DUMMY SPITTER: Two weeks after defeat, failed Greens state Parliament candidate Cyndi Dawes now wants it abolished

Embittered ex-Greens candidate for Brunswick at the Victorian election Cyndi Dawes is not coping well with her bad result, demanding on Twitter yesterday a “review (into) whether state govt (is) actually required. Major issues facing us require national and global action”.

Just hours before, the angry Green complained of a “killer headache” so her two-week transformation from hoping to serve the people of Brunswick in the Victorian Parliament to demanding its abolition could perhaps be blamed on medication.

Before demanding a review of scrapping of the state tier of government, Dawes also – in light of her defeat in Brunswick – demanded “electoral reform in upper & lower houses” including “multi member lower house electorates” that would have made it easier for defeated candidates like herself to get elected and practically guarantee us the same sort of gridlock and dysfunction of the proportionally-elected Italian parliament.

cyndidawestwit To her great credit, the Sunday Age’s Melissa Fyfe, not normally known for being mean to the Greens, tweet-asked the failed candidate:

yes, how would u reform upper house Cyndi? It underwent massive reform in 06, which let the Greens in.

We also particularly enjoyed the reaction to the Green tweet-tantrum from the appalled Sally Finlay, herself a former Age reporter turned Labor supporter:


She continued:

jesus wept, i am so glad some people don’t get elected

And on a roll, Finlay concluded:

you ran for state govt and now you say it may not be needed – the electorate dodged a bullet is all i can say

We hope Cyndi Dawes’ loved ones get her exactly what she wants for Christmas to avoid temper tantrum.



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88 responses to “DUMMY SPITTER: Two weeks after defeat, failed Greens state Parliament candidate Cyndi Dawes now wants it abolished

  1. RJ

    Yeah, that’s pretty stoopid

  2. The Notorious Candidate

    After another failed tilt for state parliament the notorious candidate doesn’t call for a review of the disastrous Greens campaign and selection of candidates – BUT wants a review on whether people who were electorally successful should have a job at all.

  3. Johnny Rocket

    What a larf she is. Where do the Greens find these jokerz?

  4. Lady Snodgrass of Buddha

    Quoting from someone’s private Twitter account is a breach of the Human Rights Charter and is tabloid sensationalisms.

  5. Jewel Anstey

    This article made no reference to flavour of the calzones served at Greens morning teas. Not mentioning the spinach is Disgraceful… and is a Labor conpiracy.

  6. not good enough

    I am so angry about this. I wonder how many other Greens candidate are engaged in the same fraud of presenting themselves for office while not even believing it should exist. Not surprising Dawes left admitting her views to after the election.

    The Greens do not speak for me.

  7. andy bult

    How can anyone be surprised she was a loser from the start. The Greens are becoming less influential by the day and are looking more like the Democrats in their dying days. Snodgrass you might not be calling on that Rights charter for much longer as the Libs detest it and now can get rid of it. hooray if they do.

  8. Harry the B

    I’m wondering whether the Greens are sustainable. Any thoughts?

    Also if the Greens are looking more like the Democrats does that mean they’re all rooting each other. That is definitely unsustainable.

  9. Anonymous

    Probably not the best person to go about saying abolish the states but she is right, 3 levels of government is over governing.

    Just look at health and education for example. Double governing between the Feds/states means extra bureaucrats to coordinate it all and no accountability.

  10. Sotherby

    What a joke, the Greens will demand any changes to improve their chances, even if it means demolishing a system that works bloody well. They have the chance, and a fair one to win in the inner city where its supporters/creatures are based- the fact that their policies and candidates fail the scrutiny of a campaign only proves that the current system is working fine- that’s why dunces from both sides are kept out- sadly we have ultra safe seats that protect the true morons.

  11. demo greens

    vote for me….or abolish state government…

  12. greens faction

    who leaked? greens factions are obviously using vexnews to damage each other.

  13. Disillusioned

    Well I guess that means she won’t be standing in 2014?

  14. Madam Lash

    maybe she can get a job in Adam Ant’s office

  15. Sotherby

    And as a certified moron, I want protection be it from a Green or a fruit fly.

