THE WRATH OF TED: A victorious Baillieu could revive his ailing Liberal Left faction and put old rivals to the sword

redtedisback Party and published polling and the mood on the ground across eastern and south-eastern suburbs in Melbourne today (Saturday) suggests a Liberal victory according to party campaign workers at lunch-time. Labor people say they’re not sure but most concede a swing against the Brumby government is coming they’re just not sure whether it will be a gentle slap or a round-house kick to the head. In the inner-city, Labor campaigners say it feels on the booths a bit better than the federal election where the Greens vote surged but was still substantially behind Labor (the Marxist Melbourne MP Adam Bandt won on Liberal preferences).

If he does win, we have little doubt that central to his triumph will be 1) keeping his head down and avoiding scrutiny reasonably well and 2) most unexpectedly demonstrating some strong belief in a cause by putting the Greens party last and pledging not to enter into any coalition or government arrangement with them. It was undoubtedly the finest, strongest moment of his political career, many, including us, assumed it was all too little too late. We’ll know soon enough.

The talk of his possible victory gives us the first opportunity for a very long time to speculate about what a victorious Ted might represent for the internal workings of the Victorian division of the party.

Will a victorious Ted be a vengeful Ted against the many perceived and actual enemies he has across the organisational wing of the party?

Many believe while he would bask  in the glow of an unexpected victory for a time that the very party-focused Leader would take a very hands-on interventionist role in the party, something he has even attempted as Leader despite not having the numbers.

Anti-Ted forces – too busy on the booths fighting the good fight to analyse the implications too deeply – worry that he will use the surge in prestige from any victory to purge the dominant Kroger/Ronaldson faction from its position of vast numberical superiority.

It could revive vigorous spats that once went on between the Kroger and what was then called the Kennett faction. We have occasionally labelled them Dries and Wets but the ideological differences between them are not vast, Baillieu’s group is perhaps a little more small-‘l’ Liberal than the red-meat eaters of the Kroger brigades like Robert Clark and our favourite Bernie Finn MLC. The differences are more personality and political method than political.

If elected, as Premier and a noblesse oblige low-key low-reform occupant of 1 Treasury Place, Baillieu won’t have much to do. The books are in good order, whatever one might think of the Brumby government they have run a very tight ship financially, with the appetite for kick-the-door-down reform very low in Baillieu’s circle of trust which includes hard-drinking upper=house leader David Davis (D-squared to his few friends), Petro Georgiou (the lefty former Liberal MP), Peter Poggioli, Chief of Staff Michael Kapel and The Age’s correspondent Paul “Curly” Austin.

He’ll have plenty of time therefore to devote to the task of “taking back the party” from the Krogerites as one observer explained to us this morning, with his head still spinning about the prospect of a famous Liberal victory few of them ever dared dream about until last night while guarding the bunting.

Baillieu’s small-target strategy might just have paid off, some of it containing elements of the outrageous, including getting his $43 billion Victorian budget costings done by a tiny three-man accounting firm that occupies about 100 square metres and has a dental surgeon in the adjacent office.

The incident suggests Baillieu doesn’t have a strong team around him, which again can only serve to compound his authority if elected Premier today.

While quite elaborate plans had been made across the party room involving plotsters and conspirators like Michael O’Brien and Matty Guy (with Baillieu-aligned Mary Wooldridge even putting herself about) in the event of a Baillieu defeat, few have planned for victory and even fewer know what’s on the menu. And those who don’t know will probably find it might include themselves.

A victorious Ted could well be a very vengeful Ted against all those factional federal foes who p*ssed on him from a great height over the past five years. While he’ll probably govern the state in such a low-key Rupert Hameresque boring way that we’ll all be put to sleep while marvelling at his embrace of inner-urban left and arty causes, his internal governance of his own party will be more Generalissimo Franco than Captain Snooze. Be afraid.



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79 responses to “THE WRATH OF TED: A victorious Baillieu could revive his ailing Liberal Left faction and put old rivals to the sword

  1. Anonymous

    Ted’s got it won.

  2. Wenchy

    Boofa soon I’ll be able to play with ‘Percy’ in my luxurious MP’s office.

  3. Wenchy

    By the way Boofa what does a MP actually do? Do I have to play with ‘Percys’ all day?

  4. Syphologist

    I just cast my vote for Ted’s mob.

    No surprise there, but now I know what Apple lovers feel like when a new Macintosh is released.

