MARK ARBIB: Fairfax beat-up on Labor minister for maintaining dialogue with US withstands little scrutiny

aussiepatriot Fairfax’s vicious front-page attack today on the integrity and patriotism of federal minister Senator Mark Arbib cannot go unexamined.

Without publishing the full contents of the Wikileaks diplomatic cables that refer to the Senator, they paint what seem perfectly innocent conversations between Arbib and the diplomatic staff of our principal ally, the United States, as something very sinister. It wasn’t. Telling US diplomats what’s going on in the Australian political scene is not only useful for our allies, it’s good for us. I have no doubt our Ambassador Kim Beazley in Washington DC has the same sort of conversations with senior US politicians too, where they’ll tell him things they might not be saying “on-the-record” to journalists.

Dialogue is the foundation of friendship and despite the efforts of the militant left, we enjoy a strong friendship with America. Questioning the patriotism and integrity of someone for engaging in that important activity is one of the lowest of low attacks in Fairfax’s long history of horrid beat-ups against anyone to the right of Anthony Albanese in NSW politics.

To present Arbib’s innocent activities as otherwise is an outrageous and contemptible slur, from a journalist in the form of ex-Labor staffer Philip Dorling whose own record of international intrigue is probably worth a VEXNEWS days of summer investigation. Arbib likes the good guys and talks to them. Dorling likes the bad guys and has had all manner of interactions with them. You’ll be sure to read of some of them here, quite soon.

We won’t go in too hard too early but Dorling’s own international activities are the stuff of much gossip in Canberra and certainly go well beyond giving innocent briefings on the latest political goings-on to the US Ambassador.

Deemed Holy Man by Fairfax, Greens party retirement-age Leader Senator Bob Brown has himself today admitted engaging in secret discussions with the US Ambassador, which he suspects were also chronicled in cable form and sent back to Washington DC where they were no doubt filed under ‘M’ for moonbat. These secret briefings occur “about every 12 months” and include ambassadors of other foreign powers apparently.

We’re pretty sure Brown won’t cop a dual-city front-page character assassination for doing exactly the same thing as Arbib.

The Coalition of course also make nice with foreign diplomats. You’d hope they would.

But that didn’t stop Nats Senator Barnaby Joyce putting out a stream-of-consciousness rant published on the Liberal party’s own website where he referred to Mark Arbib as “Austen Arbib – International Man of Mystery”. He meant “Austin Powers” but couldn’t spell that correctly, also presenting the word “have” as “of”. The Nats have a long history, of course, of being solicitous of corrupt Arab regimes as long as they remain committed purchasers of Aussie sheep and wool and wheat.

Maintaining our friendship with the United States is a vitally important activity for any senior Australian public official. Perhaps that excludes Joyce who reached the level of his incompetence before being bumped off as shadow finance minister after repeated bungles over billions. His invitations to foreign embassies in Canberra appear to have been  lost in the mail, although we hear he has accepted more than a little foot-rubbing Chinese hospitality over the years.

The United States is a crucial component in our national security planning. It also shares our values and much of our view of the world. Keeping their diplomatic staff on top of developments here, allaying fears when things change politically, keeping the dialogue is not just an acceptable activity for any federal government minister or senior party official, it’s their job.

We haven’t always been kind to Mark Arbib in this publication. But he has been outrageously and unfairly attacked today by two newspapers in decline whose story will hurt him among those who take their word for it that he’s done the wrong thing. He hasn’t.

It’s just the latest shake-your-head-in-despair moment about the Age/SMH. It’s worth looking at the print editions just to see how hard they went in, their online stories don’t convey the same menace.

We are glad that our elected leaders value our alliance with the United States and haven’t made it a political football between the conservatives and Labor. On the Labor side, it’s not always easy to maintain this, there are people in its ranks who hate America and blindly side with its enemies. Many ALP branch-meetings are full of America-haters. Because of the efforts of patriots like Mark Arbib, they are few in number in decision-making forums that matter.

Mark Arbib has risen greatly in our estimation.



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49 responses to “MARK ARBIB: Fairfax beat-up on Labor minister for maintaining dialogue with US withstands little scrutiny

  1. Aust. Greens.

    Arbib is a traitor. Off to the gulags with him.

  2. Anon

    I love America and value the Alliance but this shit is wrong.

    Our sovereignty has been effectively compromised where one of our democratically elected (and Australian taxpayer paid) Senator has reported back to the States. This could raise concerns to our friends in Asia.

    Our region is changing quickly and let us not forget Australia is not a 53rd state of the US. We must carefully manage our interests along side those of our neighbors otherwise we shall continue to be an Angolophillic nation, isolated in the Pacific.

