GROUPIES STRIKE BACK: AFL players on notice after young woman reclaims her pride

banned The fools in the AFL playing fraternity who – like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange – pray on young women who bestow affection on them for no sensible reason are on notice. If you act like a creepy sexual predator ready to exploit young women, you could pay a high and embarrassing price even if there are no legal consequences from your actions.

While we’ve decided for now not to publish the photographs now in wide circulation of the well-paid professional athlete role models who allowed themselves to be photographed naked, we see no legal or ethical reason not to do so. We haven’t seen the Federal Court order apparently made against Facebook and the the feisty young woman who styles as [now suppressed by the Federal Court] (apparently not her real name) but we doubt there’ll be an ongoing or certainly effective legal restriction on publishing her pictures. She has twenty-one in total, she says obtained from a variety of sources.

And it’s worth considering what happened with this teenage girl before accepting many journalists’ disparagement of her from talking points given by St Kilda officials. So powerful are they that they have even strong-armed the press into not identifying her so that people can hear her views or her voice despite her determination to be heard. She’s no longer publishing the pictures but she is speaking out and even answering questions on Formspring and Twitter. She wants to be heard and her story initially was a pretty sad one.

From what we know, she was and remains a Saints fan. A pretty heart-broken one about now.

And at age sixteen, while a high school student in Frankston, she met St Kilda players at a community function.

She eventually slept with two St Kilda players, both quite a bit older than her. The players say she misled them about her age. It seems they were not careful to check.

When she became pregnant, she received little support just disparagement in the mainstream media so addicted to news hand-outs from football clubs they often let their players off pretty lightly.

At that point, the players, the Club she loved didn’t want to know her.

And her reaction at that point, while probably not ideal, was driven by an entirely understandable sense of hurt and betrayal.

This must have been compounded when the pregnancy didn’t work out after medical complications.

Rather than offer support and love and compassion, the young woman was frozen out, treated as a menace by the young men she idolised. Ranks were closed. Her name wasn’t published but came to be well-known.

Now she’s apparently moving to Queensland hoping for a new life.

The players, the clubs, the AFL itself need to make some tough decisions about how it deals with the “groupie” phenomenon that exists around them.

Many of the players think it’s a perk of the job that they get young women throwing themselves at their feet.

The smart ones know the risks.

In the US, athletes and their odious entourages routinely carry around video cameras to record young “groupies” giving consent before they enter the penthouse suite.

It’s all pretty off. It’s a culture unfamiliar to even the most ardent footy fans. It’s football’s dirty, dark secret.

AFL footballers are professional athletes, they’re paid a lot of money to be more than that though. They are paid to be role models, to act in a way that sets an example for people of the same age. They are paid to represent something much bigger than themselves, a Club, many of them like Essendon with more than a hundred years of history, Premierships, shared sacrifice and the devotion of hundreds of thousands of supporters across the nation. When an Essendon fan walks on the hallowed turf of Windy Hill, even though they haven’t played football there for twenty years, even though it soon won’t even be where the players train, they know they walk among the memories and passion of the greatest club in the land. They know it’s a special place. I feel the same awe walking around there as I’ve felt in cathedrals in Europe and walking through the old city of Jerusalem. Sick, I know.

The players hear it all the time. How special they are. How lucky they are. How important the traditions and the supporters are. We accept it’s a huge burden for some young kids who confront the massive temptation of easy money, easy lays and countless people who’ll through free drinks and drugs at them if they want.

But it’s a burden for which they have signed up and received a lot of money and support in return. It’s an honour to play for their Club, even those other than Essendon. Honour. It’s written on the walls of so many Club rooms. We wonder how many around the Clubs – not just the players – take it in.

In her radio interviews, she sounds feisty, in control and aggressive but we wonder what fragility and sadness she’s masking. We hope there are good people caring for her and supporting her as there are the St Kilda players who’ve made jackasses of themselves.

It might have best if the young lady had been treated with a little more human decency and honour from the get-go.

What goes around comes around.



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177 responses to “GROUPIES STRIKE BACK: AFL players on notice after young woman reclaims her pride

  1. Sotherby

    I wish you would publish those photos of me and Sophie Mirrabella and a bowl of yoghurt. They are top class.

  2. BillfromBendigo

    Hear bloody hear! These footy knuckleheads ought to be told that they are not “role models” they are like clowns in a circus, paid to entertain the public on a Saurday arvo in the big top. If there was a brain among them it would be lonely! Overpaid, oversexed and over-rated!

  3. Anonymous

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned much in the media this morning; the person at the center of this is a child.

    Age of consent be damned! This club supported a man (an adult)who slept with a child. It’s all rather disgusting.

  4. DERS

    shes a slut ..who wrote this disgusting piece. this sluts should burn in hell. women have too many rights in australia

  5. Syphologist

    Yoghurt? Sophie still suffering from thrush?

  6. sooty

    Ross Lyon defiantly stating that it hasn’t hurt St Kilda just underlines VEX’s message … the closing of ranks is still a big problem.

    DERS, where may I find more of your erudite observations of current affairs?

  7. stupidyoung girlz.

    old enough to feed.old enough to bleed. Does anybody want to own up to giving birth to this mess or was she bought up in a zoo. mum and dad must be so proud. Great job loosers.

  8. St Kilda FC

    It’s no longer the ‘Saints’, they are now called the ‘Rapers’.

  9. anon

    Christ! Sophie could fit gallons of yoghurt up there, you would have to pump it up there with a high capecity yabby pump.

  10. Letsnotforgetshewas16

    I am disgraced that so many are calling a girl who at the time was 16, a child.

    Idols, role models whatever you call them they are GROWN men who are taking advantages of young girls.

    The hurt this girl must be feeling.

    I still cannot believe how society really hasn’t changed. Lets blame the young girl, after all they are football stars who apparently are GOD and not held accountable to anything.

    If that was any other adult having sex with a 16 year old we would all be outraged.
    Sick just sick

  11. Chris.LePyne

    Please Please PLEASE show the photos, I really REALLY love looking at man meat of a morning.

  12. Craig.L.

    Chris LePyne – you and me both.

  13. McPerton

    My dear Fatty, the dearest of all dear Fatties. I do hope that those photos of you and me, with me wearing nothing but my barrister’s wig and you with only your blackberry to cover up your private parts never come to see the light of day.
    I better check with Honeypot to make sure that they were deleted.

  14. Ronnie

    I didn’t realise Vexnews was an expert on what happened to the girl originally. Given a briefing by police were you?