    That certainty and smugness certainly feels good 🙂

  5. Giuseppe De Simone

    This will be an election that again proves the adage of oppositions not winning but governments losing.

    I am hopeful that Premier Ted will do what every Premier should do.

    He should wake up around 10:00 a.m., have a leisurely breakfast, do some media around 11:30 a.m., go into the office to sign some 100th birthday cards, go for a nice long lunch with perhaps a good full bodied red or two, sign an administrative minute to make some overpaid public servants redundant as another useless layer of interfering bureaucracy and intrusive oversight is shut down, have a quick nap, wake up and go home to spend an evening with the family. This level of masterful inactivity should see the State recover from 28 years of over-governing under Cain, Kirner, Kennett, Bracks and Brumby.

    The less governments do, the better the outcomes.

    I am a Liberal because I want the government to do as close to nothing as possible.

    Therefore, I am really concerned that Ted actually might implement some of the policies he has espoused such as building more gaols or creating more edifices to political vanity.

    Of course, he will not hesitate to use his flukey new political capital to purge and pillage within the party. With luck, he will expend all his nervous energy on such a campaign and have no energy left for wasting taxpayer money.

    He could yet surprise as a top notch Premier. Then again, if he loses by 2 – 4 seats, he’d probably have to resign before he was pushed out.

    In the event of a narrow loss, imagine how great the renewal will be in the State Parliamentary Liberal Party with a new leader. No doubt, the classes of 1988, 1992 and 1996 will retire or be forced out in party plebiscite preselections. The tragedy of a Ted win will be that the Kennett era infestation of mediocre obsequious acolytes in the Parliamentary Party will not be addressed.

    I really can’t stomach a Parliamentary Party where 2 out of 4 party leaders have views that would place them in the Sex Party or the Trot faction of the Greens. A broad church still needs some articles of faith.

  6. Syphologist

    Now to get back to my other pastime, sleeping with boys

  7. Wendy

    maybe you should wait for the votes to be counted!

  8. Br

    Whay y’all gonna do if

  9. A victory for patriots beckons

    Let there be no mistake that a victory for Ted would be a victory for the truest patriots of all.

  10. Giuseppe De Simone

    Whatever the vote is tonight, you can -0.3% from the Greens, +0.6% to the Liberals and -0.3% to the ALP to take into account the combined impact of the pre-polls, postals and absentees. This will make a significant difference in seats where the 2PP vote is 49.6% Liberal : 50.4% ALP. Those seats should be counted as lost to the ALP even though the ALP will have what looks like a sufficient buffer to hold on. It’s a generalisation and there will be exceptions to this; however, it’s a good rule of thumb to apply to the polling night figures. My best estimate based on trying to extropolate polls with such large margins of error is

    Coalition: 46
    ALP: 40
    Greens: 2

    Coalition: 21
    Greens/Sex: 6
    DLP: 1
    ALP: 16

    Of course, if there is a polling day swing back to the ALP (as there was to Howard in 1998 and 2001), then a likely outcome could be:

    Coalition: 41 or 42
    ALP: 44 or 45 or 46
    Greens: 1 or 2

    Coalition: 19
    Greens/Sex: 7
    DLP: 1
    ALP: 17

    All in all, it is likely to a close election.

  11. Anonymous

    Finally Kirstie Marshall will have to find a real job good ridance to the worst MP ever!!

  12. Anonymous

    Bye-bye kirstie.

  13. Dopey Madden

    Anyone got any vacancies?

  14. AC

    Mummy I’m not going to be an MP oh no.

  15. Medici

    Daniel Andrews is behaving like a spiteful, petulant little brat. Hope Foley is gone in Albert Park it couldn’t happen to a more arrogant unworthy guy. Bye Bye ALP and Good Riddance.

  16. Bill Calvin

    NO green seats in the lower house at all. Fuck you, you communist wankers.
    A magnificent night.
    By bye brumby the pretender. You have NEVER won an election in your own right and you never will.
    You were handed the leadership by the grinning buffoon bracks and now you have fucked it up.
    Go Ted!

  17. anon

    Davy Davis sounds like a filthy pedaphile

  18. Big Red Ted

    Victoria swings to the left

  19. Albert Parker

    Is Giuseppe De Simone allowed to vote this election? Will his swelling pockets be enough to persuade officals?

  20. Syphologist


    The Poxy Pollster has called every election since 1988 except the Kennett loss.

    Faith in Ted has been vindicated.

    Note to Antony Green:
    Instead of throwing a hissy fit, add a data plan to your phone so you won’t be reliant on ABC-grade communications.

