LABOR'S SHADOWS: The Victorian Opposition hasn't gotten much scrutiny so we look at who's who in the ALP zoo

theshadows By request, we have had a detailed look at the new Victorian ALP shadow ministry line-up. We’ll have a close look at the ministers next week too as we spread Christmas cheer around the community.

Leader of the Labor Party Leader of the Opposition
Daniel Andrews MP (Left)
Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs; Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs; Shadow Minister for Children & Young Adults

Dan the Man has stepped up for the unpleasant task of being first Opposition leader after leaving government. Has had a reasonably good start so far talking about his family values, while Premier Baillieu has had a pretty clumsy week as he begins to be reminded of some very extravagant promises he made over the past month. Early days though.

Deputy Leader of the Labor Party; Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Rob Hulls MP (Labor Unity although if he was any wetter he’d rust)
Shadow Minister for Education

Many assumed the Hullsmeister wanted out and was grooming one of his former minstaff to replace him in Niddrie. But he’s stepped up to remain as Deputy and whatever his intentions most in the party seemed pretty pleased he was willing to stick around. He’s a bit like the enforcer you leave on the field to protect the younger players. He has already this week launched a cross-portfolio attack on the government for daring to downscale “Human Rights Week” one of the legacy projects of Hullstopia when he was Attorney-General. The Age seemed especially outraged. We laughed for at least fifteen minutes, watching the concerned Melissa Fyfe tweeting with sad faces about this dreadful occurrence. We suspect Victoria will survive pretty well without the weekly celebration of the Human Rights Charter.

Leader of the Labor Party (Legislative Council); Leader of the Opposition (Legislative Council)
John Lenders MLC (Labor Unity)
Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Security; Shadow Minister for Water; Shadow Minister for Resources; Shadow Minister for Commonwealth State Relations

Mischievous state Gallery folks talked Lenders new gig down as a demotion when it was the highly able former Treasurer who loudly pushed for former ministers to be shuffled into new areas and not act like a government in exile by keeping everyone where they were. He was totally right and he will personally go over well in country Victoria. The nonsense food security issue has been added to his list of duties for a bit of enviro-fadism. Having exhausted people’s credulity on climate change, this is the latest worldwide enviro-scare-campaign.

Deputy Leader of the Labor Party (Legislative Council) Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Legislative Council)
Gavin Jennings MLC (Left)
Shadow Minister for Health; Shadow Minister for Mental Health

Some thought Jennings might pull the pin after a big health scare last year but his big portfolio undermines that talk. Health is a potentially great area for Labor, especially if the Coalition go commando by knocking back the Fed’s health funding reforms. Hospitals have tended to leak like sieves to Labor Oppositions so it’s a big opportunity for the lefty leader.

Jacinta Allan MP (Left)
Manager of Opposition Business; Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development; Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response; Shadow Minister for Roads

Presents well does Jacinta, once the favoured pet of the Brumby regime. She annoys colleagues sometimes through her determination to get stuff for her electorate, perhaps that’s why they keep voting for her.

Lily D’Ambrosio MP (Left)
Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection; Shadow Minister for Energy; Shadow Minister for the Cost of Living; Shadow Minister for the Suburbs

Lily has got a promotion of sorts from the limited area she had as a minister. She’ll want to get some runs on the board quite early in those areas. Cost of living, energy bills, consumer rights are all excellent areas of political opportunity for any opposition, but will Lily be able to build a profile in that, presumably her sub-factional ally leader Andrews thinks so and is testing her.

Luke Donnellan MP (Labor Unity)
Shadow Minister for Child Safety; Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation

Luke is a potential leader of the party according to many observers, likeable, diligent and is one of the better connected state MPs. Not sure what to make of his portfolios, certainly some good PR opportunities if you’re an incumbent sports minister but might be a challenge to get his head on tele with that lot from the other side.

Danielle Green MP (Labor Unity)
Shadow Minister for Emergency Services; Shadow Minister for Disability Services; Shadow Minister for Health Promotion; Shadow Minister for Volunteers

Danielle is a bona fide hero volunteer fire-fighter who risked her life during Victoria’s devastating bushfires and is very well-placed to restore Labor’s connection with CFA volunteers that appeared a little frayed in the last year.