    If you have been briefed by the police you’d know the players involved were cleared of anything illegal. This doesn’t necessarily validate the ethics of their actions of course, but it’s an important point. Have you considered it might have been a case of entrapment? There are always two sides to every story…

    And individuals who had nothing to do with the case have every right to be seriously upset about naked photos being publicly distributed.

    Mucking about naked for the camera on a footy trip may be a bit dumb but it’s hardly worthy of the confected outrage here.

    You’re off the mark.

  15. Fatty Doyle

    Victor my dear old pal, that is why I have always needed the ‘large’ Blackberry 9000 and why EPC always has got that ‘satisfied’ grin.

  16. Nick Reece for Broadmeadows

    Nick Reece for Broady!!! He deserves a seat for his hard work and loyalty to the party for all these years. Go Nick. A very deserving candidate. He is owed a safe seat.

  17. Adrian Jackson

    St Kilda FC should really change their name as they are an embarrassment to the residents of the City of Port Phillip which includes St Kilda suburb (no longer a city in it own right).

    Further the football club is no longer based in St Kilda (Junction Oval) so it really does not have any link to the area except maybe between some players and street prostitutes and local strays or victims like this young lady in the article.

  18. Sotherby

    @Sotherby: Wendy how about the one of you being driven round the forest like a wheelbarrow with Bob proping you up, you dirty mole

  19. Boofa Leigh

    Hey they aren’t pictures…..these are pictures…..:-)

    Watcha reckon Wenchy?

  20. steve

    hold on, is’nt sex with a minor illegal ?, or is it ok if you are in the AFL, then you can do drugs up too 3 times too, without any recompence, even during competition, and then announce it in a doco and then leave the sport being celebrated as a hero, what a travesty

  21. Dean

    For the first time in my life I actually find myself agreeing with you Andy. I do hope that she has support around her.

  22. waiting...

    Are you going to apologise? Riewoldt didn’t pose nude. “The players say she misled them about her age. It seems they were not careful to check”. Who asks for a drivers license? The players were stupid, but please who actually checks high school year books? If you’re going to write about the issue you should have done so much better. The issue deserves it. As for “women have too many rights in australia” – what the hell does that mean DERS. Get back under your rock.

  23. MissA

    I’m tired of everyone putting these jokers on a pedestal. Why is everyone calling her a slut? I see no nude photos of her holding her bits like a monkey. Maybe Australians should start putting the brains of this country before the braun. So they can kick a ball? They can’t cure cancer. The majority of them can’t even string a sentence together. She was chewed up and spit out like most of the women who associate with these men.

  24. Bleeter

    Walking up to the line of calling Assange a paedophile rapist in the opening paragraph and closing with a request for some human decency seems more than just a little bit of fail.

  25. andy bult

    I think big Andrew might have to wear some of the blame here for his earlier handling of her pregnancy. Revenge is best served cold.
    And how the hell did Nick Reece get in here. Hope he stuffs up Broady like he did the party.

  26. Age of consent

    The legal age for consensual sex varies across Australian state and territory jurisdictions (see Table 1). The age of consent is 16 years of age in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria and Western Australia. In Tasmania and South Australia the age of consent is 17 years of age. Queensland is the only state that makes a distinction between different forms of sexual activity and the age of consent. In Queensland, the age of consent for anal sex (referred to as sodomy in legislation) is 18 years of age, while the age of consent for all other sexual behaviour (described as carnal knowledge) is 16 years of age.

  27. HAHAHA Law is a JOKE!

    At 17 and 364 days this person is a “girl” but 1 day later she is a “woman”.

    What happens during that 1 day of life that’s so momentous?

    Ahhh the law, really is an ass.

  28. Skank

    Where are her photos of Beams & Anthony? Did the Pies buy her out?

  29. DTM

    I have to say that I read Vex News for a laugh more than anything else. However, this is one of the few times that someone has publically said what the wider media needs to be saying. That the ‘Never-never Land’ that these boys believe they live in doesn’t exist and they will have to grow up and realise that the rules that apply to everyone else apply equally to them.
    You cant treat this groupies like a comodity and if you do it will eventually come back to haunt you. I’m sorry Nick et al but that’s the way it works.

  30. Boofa Leigh

    I have to admit Nic’s todger does put tiny to shame…

  31. Eric

    I am always amused about the claim that footballers have responsibilities as role models. I can’t see why they should be or what advantage the community gets from wanting to behave as such. They’re hired to win football games.

    Anyway, to be fair to Joel Monaghan you should publish the photos. What’s good for one code is surely good for another.

  32. sam

    yes poor lamb – asked on nov 21st on yahoo questions if someone would write her a book about her ‘story’ for $250

    a police officer is currently under investigation by internal affairs for allegedly sleeping with her.

    her twitter acct inc such gems as ‘i can’t make the pic my profile pic, you have to add me’ and requesting ruby rose contact her to discuss.

    yes she’s a real ‘victim’ here *rolleyes* – have a look at her formspring acct, she sure as the day is long doesn’t appear to be 17, she was in a nightclub when they allegedly all met – at that point it would be fair to assume on the players behalf she was of legal age as she had to pass security on the way in.

    she claims to have 21 photos (by her twitter acct) – yes she’s a real little victim here.

    i will not abide by illegal actions like rape but my goodness it’s hard to believe someone when they do things like the above.

  33. sam

    forgot to add this little gem

    she’s tried to sell the pics
    she’s handed them out in public
    was not present when they were taken and alleged they are sourced from a players computer (theft much?)

    still think she’s so innocent?

  34. Woman's point of view

    As for Nick Reece, he only joined the party in more recent times and had a fairly good gig working in the premier’s office as well as a relatively smooth ride to his current position.

    As for this girl groupie (Andrew, calling her a young lady is a bit of a stretch as a young lady would not have sex with multiple players let alone one unless she was in a relationship with him), she has to take some responsibility for her own actions just as the players do. At 16, many girls do have a pretty good handle on their sexuality and their impact on men and often use it for all it is worth.

    I haven’t heard any mention that Nick Riewolt was involved in any sexual activities so targeting him is just plain stupid and unfair.

    I really don’t know why the club had to be involved in the first place – she had sex with individual players she met through the club. Saying that the club must have done more is like saying that the ALP should take responsibility for any child born out of a brief sexual encounter with an advisor or MP.

    Andrew, I do agree with your view about Essendon Football Club!


  35. The Truth Lives

    David Elliott in Baulkham Hills must also know that young blondes from the hotel industry also like to talk…

  36. Woman's point of view

    McPerton, who is honeypot??? You know you have a small little weeny don’t you? You certainly don’t need a blackberry to cover it, just a little Nokia would do the trick.

