AGEING DISGRACEFULLY: Is retirement age Greens leader Bob Brown proving himself unfit for office?

bobbrownpastitThe silly season of Australian politics is slowly drawing to its conclusion, interrupted by horrific natural disasters that mesmerised the nation and terrorised many of Australia’s best, from Rockhampton to Horsham and the great centre of commerce and progress that is Brisbane.

Easily the silliest performer of this usually quiet time has been retirement age Greens party leader Bob Brown.

His first effort in siding with the retail billionaires in their efforts to shut-down online competition was an extraordinarily stupid move. It was an expression of the Greens party’s “localism” ideology that deems everything not grown in a local, communal vegetable patch to be inferior to everything else. Of course, importing goods or buying services from overseas often has the effect of enriching some of the world’s poorest people, something you’d think a bleeding heart Bob Brown would like. It’s just one of many inconsistencies in their logic.

Siding with Sol Lew, widely regarded in Australian commerce as a crook after scandalous related party transactions with public companies, Gerry Harvey, a once-popular knock-about bloke now turned into a pariah, and Bernie Brookes, central to a deal now being pursued by the Australian Tax Office for many hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid taxes, seemed like an incredibly stupid thing to do.

Topping that though was Senator Brown’s attempt to make political capital from the misery of the Queensland floods.

Brown – and his Greens party – attempts to demonise the coal industry. Despite that, as we exposed during the Victorian election, many Greens party candidates are perfectly happy taking money from the coal industry, directly or indirectly. One was a performing clown for Rio Tinto, another represented a coal miner in attempting to deny liability for the death of a worker, another was a consultant to a coal-fuelled power-plant, another made many millions from coal and other mining investments. It was quite bizarre their level of exposure to an industry they insist is so evil.

By and large, they get away with it. With the honourable exception of News Ltd papers, the Greens are rarely held to account for these inconsistencies.

But Bob Brown’s argument that coal causes climate change which caused the Queensland flood is so obviously false and his conclusion that therefore the coal industry should pay so obviously self-serving and hypocritical that he seems to have crossed a line.

Even the ABC and Fairfax’s reporting suggests they think the nasty old man has acted insensitively to exploit the suffering of many thousands of people for his own end.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, not shy about challenging no-profile deputy Christine Milne last year, is no doubt looking at this farce with keen interest. Brown plans to appoint slick Nick McKim – the Tasmanian minister whose first official act was to increase the rents of public housing tenants – to replace himself in the Senate when he gets too old.

Brown’s restless summer suggests that not only are his best and most cunning political days are behind him but that prospective leaders Milne, Hanson-Young and McKim are already thinking of life after Bob Brown’s retirement.



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74 responses to “AGEING DISGRACEFULLY: Is retirement age Greens leader Bob Brown proving himself unfit for office?

  1. Friends of Cait Catt

    Harvey Norman gave an interview to The Australian in November last year in which he blamed his falling profits on people buying from overseas on the net.

    What rubbish. Brown has fallen for this nonsense. How much did Harvey Norman give to the Greens at last year’s federal election?

  2. Van Knackular

    No Bob Brown. No Greens. Simple.

  3. j ass of clarendon street

    Bob Brown was sought of right.

    The blame for the Brisbane floods lies solely with the wicked witch of the west, Sarah Lockhart Myles.

    Myles who late in 2010 became a useful idiot for the big Australian has cursed Brisbane ever since being shown up by first class QIEU patriot Terry Burke.

    Add to that a couple of ex-boyfriends and the resentment of best friend the shapely Sarah Parker being from Ipswich and it’s easy to see how one could come to the conclusion that Myles urged the gods to cause mass grief and destruction across Queensland.

  4. sg

    A shame that the Murdoch press need to put words into Bob Brown’s mouth and misquote what he said, in order to score their only political capital. Surely their blatant lies would not be necessary if Bob Brown’s true words spoke for themselves?

