GREEDY GERRY: Heartless Harvey fiddles at lavish Gold Coast party while Queensland drowns

greedygerryharveyAfter nearly a month disgracing himself by demanding new taxes and delivery delays be imposed on online shoppers to protect his traditional retail business Harvey Norman, one of Australia’s most obnoxious rich fat-cats – Gerry Harvey – scaled new heights of odiousness last night after playing the party animal on Queensland’s Gold Coast ahead of today’s launch of his racehorse auction “the Magic Millions.”

When asked by a reasonably friendly Gold Coast Bulletin scribe about whether continuing the event in light of the hardship endured by the rest of Queensland, Harvey’s partner John Singleton’s response showed a remarkable lack of sensitivity even by the vulgar standards of the average Sydney spiv:

“You feel a bit guilty having a good time when you see what is happening in other parts of Queensland and northern NSW, but on the other hand the Aussie way is life goes on.”


Singo wasn’t the only one getting into the “f*ck the peasants” party atmosphere, with Greedy Gerry Harvey firing up by playing a violin to the hundreds of hard-partying guests at the Gold Coast Turf Club while being photographed grinning like a Cheshire cat with his wife, the CEO of Harvey Norman, Katie Page, who is paid millions of dollars a year to run hubby’s public company.

Daughter and heiress Georgie Harvey also put in an appearance grinning it up for the cameras with an orthodontically approved smile and expensive party frock purchased on Daddy’s Centurion card.

Appropriately enough, vulgarity was a key theme of the evening with a “mechanical bucking bronco on hand” for what the impressed scribe described as being available for “braver and fitter guests to test their balance (or sobriety)”

The Bulletin suggested:

“Ex-footballer Luke Ricketson eyed off the beast but declined, presumably saving himself until his girlfriend Katie Waterhouse arrives on the Gold Coast today.”

Perhaps all were outdone by John Singleton’s lady friend Yvette Hartman who apparently has a tattoo (hopefully capable of being removed by some medical process as required) sprawled across her freely displayed and ample left breast reading “Singo’s” complete with possessive apostrophe suggesting he may have purchased her in the custom of an Arabian sheikh. The journalist’s clubby reference to their night editor suggests the yarn might have been filed over the Blood Alcohol limit. Clearly a good time was had by all but it all seems rather jarring considering what the rest of Queensland is enduring.

Gerry Harvey is closely associated with the brand of his many outlets where so many Australians buy the goods that furnish their homes. Many (fortunate enough to be insured) Queenslanders will come to file into these outlets in the days and months ahead when they want to replace all the things they lost. He stands to make (yet another) fortune.

You’d think the man would show a little more decency during this sobering time for our country.






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108 responses to “GREEDY GERRY: Heartless Harvey fiddles at lavish Gold Coast party while Queensland drowns

  1. It Bleeds It Leads

    Ahhh yes journos, dont they just love a disaster.

    Reporters out on “scene” 1 liners ready to go, just itching and hoping the now much beat up “death toll” will rise.

    Great quotes so far have included “wall of death”, “biblical proportions” and “tranquil streams into water cannons”.

    No doubt this is a serious disaster but the continued beating up and playing up of things to shock and scare is pretty un-Australian.

    Thinking of you mostly Channel 7.

    Wouldn’t all those news choppers be put to better use ferrying supplies etc that taking over-paid up-start “journos” on a joyride over the disaster areas? Sickening really their hypocrisy.

  2. as happy as gerry

    Is Gerry celebrating the fact that flood damaged QLD will not be buying on line for a few weeks?…..and is the prospect of all the new furniture purchases making imaginary cash registers ring in Gerry’s ears?

  3. Sotherby

    perhaps they can hang a big banner accross every store as weary queenslanders head to get new furtniture in a few weeks saying “Fuck You!”

  4. moldor

    What pathetic individuals Gerry Harvey and John Singleton are….