  37. Female Anonymous

    DikiLeaks is getting better and better – add to her collection now a cop who allegedly investigated her a bit too closely 🙂

  38. Have a red with Ted


  39. OMG OF WA

    To all the blind freaks who are calling this “poor little darling”, “innocent” and blaming the players! Look at the facts – She goes to the club function, she says she is 19, she goes outside to the toilet block and roots 1, then goes back, picks up another player and they go back to his place and she roots again. She then goes back again to try and get another when she gets thrown out. It is not an offence to have sex with a girl who is 16, so even if they knew she was that age (and they didn’t) then what is the offence? 2 consensual people can have sex. This story is exactly what it is. A slut (and they hang around the clubs all the time) wants to root an AFL player or 2 or 3 or 4 but gets knocked back. So she seeks revenge and posts a whole pile of crap. You would HAVE to be an absolute and complete moron to not see this girl defines the word WHORE!

  40. kitkatter

    @Woman’s point of view:

    Hear hear!

    And Vexnews… “Now she’s apparently moving to Queensland hoping for a new life. ”

    She’s not doing so well on that ‘new life’ bit is she…I think she’s drawn the attention to herself this time around at least!

  41. REVENGE!

    ANYONE who knows and hangs with the players at the Saints know little “Miss Bella” very well. You know when your at the bar and one of your mates says, “Oh Shit, here she comes!” That is when you straight away think, what is our exit strategy. To quote her in July this year at 362, with 6 of us at 1 table, “So you boys here to dance or to fuck?” This bird is dilluded, she can’t take no for an answer and she still tries to convince everyone she is 19 when she is not. After **** and **** bagged her the last time and she demanded the club pay up because she fell pregnant, everyone is well aware of who and what she is. You think you know it all about being an AFL player? You have no idea. These types of “girls” are everywhere, every night. I have seen girls with notebooks! No bullshit, notebooks with team lists in them with ticks and comments next to each name. Hey if they are willing participants then all well and good, as long as players are single and not committed then why can’t they have a fun night. But as usual, when they get bitten they cry “poor me, poor me” or worse “rape” and the word consent gets thrown back in the face of the guy.

  42. OMG

    Now she is rooting the cops who she has complained to regarding the Saints players!!!!!

    If a 16/17 year old can have it come to light she has had sex with at least 4 people over the past 18 months, then HOW many guys have actually ridden this bike????

  43. Adrian Jackson


  44. gemboy

    Interesting to see the double standards at play now that a male has had his privacy violated.

    “women have too many rights in australia – what the hell does that mean DERS. Get back under your rock.” – What DERS was probably getting at was the fact that the victim of this privacy violation(being a male) isn’t entitled to the same level of outrage and legal support as a woman who had suffered the same indignity.

    I’m tired of people who play the victim card to absolve themselves and others of the consequences of own actions. This “girl” has clearly stated she is violating this persons privacy because she wants revenge. It is her who has broken the law. No, footballers cannot cure cancer. But unlike you, they don’t need to throw mud & slander others to get their point across.

  45. greg

    this attention seeking whore got what she deserved shes the semen her mum should of swallowed. If you ask me shes takeing advantage of the footballers I have no doubt she knew exactly what she was doing when she pretended she was older then she really was

  46. Female Anonymous

    She is making it hard for legitimate victims to have credibility, that’s the sad thing!
    She had a little bit of sympathy from me this morning, but after hearing her lie and still carry on unrepentent all day, I think she is asking for trouble!

  47. Deserved empathy shortage all around.

    I wouldn’t be to sympathetic to her because of her age. Her peers will mostly think she is trash. Not much sympathy from her age group. Most young people have a strong feeling of fairness and she’s treading on toes. She at first tried to sell the photos. Now she is damaging uninvolved people by releasing them. A very disturbed young woman.

  48. Female Anonymous

    Sympathetic, as in she had the club, their lawyers, police allegedy all ready to look after the players, but her to look cheap and nasty. When we both know it takes two to tango. But continuing to act like a ho she makes it hard to support her

  49. Harry the B

    Hi Greg. What a dickhead you are. If ever there was an argument for back-dated sterilizations – you’re it.

    Hope this helps.
    H the B

  50. get off the grass

    this is real piece of work, she has very seductive pics of herself on her own facebook ,she lies and lies and lies, and also steals, is very cunning and now wants revenge because her infatuations were rebuffed, what did Reiwoldt have to do with her being rejected? wtf is that about, how about his family, this girls family, so many people she has hurt, all who are the innocents of her obsessions, she has a lot of heartaches ahead to get over in life, still to come, but if this is how she handles it, life has got her already

  51. Rudi

    So now she is trash: to be disposed of, to be dumped. Before she was not trash: she was someone to have sex with.

    I hope she reveals all the photos and we stop thinking of the footballers as gods. They are the trash.

  52. Another woman

    “If a 16/17 year old can have it come to light she has had sex with at least 4 people over the past 18 months, then HOW many guys have actually ridden this bike????”

    How many girls do you reckon the average footballer has had sex with over the past 18 months?


  53. Deserved empathy shortage all around.

    It’s not the having the sex with foot-ballers or anyone else that makes her trash or we would all be garbage. It’s her fouling up other people’s lives in her quest for publicity and exposure – and man, theres been some exposure. No one has suggested that this poor little ducking was in anyway a victim. She was the predator.

    Sad thing was that she will no doubt benefit in someway from it either by publicity or financially.

    You would think that in 2010, young women would aim for something higher than been known as a easy F**k! Not heading being seen as anything inspirational is she? Perhaps though she will now decide to be an eco-warrior and join the Greens.

  54. get off the grass
    own videos she has uploaded \ geeee, poor hard done by little 17yo ?? think not

  55. get off the grass

    several videos done, she is calling it ‘the show’ pffftttt what a show pony, that’s all she is about, and doesn’t care who she drags down for her own media circus she’s succeeded in starting

  56. Lord Snowden

    Sport forums say nick is a happy boy which, if true, might explain the weird pic.

  57. Woman's point of view

    There are no double standards here. It seems that she made it clear she wanted sex with as many football players as she could get and told them she was of age. Why should they refuse? Whilst I wouldn’t call them gentlemen, she is no lady either. I don’t respect any of them but it should have stopped there but she kept it going and this is where she deserves all the condemnation she gets irrespective of agenda – we are talking about her conduct.

    The trashy part is her behaviour after she didn’t get her own way. She is very much the whore because she wanted payment when she didn’t get her own way and she is taking out innocent footy players to get as much as mileage as she can.