  16. anon

    Dear o dear now the ALP have lost both houses in the Victorian Parliament – aren’t they such a successful Party!! The Greens held all their seats.

  17. Ansteyopoulos

    Aren’t we lucky that she left the Socialist Left to join the Greens?

  18. Disillusioned

    @Madam Lash: That means she’d have to ‘put out’ surely?

  19. Disillusioned

    @anon: Relevance to the tantrum?

  20. Sotherby

    @Sotherby: that you Wendy? or just another Green indulging in identity theft?

  21. The Patriot

    I agree, the states and their governments should be abolished in this country. But coming out with this argument after just running to get elected to state government? Geez . . . She’ll be sucking on that lemon for a while me thinks.

  22. The Greens are the future

    Will the last person to leave or lose office at 360 King Street please turn off the lights and return the keys to the Financier?

  23. Not fair being Green

    It’s just not fair being Green. The Greens got nearly 12% of the vote in Victoria and ZERO seats while the Nationals got about half that or 6% and got TEN seats. HAHAHAHA.

  24. Bystanders

    Both greens and labor are now bystanders.

    Red Ted has been well fed and gobbled up both houses.

  25. The Greens are the future

    The ALP are so impotent and soon to be out of office in all States and the Commonwealth HA HA! What a waste in 2007 you had the lot! Rudd called it a new era of ‘co-operative federalism’ and in 3 years the ALP f*&^ed it up! Gee you guys are real winners aren’t you.

  26. Harry the B

    Don’t get too cocky “The Greens are the future”

    Bailleau now has absolutely no excuse for not implementing every single promise. Yep. Every single one. Since the teachers should be the best paid in OZ what about the nurses, the cops etc etc etc.

    These jokers aren’t ready to govern and have little idea.

    The control of both houses is a blessing for the ALP. If you’re going to lose, lose both Houses.

    Let the fun begin.


    PS Where’s ICAC. Perhaps we could start with the Libs greatest donor!!???????!

  27. Futureproof

    The only good Green is one who leaves Australia to live in the Falklands. They’ll soon get sick of “Global Cooling” convert to a real person, and come back to Australia as a better citizen…then maybe not.

  28. Boofa Leigh

    Hey Cyndi what you need is a lesson in the dark art of politics. Tomorrow night I have a vacancy (no charge for first lesson) behind the Wenches new office – opposite Southland on the Nepean Highway – between 9.11pm and 9.13pm. No need to bring anything with you – in fact the less you bring the better the lesson. I will bring the tissues for your added convenience…..

  29. LeftRightout

    The only good Lib lives in a world of debt being zapped by plasma televisions beaming from the beamers.

  30. anon

    Our what a shame Red Ted is in hospital, what was it? A personality transplant? Hopefully he get’s a dose of golden staph – he will need more than organic muesli, elderflower cordial and a prayer from the religious right to get over that!!

  31. Anon

    On the other hand, fewer, larger, multi member lower house seats would also mean that the ~ many thousands of ALP voters in the east of Melbourne would have some local representation, likewise conservatives in the west.
    We have a 52% – 48% electorate, so why not a similar lower house, as with the House of Reps at present? If the Greens abused any balance they might hold I’m sure they would be dead at the next election.

  32. la la land

    Greens still on a power trip.

    You do not get to reform parliament until you have a majority.

    More hot air and wishful thinking.

    State Labor was bashed to death on a daily basis by the Herald Sun and to some extent by the Age.

    Labor will not get any oxygen until it puts in some credible people.

    Self interest will mean that will not happen for 3 more preselections.

    Red Ted may get very bored of winning 3 elections. But with no credible alternate government that is what is going to happen.

  33. The Lion of Reservoir

    The Labor Party has not addressed the real three issues that lost them the election.

    1) Excessive taxes and charges and fines.
    2) Poor public transport.
    3) law and order.

    Labor MPs who say you cannot do anything about these three issues should resign.

    Failing that they should be removed from office by admin committee.

    Labor cannot afford to slacken off on these issues.

    Labor did not even turn up for the law and order debate.

    Hulls community courts may be good 1970s feel good politics but they do not wash with the following voters:
    • elderly
    • women who use public transport
    • South Asian migrants.