    I feel a Harvey Norman boycott coming on

  5. not heartless

    Gerry is just staying out of the way of poor flooded Queenslanders…well at least until the insurance money starts to flow…

  6. Syphologist

    Gerry and Sol must be rubbing their greedy little hands together … a lot of money to be made replacing household contents, and I’ll wager that many of the poor, under-insured victims will be tricked into Gerry’s usurous “interest free” scams.

  7. Sam

    Of course this doesnt look great but should be worth noting that Harvey Norman gave $200k to the floods and magic millions is a personal project.


    Solomon Lew and Gerry Harvey have taken billions off Australians, time to give something back.

    A billion dollars is 1,000 million.

    These billionaires should give say a mere 1% of their wealth in Australins in need.

    1% of a billion = $10 million, they can donate that each from chump change.

  9. anon

    I so want to watch Gerry Harvey suffer and die maimed, suffering and alone in a gutter.

  10. Ebola virus for Harvey

    Harvey can die of Ebola for all I care. Watch him linger for 20 days and then throw up his mushed internal organs before finally p!ssing off for good.

  11. Same for Lew

    Lew can take an overdose of his Xenical and sh!t himself to death doing us all a favour.

  12. A Nonny Mouse

    Those men and their camp followers are obnoxious and obscene. They make me want to vomit…all over them. It’s what they deserve.

  13. pallas


  14. Nero's Fiddle

    Harvey Norman shareholders will be sitting at home wondering if they will have any value to their investment as Gerry Harvey fuels the fire whilst he sits back and plays Nero’s fiddle. This man has no style only shame.

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  16. Anonymous

    I think Vex should buy 1 share in HarveyNorman and become a share activist in the company.

  17. Cliff

    Sounds like tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia. Why should peoples live stop? Come on guys, find something better to whinge about.

  18. Lew + Harvey - HELL Awaits

    And what will you MR LEW and MR HARVEY say to our LORD almighty when you are judged before HIM ?

    That you lived to help others? That you did not want so that others may have? That you did unto others and was done unto you?

    I think the HOLEY FATHER will take a very dim view of your self exorbitance and send you to spend eternity in fiery DAMNATION.

  19. Get off your high horse

    Jealously is a curse. Stopping the event would solve nothing.

  20. RDR

    So tell me more about this Georgie Harvey – how old?

  21. Singo

    Well she is mine, so what is the issue with putting my name on her??

  22. the hullster

    Good to see Gerry and his foul mouthed bitch Katie enjoy the fruits of their less priviledged customers who have been stitched up with so called interest free scams.At least now they have to mention that a monthly repayment applies!
    The only smart one in the group is the ex missus who still has a large portion of shares she uses to irritate him.

  23. Ronnie

    I thought Vexnews was supposed to be pro-entrepreneur???

    Harvey’s entitled to make money, he’s entitled to spend it as he sees fit and he’s entitled to point out a clear tax anomoly even if people don’t like him doing so.

    Reading this blog and all the comments – it’s like it’s been taken over by hard core, poppy trimming trade unionists.

    Get a grip!

  24. Dan Lewis

    Whilst I can’t speak for Gerry Harvey, I know for a fact that a number of Australia’s super wealthy are also major philanthropists, much of the time anonymously or discretely.

    I can’t stand sanctimonious little dole-bludging pricks like “DONATE NOW LEW & HARVEY” telling others how to spend their money, when there’s every chance those people have donated a higher percentage of their income than you ever will.

  25. Arther conan doyle

    Ronnie and Dan Lewis know this. Gerry Harvey is a c@#t and Singo is also a c@#t. No correspondence will be entered into.

  26. dopey dan

    for some reason Australia’s rich give far less to charity than overseas rich. An attitude exists that ‘it is govt’s job’.

    As for charity collections it is well known that door-to-door collectors do far better in older working class suburbs where pensioners give far more in percentage terms than in more liberal voting aspirational suburbs.

  27. RDR

    Cor I’d love to be that ‘bucking bronco’.