    >> But Bob Brown’s argument that coal
    >> causes climate change which caused
    >> the Queensland flood is so obviously
    >> false

    That’s not Bob Brown’s argument, that’s your own strawman. And its conclusion may be obviously false if you have zero understanding of the science and your main source of scientific news is Andrew Bolt, but not so for people who actually research and study the subject.

  5. Wendy

    Too right. Coal doesn’t cause climate change. Buring fossil fuels doesn’t cause climate change. fact is, the climate isn’t changing at all. The floods in Brazil, the fact that 7/8th of South Africa has been declared a flood disaster, the floods in Victoria, Queensland and NSW – these are all caused by Zionist, feminist, bike riding anarcho vegetarian communes who shop at Harvey Norman, read The Age and watch ABC News 24.

  6. Mr Fourex

    I’m sure that we as Queenslanders will welcome Bob Brown to our state the next time he visits to champion the Greens cause. We could put to good use the rotting fruit and veg from the Rocklea markets to make him feel right at home. What a disgrace he is to his party and to Australia.

  7. Harry The B

    Isn’t coal 100% organic and a 100% recycled product? The Greens should luv it. I bathe in it and wash my teeth with it. Viva the Briquette.

  8. Futureproof

    Bob Brown has been playing the beef clarinet for far too long now and it has affected his judgement. He should do what the Greens want everyone else to do – disappear.

  9. Bill Calvin

    “extraordinarily stupid” pretty much sums Browne up.
    On top of the idiotic actions you mention, don’t forget that this grub took over a million bucks from the wotif owner and then has the hide to demand a ban on big donations to political parties.

  10. Observer

    Van Knackular (above) says “No Bob Brown. No Greens. Simple.”

    I wish it WAS just THAT simple! Sadly, there’s a whole generation coming through right now who have been brainwashed by the delusional Greens, and we’ll have to contend with THAT madness.

    As far as the leadership of the Greens is concerned, my judgment is that Milne, Hanson-Young and Mc.Kim are all as mad if not madder than Brown. And please don’t let the new NSW Green Senator anywhere NEAR the Treasury, and as for Rachel Seiwert, well perhaps the less being said the better.


  11. Wendy

    Bill Calvin, I would call someone who cannnot spell “Brown” extraordinarily stupid.

  12. Skank

    Friends of Cait Catt, if Gerry Harvey gave anything to The Greens it was less than $1500. Unlike the other parties they have already disclosed their donations on their website.

  13. The Truth

    Bob can go sailing Captain Blight down the floodwaters and with any luck they’ll end up with Harold Holt.

  14. Adrian Jackson

    Bob Brown is the Greens party and without him they will wither but he has to retire one day. Remember Don Chipp was the Democrats party and when he retired it soon fell into a heap.

  15. Nothing but the truth

    Bob Brown you are a stupid old left wing git. While you roll in your millions down on gay farm in Tassie, Queensland deals with the massive loss arising from the floods. All Greens supporters should today hang their head in shame on behalf of this idiot they hale leader.

  16. Nothing but the truth


  17. Real

    Ah yes, let’s attack Bob Brown because he is gay! Wow. You’re so tough, you should join the AFL, where you would feel right at home among the 16 year old assaulters. I prefer to attack people who cannot spell or master the English language. Buffoon. Clown. Tape worm exponent. Thrush tutor.

  18. SHY Greens Senator

    Would my leadership ambitions be thwarted if my extra marital liasons following Wednesday night Kennedy room binge drinking sessions with a member of the Canberra press gallery became public?

  19. hullsy dullsy

    Leave Bob alone, i like lefties.

  20. Steve Sensible

    You can’t be above politics then play politics.

    The answer is simple – start calling the Greens Party what they are: just another political party.

  21. Past it

    If judges have to retire at 70 then so should Polly’s.

  22. Bob Dillon

    Keep Brown in and let the Greens political party slide away into irrelevance. A new environmental party serious about climate change will replace it.

  23. Irrelevant

    John Brown leaves the Greens become irrelevant.