    The Labor opposition needs to do more than hold the Coalition accountable – they need to set better new benchmarks on these three policy areas.

    Clearly, Labor needs to distant itself from Brumby’s failure in these three areas.

    If any Labor MPs thinks Labor has the right community safety policies in place then they need to talk to the victims of crime in their own seats.

    Go and talk to the voters without the artificial filter of market research boffins – the reason for the large swings in safe seats is the ‘Brumby effect’.

    The ‘Brumby effect’ sums up an uncaring and out-of-touch Labor government – a Labor government that charges and fines you, is slow to act on law and order and runs a shabby public transport system.

    These are the hallmarks of a bad Labor government and the failed Brumby government’s ongoing lesson to all of us who care about the Labor cause.

  34. Sotherby

    @The Greens are the future: And the Greens are sooo likely to ever hold Government in their own right? you should slow down a little, friction may give you an infection.

  35. Greens are finished

    Hahaha no suprises there, maybe Cyndi and Anne Martinelli can get together and exchange wounds on how they got soundly beaten and ran shitty campaigns.

  36. Lookalikes

    Are you labor or liberal?
    Many voters are still confused with brumby government being so pro business.

  37. andy bult

    To listen to Rees yesterday saying that the ALP’s campaign was strong and effective and it was the time factor that cost them Govt shows just what a wanker he really is. Attacking Ted was a great success wasnt it. The Ad by the Libs of the father of a young man murdered by a gang of thugs did more damage to Hulls and the Govt than they want to admit.
    Remember the special that 7 did on gangs earlier in the year. This was where Brumby said he wasnt aware of gangs in his own electorate even though 3 such gangs were found by the journo.
    The Libs will be hoping that Rees stays in charge of the propoganda unit at the next election.

  38. 2002 revisited

    @ The Lion of Reservoir – The ‘Brumby effect’ sums up an uncaring and out-of-touch Labor government – a Labor government that charges and fines you, is slow to act on law and order and runs a shabby public transport system

    This one sentence is the most accurate analysis of the reasons for the change of Government that I have seen. It is kitchen table politics, no more, no less.

    Hear hear

  39. Reecy

    Duh Johnno I think I got it wrong again, do you know where the local Centrelink is?

  40. Northerby

    Greens will be around longer than my treatment program. They are a third force and will continue to gain support from labor and liberal alike.

  41. Adam Bandt

    Cyndi roll over and let me growl out your stinky asshole

  42. Abolitionist

    John Brumby when he first become opposition leader was asked would he support from for abolition of the upper-house/. He relied that he he could he would abolish the Parliament.

    This is a sentiment that has been expressed by many over the years.

    With the development of better communication and fast travel distance is no longer an issue. There is no longer any justification to maintain three tiers of government. It would be best of we abolish State government altogether, Tasmania is the size of a large municipality.

    the Greens had no policy on Municipal government a fact that was highlighted during their Melbourne Campaign.,

    yes abolition of state Parliament of a good idea but you need to also reform the local government sector to fill in the gaps that would be left unfilled.

  43. fools parliament

    Why reform a parliament that you want abolished.

    Her arguments and suggestion sound more like sour grapes than constructive debate.

  44. Browns children

    I wonder of Bob supports her call to have the Tasmianian State government abolished.

  45. Medici

    Wow if they seriously believe that it was just an ‘It’s Time’ thing they truly are deluded. Where do I start: 1.Crime, street crime, my daughter was mugged in broad daylight in Carlton. Police told her it was a regular occurence. 2. Public transport, bloody woeful and the punitive fares system, why is it such a crime to jump on a train and then by a ticket at the other end if you are running late and the train is pulling in. 3. Infringements system or guilty until you spend thousands in the Magistrates Court to prove yourself innocent, I reckon this was a sleeper issue but it has certainly been widely talked about amongst friends and colleagues everytime they commit that crime of the century 3km over. I also allege that the Department of Justice is corrupt after my experiences with them, something not right when a stranger can nominate you as a driver when they do not have correct details for you, this is rife by car yards apparently. You go and test drive a car, they have your licence details and then nominate you for infringements you have nothing to do with, this happened to me. DoJ did not want to know, had to go to court. Evil system Hulls useless, arrogant does not want to know. I know people who have lost jobs for demerit points of minor infringements, what a f*cking waste, bastards. 4. Run down infrastructure, do you want surpluses or services folks? the whole place was just rundown. 5. Brumby arrogance, the ALP knew he was unelectable but the faction prevailed. Most of the MP’s were pretty shabby and tardy, my local member would just hand you a brochure for the Ombudsman if you raised anything with her, heard the same about others. All in all they were pretty woeful but I doubt the Libs will do anything, it’s the system that’s broke.

