THEY'RE COMING: Labor Left readying to muscle up against the anti-Labor Greens party

ADAMBANDTNOTHAPPY The Greens political party’s federal MP for Melbourne looks a worried man these days.

Adam Bandt’s fanatically anti-Labor attack-group, the Greens, are now having to face the consequences for some of the more outlandish statements of their candidates who could barely open their mouths without denigrating their Labor opponents.

As they verged on the kill-zone of knocking off at least four Labor candidates, the Greens party brought out every sleazy old political trick, making tens of billions of dollars of uncosted promises, lying about their opponents taking tobacco industry donations when they hadn’t and accusing them of generally being corrupt or unethical. If you throw enough mud, it sticks. And the Greens run a very dirty operation indeed.

The vicious nature of the operation was probably the last straw that broke the camel’s back of tolerance and Greens party appeasement within Labor’s Left.

Optimism informs much of how we assess things but we think a realistic assessment of the Labor Left’s view of the Greens party right now is that they regard them as an enemy comprising deceitful and manipulative middle-class and rich foes who seek to destroy the party of the unions and replace it with an environmentally focused and very socially libertarian party that doesn’t care much about jobs or living standards.

This is a huge shift in attitude. Previously, as we have complained, while Labor moderates and most Liberal patriots had clarity about the Greens party, Labor’s Left seemed blind to their true nature. They felt constrained in criticising them, even rebutting the Greens anti-Labor campaigning seemed beyond many Lefties. It was as if the Greens party’s brief shining moment of coolness had left them startled and frozen  in the glare.

Nothing like losing an election to focus the mind.

The loss of Melbourne to an anti-Labor candidate was very confronting, even traumatising, for the Labor Left. They’d tried to do the right thing, they put up a highly accomplished lefty woman who was very nearly the boss of the ACTU and who walked away from a very lucrative job in Workcover rather than one of their factionally active candidates. They ran hard to the Left, very seldom criticising their opponent who himself never missed an opportunity to denigrate Labor as sell-outs intent on crucifying asylum seekers, construction unions and the environment.

Adam Bandt’s election on Liberal party preferences shocked the Labor Left to  its core.

An extremist, irresponsible and ugly alternative to them had stolen their heartland and broken their hearts. It seemed to us that they might have truly lost their way for a time, preparing for inevitable defeat in the equivalent state seats and refusing to go after the Greens as they themselves were attacked by them despite their survival being at risk.

But slowly and surely they warmed to the task. Our own view that campaigning to the left of the Greens party is silly is not exactly the Labor Left view, they did it their own way and you can’t fault their result.

Today’s report in the Age newspaper that so vigorously championed the Greens party cause is an expression of just how far the Labor Left have progressed on this issue.

No only making apologies or excuses for the Greens, they are pissed.

Labor Left MP Bronwyn Pike, viciously targetted and smeared by Greens extremists, got a smashing result in her seat of Melbourne against catastrophe candidate Brian Walters SC who was imposed by the party hierarchy on doubtful local branch members.

She has publicly called on Labor to look at putting the Greens party last on HTV’s as a result of the party’s fanatical anti-Labor attacks.


“They [the Greens] are no friends of ours…” Bronwyn Pike

The game has changed. The Age continues:

Veteran Labor minister Bronwyn Pike, who survived a bitter fight against the Greens for her seat of Melbourne, has told The Age it is time for the ALP to look at following the Liberals’ lead and put the Greens last.

”That will have to be a discussion, because they [the Greens] are no friends of ours,” she said.

The return of a Coalition government in Victoria showed that the Greens had to be careful what they wished for, Ms Pike said.

”They have really seen their role – and I certainly saw this during my election campaign – as just making this undifferentiated slur on the Labor Party,” she said.

”Whatever we did was never good enough for them, because they are absolutely so pure that they felt it was appropriate to cut flesh off us at every point.

”Now they find themselves with a government that I would have thought is a little further away from their political ideology than we were.”

Ms Pike said the Greens had shown – in their attacks on her and their record of sometimes voting with the Coalition in Victoria’s upper house – that they deserved no favours from the ALP.

Asked if Labor should consider putting them last on its how-to-vote cards, she replied: ”We will have to seriously look at how we deal with that, and I think that will be an important lesson out of this election.”

Affluent inner-city seats where the Greens party might outpoll the Liberals include federal seats like Higgins, Goldstein, Victorian state seats like Hawthorn, Kew and even Brighton.

At this stage, Labor’s decision to do that would be mostly symbolic. And a huge statement to Labor’s heartland about how it sees the Greens party for what it really is: a highly effective political fraud operation that ought not be represented in Parliament at all, let alone in the house that forms government.