  3. Anonymous

    China, our lord and master, will not be happy with us.

  4. there is no reason only treason!

    If it was all so innocent and nothing to hide then why was he:
    a ‘protected source’?
    and why didn’t he go through Official Channels?

    He left himself open to attack.
    He thought he would never get caught.
    but he did.
    Now he must pay the price.

  5. anon

    His facial profile is similar to an Ape.

  6. Pissy

    I love the freshly shaved man/boy look that Arbib cultivates. Now I know he supports gay rights perhaps he’ll open his mind ( or even better his pants) to my warming words and moist lips. Arbib and I should be on the down low together.
    Oh God I am horny…someone tell my media adviser to get in here NOW!

  7. SMH lover

    I thought they should have been more balanced and got some quotes from an ALP spokesperson…. say Julia Irwin.

  8. namenamename

    Another alleged Patriot. Must be Patriot Week.

  9. anonski

    The test of a true patriot is whether they are a protected source of the Israeli government.

  10. WikiWanks

    Another damn polititian batting for himself and not the nation. Resign now you traitor!

  11. Sotherby

    pfft- all the attention is on Arbib because no one is surprised about the other two named. then again who cares, are MP’s not able to have conversations with people, or should they perhaps be limited to one hour with an endangered swamp goose?

  12. namenamename

    I’ll get the bunting out.

  13. Syphologist

    For all the good Arbib does the ALP, one starts to wonder if he is secretly a mole for the Liberals!

    After all, his old man was one. Oh, wait, that’s LibYAN, not LibERAL. Wonder how this plays out in Gaddafi’s tent tonight?

  14. US alliance supporter

    Thank God for Arbib – we need good people on the side of the US. By implication this is also good for Australia being such a good ally.

    We are fighting all sorts of badies around the world with the US – any help we can give them is a very good thing.

  15. Anonymous

    The Age today is calling Arbib : Spy 007.

    Puh-lease. These guys at the age, really, are desperate people.

  16. Patricio

    Hang the traitor.

  17. anon

    Weird how one of our primary competitors in the 2022 world cup bid was the USA, and coincidently the guy we find out is a mole to the USA became sports minister a few months ago, and travelled to Zurich with the Australian bid team. Only managing to muster up 1 vote. I think he was working for the US!

  18. The Patriot

    This has been hyped beyond reality, as with anything that drops whilst wikileaks is selling newspapers. Don’t strike a plea deal too quickly Julian! Hits on your website are going through the roof. Time to get some google ads on that sucker.

    In reality the Americans wanted a go-to person within the Australian government. Previously they would have gone to Medal of Freedom winner PM Howard to have a few frank discussions behind closed doors. Howard was seen as the obvious candidate as he exercised the most power over the Australian government and thus its foreign, economic, defense policies etc etc.

    However, next time round the Americans chose to go with Arbib over PM Rudd. And considering how things turned out with now ex-PM Rudd, were the Americans wrong? Who really calls the shots on Capital Hill? If you think its PM Gillard then in the words of Darryl Kerrigan: “you’re dreamin'”.

    Everyone is whinging and complaining, but it seems in this instance its a case of the Americans knowing us better than we know ourselves.

    In conclusion, Arbib has done nothing wrong. Infact, he was hard at work nurturing the relationship with our most important global partner and long standing ally.

  19. Uncle Tom

    Time for Barack Obama to put an end to this repressive rubbish!

    If he does not act, then he may as well go by my alias.

  20. Anonymous

    Treasonous Worm

  21. Boy from Babylon

    I want to know who is the USA mole who is giving us the palace gossip about the doings in the White House. Is Obama about to be pushed under a bus? Who will replace him? Will he/she have red hair? Why is Obama’s name Amabo when spelled backwards? We have a right to know.

  22. Sotherby

    Mark Arbib makes me feel all hard and manly. I’d leak for him…

  23. Sotherby

    @Sotherby: Wendy your still out there trolling for action.

  24. Ronnie

    Not sure about your interpretation here. The US might be our most important ally but there’s a fine line between constructive conversations and innapropriate disclosure…he went pretty close to it…

  25. Reality show

    Australia a country where the politicians serving the Americans interest ,living life like fat cats with Golden Cards and unjustified perks ,backstabbing their own party members and spending parliamentarian time bullying and laughing like idiots .

  26. Jackson

    Anyone with the name “Arbib” is obviously of semite extraction, and would undoubtedly betray Australia to please the US and their zionist masters.

  27. master voter

    Arbib and others advice first the Americans about Rudd backstabbing and after the Australian people. This is serving parliament with pride!

