OUTRANKING: Labor backbencher tops PM in list of the influential for 2010

Modest federal Victorian backbencher Rob Mitchell had a big year, getting elected in McEwen and having the marginal seat redistributed into a snugly safe one.

Now The Age’s colour glossy mag has ranked him above the PM on its list of the influential. We doubt the patriot bothers reading colour gloss mags let alone The Age’s one so we post it for his and general amusement.



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5 responses to “OUTRANKING: Labor backbencher tops PM in list of the influential for 2010

  1. Accattone

    You doofus — the top 100 is in no particular order — number 1/100 is Clarisse Slater from the Indigenous Youth Advisory Council.

    Number 4/100 are two folks who started a cafe.


    It’s The Age’s list, they have their priorities…

  3. Sotherby

    lattes are important

  4. Focussed on Calzone.

    Just look at the treatment of Gillard – Australia’s first female PM against the Bandt photo in that article. Indeed Gillard is apparently only there because of the Greens and this fact is worthy of mention in a three sentence summary of Gillard’s rise. The coverage is breathtaking.

  5. Anonymous

    Now that McEwen has become a safe Labor seat Mitchell will be challenged in the next round of pre-selections, must be a nervous wait for Rob.

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