It is electorally a no-brainer, associating with the Greens is going to become increasingly politically toxic as water and power bills continue to surge and cost-of-living pressures soar.

But it’s more than that, it’s a symbol of how Labor regards the Greens. The Greens style themselves as vaguely sympathetic to the Labor side of politics when in truth they are as fiercely anti-Labor in their rhetoric as Tony Abbott on a calm day. The Greens style themselves as wanting transparency and accountability despite hiding the costs of their outlandish promises which if implemented would drive the nation or state into insolvency and cost jobs. The Greens pretend they’re on the side of working families when any cursory examination of their policies reveals that they’d be slugged horrifically with massively increased costs and soaring unemployment.

Labor needs to communicate these self-evident truths. The Libs can rip into the Greens on taxes and irresponsibility but no-one quite does class war about workers’ rights like Labor’s Left and the simple truth is that the policies of the Greens party would represent a massive attack by the wealthy elites on working people.

If Labor can’t identify this and prosecute the case, no-one can. It looks like they’re about to start.

While the preferences debate is important, the important debate for Labor is what is its strategy with the Greens. Are the Greens a morally superior allies in the same lefty cause who deserve every hand-out and assistance and appeasement measure or is the Greens party a fundamentally dishonest and anti-Labor party that aims to – in the words of the elderly Greens party leader Bob Brown – “replace” Labor “bastards” that deserves an appropriate punishing response?

And while many in the Labor Left have moved on from trying to appease the anti-Labor Greens, it seems Greg Barber doesn’t comprehend that once crossed the Labor Left is a fierce beast. One of the comrades told VEXNEWS this morning:

There is a huge anger about what the Greens have done. There are many reasons for the narrow loss of state government but no-one can doubt they were a factor. The lies they’ve told about us. The bogus undeliverable promises they made designed to show Labor up as never quite doing enough no matter how much we actually did. The constant anti-Labor attacks without ever a word of criticism at the conservatives. The vast resources they forced Labor to spend defending inner-city seats, hundreds of thousands of dollars that could have been spent in the eastern suburbs. I know you think we were slow to act on the Greens but I think you’ll be pleased where this ends up. The Greens party have unified the Left in common cause. They’ve lied about our candidates, voted with the Liberals and Nationals and helped undermine Labor governments just once too often. The gloves are coming off. Adam Bandt’s party is over.

The Greens haven’t got the memo on this it seems. Barber posing what might once have been a perplexing question to The Age:

”Labor has a choice: do they want Liberals in, or do they want Greens in?”

I think he’ll be hearing the answer on that loud and clear, real soon.



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41 responses to “THEY'RE COMING: Labor Left readying to muscle up against the anti-Labor Greens party

  1. Sandy Wilton

    Labor should treat the Greens Party like the Liberal party used to treat the DLP. They are a small minority whose prefernces can be decisive. If Pike was more conscientious locally she would not feel threatened by the Greens.
    Lots of young people find it a difficult decision to decide between Labor and the Greens. When Pike regarded her electorate as an absentee landlord, she gave young voters the reason to vote for the Greens.

  2. The feeder Party

    How is it that the ALP and the Greens both handed out Sex Party How-to-vote cards during the election?

  3. Poll Bludger

    “Affluent inner-city seats where the Greens party might outpoll the Liberals include federal seats like Higgins, Goldstein, Victorian state seats like Hawthorn, Kew and even Brighton.”

    Don’t you mean were the Greens might outpoll the ALP and do a Phil Cleary?

  4. Reds are better in bed

    The ALP left have very few friends and even fewer they can actually trust.

    It started in 2001 when Clancy Dobbyn handed out HTV for Stephen Jolly against the preferred ALP left PM elect Lindsay Tanner!

    It’s been all down hill since

  5. Wendy

    Still scared of the Greens my little boys club, ar you? Election over, but you’re still under the bed worried your plasma will be confiscated and your private schools made to pay their own way?

    Still living in fear Mr Brandt will knock on your door and tax your 4 Wheel Drive?

    As Iron Maiden tells it, run for the hills ….

  6. Sotherby

    I wish I had a PhD in Marks, whatever that is.

  7. Sotherby

    you are pathetic Wendy

  8. Cam

    Labor did run negative messaging against the Greens in the State seat of Melbourne. This one was delivered in West Melbourne on the Thursday prior to polling day. Authorised by N Reece. ‘Greens Magic Pudding’ (there are two pages)

  9. Wendy

    Not my commnet crack features. Don’t transfer your guilt onto others. You, your dog/wife, your drinking friend, your no teeth loin fruit can all go take a farking hike – you are beneath me (not literally, I like a full package, not a thimble) so I’m going to go somewhere more challenging.