Jill Hennessy MP (Left)
Shadow Minister for Corrections; Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention; Shadow Minister for the Anti Corruption Commission; Shadow Minister for Women

Regarded by some in the Left as a possible leader down the track, Hennessy is bright and will go to bed praying for prison escapes, which seem very rare these days. Although the Liberal potential own-goal factory, ICAC, could be a very fruitful area for her. Baillieu is apparently most insistent that ICAC be rushed through early next year. Who will be the first Liberal to fall to its stupidity?

Steve Herbert MP (Left)
Shadow Minister for Higher Education; Shadow Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships; Shadow Minister for the Teaching Profession

Herbie held on to his marginal seat and is one of few Kim Carr aligned lefties who’ve ever been allowed on the state Labor front-bench. The Giles part of the Left kept them in a ministerial District Nine for years. He’s very hard-working so it will be interesting to see how that translates in an area that could be carnage-filled following Baillieu’s bizarre gratuitous commitment to make Vic teachers the “best paid in Australia” without actually costing it or now appearing to deliver it.

Tim Holding MP (NUW)
Shadow Treasurer; Shadow Minister for Industry

Holding could easily have been Treasurer in the last term of government but lost an arm-wrestle with Lenders for it. Widely seen as a very smart, tough and hard-working chap. Kim Wells will not want to make many errors while Holding is watching. Libs will attack him for massive desal plant for which he was minister responsible, arguing it was an example of waste, although when Melbourne was on the verge of becoming a thirsty ghost-town, it did seem like an extremely good idea so not sure how that will play. Everyone assumes has leadership aspirations but is very chummy with new Leader.

Justin Madden MP (Labor Unity)
Shadow Minister for Innovation; Shadow Minister for Small Business; Shadow Minister for Tourism & Major Events

Copped a hiding in Planning from the AgeBC brigade whose support for high-rises doesn’t even extend to the apartments their journalists dwell in. No doubt relieved to be out of it and into kinder and gentler territory.

James Merlino MP (SDA)
Shadow Minister for Police; Shadow Minister for the TAC & Road Safety

Contemplated running for Deputy leader but didn’t have numbers. Wasn’t Police minister for long in previous government so stays in the role. Has a lot to do to win over Police Association and members after the government’s association with a Chief Commissioner seen as not very popular with the members of VicPol. Should follow role model of famed shadow Police minister Andre Haermeyer who turned law & order into a positive for the Labor Opposition in the late ‘90s.

Jenny Mikakos MLC (Left)
Shadow Minister for Seniors & Ageing; Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on Children & Young Adults; Shadow Minister for Youth Justice

Another Kim Carr ally whose ship has come in. Worked like a trojan to smite the Greens in the inner-city earning her the admiration of many former factional foes. We even gave her a few nods of support when we saw her on the hustings; she seemed slightly unconvinced of our love.

Lisa Neville MP (Labor Unity)
Shadow Minister for Environment & Climate Change; Shadow Minister for the Arts

Lisa is smart and able and should be able to navigate around the twin dangers of 1) offending nasty climate extremists and 2) agreeing to policies that would shaft working families by massive increasing the cost of heating and cooling and running their home. No doubt relieved to rid of Community Services killing fields.

Martin Pakula MLC (NUW)
Shadow Attorney General; Shadow Minister for Gaming & Racing; Opposition Scrutiny of Government

Very well suited to A-G and ripping into the government. Will be much less human rights focused than Hulls who seemed to think he was on a winner when really did seem like a weiner. Most of the victims of crime are battlers and the most vulnerable in our community, if Labor doesn’t get that and gets seduced/conned/distracted by the AgeBC/Human Rights Week brigade then it will miss a huge area of political opportunity. The new A-G Robert Clark is a tough ideological right-winger and will be hard to ping but Pakula is tough, articulate and no bleeding heart.

Tim Pallas MP (NUW)
Shadow Minister for Employment; Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations; Shadow Minister for Ports; Shadow Minister for Major Projects and Infrastructure

This government could have some major industrial grief if they’re not careful. Pallas, a former NUW official, has very strong connections with most of the unions who could play up and will be kept very informed as a result. Nearly didn’t make the shadow ministry list and was believed to be extremely annoyed at the insult that represented. The arguments over this occasioned a probably temporary split in the rebel right group as they sorted out who would get some frontbench love. One of the previous governments good ministers, Leader Daniel Andrews intervened and gave him a berth. A good call.

