frank McGuire to be the new Labor leader?

  33. Anon

    when you think that the Jacksons cannot sink any lower, well look at Madam Jackson now. I would have thought that the ALP could expel her and also the ACTU could investigate her activities. If Thomson is charged and Gillard loses government, then Madam Jackson will have to answer why she leaked the information to the newspapers. A google search will show she did it. This is one female bent on destroying the heart the ALP for her own ego – get rid of her, after all she is a nobody, never has and never will be a person of substance

  34. Lowrain Woeful

    Dear Boofa, you know I always have time for you on Wednesdays and just because I am now an MP does not mean that I should give up on my rather busy sex life. Boofa,youknow there will always be room in my busy life for you after you have worked so hard to make me an MP. It’s now great that I have a real job , my own office as well as a humping desk in Mordialloc where not everyone hates me as they do in Casey where they know me as lowrain woeful.

  35. Anonymous

    “Kathy Jackson from the Health Services Union has accused the so-called “faceless men” of the Labor party of acting shamefully.”

    glass houses Kathy, glass houses

  36. Preston eye

    Do not worry about madam jackson, the karma bus is on it’s way

  37. Renegade

    I support kathy and the renegade unions , for having the guts to challenge what most wimps on this page fear , Shorten’s grip on the ALP.Even the outgoing Reece who took off his own shorten-sponsored-specs and listened to a group of foreigners called “ALP membership” was forced to anounce that many members , feel that the party had “lost it’s way”.People don’t feel encouraged to take someone to an ALP branch meeting ..Hmm Nick why bother? Why pay for membership, why attend those meetings and be involved in committees , debate policy , create reform agendas , fight for better rights for our most vulnerable workers, feel that you have participated in a “process” and perhaps “aspire”…why bother when you can shake Shortens and Conroys & Giles hand and be delivered a safe seat and bypass what most of the requisites of membership. (Remember those people Reece?)Whilst a coterie of the well established , middle class , arrogant , faceless men are running a recruitment service for their mates, the ALP was an idea, a reform agenda , a movement of fearless and staunch people who believed that everyone deserved “a fair go” , these days the ALP is a handshake and a pat on the back for the priveleged and a managed staged show called Shorten for PM

  38. Who is the nobody?

    Hey Faigan you say Kathy is a nobody but she is raking in 300k a year more than you

  39. Fegan's Prince

    Little red corvette honey you look so mean………………………….(a few verses later) girl you got an ass like I’ve never seeeeeeeeen

  40. Adrian Jackson

    The picture on the right looks like an IDF conscript in south Lebanon in 2006

  41. zoomie

    with Moe and Burhan now supporting Marr.Could there be a suprise.Alah.Alah,Alah ,oi ,oi,oi.

  42. Alex Hork

    They stole my name for Clarkie’s faction!

  43. Jazz

    Adrian, what’s with the incessant anti-Semitism? Did a Jewish kid at school pick on you or is it just the usual baseless, juvenile claptrap?

  44. the hullster

    Is it true that Ros Spence has already chatted up Marr for preferences seeing that he got No. 1 on the ticket. Just when everyone was thinking Cleary and Medcraft were going to stir things up bobs Graeme Marr to fuk the party. A true Labor man and home grown and STILL a current resident of Hume, unlike the great pretender frank.
    Boy is this gonna be a shit fight or what.

  45. zoomie

    mmm how will frank break the news that the kids will have to wear mockies to school.

  46. the hunter

    Gee if Frank was a liberal those dealings with Councils would be front page.
    At least Graeme Marr wont be silenced by the party.
    Burhan, why dont you resign like Kevin Sheehan did after he was shafted.Those pricks have done you over mate and your future is well and truly rooted. Time to leave the commo’s

  47. zoomie

    Frank will be sweating tomorrow as he hasnt returned those media calls. You can run but you cant hide Frank welcome to politics Victorian style.

  48. the man

    IF the age wont print the truth,will the Tribune.? or could it appear in the Brighton leader.

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