  28. george

    Was Singo and Gerrys song recorded It will be a chart
    stopper worth millions

  29. Sotherby

    @Dan Lewis: they also tend to pay fuck all tax, doesnt really ad up in the end though- perhaps they could not be cum guzzling tools then there would be no reason to give a hoot what they do, but when a fool tells a family on 40K they have no right to cheaper clothing for their children i think that more than perfectly gives reason to bag the shit out of this wanker.

  30. Blueday

    Sam, Jerry gave a whole 200k? wow, what a guy. Must have nearly broke him. And Ronnie, seriously, dont you think its comments like these that help keep bastards like Jerry from being complete assholes? I mean if no one says anything or gives a stuff, who will hold them accountable if not the Australian people. Why let him get away with it?

  31. Right Said Fred


    No one is saying they can’t have a good time, its just the need to be a little bit sensitive on occasions, like now. A point generally missed by turds such as yourself and Kings of the Poo People like Harvey and Singleton

  32. Brand power

    Singo will help Georgie with some branding no doubt. Such a gentleman.

  33. Dan Lewis

    @Sotherby: Are you a socialist? You certainly sound like one.

  34. the hullster

    Gerry owns most of the buildings and rents them to his franchisees at a sizeable rent and then takes around 15% off the top before expenses for himself and claims he only gets paid 200k a year BULLSHIT GERRY.He gets these up market sales people to take up a franchise and then he transfers any liability he might cop to each one of them in a store. He also moves them around every three years to a store anywhere in the world at their own cost. If they dont go they can lose that position. Yeah Gerry you really do care about the workers thats why you wont let any unions into your store

  35. The Pynester

    Don’t pick on Solly…he hosted a $10000 a head private dinner for me. Gosh my tummy was full after servicing those voracious men and their appetites.

  36. Cheese slices

    Imagine how much crap he would get from you if he was a jew.

  37. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Gerry,

    I am pretty good on the fiddle too.

    Perhaps we could meet and have a ‘jam’ together.

    PS could you bring Georgie with you? I would like to show her a thing or 2 between fiddles.

  38. Lew + Harvey = true Aussie scumbags

    Pilfer billions out of working Australians.

    Enter into dodgy money-making scams eg Yannon transaction.

    Pay bugger all tax.

    Give back a few breadcrumbs too flood victims to look like nice guys.

    End of facts, end of discussion.

  39. Wendy

    Sotherby me old China, still fixated with your own reproductive system and your loser ‘victim’ mentality I see. Still envious of people who have made money through hard work and want to preserve Australian jobs.

    You don’t like them, go shop at Audi and give the children of Nazi’s your money – or the Chinese if you prefer. Or better yet, amke your own clothing and material goods using the product of your own labour as Marx recommended.

  40. Simon

    Gerry is really having a bad run media-wise, most billionaires are actually smart enough to pay, retain and listen to a publicist or PR consultant when it comes to selling themselves and their private ventures. I don’t know whats happened but it appears that almost overnight he just got too old to care anymore, whats the bet that shareholders are getting ready to rip him a new one and replace him with someone a bit more corporate.

  41. IrishPatriot

    All we need now is Solly Lew banging the bodhran…

  42. Lew + Harvey Will PROFIT from Misery

    Flood victims will need new clothes (Solomon Lew) and new whitegoods, TV’s, computers (Gerry Harvey).

    Harvey gives $200k in chump change to the flood appeal but stands to make millions in selling his overpriced goods.

    Lew + Harvey = Floods biggest winners.

  43. Wenchy

    Yes Geoff it’s just as well you are good at the ‘fiddle’ as Percy’s performance is all over in 30 seconds.

  44. Yellow Submarine

    I would need a submersible to shop at Gerry’s underwater ripoff shop in Brisbane. But, I somehow suspect that he will turn up univited, like PM Julia and Krudd, cleaning up after the floods on telly!