Fiona Richardson MP (Labor Unity)
Shadow Minister for Public Transport

Maybe the biggest promotion, Richardson has a huge opportunity here unless the new Premier can wave his Tiffany’s magic wand and “fix the problems” instantly, there’ll be lots of material for her to ping them with. Richardson’s stunning result in Northcote – where she smashed the once-surging Greens – has won her much favourable attention. One to watch.

Robin Scott MP (Feeney)
Shadow Minister for Finance; Shadow Minister for Workcover

Good opportunity for the factional numbers-man to broaden his counting skills to whole new frontiers, one of few MPs to actually watch how much Parliamentary Services spends (wastes) on everything from PCs to telephony.  Will be watching government spending on advertising spin-doctors, office refurbs, overseas travel and all that like a hawk.

Adem Somyurek MLC (SDA/Feeney)
Shadow Minister for Technology; Shadow Minister for Manufacturing; Shadow Minister for Electoral Reform

The rebel right’s talented Adem Somyurek couldn’t get much love from the 1 Treasury Place know-alls in the previous government and will savour the opportunity to shadow Gordon Rich-Phillips in the upper house and be able to rip into the government for its opposition to the NBN.

Brian Tee MLC (Left)
Shadow Minister for Planning; Shadow Minister for Sustainable Growth

The Left’s Brian Tee was going to be a minister in the previous government until rolled by the more factionally connected Lily D’Ambrosio. Regarded as a talent and will need some political skill to re-connect Labor with the nimby (not in my backyard) groups who provide Oppositions with easy headlines. His opponent, Matthew Guy, will struggle to get the horribly tricky politics of Planning right, as he raised the expectations of many nimby groups very high.

Richard Wynne MP (Left)
Shadow Minister for Housing; Shadow Minister for Local Government; Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Closing the Gap; Shadow Minister for A Fairer Victoria

Wynne did well to see off the nasty Greens in Richmond, when many had thought he’d be road-kill. His changes to local government when minister continue to cause menace and loathing in that troubled tier of government including the absurd ban on councillors working as electorate officers or as ministerial staff and conflict of interest laws that make serving on a local council a dangerous minefield. This area probably should have been given to someone new.



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63 responses to “LABOR'S SHADOWS: The Victorian Opposition hasn't gotten much scrutiny so we look at who's who in the ALP zoo

  1. Anonymous

    gee, they’re all stars according to vex. wonder why they’re not running the state…

  2. kk

    who wrote this? given the things vex has said about some of these people in the past, this hagiography pongs a teeny bit

  3. Unity

    Why do we have to put up with all these lefty soft cocks, with all these SL hacks we will be in opposition for decades.

  4. Charlie Wilson

    Agree with you Andy about Wynne,he should should have taken the lead from Pike.Madden, Jennings should also follow suit

  5. C.Brooks

    I didn’t get a thing. I hold a safe Labor seat and I’m headed for the Opposition backbench. This means my preselection is in doubt??? I’ve never had a local preselection ballot as I was just installed by the factions. Uh oh…..

  6. Sandy Wilton

    Doubt there is enough talent & ideas in this bunch to trouble anybody.

  7. Micky D

    There is a God. Tammy Lobato got her just desserts before she had a chance to grow an even bigger ego on the front bench. Whew!

  8. Karma

    Oh dear, can things getting any worse for the Health Services Union. Craig Thomson in court – Kathy Jackson on Wikileaks claiming “she and other union secretaries wield at least as much influence as junior state controlling who is elected to Parliament. Victorian membership now down to 8000. HSU Victorian members complaining because the union will not get back to them. Oh dear, no wonder ALP lost in Victoria, will lose in Sydney and Queensland. What a shame that a proud union could end up like this.

  9. Numpty

    Um Lobato didn’t get re-elected at all Micky D

  10. You lost

    Oh dear Karma is back quoting rubbish,Try 17,000 members, its time you found a job

  11. C.Brooks

    WWWAAAHHHHH. I’m going to cry.