    I hope someone films her doing something she doesn’t want made public and publishes it anyway – with stupid people like her they can only learn the hard way.

  58. Woman's point of view

    Sorry, meant to say gender, not agenda.

  59. Frank Zappa

    It crawled into my hand, honest!

  60. Anonymous

    Finally a bit of decency. Good for you Andrew.

  61. McPerton

    I do hope that Ollie does not see those photos, my dear Rt Hon Fatty Doyle.

  62. LeftRightOut

    I don’t have much sympathy for this girl. As described above, she was the preditor, not the prey.

  63. Why do Footie Stars have such small dicks

    A storm in a teacup about a couple of cocktail franks!

    I had to dig out my magnifying glass to glimpse the small offering of man meat on show.

    Nick and the boys are buggared (oops, silly choice of words)because they have now joined the Andrew Ettingshausen ‘tiny dicks’ Hall of Fame. If I was Nick, I’d be too embarrassed to take the field again. He has zero street cred. From now on he is just a tawdry little prick.

  64. RDR

    Has anyone got the young ladies mobile, I’ll go seconds.

  65. Nude photos of can now be found on Twitter! Says it all.

  66. Andrew,

    What a piece of crap that you wrote. Get real and get a life. How do you get a job writing such insane comments.

    Firstly, footballers are just paid for playing footy like any other profession.
    If a whore bag tells you that she is 19, then she is 19. She he have asked her to go home first to get her passport before she sucked on his crank?
    She lies, she cheats, she steals but blame it on the ol footy player again and again. These are mostly just kids as well.

    and only is to blame for this whole mess but you can bet that she will be receiving a lot of fat pay cheques over the next few months.

  67. another chick

    I would like to share my opinion on a few things here – 1st, I do not believe that the majority of sport stars (AFL or otherwise) believe they are Gods. I think it is the public that place them on these pedestals and then for whatever reason (perhaps tall poppy syndrome) get great satisfaction from seeing them falter.
    2nd This female, admits to lying about her age, having sex with multiple AFL players, then apparently falls pregnant only to lose the baby due to complications (which if true is sad). But why I ask you does that constitute being used and abused by the AFL clubs? She choose to go down this path, how many people out there would have sympathies or wish to bend over backwards for somebody who behaves this way in “normal” life? Would you know who the father is if this is her everyday behaviour? If she wanted respect she shouldn’t have slept with so many players – if it’s handed to you on a platter (and appears above board) why refuse? She is not a child and now must reap what she has sown.I actually feel sorry for Nick R in all of this – he seems to be the real victim here. At the end of the day this will pass for those boys but she shall always as a groupy slut who has done what she did for her 5 minutes fame. She doesn’t seem to care though by the way she is milking this for it’s worth. Very sad indeed. Boy I bet her parents are proud!!

  68. anon

    I read a report that said the young woman got pregnant to a policeman who has subsequently been stood down – and yes she lost the baby.

  69. anon

    No sorry – here’s the report.

    She did have sex with a police officer but he may not have been the father. Withdraw my previous comment.

  70. another chick

    “The fools in the AFL playing fraternity who – like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange – pray on young women who bestow affection on them for no sensible reason are on notice. If you act like a creepy sexual predator ready to exploit young women, you could pay a high and embarrassing price even if there are no legal consequences from your actions.”

    Well for starters Andrew Landeryou I believe the term is innocent until proven guilty in relation to Assange.
    You appear to be taking the opportunity to get pretty creative with your descriptions here. ”
    a creepy sexual predator” ??!! Are you serious? How is the behaviour of any of these AFL anything like that? They are not seedy old men sitting in a bar waiting to pounce on unsuspecting virgins away from mummy and daddy on their 1st night out. This girl was the predator. This girl and others like her play the groupie scene and knowingly approach players with the express intent of having sex. Nice young girls don’t behave like this. Victims don’t behave like this. Sure there may be many nice young girls out there who have fallen for a player only to have her heart broken but you know what, that’s life and it happens to everybody, male or female. There are also unfortunately some girls who are indeed victims of rape by sport stars. But that is not what happened here and we all know it. What is sad, is she aided by your good self, by writing this sensationalist garbage hurt the credibility of real victims. Your catch cry for this site is “let freedom ring” yes by all means let it ring, but don’t abuse it please.

  71. think about it

    What kind of man stores naked pictures of other men on his computer anyway?
    What would Akker say?

  72. The Player

    I have seen the photos Riewoldt is only upset the world knows he waxes his balls.

    Clearly the photo with Dawson is staged you only have to look at the look on his face.

  73. tell the truth

    This is the same girl who claimed she worked for the AIS and flew to SYDNEY to be with those players.

    She played with fire and got burnt

    Time to grow up

  74. Give Me A Break

    What is it that the AFL and St Kilda didn’t do? If they didn’t do ‘something’, how does this justify her conduct?

  75. OMG

    Gilbo doesn’t keep naked shots of other men on his PC. ALL of these 21 shots were taken last year at the same hotel. Not all of them were nude shots (only 5 showed genitalia) and over the weekend he took over 300 shots with that camera at dinners with family, in the club and with friends. All shots were deleted. 3 months later, Gilbo was asked by a rellie to forward a family shot he took from a dinner that week. As he had deleted the shots, he did a recovery on his SD card (which recovers all shots not overwritten) and sent it through to mum. A few days later she got hold of Gilbos laptop (as she attended the party with another Saint) and uploaded the images to her phone.

    She was not even looking for pics, she was trying to find an email that was sent to her by a few of the players that Gilbo had been CC’d into. They were ripping into her telling her to steer clear of the club because she was a nutter (bear in mind players still believed she was 19 at this stage) and that they had had enough of her stalking behaviour.

    This girl is amazing. I have never seen anything like it. She has slept with 6 of the boys (over a year now) and still crashes all the Saints functions. She wears wigs, she disguises herself just to sneak in because the door guys are onto her. She even smashed a toilet window a function last year and climbed in because she couldn’t get through the door.

    Know the truth and try to ignore her because she has real issues. I know she has had a rotten childhood with her father, but that is no excuse at all for her behaviour. Sorry.

  76. OMG

    By the way. The guys she has slept with are all single men from 18 to 26. All believed her to be 19 (this is what she claimed). When she entered clubs with the boys she had ID saying she was that age.

    These guys can’t be condemned because they entered into consensual sex with a more than willing participant. Nor should she for that matter. The issue here is the fact that she is obsessive and could not take no for an answer. She has her heart set on revenge and it is very clear she will now stop at nothing to get to that point. Believe me, you think she has lied so far….. you aint seen nothin yet!

