THE FOREIGN MINISTER: Rudd causes offence wherever he goes as the nation’s undiplomatic minister for diplomacy

The Fin Review’s well-briefed Tony Walker made an excoriating full-frontal attack today on Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. He acted appallingly on a recent trip to the Middle East, poking sticks into multiple beehives, and is a nuisance the federal government doesn’t need. If an election was held today, federal Labor would lose, and while that might turn-around, it seems inevitable, regardless of the next election result, that Rudd won’t be staying on as Foreign Minister. Some think he’s positioning for a senior role at the United Nations, where if he shows the same diplomatic skills described by Walker, we can be sure he’d be able to turn small border disputes into fully-fledged wars.




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11 responses to “THE FOREIGN MINISTER: Rudd causes offence wherever he goes as the nation’s undiplomatic minister for diplomacy

  1. Bill Calvin

    Lets face it, the guy is a social misfit and a douche with the personality of a house brick. He got knifed by his “mates” and instead of retiring from public life to sit at home with a well developed case of relevance deprivation syndrome like any good ex PM should, he continues to hang around like a bad fart. If they didn’t need his number in the House of Reps, they would have fucked him off months ago.

  2. walker stop talking

    Rudd makes dopey Gillard look good
    see Gillard hasnt got a clue how to govern or to have any depth in foreign policy know how
    we are so sick of the articles that head kick Krudd
    he K Rudd is far better at diplomacy than the ruthless man eater Gillard
    australai needs Krudd we dont need insensitive gillard the way she behaved about the boat people tragedy her crude insensitivity here made many caring australians cringe
    so this article is just trashing Krudd – not good enough because it lacks any spirit of goodwill to K Rudd who has to put up with ball breaker Gillard

  3. theox905

    Do you think Therese Rein realises she is married to an utter cock?

  4. lizard322

    That Rudd’s plastic and deplorable personality type can make it’s way through to the top of Australian politics (and the Labour Party) is perhaps what is really frightening. Subsequently Labour, and unfortunately the country have got a situation partly of our own making in allowing this to happen. Rudd’s flaws were visible from the start to even half-discerning watchers but the media and his own publicity machine bulldozed through and created an alternative public persona, for a while. Ultimately though, we are who we are and even Rudd could not save himself from himself. Currently the public have front row seats to a train wreck unfolding in slow motion – lets see what damage is left in it’s wake!

  5. dovif

    and what do you think of Latham? Because the ALP is made up of 95% trade unionist and ex-party hacks, they have almost no life experience.

    They can only rely on union thugerry to deal with things. They do not have any idea to run a business, manage the budget (BER, Insulation, Green loans), how to negotiate without getting fleeced (mining tax), or how to deliver good policies (mining tax)

  6. Zoran Kidney

    That Kev – he one whacky dude

  7. Diana Barry

    Why do we get such horrible people at the top of political parties and at the top of many other of our important businesses and institutions(George Pell)?
    Is it something to do with the workings of these institutions and maybe the education systems in this country?
    Is it the ethical vacuum created by many people loosing faith in religion?(I’m not suggesting that is a bad thing).
    Whatever it is we need to do something about it!!

  8. Fifi

    Walkers article is full of holes and crap. Just repeats lines he have seen written in other articles which if he checked the facts he would have found them not to be correct. An objective article written bt someone with an obvious dislike of Rudd. Why doesnt walker quote the names of his so called sources. My anon sources say walker is a teller of untruths and a douche.

  9. homer

    didn’t greg sheridan make these exact points about rudd’s mid-east bungles – the exact ones mentioned here – only a week earlier?

  10. Simon

    Rudds actually just a peronality disorder with a dick. I’m amazed Gillard hasn’t just offered him some sort of mandatory convalescence for his obvious stress and sleep deprivation. The fact that she hasn’t tells volumes about how poor a player she is and how luckless our country is at the moment to have at least two complete no hopers elevated to top jobs.

  11. Simon

    Oops “personality” sorry.

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