    I’m going to the backbench in opposition and I hold a safe seat.

    I hear the footsteps at my pre-selection door now.

  12. shame

    Madden, Hulls and Brumby should all resign. They cost Bob Smith his seat in the west and cost the ALP government.

  13. Patriot

    Hey Faigan, the HSU is going from strength to strength. The only time it was at 8000 members was when you and Shorn Huddson were too busy having your affair in the late 90’s and took your eye off the ball.

  14. Bob Smith

    There must be some mistake squire I am the Bob Smith what do you mean I was unelected.

  15. Drink up

    Hey Patriot Hudson told me one night about 5.30am i think that she only ever took it in the arse, Funny guy shame he lives overseas now

  16. Not Red

    “Danielle is a bona fide hero volunteer fire-fighter who risked her life during Victoria’s devastating bushfires and is very well-placed to restore Labor’s connection with CFA volunteers that appeared a little frayed in the last year.”

    Andrew, you really need to check your sources. You may find other opinions as to her “heroism”.

  17. aNON

    Funny about that Patriot, how many are financial members – and for your information that lowest membership got was 3000 when Kennett withdrew payroll deductions. You morons from the HSU will kill off the ALP

  18. Anon

    Greens were not smashed in Northcote. ALP vote dropped from 52% to 46%. Greens increased from 27% to 29%. Libs increased from 15% to 19%.

  19. Anon

    Correction. ALP vote in Northcote is below 45%, Greens are nearly 31%. The ALP could not survive too many more “smashing victories” like that!

  20. Craig.L.

    Drinkup – there will only be talk of donut punching by me and my boy Jake.

  21. Motley Crew

    Very little talent on the opposition front Bench. Not many impress me.

    Rob Hulls should have remained Shadow Attorney General, if only to try and stem the dismantling of all the changes he managed to implement. If he stood down now there would be nothing to hold back the tide. Hulls is the best performer of the lot. Can not see any advantage in Green or Somyurek both as useless as Don Nardella.

    How Richard Wynne managed to keep Local Government is anyone’s guess. Maybe he is sleeping with Andrews or his wife.

    I suspect when things settle done and we get closer to the next election there will be a re-alignment.

    Meanwhile Andrews will be praying that a member of the Government will walk out between parked cars, where there should have been a clear way, and get hit by a bus.

  22. Pingback: 2008 Election Biden Taking Second Crack At Ballot

  23. Jay

    Rob Hudson:The invisible former member of Bentleigh whose office was next door to the Bentleigh Station (Frankston line). Maybe if he walked the sixty paces from his office and got on the train when he headed off to Parliament, he may have seen first hand at the poor state of our transport system.He would have seen the cancellations,vandalism, drug dealing/taking and general violence that occurs on the Frankston line.He stood by and gave empty words when two teenagers were killed at the Bentleigh station.He promised a lot and delivered very little.At the recent Bentleigh Festival one week before the election, I watched in disbelief as four Metlink staff were running around trying to ensure the public would not cross the train lines when the boom gates came down as a train approached.In the end two people from the Bentleigh football club who were acting as marshalls took things into their own hands and manned one of the gates to ensure that the public was safe. Fifteen metres away Rob Hudson stood outside his office handing out his paraphernalia completely obvlious to what was occuring. Nothing new there.If he had bothered to care he may have then agitated to do something about fixing the transport problem, and being outspoken as a local member to agaitate change. Instead he would show up to the opening of a letter and ensure his hair was appropriately dyed, but did not bother to respond to the concerns of his constituents.
    Mr Hudson would consistently hand ball the queries to some poor public servant who would respond four months later. Another lefty gone and good riddance.

  24. taxayers dollars no safe

    Going over the list of shadowy shadows it is at least reassuring that they are not in charge of any taxpayers dollars.

    If even one of these jokers ended back on your local council you would have to worry.

  25. Brimbank Party hack

    Re Bob Smith,We in the west dont want blow-ins from the other side here,who have no link to us.Most,like Telmo need a GPS just to find where it is.One of the safest Labor seat in victoria,needed the Greens to get him up.Until the party listens to its members out here this side of town can be a new hunting ground for the Libs.