  28. Rage Against the Machine

    So in the spirit of a true and balanced alliance we have Democrat powerbrokers secretly reporting to DFAT on the internal machinations of the US Presidency.

    Not frikkin likely!!!

    Yet Arbib has no qualms trashing the concept of Australian sovereignty by singing like a canary to officials of another country on private political matters of which he is involved…not to mention abusing his position of trust as a Senator of the Australian people for damn sake!

  29. Madam Lash

    when someone of the calibre of Alexander Downer fails to have a go then you know there’s more fish to fry…can’t wait to see what the Libs have been leaking…and in particular during the period when Downer was Foreign Minister…and I bet he wasn’t just exchanging names of fishnet retailers…as for Arbib and the others they are sychophants of the highest order and should stepdown before the whole thing brings on another Australian election…

  30. Anon

    The so-called ‘dialogue’ has been known of for years, but the lazy journalists couldn’t be bothered investigating it till it was dropped into their laps.
    This is the ‘conga line of suck holes’ as Latham aptly described the. When will the Lib-Nat ‘dialoguers’ be exposed?

  31. Power to the People

    I’m an avid SBS watcher and enjoy comparing the sleek pollies and fat public servants from around the world who parade, posture and pontificate.

    Wikileaks has shown most of them to be timewasters, tax increase specialists and grubs.

  32. People power

    The desire for approval drives these light weights to want to share their part in the not so glorious machine.

    As for public servants the long for recognition and this drives them to childish judgements about democratic leaders. There private sledging of world leaders is emotion release for them. Most of it is self indulgent therapy. Is it really news to anyone that gadaffi is a womanizer and that rudd is a control freak. This is not intelligence this lunchroom chatter.

    The US looks silly. Diplomats look childish. And our politicians look like dangerous blabbers too.

  33. Gay Pissy

    I too love watching SBS late at night with special man love shows from the nordic countries. It inspires me with plans for the following day in the office and means I don’t have to sleep with my bearded wife.

  34. The Truth

    Arbib is no patriot, just one in the conga line of suck holes sycophanting to foreign diplomats.

  35. Solly Phew

    I don’t know much about Wikileaks but my analleaks is causing me much grief. Oh dam I’ve just solied me strides again.

  36. Brimbank Party hack

    Ha Ha,just enougher one trying to make himself bigger by sucking up to the yanks.After the voters in NSW and of cause shortcon get trought with him,he will just be roadkill.

  37. Nation of nongs

    We are a nation of nongs to elect people like this no longer secret mole.

  38. Scott

    Why isn’t AFP investigating this US spy? If any one should be investigated then it has to be Mark Arbib for the treason. He has clearly leaked state secrets to foreigners. Will Gillard come out and say Arbibs act was illegal?

  39. Observer

    Arbib – dirty rotten little lying, deceptive, manipulating piece of Sussex Street excrement. Parat from that, he speaks quite highly of me!

  40. Observer

    Spelling correction:-

    Arbib – dirty rotten little lying, deceptive, manipulating piece of Sussex Street excrement. Apart from that, he speaks quite highly of me!

  41. Rat Sheet

    The lesson here is DO NOT TALK TO A US EMBASSY OFFICIAL as you know your conversation will be noted and recorded. They are keeping rat sheets on all and every one. They can not be trusted. Worst then Qantas declining safety record

  42. Little Sussex Sam

    Id get on him

  43. ease up

    Let’s face it national politics attract junket junkies.

    And sucking up to the yanks is a good way to score trips.

    Why the mock indignation?

    We have been voting in these sewer rats for sometime.

    It is naive to expect such vermin to not act in line with their nature.

  44. Adrian Jackson

    Arbib = Quisling.

  45. Arther conan doyle

    The only thing “hyped beyond reality” is the talent of Arbib, Shorten et al. All puppetts of the top end of town and the ruin of Labor.

  46. The Inqusitor

    The issue is not the content of the reported cables or the fact he met with the Americans to give them his assessment, it’s the fact he is a “protected” US source and it’s done in secret instead of in an open, transparent and accountable manner. He is an employee of the Australian people and acts on our behalf, so he dances to our tune, not the highest bidder.

  47. We All Knew

    Arbib, Bitar, Thistlewaite and now Little Sammy all report to the US as do Hutchins, Tony Sheldon (TWU) and a host of others.

    Some get paid for their time, other get paid in favours.

    The lazy Aussie press should dig a little further and a whole new world of treachery will come to light.

    Arbib should really check and ask Kelli who she reports to.

  48. Eddddie Obe

    I told him not to say a thing

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