  46. tassie born

    Sad to say but the Tassie state government is a glorified council.

    Have a look at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

  47. The Truth

    Abolitionist – if you actually paid attention we have only two levels of government in our Constitution NOW, federal and state. Municipalities (local governments) were rejected by 2/3rds of Australians in 1988 (Aussies rejected the establishment AND CONTINUANCE of local government).

  48. Harry the B


    Where do I start

    1. Why is it such a crime to jump on a train and then by a ticket at the other end if you are running late and the train is pulling in.

    Because you have to pay before you use it and you sound like the person who wouldn’t pay at the end. When I go to the cinema I have to buy a ticket before I see the flick – even if I am running late. What an outrage!

    2. Public transport, bloody woeful and the punitive fares system.

    You would scream if you had to pay a fare which actually recovered the cost of operating public transport. The idea that you can have cheap fares and a decent public transport system is patent nonsense. If you want it you’ll have to pay for it. Billions and billions.

    3. I know people who have lost jobs for demerit points of minor infringements

    I don’t know anyone who has lost their licence because of demerit points. Maybe that’s a clue.

    4. do you want surpluses or services folks.

    Now you’re on the right track. The lie that a surplus is necessarily evil is just that – a lie. One of the biggest lies perpetuated by the Coalition.

    PS Please never make a National MP the Treasurer. The vault would be empty on the first day.

  49. perception rules

    @tHE truth is correct in the legal sense that local government exists under state legislation.

    Effectively for most areas (especially in growth suburbs and the country) it is an under resourced arm of state government.

    State and Federal MPs like to maintain the false perception that its poor financial state has nothing to do with them.

    However, like education it has been de-funded over two decades.

    So rather than paying three times for these services – cost shifting between Federal, State and Local levels has seen undeliverable service promise put on to councils and the fat cats continue to grow in State and Federal levels.

    Local government officials play along and many hope for state government jobs down the track.

    Most local government areas outside of the richest 6 suburbs are short by about 25% to address drains, bridges and roads, and services for children and elderly.

    The current local government system is broke and everyone is pretending it works.

  50. no chance

    Obviously is not enough gays and lesbians out there.I’am so frustrated about the election results. But no worries until the next elections many other Green party voters will come out of the closet.

  51. what is yr point?

    @no chance:

    this comment makes no sense at all

  52. Boofa Leigh

    Hey steady on chaps… The Victorian Tax Payer is coughing up my a $100,000 indexed pension for life for me… All this after contributing nothing to State Parlimant and taking as much as I could in return. One day all us scumbags will rule the world!

  53. Bill Calvin

    The greens are the most ill informed, morally bankrupt,anti democratic organisation in the country.

  54. @Medici: The Magistrates’ Court is a modern-day Star Chamber. Of course they and the executive/parliament in cahoots with lawyers have ignored this fact in the pursuit of commerce (i.e., extracting dollars using infringement notices). Star Chambers have been outlawed since year dot in Australia and way back since 1640 in England. This is a billion dollar industry that is not going to disappear until Aussies wake up and reclaim their courts.

    What makes this situation even worse is if the Sheriff’s Office takes you to court, the claimant and magistrate are employees of the same bloody corporation! (both employed by ABN 32790228959)

    Now how can anyone expect to receive natural justice when someone trying to pilfer your property – the claimant, and a member of the Bar (with no lawful oath of allegiance thanks to Rob Hulls) who is supposed to be an independent adjudicator is working for the same bloody company?

    It’s all about the $$$…

  55. 11 year lie

    I am getting sick of 11 year lie. Victorians were not sick of 8 years of bracks. They were sick of 3 years of brumby. Reece should quit trashing the labor brand. Both brumby and Reece need to man up and explain how they trashed labor brand in three short years.