  21. Giuseppe De Simone

    Of course I can vote. I am a citizen. I am pleased with the outcome and fully expect a Baillieu government with 47 or 48 seats likely and 49 seats possible. There is a strong chance of a coalition majority in the Legislative Council as well. The collapse in the ALP primary vote is monumental. Due to their preferences, the Greens are much more significant a support for the ALP than the DLP was for the Liberal Party in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Unfortunately for the ALP, the Greens may well supplant them. The miniscule increase in the Greens vote shows that when the public knows that their vote matters they don’t waste it on a self indulgent protest vote but focus on the major parties. I now wonder how much lower the ALP vote will get when the pre-polls and postals come in. It could be a more significant drop than I calculated. The Greens will do better with the pre-polls at the expense of the ALP but the Greens won’t do so well with the postals where the Liberals will do the best of all in terms of net increase in their 2PP vote.

  22. David Davis is painful to watch. He should have hit the turps instead of the airwaves.

  23. Anonymous

    This is all conrad french’s fault

  24. Anonymous

    Cmon give it up Andrews the gig is up. Time to start fighting over the spoils of defeat

  25. Anonymous

    Labor is goooooorne. Ted can walk on water within the Liberal Party now.

  26. Barry

    I think the reason people are surprised about the swing and likely result is that so much of the pre-election coverage focussed on the politically interesting , but ultimately unimportant machinations in the inner-city seats fight between the ALP and the Greens. The majority of people in the media live within 10ks of the city, with a high proportion in the trendy Labor/Green suburbs. While it’s interesting that a Green might beat a minister, the real battle is always fought in the outer east and down the eastern side of the bay. The inner city seats will never be Liberal and the Greens are most unlikely to side with the Libs so my call is for a little more attention paid to the real issues rather than the sideshows, interesting as they may be.

  27. Madam Lash

    Never say never Barry…imagine a scenario where the Libs sell off the inner suburban Housing Commission Towers and force people to move to country areas like Ballarat and Moe….the gentrification of the inner city would then be complete…and the Libs would romp it in

  28. Boofa Leigh

    Wenchy don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Your pre-poll ‘efforts’ may put you flat on your back – and that the way I like it sweety….

  29. Ted is the best

    “It is time to clean house. We have some cancerous elements … and they are destroying the Liberal Party”

  30. Dr Dean

    The Victorian people have betrayed the Menzies Legacy!

    The magnificent legacy that I bequethed to the Party of Menzies in 2002 has now been lost.

    This calls for a self-pitying op-ed column in The Age containing multiple animal metaphors.

  31. Dr Dean's tiger


  32. McPerton

    My Dear Fatty, the Dearest of Dear Fatties

    This is a most delightful triumph for Our Party and Our Dear Friend Ted. My Very Dear Friend Ted.

    Now that My Very Very Longstanding Dear Friend Ted is to become Premier, we must turn our mind to how I may best be of service to my native state.

    We must also consider how My Most Dear and Trusted Former Colleague and Old Chum Ted can reward those who have supported him over the years, through thick and thin.

    My own record in this regard requires no further comment, and demonstrates my loyalty to My Longstanding and (did I mention) Most Handsome and Distinguished Fraternal Colleague Ted.

    In the last four years I have been a faithful servant and supporter of My Dear Old Mate Ted. I have not consorted with Labor or abandoned Our Party in its hours of need. My selfless service to Our Party deserves to be acknowledged and rewarded. The question is, how?

    Now, let me think.

    There is an upcoming vacancy on the Court of Appeal, where a distinguished jurist and former Human Rights barrister would be eminently suited to interpreting the Charter of Rights.

    Or what about Secretary of the Department of Justice, where my policy nous could be put to good use to achieve more enlightened sentencing policies.

    State Governor, perhaps? In light of my current international service and considerable experience I have of many parts of the world, I could plough that experience into the Victorian soil for good and fruitful purposes- just as Richard Butler did with such distinction in Tasmania.

    My new Victorian destiny awaits me. I shall return immediately. Can you please let Ted know to have “Vic 1” waiting for me upon arrival at the airport. And can you please organise an appointment with Ted for me. Not too soon after lunch – 4.00pm should do nicely.

  33. FatInga

    The fat lady has sang

  34. Syphologist

    *sniff* … *sniff* … is that the smell of a bushfire?

    Nope. Just the shredders running hot in Spring Street.

