OUT OF MONEY: The Age's semi-retired homophobe Lawrence Money shuffles out on his Zimmer-frame to crudely mock gays, defend ailing paper and sacked mates

lawrencemoneyWe start the year disinterring the professional corpse of ousted Age gossip columnist Lawrence Money who while not allowed regular entrance to the expensive new left-wing newspaper’s offices still writes for the troubled journal from time to time.

Money’s real views – we discovered to our shock when he was allowed to write a little-read blog – are paleo-conservative, quietly endorsing Pauline Hanson on a variety of issues including Muslims, immigration and such. VEXNEWS reported the unpleasantness with genuine surprise as Money did his best at a Bruce Ruxton impersonation (without the military service) in his eventually shut-down “Modern Times” blog on the Age’s website. While still writing for The Age full-time, Money kept these views hidden under a rock with other reptiles.

When he’s not arguing that immigrants are “mongrels,” he believes gays should be “converted” or “cured” of their sexuality, he argued, in a piece condemned as homophobic and poisonous. He wrote:

What business is it of the gay rights people to harrass a homosexual who feels he/she wants to live a heterosexual life? If a peaceful church organisation wants to help them open the door, it’s none of the gays’ damn business.

For whatever reason, it is Lawrence’s business though. He also disputed that gays and lesbians are the victim of any discrimination these days:

LAWRENCE: Stigma? When Ellen DeGeneres came out on international TV the ratings for her show soared. Elton John has never been more popular. What stigma? I’d say that heteros bend over backwards to welcome gay people these days –but you might get the wrong idea!

What a charmer. We are not exactly the vanguard of left-wing activist journalism here but discrimination still exists proven if nothing else by Lawrence Money hate-speech.

And we mention all this because it shows that despite its left-wing pretensions, it’s clear the Age is willing to use even the most odious bigot if he’ll assist their beseiged cause.

It’s an arrangement that suits Money too – aving burned bridges at News Ltd – he remains a committed Fairfax company man and can occasionally return to the feed bowl for a few morsels.

The homophobe’s column appeared in the Age on Saturday reviewing the year in the media, occupying much of a page. Just when occasionally persecuted minorities thought they were safe, it was not to be:

Straight from the Two Ronnies this one. Browser found it over a Reuters report from an athletics meet in Oregon in July: ”Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 metres.” Brought back cherished memories of the commentary from the cricket at The Oval in 1976: ”The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey.”

The reason the lamentable column appeared though was that it attempted to spread the Aged’s line on a few issues. In between kind words for 3AW hosts and a spirited defence of Sunday Age columnist (and sacked Herald Sun editor) Bruce Guthrie (best man at conflict-of-interest Lawrence Money’s wedding), he issued a stream of corporate propaganda that it would not have been out of place on the North Korean government’s always-amusing website.

He claimed – despite all evidence to the contrary – that The Australian only re-breaks The Age’s stories. He claimed the Age ran the Australian version of the  Wikileaks story exclusively and fed it out to other Fairfax outlets and yet it is clear enough the author – ex-Labor staffer Philip Dorling – works closely with the Sydney Morning Herald’s editor Peter Fray.

With Lawrence entering his dotage and The Age’s river-of-gold classifieds dried up, the big question is: when will the money run out?



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35 responses to “OUT OF MONEY: The Age's semi-retired homophobe Lawrence Money shuffles out on his Zimmer-frame to crudely mock gays, defend ailing paper and sacked mates

  1. Methuselah

    Jeez! You’ve been attacking this bloke for years.

  2. coz

    There is no such thing as homophobia. If homosexuality is not classed as a mental illness then neither is a disgust or repugnance to it.

  3. wrong hetero

    Hey ‘cos’ – I think the various anti-discrimination statutes would find you are wrong there.
    Homophobia exists in law just like sexism and racism.
    You can be disgusted as much as gays find straight sex not to their liking.

