CRAZY KATH: Failed Greens candidate imagines vast right-wing conspiracy theory deprived her of parliamentary salary

If you want to see and hear preachiness, sanctimony, denial, self-congratulation, delusion in its most obnoxious Greens party form, you really shouldn’t miss prostitutes’ activist and failed RIchmond candidate Kathleen Maltzahn’s election night concession speech after what most observers considered to be a complete election debacle. The Greens party spent more money than they’d ever spent and pretty much went nowhere in what even their mates at The Age described as a “sobering” election result. Their Paul Austin said the Greens paid a high price for “cockiness” on preferences and they’d made a “great miscalculation.” Academic Dr Nick Economou said the Greens had a “very poor election.” Greens insiders questioned their appalling choice of candidate in Melbourne, Brian Walters SC. Others thought Brunswick candidate Cyndi Dawes business links to the coal industry (despite condemning it), spinning for the Myki ticketing system (despite condemning it publicly) and campaign forgery (barely denied it) made her wholly unsuitable. The voters agreed, despite being hyped by the media for four years, Dawes got the same vote as she got the last time she lost in 2006.

Easily the worst of them, Maltzahn is such a wacko, so driven by strange ideas, that while pretending to be worried about the interests of sex workers, her own policies would have led to them to being forced onto the street, without security and potentially subject to bashings and unspeakable horrors, attracting crime, thugs and pervs to local neighbourhoods. It’s enough to make any sensible person angry. Some of the most vulnerable people in the community, sex workers, were appalled and publicly said so.

For her part, on the video nasty, crazy Kath seems especially angry with the Liberals for declining to assist her with what had become their customary flow of preferences to the extreme left party. She attributes the ultimately principled decision of the Liberals to a vast, completely imagined right-wing conspiracy theory when in fact Baillieu’s decision was probably the first and only time he’d done anything as Liberal leader where he was unanimously supported by his membership that so clearly expressed where they stood. It was the springboard for the momentum he needed to win an improbable victory. Nothing like being consistent to your principles to help people put their faith and trust in you.

The end result was the Greens elaborate plans to get three of the lowest-rent politicians elected with preferences from the party they pretend to oppose the most blew up in their face like an exploding cigar.

In the whole sordid and embarrassing episode, the Greens party really has been shown up as a jealous, bitter, tired and old party led by the oldest parliamentary leader in Australian politics, superannuated multi-millionaire Senator Bob Brown who is already past retirement age and must feel every day of it when he heard horror story reports about the Greens party’s state candidates.

No-one exemplifies that better than crazy Kath. We doubt the Greens party high command led by de facto party leader Greg Barber will allow her to run again.



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2 responses to “CRAZY KATH: Failed Greens candidate imagines vast right-wing conspiracy theory deprived her of parliamentary salary

  1. Ben

    I want to let Kath know that there is help out there. Perhaps she needs to find a new crowd too. Is she acting out from a “wounded place” in her heart? Sometimes a cold shower and a new year’s resolution can make a world of difference.

  2. Kylie French

    No wonder she lost!

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