  26. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Like i say every single one of us the voted for Ted Baillieu will always continue to vote for Ted Baillieu regardless of what he does, there is not one thing that this decent man could ever do to upset or hurt none of us voters what so ever. And i know this for a fact all of us voters will continue to be a big fan of Ted regardless and i speak for each and every one of us that voted for Ted Baillieu we will never turn on him ever what reason would we have and how rotten that would be of us and how unfair. Each and every single one of us voters will continue to vote for TED BAILLIEU AND THE LIBERALS FOR LIFE and nothing can change that.

  27. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    I think people have no rights saying nasty things about the Liberal party it’s wrong, bag mouth and say what you like about the Labor party, but please no nasty comments about the Liberal Party they are too much of a decent good hearted government for that.

  28. Micky D

    Gee thanks Numpty. That is my whole point. But thanks for caring

  29. The fairy bread thief

    Why didn’t Jane Garrett make the cut? She has more potential and talent in her little finger than most of that list combined.

  30. Frankie

    Rob Hudson’s career highlight? Missing out on his paliamentary pension by 3 days! Which means he did not even serve the average length of parliamentary service.And the time he did serve was enough punishment for a very tired and neglected looking Bentleigh. I suppose he will be selling up his million dollar plus home and moving back to cafe latte society.

  31. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Hey” looks like that Ted Baillieu has got control of houses how cushie is that.

  32. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Should i say correcting my first letter, had a couple of drinks tonight celebrating the wicked news, it looks like that Ted Baillieu has got control of both houses in parliment that’s brilliant.


    Gee, the Victorian ALP now has their media management in order.

    They have managed to influence vexnews to cover the invisible ALP shadow ministers.

    Gee the ALP are really bouncing back on the media front.

    What next? Featured on the ALP website.

  34. Prize for winner

    Name on shadow not guilty of branch stacking or govt blunders.

  35. My nexus

    Jay enlighten me as to when 2 teenagers died at Bentleigh Station? Would the marshalls you refer to be Vic Pol members? Empty words indeed.


    Now Alana and another student a boy were both killed at Bentleigh train station , but one was before Hudsons time Alana was 2004 so Jay is so correct there!

  37. How Many Will Be Investigated By ICAC ?

    How many of these shadows will be investigated by the new anti-corruption commission?

    It will be years of embarrassment to the ALP as some are prosecuted.

  38. Adrian Jackson

    For us uneducated in ALP factional issues could you list all the know faction here?

    I notice my local state MP Martin Foley (Albert Park District) like his federal mate Michael Danby (Melbourne Ports) are both on the backbench without a shadow portfolio as expected.

    Why do we continue to have the ALP dregs in the prosperous Melbourne suburbs?


    Ongoing problems with the comments here are a worry. There are several dozen comments by the Darebin/HSU/Batman ALP FEA mafia of a sufficiently unpleasant/defamatory/stalkerish quality that we have decided to ban the lot. We’ll also be blocking the IPs associated with these comments in an attempt to maintain decorum.

    We again remind those indulging in such behaviour that the assumption that online activities are anonymous is quite incorrect. The laws of the land apply here just like everywhere else.

  40. VEC-VEXS

    The Chief Electoral Commissioner would be one of the first to face an inquiry over the conduct of his office and department

  41. Anonymous

    Will the OPP also be subject to ICAC ???

  42. Anon

    Vexnews – good on you – the Darein/HSU/Batman ALP Fea mafia should get over it and do the jobs they are paid for

  43. Libs ministers scarest of all

    The flip side of this story is that the Liberal list of Ministers is a long list of shocking has-beens.

  44. Kimberly for Niddrie.

    OK but when do the old hands move on?

  45. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


  46. think b4 u driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    some libs are clearly still rotten drunk from election night…

  47. brimbank was priceless

    State and federal mps in Brimbank 2008 election ‘master’card bill.

    direct mail
    3 items x main candidates
    1 x flyer per dummy candidate
    use of staff from 3 offices and use of computers and data

    Commercial cost for this secret taxpayer donation

    cost: $100,000 for the whole lot.

    taxpayers liekly refund = zero

  48. quiz - instant prizes

    How many shadows were involved in Brimbank 2008 election scam?

  49. Liberance

    I don’t think so.