  4. neither left nor right

    “We are not exactly the vanguard of left-wing activist journalism”

    Andy being right-wing doesn’t mean hating a person’s individual choice.

  5. Vexing Holidays

    Whilst the Beast sleeps and baths in the holiday spirit VEX missed out on reporting the Herald Sun December 26 full page article on Rapke Fraud

    Herald Sun headlines

    Split between Jeremy Rapke and Gavin Silbert deepens

    Jeremy Rapke Letter to Gavin Silbert

    Tesion grows as Rapke feud deepens

  6. rehash

    that piece by james ‘the blob’ campbell has no new details

  7. Completely Hetero

    @Wrong Hetero.

    The anti-discrimination statutes are a leftist creation and in most cases bear no relationship to reality or rationality.

  8. coz

    mm we all need to resist totalitarian ideas and ‘homophobia’ is one of them. People are entitled to their natural feelings and it is not for others to silence their dissent. Where the ‘law’ does so, clearly the ‘law’ is a tool of elites.

  9. Dettol

    @Wrong Hetero

    Homosexuality in the end is kind of pointless…

    Hetero sex may not be to the liking of gays, but at least us normal people don’t smell of shit afterwards.

    ‘Coz’ you are clearly just a tool. The vast hetero-majority cannot be ‘elites’. They are just normal. You and ‘Wrong Hetero’ aren’t. You guys, ooops sorry, I meant gays, may be protected by wacky pollies and mad laws, but many of them are weirder as you.

  10. James In Footscray

    Money’s blog does still exist, but at the National Times now:


  11. The Bible

    Buggar the Homos!

  12. Gay marriage… Homosexuals have every right to be as miserable as the rest of us.

  13. Boof Watch

    I am back from my sabaticle!

    I note that Ted has won Government in Victoria.


    I also hear that Boofa Leigh is smelling around some of the new Ministers to see if he can pick up some ‘favours’ for his current and potential ‘clients’.

    As a matter of caution, any new Coalition Minister who associates with Leigh should err on the side of caution.

    The tactics he has used in the past 9 years in his consulting ‘developments’, particularly in the Green Wedge with his Labor Party mates, has been down right disgusting.

    His lobying for the ethically dubious Wreford for pre-selection of the Modialloc seat he failed to hold has a lot of history behind it…. There is always an enormous stench left whenever Leigh is involved in anything.

    We all want Ted to be there for a very long time. Boofa is a very cheap version of Labor’s David White so *BEWARE* *DANGER* *BEWARE* *DANGER*……

    PS if you want a confirmation of Boof’s ethics give Frank Hellier in Cheltenham a call…..

  14. Wenchy

    Boofa you are bad news. I must look after my ‘reputation’. I am looking at going for the ‘Minister for Womens Affairs’ this year.

  15. Boofa Leigh

    Or gy why are people so unking to me and Percy?

  16. Dr Pumpauptit

    Wenchy your appointmentis confirmed for 10.00am on the 10th of January.

  17. Wenchy

    I will be there Dr Pumpauptit. I certainly need you to inflate my chances of ‘advancement’ in Spring Street. BTW can you do something about increasing my IQ?

  18. Dr Pumpauptit

    Ah sorry Wenchy I can not help you there, I agree you are not very bright and my colleague may be able to do full frontal labotomy on you. Mr Leigh said you are very eager for ‘full frontal’ action!

  19. Bollocks

    Wenchy, Boofa Leigh and Dr Pumpauptit, there is obviously a hilarious in-joke happening here that YOU understand but noone else does. Please either explain the huge joke or get Andrew to install an intranet so you can laugh your heads off privately.

  20. Boof Watch

    Dear Ms Bollocks,

    You need to get out more darling!

    Boofa Leigh and Wenchy are ‘doyans’ of the Liberal Party who make many in the LP shake their heads in disgust.