  45. Perspective needed

    While I am not a fan of him as such, it should be noted that this is not something he has done related to his electrical business. If he pulled the plug on the MM it would affect even more people who derive an income from this industry.I am not a fan of Horse racing either but common sense should be in place here.
    Maybe he will bring his prices of equipment into line so other businesses can compete and not totally lose out during this disaster in QLD.

  46. Lew Harvey Oswald

    Andrew! It will definitely be Nightmare on Elm Street when I get another bead on you. You owe me heaps.

  47. Eddie

    How simple you all seem. Do any of you have anything good to say? No. Because you’re all so simple minded. Can anyone see a positive? Does anyone see that Gerry’s busineeses employ thousands of people in this Country. His business alone pays millions upoon millions in taxes, all of which benefit us as a society. His businesses keep tens of thousands of people employed and contributes heavily to Australia having a very low employment rate. But, because you whingeing bunch can’t get your tv’s or toasters quite so cheap enough you have to have a crack at the bloke who has given more to this country than any of you have.

  48. Arther conan doyle

    Eddie, dont talk shit.

  49. Go for a Swim

    Gerry and Solomon – please go swim in the Brisbane River. If you do a Harold Holt all the better.

  50. Adam Bandt

    You are a fat pig Gerry Harvey but god I would love to have a dig at your saggy old hole

  51. Look at me

    look at my comment that has no relevance to the article or to others who have posted – no im just like all of you attention seekers

  52. Cydi Dawes

    Gerry are you free tonight? I’m in need of a good growling out

  53. anon

    I would so enjoy making Gerry Harvey ‘road kill’.

  54. anon

    Congratulations Vexnews on a great expose. What a sleazebag
    that man is.


    wow. what troll and scumbags these old dirtbags are. Harvey Norman can shops can all close down because they’re not getting my business.

  56. Eddie nowhere

    To the other Eddie, get a life.
    Before Harvey was on the scene we had furniture factories…. what happened to those companies? Sold and the jobs went to china…. Why didn’t Gerry use his millions to buy up good high quality furniture brands that the Chinese bought and job stripped.

  57. just my opinion

    what a load of crap, tall poppy syndrome is alive & well in Australia… Do your home work find out how much Harvey Norman has donated to this disaster & many other disasters.

  58. Turd Harvey

    I did a big stinking Harvey on the dunny this morning.

  59. TheFilthyRichShouldPayMoreTAX

    @just my opinion: He couldn’t have given enough he is still a billionaire. Now if he and thePRATT empire funded the whole clean up and reconstruction, maybe I would agree with you.

  60. Meg Downie

    Let’s hope that when all these unfortunate flood victims go to replace their furniture and appliances that they steer well clear of Harvey Norman.
    I seldom go in his stores and certainly won’t now.

  61. Adrian Jackson

    At least all those near obsolete analog TV can be replaced with new digital one from Gerry’s stores assuming that they did not go under in the flood or better still get on online to get one assuming you still have a Internet connection or a computer that is not leaking water. As the late Big Kev used to say “I’m excited”

  62. Tandy Saggert

    Meg Downie or whatever your real name is, the reason you don’t go into his stores is because they don’t sell tape worm iontment.

  63. It’s hard to find educated folks on this matter, however you sound like you realize what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  64. Arther conan doyle

    Dear,’just my opinion’,

    F*#k off.



  65. smarter than the average bear

    @TheFilthyRichShouldPayMoreTAX: hear hear, lets distribute the wealth evenly amongst all citizens, sound familiar you bozo

  66. Adam Bandt

    Gerry, do you have a spare little boy you can spare for me?

  67. Tandy Saggert

    To fake Adam Bandt – as a psychologist I can inform you that your constant comments about young boys, the ‘back door’ and other such discourse is actually an indication of your inner thoughts and personality.

    You may well laugh, but this type of fixation and obsession with both the Member for Melbourne and the physical relationships of others suggests to me that you are without a partner, spouse or physical friend. It indicated a high degree of self satisfaction and a desire to be liked or included by others.

    Perhaps this is not the best place for you; and I do recommend professional help or even on online dating service. Regards, Tandy.