  77. mark

    apparently she has similar photos of players from other teams and is willing to release them as well. Hmmmm, says a lot about her character (and her motives) ? Do I hear New Idea, Womans Day….beating a bee line to her door

  78. Steve

    This article is pretty fail, created soley to indent your need to go “against the grain”. There is nothing informative or coherently intelligent in this drivel. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

  79. not so free speech

    to stupid young girls @ 10.49
    i am all for free speech but that shit you wrote could incite violence against women. think before your write. tipping you spend alot of time alone with your computer.

  80. get off the grass

    now she claims Ricky Nixon has also acted ‘inappropriately’ towards her, so, that’s a cop, the players, now the manager,all being accused …..this dejected stalker needs to be certified with OCD among other unfavourable attributes, seems anyone who doesn’t do as she demands, is going to be the subject of further allegations from , for rejecting this houn-dog, ……..get her out of the media, job done

  81. Concerned


    Anyone who downloads or shares such photos can be charged with child pornography.

  82. RDR

    Has she a younger sister as I’m only too pleased to ‘drive’ her to her home.

  83. barking toad

    I too wish that the pics were displayed – or at least a link

    Some media reports stated that there were more explicit ones than the one of nicole

    That must mean tumesence!

  84. Adrian Jackson

    THe AFL should be required to nominate this young lady as “Young Australian of the Year”

  85. k of the bronx

    fevola did the same thing to bingle, and even thou she was trying to cover herself it was ok.
    now some loser from the afl ‘strikes a pose holding it up for all to see’ but releasing THAT is not ok…federal court order…your a slut…ride her home blah blah
    THERE IS YOUR DOUBLE STANDARD – right there ppl. its disgusting

  86. anon

    Gilbert obviously likes receiving it ‘up the back passage’.

  87. Adrian Jackson

    anon (22 Dec 10, 19:40) perhaps but what would you do with a nude photo of a male mate? Only two things either look at it or show it to/send it to someone else. All suspect behavior if the person photographed was not a willing adult participant. Perhaps Gilbert is the one that need medical help

  88. There is something oddly wrong operating inside the Sexual Crimes Squad, at Victoria Police. Hopefully the Victoria Police have now found their most elusive mole who has been leaking sensitive investigation files to the media in Melbourne for many many years. It’s hard to imagine that after so many recent police suspension, sackings, charges of senior level police that the ESD and OPI have not finally caught him or her. Justice is not served by leaking details of police investigations to the media before that investigation is completed by lawful methods.

  89. Julian

    Steve’s ignorant Andy. This article is the best thing I’ve read on the subject. It’s sad to see how many awesome young birds are hurt and destroyed by idiot simians with testicals attached. Birds that end up with better men, eventually, but have to survive on antidepressents becuase they can’t handle the fact they were taken advantage of. I hope this girl gets her revenge, and destroys the entire SKFC.

  90. another chick

    @Steve: ahh Steve, somebody else who agrees with me – I posted pretty much the same thing last night but my comment is awaiting moderation. Guess they can dish it out but have trouble being on the recieving end….

  91. Woman's point of view

    Nick R and all sportspeople wax their nether region as well as other parts of their body. It minimises friction and “catching”.

    She needs help yet deserves condemnation and humiliation.

  92. Bollocks

    @woman’s point of view seems to know far to much about waxing, nether regions and friction.

    The emerging problem is that star footballers seem to be fixated by their cocktail franks, and their mates have an unhealthy interest in small knobs.

    There is a strong argument for castrating them all.

    Then we could just watch the footie!

  93. Media at fault as they did not need to publish any of this story, in fact by their own admission they have known about these photographs for over a month or longer. AFL players affected should have sought a court order to prevent publication, 3 weeks ago! was when the sports’ agent and these AFL stars should have walked into the Federal Court and asked for the injunction then, not now when its too late.

  94. This is just terribly sad case of adults in the media who are professionals at harassing anyone they like. Read this, the media call it ‘Turning the Tables on the Nude Avenger’

    The players admit their sports agent warned them at least 3 weeks ago and in my opinion the ‘usual suspects in the media’ drove this issue – it was newsworthy only when the images were published online.

  95. This is just terribly sad case of adults in the media who are professionals at harassing anyone they like. Read this, the media call it ‘Turning the Tables on the Nude Avenger’

    The players admit their sports agent warned them at least 3 weeks ago and in my opinion the ‘usual suspects in the media’ drove this issue – it was newsworthy only when the images were published online.

  96. anon

    I really hope and pray that Sam Gilbert takes his own life as he nothing more than worthless scum. And as for Ricky Nixon he is nothing more than a pisspot drink driving has been.

  97. Jefferson

    At least Sophie Mirabella doesn’t have any ancestors from Israel, which appears to be the only requirement for avoiding your crap.

    Let’s run through the list of jew sporting identities. Finished already.

  98. Lawyers are Parasites!

    Loooove the St.Kilda lawyers. Tell this minor to be in court at 10.30am the next day and while you are at it, spend your own money on a lawyer.

    1. How could you arrange a lawyer at such short notice?
    2. How can a minor afford a lawyer who is half decent would cost $5,000 a day?

    Lawyers, lower than a Nigerian banker.

  99. anon

    PLEASE Sam Gilbert do THE RIGHT thing and kill yourself I SO WANT to deficate on your memorial.

  100. Anonymous

    Her name is (of Frankston), and she is a serial stalker.

  101. Anonymous

    She should be charged with stalking because she is a predator, not to mention extortion and theft. If she were male it would already have occured. Unfortunately abusive and predatorial women are able to run amok.

  102. RDR

    , txt me, would be hot.

  103. Sotherby

    @Lawyers are Parasites!: if soemone is happy to start this shit they can surely deal with finding themselves a lawyer, i don’t recall it being the reposnibility two opposing parties to fund each others legal services you twat.

  104. Notherby

    You’re just jealous Sotherby that you couldn’t pass a law degree if you tried.

  105. JO

    ..wannabee wag. deceiptful, cunning, manipulating, conniving,untrustworthy, vindictive, thieving, scheming etc…..prospective friends, boyfriends and employers beware !!!

  106. Boofa Leigh

    I am here to help too. Remenber first lesson is free, and the second and the third….

  107. LeftRightIn

    isn’t there anything more interesting to talk about as we enter the Festive Season. Where’s Wendy gone. What’s happening to this place? And why is a place full of Muslim asylum seekers called Christmas Island?