  35. To the Point

    I see ex -minister Helpless has hung on- what a pity. Everyone went ballistic about Maddern’s Sham consultation over the Windsor but Helpless was in on that game too- to the point of letting a interdepartmental committee with community representation run on for months after a secret deal was done with a very well funded industry group who got everything they wanted. As I said- a pity

  36. Jiannis

    But before I leave, perhaps you should examine what Liberal strategies helped them achieve such success and why Labor failed.

  37. Anonymous

    When is Nick Reece getting the sack

  38. Helen's got Balls

    Thank goodness for Helen Kroger Without her hairy bush interfering over the gay greens, Ted would never have discovered his testicles.

  39. The Democratic Republic of Brimbank

    the spirt of all those poor people in the western suburbs have cursified John Bumby, Bully Hulls and Dopey Madden. Karma baby.

  40. Craig.L.

    Sh!t, I nearly had mummies boy Anthony lose in IvanHoe but now a 2% after I got it to 17%!

  41. zoomie

    well IBF.Joannes crying, Macedon could be lost.

  42. Anonymous

    Let’s raise a glass to Mr Madden who managed to turn what was once a safe labor seat of Essendon to now a marginal. He will bring much needed talent to the backbench.

  43. Toorak Cowboy

    Amazing to see the same MULC/Krogerites who spent the best part of the last 5 years undermining Ted and his factional base at every opportunity, screaming “We want Ted” on the ABC last night.

    Opportunistic scumbags the lot of them.

  44. Manice Junt

    I may have lost my seat but Geoff Leigh *is still* and enormous c?ut…

  45. Maddan

    I will survive world war three

  46. premiers faction

    Dont worry comrades its going to be OK. 44-44 hung parliament. We have got this sorted.
    Reece, O’Brian, Gargil, King, Wall, Currie & Thomas

  47. Inga Binga

    I am the happiest woman alive. I have successfully orchastrated the election of two local councillors Lorraine Wreford from the City of Casey and Donna Bauer from Kingston Council to be my personal little attack dogs in the lower house, or my love pupets depending on my mood. My only problem is, which Ministry will I demand from Ted who dare knock me back after all the work I have done in controlling thre local councils to help us secure Government.

  48. svigos

    Let’s put some sort of spin on this.

  49. Who will get Broadmeadows?

    Now that John Brumby, in his only 2 elections as leader has lost 2 from 2, will surely now resign from Parliament.

    Which factional ethnic warlord has the numbers in Broadmeadows? Is it time for the Kurds? Greeks? Italians? Turks??

    Whatever is the case, it sure wont be a Caucasian.


  50. Les of Wodonga

    John Brumby- The Pauline Fegan of Victorian politics

  51. Brimbank Party hack

    Who will get Broadmeadows?I think H Suleyman,the famous Branchstacker from Brimbank has the numbers!!!!

  52. Anonymous

    hey Brimbank Party hack, how about a union hack or mzybe burhan will get Broadmedaows. how funny will ICAC be cant wait for heads to roll you brimbank hack..

  53. Happy Lib

    the big shift in the party won’t be factional but more from a federal focus to a state one.

    For years Costello and the Senators were the real power brokers in the party. The state MPs typically had little influence outside their electorates.

    Now in government, the focus will shift.

    I don’t think Ted will be particularly interested in diverting too much attention to factional enemies. Under David Kemp and Tony Nutt, the factions had been under control anyway.

    Ted will enjoy a long period of support,including from so-called factional enemies. Hwoever don’t expect any mutual love with the Krogers.

  54. The GTM cancelled

    The GTM express is no more; instead the GTM cancelled is stuck in Polwarth. It is picking up no passengers. Rivers and RDR have both been left stranded. No more choo choo for you.

  55. The march of the patriots

    Krogerites – worst faction ever. They seriously cant do a thing right. They couldnt even white-ant Ted properly.

  56. HSAM bronze

    Dear Les,

    At least Brumby finished 2nd unlike Fegan who finished 3rd

  57. Anonymous

    Posted by Brimbank Party hack | November 28, 2010, 20:02

    You wish you were Hakki right now. His got all the cards.

  58. Giuseppe De Simone

    The ALP government has clearly lost the election. Unlike 1988 when the Kennett Liberals should have won, this time the twist of a few hundred votes in the close contests has gone against the incumbents and Mr Baillieu will be Premier.