  68. Adam B

    Tandy Saggert, to fake being a psychologist to try and show your superioty is truly sad, please go back to centrelink and think about your actions

  69. Friends of Cait Catt

    It has been suggested on another blog that if Joh Bjelke Petersen were Premier the floods would never have happened, and that Joh is Australia’s greatest ever Premier, or perhaps equally Australia’s best Premier with Brian Burke.

    Joh would never have put up with that bastard Gerry Harvey and his vile attempts, with the support of the evil Greens, to make himself an even bigger billionaire.

    The Fairfax media are supporting the creation of a fake consumer group by Harvey and his cohorts to lobby the government to make online purchases illegal. What hypocrisy.

  70. Tandy Saggert

    Adam, your subconscious back peddling exposes your true charcater flaws. It is not a matter of silly put downs – these only make you feel good for a moment, but then reality sets in and you now need to look in the mirror and understand this: you are not funny. You use a famous person’s name (someone who has achieved a lot in life, contrasting with your failures) and you are obsessed with certain dowdy activities.

    A confident man, a person comfortable with their personality and persona, would not need to impersonate others or detail their fantasies in so public a manner.

    Clinically, you are a repressed person and are yet to confront your true nature and desires.

    Please, I suggest you speak to someone about this. There is no shame, no stigma attached to this. Tandy

  71. Bollocks

    Sandy Taggert, you are a tiresome twerp. Go and f*ck yourself!

  72. Tandy Saggert

    Re Ms Bollocks comments, that is very mature and quite grown up. You must feel very proud of that effort. Did it make you feel ‘manly’? Did it give you feelings of being a better person and having a sense of strength? Do you kick your dog often?

    As an aside, if that is the best insult you can conceive, then you really are rather limited in your invective.

  73. Tandy Saggert

    I am such a perfect person, and I know exactly how everyone in the world thinks, I am so talented. My daddy hates me though, I have never been good enoungh for him and he favours my siblings.

  74. AKD

    Darlings, happy new year.

  75. Tandy Saggert

    I know everything

  76. Tandy Saggert

    And now you’ve taken to using my name. Mister, do you have a problem with your own identity?

    Is is because you feel inadequate about your own name and station in life they you seek to pretend to be someone else?

    It is either very childish or masking some deeper identity issues. Either way, there are clinical names, but to a lap person, put simply you are a loser.

  77. Tandy Saggert

    I must confess I am a lonely bitter soul who tries to make themselves feel better by making others feel bad. My narcissistic personality disorder remains untreated to this day.

  78. Bollocks


    Pop out here to country Victoria with those views and you would get a helluva lot of well-deserved biffs.

    You are a bombastic cretin! Have a happy life.

  79. Tandy Saggert

    I am a miserable and socially inept fool. I can only make myself feel better by criticizing others.

  80. Adolf Weinstein

    Dan Lewis, are you Jewish, you certainly sound like one.

    As for Tandy Saggert, he’s simply what we call a Troll.

    Anyone remember John Singleton’s involvement in drug importation? Any links to old news would be welcome.

    It’s amazing how much drug money you can launder thru whitegoods stores…

  81. Gobbler

    I’m not interested in the Golden Globes. Though I do provided Golden Gobbles.

  82. Tandy Saggert

    Please disregard the postings by someone using my name. I fear they have a range of identity issues and part of this is manifested in their use of other people’s names to make silly and rather sad comments.

    This is a good forum, lively and sometimes cutting edge. It is rather sad to find small minded and socially inept people using other names to say what they seem to afraid to utter themselves.

  83. Real

    why don’t you use your real name “Tandy” I mean fair dinkum, pull the other one.
    By the way, what is a “Lap person” you speak of?

  84. Tandy

    Mr/s Real. If that’s your first name, waht is your surname? Mardid? LOL

    A ‘lap person’ is someone who uses their laptop to discover their own flaws and faults. Everyone knows that, silly billy.