  108. Where are you Victoria Police ???

    Why hasn’t this girl been charged with blackmail by Victoria Police ???

    I remember a certain MP had a video made of gay sex and Jake said $20,000 or I’ll sell it to TV outlets.

    This girl told Ricky Nixon pay $20,000 for Reiwoldt’s photo or else.

    Victoria Police protect MP’s but not other citizens ???

  109. Billy

    I dont think people fully understand the ‘age of consent’ issue. Infact they are completly ignorant to it. Check the crimes act people, 16 is legal unless you are in a position of power, which is why the cop is in trouble and not the footy players. Intellect isn’t in abundance around here clearly.

  110. Man V Woman

    For the morons!

    A 16.5yo woman can be sexually active and enjoy it greatly. After all, if it is something new, you will try it as many times as you can. In the 20’s – 40’s many women were married at this age.

    She is attractive and has made it very clear through all of this she enjoys chasing the AFL players.

    Boys are boys and believe it or not, they will ALWAYS be boys. And boys 18 (definetly), to 26 (morally pushing it), would never knock back the chance to have sex with this type of young lady (16yrs though they thought she was 19). For Gods sake, what are hormones for? Believe it or not people all over the world this age and younger (gaaaasssspppp) are having consensual intercourse).

    This has been blown out of all proportion by the media. She and Saint 1 had consensual sex, then she and Saint 2 had consensual sex, then she and Saint 3 had consensual sex. She then had consensual sex with an Eagle, then she had consensual sex with a Magpie. Can you see the pattern here? But who cares and why is it anyone elses business? Why has she chosen to teach them a less on for the “way I was treated by the AFL”

    I have sex with 3 seperate counter woman at McDonalds and they all drop me like a hotcake and tell me to fuck off, does this mean I can sue McDonalds and then shame all their employees?

    This girl has serious issues and she is a spoilt brat. She got spat out and didn’t like not getting the attention she wanted. She deserves nothing but condemnation. And the AFL players should be praised for NOT taking advantage of her like they could have done due to her very clear sluttiness.

  111. Tandy Saggert

    I wouldn’t boast about having sex with McDonald’s ‘conter women’ – they’re all about 14 and have pimples. Are you that desperate? Hungry Jacks staff are better.

    I think this girl is brave and the Julian Assange of sport. Good on her. And what a defence- I was taking pics of me mate with a boner and she nicked the photos!! Why are people defending these blokes? A lot of self love going on in the AFL…

  112. anon

    Nick Riewoldt I keep this photos for years so I can hound you with them for years. When your children attend school I will send them there. Suffer SCUM!

  113. Medici


    Understand the sentiment but if you castrated them they would not be much use as footy players unless you like freakshows. Without balls it would be all hairless, high pitched voices, no aggression and smooth skin lol.

  114. Professor Maku Dong Long

    Ah Nick Riewoldt you urgently need my services.

  115. Dr. Slong No Long

    Referal to Professor – I believe Mr DalSanto requires your services far more urgently. I am afraid his condition requires the most extensive lengthening process available.
    yours, Dr. Slong No Long.

  116. AFL STINX

    The Saints lawyers are treating this female in exactly the same way the Saints footballers monster their tarts. It is all so grubby, so yuk, so not new millenium.

    What a bunch of pathetic wankers!

  117. Anonymous

    @Man V Woman,

    You are living proof that McDonald’s fat can destroy the human brain.

  118. Anonymous

    The Saints have unleashed an overpaid QC to attack a teenager. Is this shit for real?

    A HUGE apology for her appalling treatment by the out-of-control club and its randy players was in order. The poor bugger has endured endless ‘help’ sessions from the AFL protecting its naughty boys!

    This all needs to come to an end. Sack the whackers and a Royal Commission for the AFL.

  119. Boofa Leigh

    Professor Maku Dong Long do you charge by time or length? The Wench now wants me to slip her a good foot and I am sick and tired of having to take off my shoe..

  120. Dr. Schlong No Long

    Ooowwww Mr Boofa, I offer discount schlong extension services derived from Ox and dog bone. Your lovely ladies will enjoy being rogered by ox and dog believe me.

  121. Info for Mr DalSanto

    Micropenis is an unusually small penis. A common criterion is a dorsal (measured on top) erect penile length of at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the mean human penis size.

  122. Woman's point of view

    Bollocks, clearly you are too fat and lazy to get off your pedestal to play sport – women also wax their bodily hair and for very good health reasons.

    I really don’t know why people are defending this stupid girl (NOT a young lady). I agree entirely with man v woman – she offered it and they took it. She is an attention seeking predator who thought she could get several pounds of flesh from football players and then post more on the net. And if the rumours are true, blackmail the club into paying a high price for not posting them.

    Just because she is a woman does not exculpate her from any consequences. And please, do not compare her to Julian Assange. This is an insult to all intelligent people. Assange is doing a community service and exposing the grubby politics of nations. This guttersnsipe is is just out for everything she can get for herself. We already know some footy players have sex with groupies – she hasn’t told us anything new about them. She just f***s the players and then tries to f**k them over. I would never employ her nor trust her.

  123. v The World

    Tandy, they were not erect penises (boner!) they were flacid.

    The media (and many people in here) are making out Gilbertson only had these 21 nude photo’s of guys on his PC. That is crap. He (and anyone who has a digi cam) has hundreds of photo’s on the laptop. Yes some of them are silly shots of his mates in the nuddie, but most are normal shots of family and friends.

    Why is it the “AFL culture” is under fire because a few blokes are naked in a hotel room piss farting around? How is that an AFL culture? It is just guys being guy!

    There are an innumerate number of photo’s all over the net of girls having showers together or mucking around in dorms, topless or nude.

    Who the hell does ANYONE in here think they are to tell anyone else they do not have the right to be naked (for what ever purpose!) in the privacy of their own home or hotel room? Whether this is alone or with anyone else. Why can’t an AFL player be naked in a room with someone else who is also naked. Fuck you people are freaks.

  124. Red Ted

    I would like to wish all of my people and disciples a Very Merry Christmas. I will be having a jolly day celebrating our Lord’s special day with a glass of elderberry cordial and a lovely meal of lentils and organic vegetables. I will spend the next fews days reading ‘The Dummies Guide To Being A Premier’.

  125. Cynical of Melbourne

    “victimised players” indeed Ross Levin.

    The elephant in the room with all of this is do all the Alpha male players &
    administrators at St Kilda & the AFL morally believe it’s O.K for adult
    males to have sex with 16 & 17 year old children?