    Don’t forget to take your aggro out in a road rage incident. Boy, where was RU 486 when it was needed!

    Bye my little worms

  10. One 1 Way to Deal With Greens Madness

    The Greens must be destroyed. There can be no appeasing fanatics, just ask Neville Chamberlain about that.

  11. Medici

    The main problem for the Labor ‘Left’ is themselves. They have been happy to do deals that protect their ever decreasing swag of seats and they have been happy to advance nothing politically. Frankly, as a person who has worked around a few unions and the public sector I can catergorically say that I have never met such an obnoxious, paranoid, destructive bunch than those that identify themselves as SL (they are neither Socialist nor Left). Now they will get caught up in an internecine battle with The Greens, we will see more spirit and commitment than they ever display against the Right or the boss. What this moribund rabble fail to realise is that the war is already lost. The SL and the creatures in it can inspire no one, and now all that self protection and burning off any talent that may threaten them is coming back to bite them on the arse. Good riddance to them, I am one of the long gone.

  12. Futureproof

    The Greens are nothing but filthy swill. Whinging Wendy made a point about 4WD. I’ve lost count of the number of Landrover Discovery with Vote green spew on the back window. Then there are the old clapped out clunkers spewing smoke and brake fluid, you know – the ones with 50 million leftard stickers on the back window. Then there are the snotty-nosed uni students, spruiking vitriol about anyone wearing a suit. I’m so over Green scum vomit.

  13. Futureproof

    @Wendy: Wendy, I feel sorry that you’re so upset that you can’t fit into your size 22 dress anymore. Maybe if you walk to your ban humans protests, you will lose some of that lard.

  14. Futureproof

    @Sotherby: Karl Marx, Frederick Engels and Vladimir Lenin. They were all commos who thought humans were useful idiots. Whinging Wendy believes that there is a place in this world for Stalinist ideals, especially those espoused by that Lee Rhianon Senator, set to take up a senate seat with her ample buns.

  15. Bob Smith is looking like running a tight race in Western Metropolitan.

    Will we see a repeat of the stuff-ups made in 2006 where 500 votes went missing between Count A and Count B (No satisfactory explanation provided). The VEC refused to provide copies of the below-the-line preference data-file for independent analysis and scrutiny. The VEC deleted the preference data-file for Count A –

    Count B Preference data was only made available as a result of an FOI application, 3 mths after the election.

    Copies of the voting center returns were not made available.

    Steve Tully was unable to provide this information to the Parliamentary committee on Electoral Matters when requested to do so. He claimed that the data had been overwritten. No backup made of this crucial data.

    Hopefully this time this information will be protected and copies of the below the line preference data published. Without access to this information the electronic counting of elections results can not be independently verified.

    Victoria’s electoral process is no longer open and transparent as a result.

    Scruinteers have already expressed concern that the VEC could not provide a running sheet of the number of votes that had been issued and returned. Its been over 10 days and this information is still not available.

  16. The Greens are true romantics and idealists. What you describe as dirt, sleaze and smearing is just their indomitable and pure spirit in action.

    The Greens are not a party of hate. They are a party of love; love of planet Earth and all its creatures (even humans, who have done so much to defile their Gaia-given home). And like all the great lovers, they will do ANYTHING for love.

    But the Liberals, and sadly now Labor it seems, will do anything for a different kind of love – the love of money and power!

    So they have decided to gang up on the Greens, and this tactic seems to be working for now. But these appalling hate and fear mongers will not win in the long run.

    Why? Because love conquers all. It might sound like a cliche to cynics but it’s true, you know.

  17. amazed

    to derek sapphire … you are taking the piss, right? Bandt is a commie and is full of hate.

  18. Derek – put down the bong dude.

  19. Sotherby

    Wendy you truly are a pathetic turd, posting comments under other people’s names is really a low for even the likes of you, please get a life.

  20. Bryan J

    I am dissapointed in the rather personal and abusive comments being posted here. By all means, have a political stoush about policies or party issues, but this stuff about a woman’s weight has no place in political debate.

  21. Futureproof

    who cares what you think Bryan. i hate fat chicks just like i hate my mother so you’re vile views can go down the dunnycan. Commies are all fat, all ugly. Not like my darling Sophie M, she’s me honeybunch.

  22. Suzzana the she-male (green voter)

    What happened Fill? you said you’d get 20% of the vote and get the greens or yourself over the line. But you got smshed, even with the ETU pumping heaps of dollars and knuckleheads (we noticed the ETU official on the pushbike in the photo of you in the age) to help in your campaign its time for you to understand that the public have identified you as the wanker liberal stooge that you truly are

  23. andy bult

    Yeah leave the fat bitch alone she cant help it if the sushi wasnt fat free

  24. The futile state

    Australia can not continue to function under the ongoing uncertainty of a hung parliament.