  50. Liberance

    To think b4 u driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    – I don’t thuink so!

  51. give it 12 months

    Most real libs are in shock at ted’s win and his bagful of whacky promises…no development in the burbs…highest paid teachers in oz….it goes on and on…

    so how long before the real liberals start to rain on ted’s parade and give us a kennett govt dressed in baillieu bull dust…

  52. looney left in charge

    we have a leftwing lib premier and a socialist left opposition leader….now remind me… the victorian voters gave left parties less than 50% of the vote…

  53. brother baillieu

    do not get too excited about Ted’s left wing tag….Ted will oppose development in the middle ring….and pus it out to the growth corridor….guess who owns large tracts out there..,

  54. bailieu & co - real estate gurus

    now selling:
    • inner city residents rights to object to more docklands towers in their back yards and
    • growth corridor land with zero services at inflated prices for new migrants

    contact the Premier’s office

  55. bailieu & co - real estate gurus

    now letting:

    • non existent services and law and order problems for next 4 years. Best suit safe labor outer suburban seats around Melton and Craigieburn.

    •Crumbling sewers and drains, non existent car parking and world best practice congestion.
    Best suit ungrateful Greens and Labor voters in inner city seats 5 km from CBD.

  56. Unsure???

    Thank you Vex. My question has been answered!

  57. Anonymous

    Yes please, more migrants. There’s an abundance of spare houses in Melbourne selling cheap – not.

  58. Truth

    Andrew, you were either drunk or in a very melancholy mood about the loss of the labor government when you wrote this.

    Usually your analysis is good, but you’ve strangely talked up some real dead beats and diminish your usually good analysis.

    Are you trying to fool us, or yourself?

  59. Former Labor Man

    This line of duds will get short shrift in the coming years!! They live in denial as to why Labor was done like a dinner by saying that it was the “Its Time” factor. As a former Labor supporter, i voted for Ted and his Libs for the first time in my life. labor lost touch and they don’t seem to be moving on!!

  60. Missed opportunity

    Regeneration in political parties especially ones in government are always late. 2006 gave the existing government an opportunity to introduce a few new faces looking toward the future. Then again in 2010 an opportunity to again replace old faces. What happened?

    Bob Smith to the Western Suburbs (would not know where they are)to save him from a supposed losing spot in the East. Guess what happened?

    Madden to Essendon? What was wrong in the Upper House (could’nt handle the heat perhaps), so someone with talent could go to the Lower House safe spot.

    Obviously to late for new talent. That means 2014 pre-selections are important. But do you take the risk? Do you have a clean out or hope that this mob will encourage the voters to support these old faces. I think old faces will stay. That means the ALP will wait for 2018 for the clean out.

    It must be wonderful to know you have at least another 8 years in your job.

  61. Why not also mention that Hulls the head kicker is anything but a human rights champion.
    The first thing he did when elected in government in 1999 was to send the police into the bookshops to seize and destroy all copies of the Raymond Hoser best-seller, Victoria Police Corruption see the website at:
    Hulls then prosecuted Hoser for publishing the truth under the arcane and previously unused charge of “scandalizing the courts”.
    Hulls LOST the first case in front of Judge Bill Gillard so in an illegal act of double jeapardy, he recharged Hoser and publisher and “fixed” the trial by appointing his best mate (fellow Fabian Socialist Labor Lawyer), Geoffrey Eames, as judge (appointed to the bench by his other Labor mate, the disgraced Jim Kennan), to ensure Hoser was convicted second time around.
    To ensure Hoser lost the appeal, Hulls the head kicker then elevated Eames to the court of appeal to ensure Hoser was finacially destroyed and could never expose corruption again!

  62. another 3 elections

    Unless Baillieu’s greedy back bench do another 1970’s style land deal then labor is out of picture for some time. Next election Baillieu can dodge bullet and blame Brumby.

    The following election some chance but would still need a leader.

    In the end 2022 looks good for Labor.

  63. ethnic branchstacker

    Seriously, if they are all so great why are they in Opposition? Steve Herbert can’t put two words together, Lilly D’Ambrosio – smart but a top shelf bitch, I’d hardly say Lisa Neville shore in Government nor did Merlino. 6 out of 10 I say!

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