    The morales, ethics and credibility of this ‘dynamic duo’ are legendary.

    While the divorced and simple minded Wench flashs her medically modified body parts to get her into places of high office, the married Boof (an ex and un-successful member of Parliament) has been caught out throwing his leg over madam while helping her to be pre-selected for the marginal seat of Mordialloc.

    Although upsetting many of the local Liberals, the Wench is now an MP!

    The ‘joke’ (BTW this is no joke as this person is now an MP!) is that Boofa’s ‘usefulness’ has now evapourated and the Wench is now looking for her next victim(s).

    PS the good thing about VEXNEWS is this type of thing can be put out for all and sundry to know about (good on you Andrew L :-)).

    In the past this type of thing has just been swept under the carpet and life went on while scumbags like the Wench and Boofa got away with reprehensible conduct to the detrement of decent people.

  21. Professor Maku Dong Long

    Bullocks you did mention me.
    Are you embarrassed as you are one of my ‘little’ patients?

  22. Bollocks

    Ah now I understand the Wenchy, Boofa Leigh and Dr Pumpauptit story. Thank you Ms Boof Watch.

  23. House of Sleaze

    Is there a House of Sleaze watch?

  24. Lorraine

    Having to explain the joke always spoils it. My solicitor, to whom I emailed the address of this blog, doesn’t have a sense of humour. She said she knows a lady who gave you a torrid time in Sunshine.

    What to do?

  25. Dirty Donna

    Boofa is now my gallant mentor and he is telling me what an MP actual does, it is really an eye opener for me all I have to do for Boofa is to keep the legs opened.I thought MPs met in the Kingston Chamber oh silly me they meet in that funny old building in Spring Street

  26. Julian IsStrange

    Dear Lorraine,

    No one, I repeat no one will stop DickyLeaks form releasing pertanent information on the election of their public officials. If you don’t like the heat darling I suggest you get out of the kitchen….

  27. Wenchy

    Oh Boofa and ‘Percy’ we are in a fine mess now, maybe I should have stuck to being a hospital bed pan cleaner.

  28. Julian IsStrange

    Exactly Wenchy. Get back to your true calling. DickyLeaks rules!

  29. Wenchy

    I fear I’ll have a lifetime of shame and regret from 20 seconds of disappointing so called ‘action’.

  30. Boof Watch

    Hey Wench,

    You should have thought about that before you hung out your ‘open for business’ sign in Mordialloc.

  31. Boofa

    Why are people so unkind to me? I am just a simple fella trying to get a leg over and keep my old pal ‘Percy’ entertained.

  32. Manice Junt

    Face it Boofa. You always were and always wil be a c*nt. Your huffing and puffing does not fool me. You are simply a soft c*ck – except when you are with the Wench of course….

  33. Wenchy

    I can tell you Manice it is too often ‘soft’ and disappointing.

  34. Ode to Boofa

    My Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling
    When I was a little biddy boy
    My mamma showed me me a cute little toy called Percy
    Two little balls behind a little knob
    She told me it was my ding-a-ling-a-ling
    My Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling won’t you play with My Ding-A-Ling
    My Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling won’t you play with My Ding-A-Ling
    When I was little boy in Mentone Grammar School
    Always went by the very best rule
    But Evertime the bell would ring
    You’d catch me playing with my ding-a-ling
    Once while climbing the garden wall,
    Slipped and fell had a very bad fall
    I fell so hard I heard birds sing,
    But I held on to My ding-a-ling
    Once while swimming cross Mordialloc Creek
    Man them snappers right at my feet
    Sure was hard swimming cross that thing with both hands holding my dingaling
    Now this here song it ain’t so bad
    Prettiest little song that you ever had
    And those of you who will not sing
    must be playing with your on Ding-a-ling

  35. Boofa Leigh

    Such a nice ditty. Percy is blushing with embarrassment and Mrs Palm and her 5 daughters is comforting him righ now.

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