  126. Looks Like all you people have lost your marbles. Let’s not assume a 17yo knows what they are doing. This sort of thing happens all the time. Its not a big thing and it will be forgotten about by this time next year when the next scandal pushes things further. I feel sorry for Nick – first he got done by the Magpies now by his own teammate – who (isn’t it obvious) gave the photo to the girl to try and make himself look good to her!

  127. what a pickle

    Funny how an underage girl allegegly has a mere casual encounter with a football player, and he somehow manages to give her access and enough time to his computer to search and selectively download these pictures.
    I just havent heard of too many casual encounters that end up involving a casual sit down and selective search of a guy’s computer…that’s all I am saying. So many pictures to be stolen from a guy’s computer would have required her carrying a memory stick on her. I just dont know of too many 16yos that go out on the town, and have in their bags, lip gloss, perfume, makeup…oh, and a memory stick…not on first visit to a guy’s place anyways.
    I guess it could be settled by looking at the background of the pics to see if there are any melb hotel rooms that have that interior… but, then that still leaves the issue of a 16yo with someone over a certain age… what a pickle for everyone.

  128. Bollocks

    @Woman’s point of view

    You suffer from loquacity and the need for depilation. I was going to call you a hairy old twat, but that isn’t very Christmassy! You are entitled to your own views, but I think ‘Cynical of Melbourne’ has hit the nail on the head! Its NOT OK to bonk kids.

  129. HOW!!!!!???


    Please explain HOW she is a KID????? HOW!

  130. Medici


    So those at the table caught up in the whole ‘Big Brother’ reality TV mentality decided to suspend all morality and go for a shag. OK lets have a look at this situation, if a young woman (or bloke) approached me in a public place with the kind of line you state I would immediately be thinking this girl has big problems, Histrionic Personality Disorder perhaps. My next thought would be STD’s, Genital Herpes, Chlamydia etc; my next thought would be risk of pregnancy. So what the hell is wrong with the men who availed themselves of the offer? Misogynists, thought they were in an episode of ‘Sex and the City?’ Wise up boys it is generally older women who are that in charge of their sexuality. Ok my second issue is the photos themselves, I agree that the players have done nothig wrong but who allows themselves to be photographed like this, where are the brains here? Looks to me like a bit of exhibitionism, I thought little boys got over the preoccupation with their dicks by about 20 years old. Why would you photograph yourself or allow a photograph to be taken of you masturbating? It seems to me that all involved in this sorry saga need some serious counselling to move through some stages of psychological development. They all need to grow up and realise that they live in the real world and the real world still has some basic moral values and expects some basic standards of deceny and behaviour. Keep your private lives private and if you whip out your dick for a bit of a fiddle make sure that there are no cameras around otherwise expect to look like a bloody immature fool.

  131. Lucy Diamond

    Andrew. Congratulations. Watched Riewoldts media press conference and saw him vehemently claiming the pic was result of him being victim of a team-mate. Said that all he’d done was get out of bed naked, seen the team-mate photographing him, immediately demanded team-mate delete the pic and believed he had.

    He convinced me; but I wondered why none of the reporters there asked Nick, or the others, if the team-mate had, as a consequence, been disciplined by St Kilda for (a) taking such a pic without permission (b) not deleting it on request of the captain and (c) then showing it to girl and allowing the girl to download it.. Why didn’t they ask the obvious questions, asked myself.

    All was explained for me last night when talking about it with a coupla gay guys in my apart block. They said the pic was clearly posed, with Zac Dawson holding a packet of condoms alongside Nick’s dick, and said the other pic of the other player , del Santo, was also posed, since he was exposing his dick above his underdaks. They were more enamoured of Del Santo’s member than Reiwoldt’s I must advise.

    Today they emailed me the pics, and I have to say I share their opinion about the posing. So I guess that’s why the reporters never asked about Gilbert being disciplined? You’ve seen the pics, so you can confirm if we are simply imagining the posing. But I now have a different view of Nick’s veracity at the presser.

    You are so right about this being a football cultural issue. It’s not about a 17 year old groupie going feral.

    As you say succinctly, it is about “The fools in the AFL playing fraternity who – like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange – pray on young women who bestow affection on them for no sensible reason are on notice. If you act like a creepy sexual predator ready to exploit young women, you could pay a high and embarrassing price even if there are no legal consequences from your actions.”

    Demetrious wouldn’t dream of doing it with aborginals. Would. not. dare.

    Remember years ago the late, great Jack Hamilton having an epiphany during a case of onfield racial slurs against an aboriginal player, and becoming increasingly embarrassed that by the verbal evidence that the slur was “black C*UNT” – while the AFl female stenographger was having to take down every word. Late, Great Jack was ashamed.

    Died crashing his sexy red sportscar before he could fix the issue up.

    Again congratulations. Hope you will further take up this issue of how AFL, St Kilda (in this case) and media appear to be acting in concert to cover up the real issue here which is club and AFL responsibility for the behaviour of their elite sportsmen.

  132. Anonymous

    17 and 364 days you are a child. 1 day later you are an adult. Gotta love the law, really is an ass.

  133. Bollocks


    Don’t ask us. Its sort of bleedin’ obvious, really. Ask the judge in the case.

    Justice Marshall at yesterday’s hearing said, ‘The strong concern I have is the first respondent (the teenager) is a child and if the court can’t protect the children, what can it do’? [The Age]

    There are far too many weirdos posting comments here who think it is OK for adult footballers to abuse teenage girls.

  134. Anonymous

    Are you getting the picture yet, How!!! – ?

    From yesterday’s court proceedings, as reported in the Herald-Sun, ‘Tim Bourke said his client was a “vulnerable child”.

    Victoria’s Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary said “This child is in danger, this child will be left at the end of this situation as a vilified person,” he told ABC Radio yesterday.

  135. talihunter

    Merry Xmas Everyone!

  136. Fatty Doyle

    Little Fatty has just giving EPC a ‘big’ present. Victor I will meet you at 10.00am in the Lord Mayors Bar for a shot of your Eastern European Whiskey.

  137. s

    i bet your moderating it – freedom of speech as long as you approve – very alp

  138. McPerton

    This European Whiskey is excellent, my dear Fatty. Melbournians should be very pleaed with how you are spending their rate payer dollars.

    Sent from my Blackberry device.

  139. Liberal re run

    Same old junkets.

  140. Fatty Doyle

    Victor I’ve lost that little blighter Blackberry again, did you see me with at Lindy’s massage studio before our luncheon?

  141. The Gay League

    AFL Football will never be the same again! – Where the big men (with small coqs) fly!