  24. Sotherby

    Hmm lets see what the past few weeks have been like for the Watermelons, firstly attack political donations and it turns out they recieved the biggest one in Australian history then demand Australians pay for cheaper goods from overseas because Bob agrees with Gerry Harvey’s attack on australian consumers, and yet again Bob decides the best time to persue political agenda is while thousands of people scoop tones of revolting mud out of what is left of their homes (if they are lucky).

    Yet still we haven’t seen Bob or his scummy extreme leftist followers lend a hand- amazing…

  25. Ben

    How disappointing. Bob sounds so angry. He can’t be happy. My heart goes out to his partner.

  26. Anon

    Yawn Wendy. Typical response from a ultra leftie. Climate change may be happening, but it ain’t the coal industries fault. To imply otherwise is to Bolte sensationalise and reduce the status of sustainable development. What electricity source did you use to make the comment? I doubt you could contribute toward this blog telepathically.

    And for the record I do believe in climate change, but when Messer Brown elected to single our one industry, instead of a broader range of factors in making his point, captain of the el douche bag faction destroyed any credibilty he had left on the issue. If the greens want to preach responsibility, maybe they can start by getting their facts straight.

  27. H the B


    So you attack people from non-English speaking backgrounds because they can’t spell. But not if they’re Gay?! You are sooooooooooo stwrong. Go join Rugby League

  28. Wendy

    I use 100% green energy, so you semi-coherent bag of vacuum cleaner waste, the electricty source I used was non emitting. Shove that up your spinal column until it reaches the void you call home.

    And what’s this “for the record” thing – you post as Anon, so what, should I stop people in Parramatta and ask them, ‘Hey, are you Mr or Mrs Anon who post blogs?’

    And Mr Mensa Club reject, who the heck is “Messer Brown”? Maybe you mean Mister, but your coal powered brain wasn’t on ‘furnace’ mode I’m guessing. Twit.

    Quick, think up somethign smart to retort with. nah, you’re just another stooge for the deniers, another puppet with strings attached.

  29. Anonymous

    Bob Brown demonstrates why there should be term limits.

  30. Duncs

    Wendy – it sounds like rather than burning your anger off peddling away on your home generator, you just need a seriously good shag… You are WAY to uptight…

  31. Tony Wrong

    Can’t wait until the next sitting week! Any young Senators going to Kennedy’s on the first week back?

  32. Anon

    Sadly you prove my point exactly Wendy. I was deliberately provocative to see your response. Your response was pure morality and nothing but venom when you are challenged. Predictable.

    You use 100% Green electricity. That’s commendable. But how was that equipment manufactured? Was there any emissions that went into their production process? What about the materials that went into making it? Were they dug by machines fueled by petrol? What went into making those? Do you think the computer or smart phone you used to make your statement there were no carbon in it’s production? What about the labour went into producing it? Does that labour use 100% green enegy? What about the transport which brought it to you? What went into making your home? The world wide web of opportunity cost results not from just to those you prosecute, but also those who intend well. Think outside the square and look at the bigger picture. Every human being is leaving a carbon footprint in some form or another.

    So if you geniunelly believe in climate change and want to contribute towards the social change necessary to implement sustainable development, accept that the energy industry will continue to play a role long into the future and help generate the solutions we need to meeting the challenges of climate change. Not bad reasoning from a semi-coherent bag of vaccum cleaner waste right?

    And for the record means I support action on climate change. Just not the kind of 40% reduction targets rubbish which will impact on ordinary people the hardest.

  33. Giuseppe De Simone

    I’d like to have a peppermint tea with Wendy and set her right. You cannot buy green electricity from the grid in Victoria. What you “buy” is green power put into the grid at some indeterminate time in the future to be shared as part of the overall power generation. Effectively, you are giving me the same amount of green power to share with you at your expense. This is so nice of you. However, I’d prefer my green power to be nuclear based – just like yours is except mine is produced here on earth and not collected inefficiently via some silicon wafers like the stuff you like from a distant fusion reactor.