    I am prepared to accept that I was wrong – I thought he was unelectable. I am not surprised the ALP didn’t play up his trendy views on social and moral issues in the conservative Eastern marginals. This would have been the most telling attack but the ALP can’t attack his pro-euthanasia (and other similar) views as it is conflicted internally on this. The ALP instead went for an attack on his business connections. Big mistake. It may play well in the heartland where envy rules but it goes down badly in the marginals where people run small businesses and admire success.

    Baillieu did impress me towards the end of the campaign. Even DD was totally on message and quite devastating. DD definitely beat off his old sparring partner of Rob Hulls.

    I am concerned that so many promises that offend Liberal Party core values have been made. The size of government will continue to increase.

    Most worrying of all. On the law and order issue, dog whistle policies prevailed. They are a disgraceful and inappropriate over-reaction to misinformed community concerns fuelled by media manipulation. Dearly held civil liberties are threatened by new police powers. We need a police force with fewer powers and more presence on the streets – that costs too much so we give them more powers which can be misapplied or abused.

    The Charter of Human Rights is not about unelected judges vs elected Ministers and Governments. It is about the constant battle between concerned citizens and bureaucrats. Given a choice between empowering a judge or allowing a bureaucrat to make decisions, I’d prefer the judge as the more accountable and the process as more open and transparent, albeit still flawed by the cost of litigation. Anyone who knows anything about modern ministerial conduct, knows that Ministers act almost always on the basis of departmental advice rather than their own considered judgment after weighing all sides of an issue. They then are forced into defending the indefensible of departmental stuff-ups. Finally, when they give up the fight, they refuse to resign because it was departmental advice and they can’t be held accountable for mistakes made by the department, only their own errors of judgment. The Charter is the only way to stop this rort. The incoming Liberal Government will abolish the Charter at its peril and most importantly at a great cost to the community.

  59. Cyclops

    Posted by Helen’s got Balls | November 28, 2010, 13:28

    The only Balls Helen Kroger has got are those she gobbles up! Gobble Gobble….

  60. Syphologist

    So, Ted, where to begin?

    Here are a few quick popularity builders:

    1. Scrap Myki. Sunk cost is lost money. You will never recover it, so don’t fall into the trap of sending good money after bad.

    2. Reform road laws. Increase the tolerance on speed cameras to a more realistic 10%, and remove the ridiculous maze of changing speed limits.

    3. Scrap smart meters. They’re a con-job almost as bad as the NBN, and they’re going to get worse. Every voter’s wallet hurts from these devices.

    4. Mothball the desalination plant and the water pipeline. Pay whatever penalties are due to the constructors and blame it all on Labor while you’re still in the honeymoon period.

    Ted, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. Don’t waste it!

  61. Rivers

    I better be a Minister in the Tedista Government.

  62. RDR

    Rivers. you can now p!ss off – you useless piece of crap. I’ll never forgive you for leaking that Kristyne Byrne story.

    I’m now a Minister and I’m a loyal Tedista. Always have been, always will be.

    Suggestions to the contrary are rumours being spread by Krogerite filth.

  63. RDR

    If I become Minister, I had better let my driver know there will a taxi service for all the teenage girls who are impressed with me, the Hon. Minista!

  64. Giuseppe De Simone

    The election at the end of November gives Baillieu at least sixty days to plan any significant and major policy shifts. Then there is the budget in May which is only about ninety days before it has to be totally bedded down. Too many programs have strong momentum already so I suspect Myki and the Desal are here to stay just like Citylink and the Grand Prix were in 1999. There will be fiddling around the edges but that’s it. The smart meter roll-out is a complex issue – too many have gone in already and those people won’t want to be the only ones paying the extra fees. I believe it will continue along after a pause for tinkering. The benefits of better monitoring may well accrue to the distributors but the incidental benefits for consumers over time may make it worthwhile. At the very least, the charging method needs to be revisited. This is a matter where a decision will need to be made within the next sixty to ninety days. Meanwhile, the meters keep going in at the rate of 20 or 30 per installer per day.

    I was wrong about this election. I was wrong about the electability of the incoming Premier. So you can ignore the above if it doesn’t suit your prejudices.

  65. andy bult

    Ros Spence is frothing at the mouth seeing that Brumby is ready to jump ship and she will be slotted right in.At least she is a better looker than that bush pig Lisa Neville.

  66. BS Detector

    Great to see patriot Andrew Elsbury get up in Western Metro – a hard-core Tonto to Bernie Finn’s Lone Ranger!

  67. Anonymous

    Surely it is time for Robin to deliver Broadmeadows to the popular Burhan. We here the numbers are all ready done.