    Come July next year the Greens will hold the balance of power in the Senate. The powers that be will realise the futility of the situation and will force a double dissolution which will see the Greens lose representation and hopefully restore a majority government.

  25. Futureproof

    Bryan, mark my words, the Greens are the enemy of mankind. Look at Euthansia – why do you think they are pushing it. It has nothing to do with dying with dignity. It has everything to do with Aunty May being a drain on the hospital system. According to the Green scum, the best thing for her family is for the doctor to give the big green needle. The Green filth are the enemy; give them no quarter.

  26. Futureproof

    @Derek Sapphire: They are nothing of the sort. Imagine the future….a Green Prime Minister…two buttons on the desk. One button, technology, advancement of manking, the other, wipe a billion people from the earth. The Green PM will push the latter.

  27. LeftRightOut

    Derek’s right… the party of love… no one loves to hate like the greens!
    Just look at Wendy’s spiteful rants over the past little while.

  28. Sotherby

    Hey, don’t knock Wendy, she’s certainly put me in my place a few times with her insightful repartee, lancer like wit and jocular put downs. I enjoy being emasculated by a fiesty woman thanks.

  29. agent 86

    who is fill and why did the etu pump money into him? is this one of deens sick fantaasies- pumping money and other objects into someone?

  30. not easy being green

    The Greens have had their day.

    Tried to eat from both ends of the carrot.

    They took the bait.

    Then the pubic took to them with a stick.

  31. post-greenista

    exit left ring wing labor bore
    enter right left wing liberal toff

    failing services to bolstered by empty promises

    post – greens politics is no garden state

  32. bye bye greens

    The Greens brand was held up by Liberal preferences.

    No that has gone they can proudly add to their brand:

    no added lib preferences.

    The moral high ground will suit them well.

  33. Sotherby

    Good to see Wendy feels necessary to post postive comments about her/him/itself under other peoples names- yet still i feel she has not been able to come close to helping us all understand why the greens bombed out so badly after her proclimation that the movement for change had arrived.

  34. barber a liberal echo

    Barber is such a liberal echo.
    He joined the anti labor attack long ago.

    Demanded transport portfolio?

    Now delusional after a terrible poll for Greens is demanding we choose between libs and greens.

    voters just smashed any dream of green controlled state.

  35. Greens fall from grace

    not sure how wendy and her ilk continue to put faith in victorian greens.

    Their treatment of Wragg showed how the whole outfit is a reactive media driven circus.

  36. Voters sExploitation

    The most offensive and deceitful party in this election was the Sex Party. They were primarily a feeder party of the Greens. If it was not for Sex Party there would only be one Green elected to Parlaiment.

    Sex Party is funded by EROS whose goal is to have XXX rated videos available in video stores and broadcast on subscription Cable TV. The media need to closely scrutinise the funding of Sex Parties campaign and all those behind it. Much of it reminds me of Hustler publisher push to influence the US elections. It is well known that the Sex Party How to vote cards where handed out by members of both the Greens and the ALP.

  37. Bye Greens

    The Greens have reached their plateau. The kooky left labor supporters have left the ALP and joined the greens. There are no more defectors.

    The public are no longer fooled by Bob Brown and his band of merry men and women. So the Greens like the Democrats previously have reached their zenith. Only down hill from here.

    Bye Greens.

  38. Futureproof

    Posted by Futureproof | December 7, 2010, 13:09 These are not my comments. Don’t use my handle Wendy

  39. Sex Party Below-the-line Senate Stats

    Analysis of August Victorian Senate Election voting statistics shows that 27% of Sex Party below-the-line placed ALP ahead of the Greens, 26% had placed the ALP #3 Candidate ahead of the Greens #1.

    The Sex Party polled around 2.26% state wide in the 2010 Victorian Senate election and they polled 5600 below-the-line votes. of those 1549 placed the ALP ahead of the Greens and 1461 the ALP 3rd candidate before the Greens Senator Di Natale.

    If these statistics are repeated in Western Victoria then the ALP’s Bob Smith will win the coveted last position with the incumbent Greens candidate Colleen Hartland missing out.

    Posted by: democracyATwork on Antony Greens ABC Blog December 09, 2010 at 01:36 AM

  40. Scott

    Only Greens offer different choice to ALP or Liberal, because the later two are basically the same under different name.

  41. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Nobody wants the Greens or the Labor party for that matter a vast majority of us would much rather have the Liberals in all the time.

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