  34. CO2 By the Tonne

    – I drive a 4wd – extra gas guzzling;
    – I set my central air conditioning to 19c on hot days;
    – In winter I set the heater to 19c;
    – I love to take my 28ft motor cruiser out on weekends for a spluttering run;
    – I run 2 plasma TV’s and enjoy running my washing machines half full.

    Sure its costs a bucket load but that’s OK because I’m a left lawyer on 200k a year so petty things like cost of living that affects those lower on the social ladder like working families don’t affect me.

    And of course I vote Green every election.

  35. treehugger

    Brown should go for he did not answer one email or provide help from the Greens when the case against the Powelltown water bottling project was in VCAT. He is just like all pollies, the 7second grab ib the news is better than getting hands dirty on the front line of the environmental fight. BROWN is too old just as Howard got too old.Go Back to Tasmania and donate 50% of your pension to the environment.

  36. Jlo looks amzing on the Ellen show she’s so pretty! She always look better on daytime events then night time. FYI the Golden Globes

  37. Wendy

    Giuseppe De Simone – I don’t live in Victoria you collective of elephant detritus. And as for nuclear, if you knew anything about anything you would know that reactors have to be situated on the grid, making them very close to urban Victorains.

    Now tell me you European carry-all, how many of you lot will vote in a government that promises a nuclear reactor in an urban setting??? Come on, name the electorates? Is that Liberal policy? Is that an election commitment?

    Fools like you are what make Three Mile Island look like Disneyland.

  38. Anon

    You didn’t answer my questions Wendy. Carry on as much as you like, quite frankly I find your simplistic attitude. The “Ill help generate a solution by condemning the energy industry” works a treat on climate change, especially at discharging any guilt you may have for being a human being.

    If you are so against nuclear power, why haven’t you looked into thorium based power? Clean, safer than uranium and would be an excellent part of the transition technologies necessary until we achieve fusion power.

    Do you have any solutions or a torrent of bile still waiting to be unleashed?

  39. Fred Phelps

    You godless sodomites like Brown will burn in HELL for all eternity.

  40. The Truth

    Anon – please do not bitchslap Wendy with facts. Let her lively peacefully with Peter Pan, Bob Brown and a bunch of two-faced lawyers and coal investors in her Neverland wacko greenie fantasy world.

  41. Wendy

    Anon, I have both a solution AND torrent of bile, it’s called multi-tasking.

    First, your logic is illogical. No one says end all use of fossil fules or petroleum etc. It is simply unsustainable. Oil reserves will run out. So the idea is to look for replacement and non polluting energy sources now.

    A recent US report to Congress showed that the entire US energy needs could be met by solar and wind if investment was delivered to re-newables. That may also include geothermal.

    Coal is not the answer, either is neclear reactors or more oil exploration, unless you’d like to store fuel rods in your neighbourhood?

    And, just so you know what a total flake you are, the “energy industry” can be solar, wind, wave, hot rocks etc. It doesn’t have to be fossil fuels. It’s called “energy” not just the blind, greedy evil coal merchants.

  42. Taking of Pell 123

    He is a Godless heathen and a threat to my vast property portfolio. Oh God please let Abbott have a turn, he’s been a good boy

  43. the fergs

    How dare you question our parliamentary caucus with the greens.

  44. Cardinal Pell

    Brother Abbott come to my Pulpit as we have deeds to do with the altar boy.

  45. Anonymous

    You realise ‘real’ that the AFL players did nothing wrong? In fact the woman (16 is age of consent) is the one who did something wrong. Now leave this conversation to the adults please.

  46. Intelligent

    you realise that the AFL players did nothing wrong dont you? In fact the woman (16 is age of consent) is the only one to do something wrong in the eyes of the law. Now leave this conversation for the adults.

  47. Anonymous

    The lack of coverage on the Broadmeadows byelection is a sign that this blog has ‘jumped the shark’!

  48. Schizophrenia is not multitasking

    Blind, greedy evil coal merchants, are you talking about Greens’ candidates Wendy?

  49. Sotherby

    ah Wendy, that turd that wont flush- and we thought she had finally found a new home for her ultra extremist rubbish.