  85. Tandy Saggert

    I have told you cretins before to stop using my name. Only I, the great Tandy, can use this name. You shall all bow and kneel before me, the great Tandy, in years to come. Tandy be praised.

  86. Mr T Saggert

    Seriously, you are not funny and obviously have a range of issues, mostly I suspect are related to your relationship with your rather unfortunate mother and your right palm.

  87. Tandy Saggert

    My first sexual experience was so so much fun but my father was a little rough.

  88. Real

    Is there someplace where small minded men in menial public service jobs and without a decent looking girlfriend or wife can post stories about their inadequate lives and frustrated political views?

    I am looking for: a proper job, recognition, self worth, love, a woman who actually enjoys my company, some politcial acumen, positvist outlooks, an identity, a future and children than won’t look like me?

    Any takers?

  89. Real

    Mmmm. Says it all really.

  90. Tandy Saggert

    For your information my first sexual experience was with my uncle NOT my father.

  91. Real

    Yawn. The fake ‘tandy”, here’s a thought. Why don’t you impersonate an adult? Tough gig, I know. You’ll need to glue hair on your lower regions and talk in a deep voice. And also, you can’t make lemonade in your shorts no more. But you will get tio vote Liberal, so won’t that be a grown up treat.

  92. Anonymous

    Hey Andrew,

    Why aren’t you using your moderator’s rights? This has turned from soup to sludge. Get rid of the embarrassingly vacant Saggert!

  93. Tandy Saggert

    I require genital awakening surgery.

  94. Max Willison

    Takes one to know one hey ‘real’

  95. Max Willison

    @Max Willison:
    So you allow the comment from Jan 20, 2011, 1:45 but not ‘takes one to know one’

  96. TS

    Wanted: Single white male, middle level education, menial job, few friends, no partner, drinking problem, likes to adopt other people’s names, fixated with body functions – seeks like minded conservative narrow minded right hand for long term relationship. Apply here ….

  97. Boofa Leigh

    Dirty Donna don’t forget your 10.00am ‘mentoring’ appointment tomorrow and remember the dress code luv is ‘easy access’ to the goodies!!!

  98. Anonymous

    ANDREW! Pull the plug on airhead Saggert (AKA ‘Real’) before he takes over your commentariat entirely.

  99. Adrian Jackson

    Gerry is surrounded by young girls in the newspaper story pictures above. Who does he think he is; Berlusconi?

  100. Real

    Who do you think you are, Hermann Goering?

  101. Adrian Jackson

    Real (21 Jan 11) who is Hermann Goering? Does he work for Berlusconi?

  102. Joe Cross

    18/01/11. QLD flood disaster relief fund.
    One can’t help but wonder, just how much the rich and mega rich will donate to the QLD relief funds. My guess is that they will donate Jack Shit
    Such as Gerry Harvey or Clive Palmer, just to name two.
    It seems the richest of the rich will donate little or nothing as their greed for more and more, knows no bounds.
    What the hell do these greedy fat cats think?
    Do they actually think they can take their billions with them when they carc it.

  103. Dirty Donna

    I know the rules

  104. Boofa Leigh

    Cor good on ya Dirty Donna after that ‘mentoring’ session me old faithful mate Percy just about needs an icepack.

  105. Anon

    Boofa, don’t worry about the ice pack . The Wench can imagine that Percy is an icy pole. Never tires of icy poles.

  106. Lowrain Woeful

    Boofa Leigh, I am in such debt to you dear Boofa that I will look after you and Percy for as long as I need to .My Lowness and Woefulness is yet to be discovered by all. That is why I had to escape Casey where those silly Libs never wanted to elect me to anything.

  107. Farteater

    GREAT inside info above from The Hullster – it is ALL true ….Oh and dont forget that good old Gezza DOESNT PAY HIS SALES STAFF OVERTIME for public holidays , weekends, late night trading etc ….the guy is SO GREEDY

  108. For all him money, old Harvey will one day cark it…cant take with you, fukcing.

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