    The nasty, heavyweight Saint’s legal team completely overdid it and wanted a child named to further punish her. The hopeless AFL had its head in the sand. The teenager was getting death threats. The whole episode stunk! The Saints and the AFL smell like shit.

    From now on Captain Nick Reiwoldt is ‘Tiny Tim’ in my mind. He was not altogeher candid at his press conference last week.

    The Miami holiday for the ‘girls’ is starting to sound more and more like ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Does Dallas’. Too many photos of coqs.

    This is really creepy shit!

  142. The Happy Saints

    Maybe the Saints have become the first gay team in the league without telling us.

    But there is obviously a straight or an ‘undecided’ in the ranks who potted the teenager earlier. I hope Dad is setting aside money and quality time for the ‘love child’. Investigative journalism about this subject has been noticeably absent. Media coverage has been rather skimpy overall.

  143. treehugger

    Did St Kilda Football Club take legal action?
    Should it not have been the agreived footballers?
    Now will St Kilda Football club have to pay Fringe Benefit Tax on the expenditure as it was on behalf of their employees?
    The Australian Taxation Ofiice must investigate this transaction.

  144. anon

    It will not be long Ross Levin until I find you to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.

  145. GOOGLE

    A moribund site. Should be swept and removed.

  146. What about the money illegals make while here?

  147. where are you dad?

    A horny sixteen year old girl with a lot of “assetts”craving for attention .Dreaming that she would be famous like a future girlfriend of a football star. A bunch of footballers looking for sex with an easy target, too manipulate and then throw away, like a used lemon. This story it’s sad and pathetic because reflecting our values like a society.

  148. Little things mean a lot

    @where are you dad?

    Suck more suds, you gibbering idiot!

    Your new year resolutions should be:

    * Cut down on the grog.
    * Get a dictionary or spell checker so we can understand what you are on about.
    * Get a magnifying glass so you can enjoy closeups of the stars.
    * Check the law. Find out what morals mean. Work out for yourself why this is perhaps the nastiest episode in The Saints history.

  149. Dazzling article . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks.

  150. Wenchy

    I’m also craving for attention.

    I need Mr Percy to help christen my desk .Don’t need the Mordialloc Bridge anymore.I have a well located taxpayer funded office now that Mrs Munt has vacated the premises.

  151. Boofa Leigh

    Get lost Wenchy go and buy a banana! I’ve moved my ‘mentoring services’ into higher levels of the food chain and social classes as Percival and I am now ‘looking after’ Dirty Donna.

  152. phyllis.stein

    Apparently more naked photos have been released. This time it’s of the shelving in St Kilda Football Club’s trophy case.

  153. RDR

    Do any young liberal lasses require my chauffeur services tonight? Just remember all you young girls, Dick is always willing to offer you a ‘ride’ home.

  154. Manice Junt

    Dear Mr Boofa,

    All is forgiven regarding your ‘support’ of the Wench. As you know I have really appreciated all your Liberal Party leaks over the last 8 years. I am at a ‘loose end’ at the moment so if you want to hide ‘Tiny’ in ‘Natasha’ I am ready and waiting…

  155. Professor Maku Dong Long

    Ah Mr Leigh your appointment is now confirmed for the 6th at 10.50.

  156. Boofa Leigh

    I will be there with ‘bells’ on Professor Long. I understand there is a 12/12 warranty with your extensions?

  157. talihunter

    Happy New Year from the talihunter!

  158. karen dodd-smear

    She can have my husband. his little dick is no use to me

  159. Wenchy

    Dear Ms Dodd-Smear,

    Has your husband money or power? If neither then I am simply not interested in another little dick! My God it has been hard enough laying back and thinking of my pre-selection with the boofhead. Now I call the ‘shots’……

  160. Awesome blog , thanks for the post!

  161. treehugger

    Puts a new slant on the words from a song


  162. Wenchy

    Dear Treehugger,

    Boofhead is certainly no Saint! In fact most people hope he rots in hell…

  163. Cougar is on the prowl in Mordi

    There is a stench around the Wench.

  164. Boofa Leigh

    Wenchy has got a bit of a pong around her.

  165. Wenchy

    How dare you! I am not a cougar! Just because I like to flaunt my medical modifications to all and sundry doesn’t mean I am on the prowl…Why if I need a ‘little bit’ I go and see Boofa – my mentor in crime…

  166. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Wenchy a few more nips and tucks, more silicone and a reconstruction is needed if I were honest. You’ve done more miles than a Grendas bus luv.

  167. Professor Maku Dong Long

    Ah so Mr Leigh sorry no can help if no cash payment for needy lengthening surgery upfront, your references did not paint good picture especially the one from Mr Frank Hellier.

  168. McPerton

    Fatty Doyle, your idea about staying to the left when walking the streets of the Melbourne CBD was an act of sheer brilliance!

    Such nous. Such awesome intellect.

    Once again you have proven yourself to be the best Lord Mayor Melbourne has ever had.

  169. Wenchy

    Professor Long I will give Boofa a reference. At last I have a steady income! I am also getting a bit on the side (and on my back and on my front etc etc…)

  170. Boofa Leigh

    Ta Wenchy luv, bloody cheeky Nip Quack doubting me character, you’ll be the first to see the soon to be massive Percy.

  171. You know the Fev is on the turps too much when he lets me give him a gobbling.

  172. Wenchy

    Oh Geoffrey I can hardly wait! So many things happening to me lately I just can’t believe it…and they thought I was the local tart in Berwick…..

  173. Boof Watch

    I am back from my sabaticle!

    I note that Ted has won Government in Victoria.


    I also hear that Boofa Leigh is smelling around some of the new Ministers to see if he can pick up some ‘favours’ for his current and potential ‘clients’.

    As a matter of caution, any new Coalition Minister who associates with Leigh should err on the side of caution.

    The tactics he has used in the past 9 years in his consulting ‘developments’, particularly in the Green Wedge with his Labor Party mates, has been down right disgusting.

    His lobying for the ethically dubious Wreford for pre-selection of the Modialloc seat he failed to hold has a lot of history behind it…. There is always an enormous stench left whenever Leigh is involved in anything.

    We all want Ted to be there for a very long time. Boofa is a very cheap version of Labor’s David White so *BEWARE* *DANGER* *BEWARE* *DANGER*……

    PS if you want a confirmation of Boof’s ethics give Frank Hellier in Cheltenham a call…..

  174. Shamed shane

    Meh! who gives a toss about the girl, or how she got the pics they’re hilarious. In a weird, perverted, sicko way.

    Someone employ that chik, reporter of the year.

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