    The Danish are great at promoting renewable energy and so are many other leftist type dominated eurotrash fools like yourself, but lets not talk about the massive cost, huge reliance on baseload coal fired power stations and the importation fo nuclear energy from its neighbours to keep the country ticking. but then that may not have been in a report from the US Congress or Green Left Weekly so you probably didnt get a chance to read about it.

  50. Ron

    Wendy you are a fruit-loop. Smorgon steel use so much electricity they monitor the price of electricity online and only turn on their scrap-arc melters when the price is cheap enough.

    All the solar, wind, hot-rocks, sago-palm, happy-fairy energy couldn’t power the geelong aluminium smelter on a GOOD day.
    As far as base-load power goes these energy sources are an in-joke that the coal merchants tell each other every day between urinating on some hippy’s organic mushroom crop.

  51. Wendy

    Ahh Mr Sotherby, listen to me carefully you perpetual pit of mucas membrane. Nuclear costs MORE. Know why? (Obviously not). First, uranium is expensive to mine and transport. It is dangerous ajnd if you knew anything, you’d note that cancer clusters are being discovered among miners. Do you care about deaths of working people? seems not. Capitalist colostomy creep like you don’t give a tug about the working man.

    And second, you have to dump the waste product, which isn’t safe for about 8 billion years. Where you gonna put it Sotherby, near a school, up the road, up your clacker? On sacred Aboriginal land?

    You see my little collective of fatty acids, renewables means just that. The investment is one off in infrastrucure and then it (wait for it old son) it renews! Magic huh!

    The sun shines tomorrow and the day after. The wind blows (mostly from your speckled lips), the waves bounce about the ocean, the rocks stay hot.

    Now pull your shorts up and get an education.

  52. Wendy

    Mr Ron
    Remember the bloke who said computers had no future? Or the fool at Decca who said the Beatles were not a going concern? How about the old bloke who reckoned kiddies weren’t going to live in poverty?

    Now we have Ron, the human bollocks machine who dismisses some of the top scientists in the world based on what – the reading of his own waste matter?

    That’s right Ron, the US Congress got it all wrong. The EU are fools. Why didn’t they ask you about their energy needs? You’d have set Obama straight. You’d have produced the data hey?

    And you do what for a living Ronnie boy? Mid level public servant. Parking inspector? Smeg salesman?

  53. the hullster

    I was going to get some laxettes for my gut problem but thanks to wendy and her diatribe, I have been able to pass a complete caucus of leftie turds.
    I bet Bob Brown would love to play with those little turds as it would be the only true fact from him. Browny the turd burglar!!

  54. Tandy Saggert

    It is a truism that those who are fixated on certain activies, such as fecal matter, gays and the like are actually trying to suppress their inner feelings and tendencies.

    That is why so many ‘preachers’ and bible bashers end up molesting young boys are seeking the services of escorts.

    Some of the postings here bring to the fore these issues. The posting above, for example, would, in my professional experience, be the work of a repressed homose*ual.

  55. Anon

    ROFL. I am being very generous Wendy to not even engage with you on the level of ridicule to which you now deserve. Equating your bile with reason is akin to calling Bob Katter’s rants well informed public policy. I wonder if you win many people over with your flawed sense of “persuasion”?

    You can’t cover the worlds energy needs through renewables, not when elements such as thorium are so abundant and cheap a fuel source. You may argue the son is our best bet, (which is a large nuclear reaction anyway), but the solar industry us largely undeveloped. And does not promise so much by way of returns in investment as other options. This is why we should not put all our options into one basket.

    Thorium is an attractive option. Granted it has risks, but offers the mist potential of what I’ve read. It cannot be readily weaponised. It has three times the amount of availabilty as uranium and countries such as India are looking sensibilty at it as they have over 1 billion people to support. Sadly environmental ethics alone do not support the progress or feed peoples.