  56. no chance

    The Green party grassroots’ Please do not burn your brain cells.

  57. atavist

    Sorry bill calvin, you are dead wrong. Try the Nationals mate, you’ll find a dead skunk in every office. And tell me mr smarty pants, how are they undemocratic?

  58. Harry the B

    What was the name of that candidate that was removed in the LaTrobe Valley for promoting actual Green policy? There’s you answer atavist.

  59. Rees Bees

    if Steve newman was in charge of the campaign i am sure labor would have been elected. There is no doubt in my mind that Rees campaign was at fault.

    did you read George D.’s comments kn the Campaign? he was spot on.

  60. newman as bas as old man

    Newman would have made different mistakes.

    The trouble was that poor leader, bad policies for 3 years had effect that too many seats could change with small effort.

    Newman would have done one thing even worse than Rees – he would have magnified the mistake of putting too much effort in Labor vs Greens contests.

    This is due to his emotional attachment to flogging Greens and his financial conflict of being a beneficiary of pension from the member of Northcote.

    So please spare us the steve newman hype.

    This was not where government would be formed so a big waste.

  61. inner city obsession

    Many Labor stars live in inner city – this reflects affluence and age (the bought in when it was cheap).

    But government will be formed by winning sand belt battlers and an increasingly Asian middle class in the eastern clay belt.

    Labor will needs constant campaigning now by strong candidates to win back seats like Frankston. Even then seats like Eltham may switch to liberals next time.

    Labor needs a targeted plan to defend all ALP marginals, with a huge push to win back 4 seats while expecting to lose 2 in 2014.

    Do not see anyone with that clear focus getting through the factional system.

    It has all been downhill at head office since Feeney was pushed out.

  62. Greener pastures

    So we need to abolish state parliament?

    Why not just one house?

    Or are the checks and balances supplied b Greens over last few years so vital for democracy.

  63. The Truth

    Wouldn’t it be delightfully vexatious if the Libs/Nats, courtesy of a majority in each house, roll back to the ‘old’ upper house that the Labor removed… I’m sure most Victorians won’t notice during the footy season.

  64. Sandy Taggert

    The greens have peaked, and it is all downhill from here. They will follow One Nation and the Democrats.

  65. We are everywhere

    @no chance: @Greener pastures: Just so you know there are gay people in every party. The Greens do not have the monopoly

  66. Tandy Saggert

    Yep, downhill. Just watch those new senators go downhill, and the 12 to 15% polling, and the alliances in two states – that’s what I call downhill.

    Stop the boats. End the waste. Fill your pants. The Liberals are it.

  67. Dave

    The Greens have had a long standing policy on both abolishing state government and of reforming the electoral systems.

    The only way they can achieve this is to get people into parliament. Which means they need to run candidates, even though they dont like the system.

  68. roll back on cards

    The idea of the lbs rolling back to the old upper house system may have some appeal buT they would need to convince Lib/Nat upper house Mps of safer seats.

    They would need a larger upper house to ensure all current libs safe seats.

    But a little rejig say four member regions with a higher full quota and a base quota to exclude under 5% primary vote candidates. The libs would then wipe out all Greens and make sure DLP and independents are never in race again.

    Tony Nutt will be onto this one as it will lock in conservative upper house control forever.

    And ‘forever’ is not a term that comes up in politics very often.

    So will the Greens then fight to save the current labor reformed upper house? = or will they still be in their anti labor rut?

  69. Green cactus party spokesperson

    The Greens recognise that we are now cactus. It is quite obvious that even Green hate sites like this one have given up.

    In recognition of this fact we have elected Greg Barber as our leader in the vein hope that his shallow stupidity will at least get us some press….

    The official Greens cactus Party of Victoria will also formally be cutting links with the Greens in Tasmania/Canberra – just to highlight our general weirdness and gain more valuable media attention and corner the valuable and often forgotton donkey vote.

    Remember the Greens Cactus party is the only meaningful donkey vote.

    Vote Green – the true donkey voters’ alternative.