  68. Micky D

    Red Ted did not win it the likes of Tammy Lobato white anted Brumby and lost it for him.

  69. Fatty Doyle

    My Dear Viscount McPerton of Golden Gate QC

    One of the messenger boys that I have employed here at Town Hall informed me that a message had come from San Francisco addressed to me, HRH The Rt Hon Lord Fatty Doyle, and so I summonsed the letter immediately, and was delighted to see that it was a hand written note from my good fat friend Victor Perton. Indeed the last time I saw or heard from you was when I saw “Victor Perton in Mexico City February 2010” on youtube, and re-acquainted myself with what a big lard-filled idiot you really are.

    I fully and completely endorse your bid to be the Governor, a Supreme Court Justice, and Secretary of the Department of Justice. In fact, I believe you should be given all three at the same time, but im told by George Brandis that this might be contrary to the spirit of the constitution. Perhaps you could be the new Human Rights Ambassador? I ran this idea past your former colleagues at the human rights bar, who first of all claimed never to have heard of you, and then suggested you might be best-suited to a role as tribunal member in VCAT, but only once it has been abolished.

    Whatever happened to the Victor Person human rights law blog? Perhaps you could answer that question in your own time.

    I do want to raise an issue with you that has been giving me about as much trouble as an animal metaphor inserted into a Dr Dean op-ed piece in The Age. Why is it that Ted is now Premier, and yet when I ran for election, I got the worst result in history? Why was I humiliated? Why am I only a local councillor? And why was I elected to the post reserved for laughing stocks and running in-jokes by the people of Melbourne? John So denies this, and quite frankly, I believe him.

    The only answer I believe is a luncheon, my dear McPerton. Perhaps we can invite The Goose Atkinson, who can entertain us with his lovely poetry whilst we wait for our meal. I know Nintendo Man is your favourite, but I particularly like Table Top Dancer. In fact, I think they are all great. WHy were his works never published? Perhaps that could be a project for the new arts minister?

  70. Special Branch

    Ted knows where you live Andrew! He didn’t like the Red Ted refs, OK?


    No tears that Morand in Glen Waverley is gone hooray
    Maxine Moronand who got Brumby out of the government by being so pushy about her own choices and no one elses so pushing to decrimanlise abortion well this ultra dumb move has so backfired on you Maxine and on all the others who voted for the abortion regression Bill!
    Maxine you were so selfish your risked a narrow margin in your own seat to vote to abort innocent unborns en masse
    well yes you won, but your short term outlook helped to abort Brumbys government so hope it was worth it to you alone with your selfish choice! Yes Moronand you are all for choice so long as its was your own and no one elses that is just being a dominator thats not right!
    Now please tell is it so progessive Maxine ie you doing your bit to get rid of Brumby we think not!
    you and your anti life cohorts helped to do the ALP out of government so is that achievement we think not! What a dumbo you are! You have no shame nor brains well is bringing the late term abortion rate up by six hundred percent is that an achievement no and no thanks to you for that

  72. Barry from Sunbury

    The counting in Macedon continues. Will the Lib candidate pull of a miracle and roll Dooby Duncan’s previously thought unassailable 8.2 % margin?
    Either way the lad will be heralded as a Liberal hero, having belted Duncan and campaign manager Jamie (the man servant) Byron into marginal seat status. I expect a resignation for “family reasons” within 6 months and for the Libs to roll up the seat into the Big Ted family in the following by election. 419 votes stand between the Libs and victory. Meanwhile Joanne Duncan continues to sulk with a scowl on her face while the local libs are dancing in the streets

  73. zoomie

    Ros spence would be a great member but the yigies Turkish delight will not let her. Right ,right shes not a turk or lebo.

  74. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    To Medici i want more and more anti Labor letters from you please. But i never ever want to see any anti Liberal letters from you that would hurt people feelings. Medici i know this for a fact that you would never lower yourself to bag mouth the Libs your to kind for that.

  75. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Barry from Sunbury thank God i’ll never hear a bad Liberal letter from you either, just remember and you will agree with me on this one that superior people like me and yourself are life long Liberal voters. And people have no rights bagging the Liberal party AT ALL. Both you and me WILL ALWAYS VOTE LIBERAL AND WE BOTH ADORE TED

  76. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Everybody from the Macedon Ranges hates the Labor party and so they should

  77. Kylie French

    Barry from Sunbury is way off. Jo Duncan leads by 1046 votes. Why would the Sunbury Libs dance after this loss?