    So the real question is what kind of world do you want? You seem to want one which involves moral judgements on others, even though you cannot argue a solid position if the fate of the world rested on your shoulders. Or you can look at a mixture of answer like i do, including nuclear and renewables as transition technologies, with appropriate resource allocation mechanisms that appropriately allocate opportunity cost associated with waste. I seem to recall it was the Greens which torpedoed the CPRS in the Senate, an example of such a mechanism.

    Whether Bob Brown or others may lie it, eventually human kind may escape his dependence on Gaia and move to survive in some other way. You may be happy and others like you in toiling in organic gardens, slagging off others who are not like you and wanting to survive at the fate of a sometimes whilst beautiful, but also cruel world. I hedge the majority of people on this planet want us to be happy to leave the future to reason, with a strong will to survive, not ill conceived notions of bile and a twisted self ethics. 

    Your hatred really exposes what agenda the greens have for our society. You would want us to remain serfs to natural selection contained within the rules of Gaias environment. By attacking the coal industry, you show a flawed morality. The coal industry which forms large part of the energy industry in this country, is not the answer and attributing blame for the floods caused by complex global systems and La Nina. Government requires to work in partnership with the while through appropriate macro policies to help shape Australia future in a post carbon intensive economy. 

    But what would a semi-coherent bag of vaccum cleaner waste know? Probably far more than you.

  56. Pinester

    Tony Wrong,
    I’ll be at the Kennedy Room on the first week back if you are interested in a little bathhouse interlude. You can still leave with that she dog SHY if you can drag yourself away from my quivering lips.

  57. So you now add overt ageism to all the other forms of bigotry and prejudice that are shamelessly displayed on these obnoxious pages!

    Why am I not surprised?

  58. But Derek!

    Oh come on Derek – don’t act to injured. This might be more than a bad week in politics for Bob. He may be losing his touch. The letter to the Australian hoping that Brian Walters runs again for instance…. Smart politics?

    It’s really up to the states, not to the Feds as to who gets pre-selection. Victoria has has some disasterous candidates foisted and parachuted on it. Names such as Hamilton and Walters.

    The Greens strength lies in that they are based in the community. Not that they present ‘figure-hesds’ removed from that community to be voted on. IE figureheads that wouldn’t even put their kids into the school system.

    If Bob wants such candidates to run then he should ship him down to Tassie. They would be equally thrilled. The politically dead should stay decently underground, not stagger around like zombies annoying everyone.

  59. Pissy Chryne

    Bob don’t forget our meeting of the Senate Committee of the Parliamentary Fudge Packers.

  60. Tandy Saggert

    And I know all about being abused by the clergy first hand.

  61. Sotherby

    Wendy oh Wendy you gutter dwelling mongol, the cost of nuclear would invariably become cheap with investment, at the moment I seem to remember Australia produces a heck of a lot of the crap required and there’s plenty of suitable, geographically sound land to store the waste of Australia and other nations in. Your pathetic green arguments there have been defunct for a very long time- but then you’re not one to let go of a good thing hey? that’s why your back from the asylum harassing the good people here.

    And again you have neglected to mention why many of these bastions of renewable energy seem to rely a shit load on coal, you know that dirty stuff that makes and awful mess (like the discharge out from between your vile uncharted territory).
    And please enliten us as to the cost of building your fanatical renewable rubbish? From the coal fired power that is used by the factories building wind turbines and inefficient home solar panels to transporting it around on boats, trains and trucks- to tearing them down after 10 years and replacing them again because they are utter rubbish?
    You should check yourself in, not sure that you’re ready to be released back into society you mangy creature.

  62. the hullster

    Tandy we have something in common and people like Brown remind me of it

  63. tom

    Passionless Ted B and Julia G need to get out of the way of our professional services personnel. They anger people by just going through the motions. More Anna please.

  64. Syphologist

    Professional services personnel? We’d be much better off if we kicked out all the “professionals” and let the rest get on with the job.

    Heard about the bullsh*t in Warracknabeal? Poor sandwich makers told their work isn’t wanted because it wasn’t endorsed by the official procedures.