  70. donkey dave


    …let me get this right the Greens brilliant plan is to get an handful of people elected and then convince the other 95% of the chamber to vote themselves out of a job…

    At least you no have a leader in Victoria to match such a crazy plan…

  71. Kim Il Barber

    As Dawes is from the part of the Greens not controled by El Leader, greg ill barber, we can guess this is part of his cunning plan to get her.
    Brindley was meant to be the candidate here so El ill will be happy that she is gone.

  72. Kim II Barber watcher

    Quite correct. Let’s not get factions mixed up. She was part of faction wanting to close down parliament with 3 lower house and 3 upper house votes…just 40 odd votes short in one chamber and 20 odd votes short in the other chamber.

    The ‘your vote is powerless faction
    of the greens if you like….

    This aforementioned looney tune faction is not to be confused with the Kim II barber faction that just wants to shut down hazelwood before we have replacement power….that would be the ‘your house is powerless faction’…..

  73. Kim II Barber

    Note to self for 2011:
    dream up slogan to transcend powerlessness…..

  74. 'Nick of time' Reeece

    Dear Kosmos
    All I want for Christmas is Broadmeadows.

  75. second chance

    Yes Nick is good choice.

    He just snatched defeat from certain victory. No biggie.

    (Hope he made some money with the online bookies at least.)

    And hey a good reward for trashing Labor state government is a safe seat.

    Let’s give the guy a break – he was just following John and Dano’s orders. He promises to never listen to those bad people in the future…from now on he will only take orders from genius Kosmos.

  76. second chance

    Yes Nick is good choice.

    He just snatched defeat from certain victory. No biggie.

    (Hope he made some money with the online bookies at least.)

    And hey a good reward for trashing a state government is a safe seat.

    Let’s give the guy a break – he was just following John and Dano’s orders. He promises to never listen to those bad people in the future…from now on he will only take orders from genius Kosmoss.

  77. second chance

    Yes Nick is good choice.

    He just snatched defeat from certain victory. No biggie.

    (Hope he made some money with the online bookies at least.)

    And hey a good reward for trashing government is a safe seat.

    Let’s give the guy a break – he was just following John and Dano’s orders. He promises to never listen to those bad people in the future…from now on he will only take orders from genius Kosmoss.

  78. Green machine

    What is Greens plan now…

    out poll Labor on primaries in inner city and expect Labor to preference them to victory?

  79. Global warming

    Is cold snap in Europe part of global warming?

  80. Post green protest vote

    The greens at fed level doomed to democrats fate. All this throwing their weight around reminds their youthful vote base that they are now part of gillard government. Coalitions and power sharing comes at a cost to a vote base that is at the end of the day just anti-politics.

  81. Greenista manifesto

    We the greens re-actionary faction are now in charge. As the official opposition to the opposition we pledge to keep the bastards who keeping the barstads honest …. well umm…. honest…even more honest. Organically honest and certified. Because they are not.
    Well you all know what I mean. It is the perception of honesty that our brand defends.

  82. Greg the drip

    It is hard to take this shallow drip barber seriously. It makes perfect sense that such a poll driven party as the greens would elect such a person leader.

  83. H the B

    The Greens are Dead!. Sustainably dead. I hope they took their warm coats when they went to overheated Europe. Hottest year of all time. Nothing like facts to fuck up a computer program heh.

    And what’s the Greens policy on cricket?

    Hope this helps

    H the B

    PS I rant therefore I exist… robustly sustainably yours of course.

  84. Greener pastures

    Barber faction must now change greens rule to allow him to stand again in upper house. Now there is no soft landing in state seat of northcote for him.
    He could take his chances in lower house seat of Melbourne in 2014.
    But he does not seem to be a risk taker.

    With total power in the smashed greens he can probably dictate any rule changes at this point.

    Victorian greens are already viewed as north Korea of greens party in Australia.

    How long before the public wake up to the rotten stench coming from Victorian greens party?

  85. Red Ted leaves greens for dead

    when red Ted ditched the greens the party was over.

  86. Member of brumby's brains trust

    We were very pleased when our lobbying of big business forced red Ted to ditch greens …. But whoops…. This simple move made libs clear positioning as alternative government and gave voters clear choice.

    Saved 4 inner city seats and lost government in the suburbs.

    Double whoops….

    in unity
    racey Reecey

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