    And how about all the alarmist nonsense about the degree of road closures and the flood danger in Victorian country towns? Horsham was allegedly “cut in two”, while all the time ordinary cars were driving back and forth without any concern at all.

    Time to get rid of the “professionals”. Now-a-days that is nothing more than a code word for “jumped up little Hitlers”.

  65. mick

    New readers would be forgiven for thinking they are already storing spent fuel rods in Wendy’s neighbourhood. Rest assured, it is just the long term symptoms of untreated extreme leftardation showing through….

  66. Kim Il Barber

    So by not running a candidate in Broadmedows the Libs are now preferencing the Greens,this should have been a good result for the ALP but now it coold be very ugly, I wonder what sort of a swing the neaderthals on here will accept.

  67. Sotherby

    Wendy oh Wendy, theres plenty of geological sound land in australia to burry the waste- this isnt a new industry and there are many ways to deal with the waste issue. it just seems you in the extreme left can’t understand times have changed, and while you may have resulted from a sperm spillage in the lucas heights reactor, please give me an example of a major leak or accident in a reactor around the world since chernobyl and three mile island! but by all means i’d love for the waste to be stored under your little left hang out in some inner city hole thats been gentrified by 50 something cashed up greens supporters, will make the remainder of society much better.

  68. how to fake sincerity

    Wooden Ted and glass jaw Julia….ah what can we say…..acting school could do wonders….but I prefer their indifference on display….no one can buy the hype of these zombies…

  69. Wendy

    Sotherby oh Sotherby, the waste dumps are all on Aboriganl land. Let them dump it in Western Sydney and see the reaction of the Penrith Panthers fans when that happens!

    Name one safe way to deal with spent fuel rods that doesn’t involve burying them for 80,000 years? Name one matey? One method that is guaranteed safe? Thought so, you’re just a semi lucid puppet of the Tory ideology.

    You only need one meltdown before millions die. That’s the point dimity dimwit, it’s like a nuclear missile – one error and millions go to ash. I know, say something personal and hairy women and Greens or whatever. Who cares anyway what you sprout down the pub as you drink away your menial income.

    Why are you and your collective of narrow minded Abbott loving bigots so opposed to renewable energy? What scares you about wind and solar? Is it ideological or, more like, political?

    If the Libs were all for wind farms, the Sotherby’s of this world would be the first to have a giant propellor installed up their clacker and feed it in the grid.

    It’s not a Left or Right thing, although a human Ponstan tablet like you doesn’t get that. That’s why the EU, China and Obama’s America are leaving this dank backward plethora of conservative alter boys behind.

    Dig up the coal. Drive your 4 Wheel cars. Watch your plasma TV.

    When the planet warms up and spit roasts your kiddies to medium rare in their McMansions I’ll be saying hardy ha ha.

  70. Jay

    Bob Brown is a decent bloke who has worked hard to bring all environmental issues to the fore.
    They do have a few policies which should be implemented:
    Voluntary euthanasia should be allowed if it is the wish of an individual.All University/HECS fees should be scrapped. Absolute disgrace that a Labour Govt brought in this policy by a former PM who benefited from a free education system.
    Same sex marriage is overdue and should be implemented.
    Yes I am sure there will be many who oppose these polices but the Greens at least force these polices to the attention of public, and allow them to be debated an considered whereas normally they would only spoken about in the smoke filled corridors of Party meetings. The Greens also agiatated for the current parental leave scheme which has now been claimed by both Parties.The Greens now need to work with Private industry to try and deal with climate change and come to the table with effective workable policies, and not just waffle on about reducing carbon emmissions without any workable plan that will end up destroying our economy.

  71. arther conan doyle

    How long are you going to moderate my query regarding post Kennedy Room activities of a Green and a Journalist? How will i ever get a response?

  72. Greens are just running mates for Labor

    With the flood releif package relying on cancelling over 3 billion of environmental programmes, the Greens have a real dilemma on their hands. WIll they blindly back Labor, or will they defend the environment?

    My guess is they will rush to support Labor as they always do.

    Bill Shorten PM by May.

  73. Very nice post. I like reading this article

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