JENNY HENTY: Greens candidate denounces coal and fossil fuels while secretly investing millions in coal and fossil fuels

Jjennyhentydisgrace The extreme-left Greens party candidate in Hawthorn, Jenny Henty, has been accused of hypocrisy and deception after revelations in today’s Herald Sun that despite frequent public attacks on coal and fossil fuel mining for political purposes she had secretly invested millions in coal and fossil fuel mining.

The Hun’s Padraic Murphy has done very well indeed in bringing this hypocrisy scandal to public attention just in time for Victorian voters to make an important decision about the direction of the state.

The shocking allegations mark the end of a horror week for the Greens party in which a disendorsed candidate accused the party of bullying, smearing and public humiliation of her after she expressed differing views from de facto party leader Greg Barber and yesterday’s exclusive VEXNEWS revelations that the Greens waning star candidate Brian Walters had been spreading lies about their opponents taking money from tobacco businesses. He was forced to apologise and “undertook” to withdraw the false document from distribution.

Messy as those crises were, nothing compares to the incredible deception perpetrated by Jenny Henty whose multi-million dollar investments in coal, fossil fuel and uranium mining include:

â–  Carpentaria Exploration including gold, lead, coal and uranium interests;

â–  Oilex Ltd including extensive international projects in oil and gas; and

■ Dragon Mining including gold mines which according to the Herald Sun includes the “controversial use of cyanide”.

Nothing wrong with all that but it doesn’t match her anti-mining rhetoric and campaigning around the Hawthorn electorate bearing “No new coal” signs.

We wonder how she sleeps at night. How can you reconcile campaigning with “No new coal signs” and multi-million dollar coal exploration investments? How can you present as an activist working for renewable energy while hoping to make millions from oil and gas? It’s breathtaking stuff.

How can you campaign on Greens party policies against uranium and be a financier of uranium exploration? This would be remove to unseat any major party candidate.

For whatever the faults of the Labor and Liberal parties, it is hard to imagine any of their representatives engaging in such dishonesty.

During the campaign Wendy Henty declared on her Facebook page:

“We need investment in renewable energy not more fossil fuel power.”

"Too much public money is being wasted propping up last century energy sources."

And while held by the Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu, Hawthorn is not the safe seat it was. On federal figures, the Greens party were within striking distance of winning it and if Baillieu departs it after the election in the event of a loss, there’d be every chance of the Greens getting elected in that seat.





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30 responses to “JENNY HENTY: Greens candidate denounces coal and fossil fuels while secretly investing millions in coal and fossil fuels

  1. $Gregg$Barbor$

    Nothing wrong with a bit of wise investing

  2. Sally Taggert

    It is no suprise the Greens do not like scrutiny of their policies and personnel

  3. ha ha ha ha

    when does the moral farce ends? When you put the Greens last!

  4. Jamie Anderson

    I wish Carpentaria Exploration did have a nice big juicy uranium project – unfortunately we don’t but we do have potentially lots of other goodies which the world needs.

  5. ha ha ha ha

    but Jamie, your investors are hypocrites!

  6. Jamie Anderson

    Yes, as a Carpentaria shareholder I’m deeply ashamed.

  7. Right Said Fred

    The Greens are also against private schools but I would bet my house on the fact that Jenny Henty’s 2 kids didn’t go to a state school.

  8. Sotherby

    Do as I say not as I do…how horrid that their lies be exposed and people knwo what utter hypocrites they are.

  9. RDR

    Who’s the young lady on her knees in the photo? I’ll offer her a lift home from the rally, txt me.

  10. Disillusioned

    Page four of suggests that Philippa Henty (a FaceBook ‘friend’ of Jenny’s (a relative perhaps??) went to Ruyton Girls’ School … which describes itself as “a leading independent school with classes from Kindergarten to Year 12.”

    Sounds private to me.

  11. Disillusioned


    Tuition Fees

    In 2010, tuition fees range from $8,056* pa in kindergarten to $21,109* pa in Year 12.

  12. Wendy

    Horrid lies, bogus candidates… how dare Malcolm Turnbull make millions from the NBN … just like Big Ted making millions from privatisation … good on you for exposing these extreme candidates

  13. Sotherby

    @Wendy: And I’m pretty sure they have all been called up on it Wendy, yet you scream bloody murder when the greens cop a bit of scrutiny.

  14. Disillusioned

    I guess “new coal” doesn’t include coal deposits not yet found because they are already in existence.

    It will be quite some time before we create “new coal”.

  15. Ronnie

    Remarkably insipid comment from Wendy today. Cleary even she’s becoming disillusioned with the Greens farce.

  16. Al

    Wendy is one of the greens that I deposited in the toilet after my light lunch earlier, I must not have flushed enough times however as she’s still here.

  17. Wendy's mother

    No Ronnie, the farce has barely begun. Wait till Ted takes the Till and see Kennett MkII reap destruction on Victorians. Take a look at the UK under that clot Tory – 15,000 jobs cut, housing and health cut … and what are the streets of London going to look like in a year or two when thousands who fall through the net are left without support.

    Maybe just invest in prisons and put them there, like Bush did; or find an island somewhere and ship them there. Nauru’s got vacancys this time of year.

  18. Sotherby

    Yo, WM so whats the end result when the entire country goes bankrupt? i guess that at least brings everyone to the same level, except cashed up greens with mining interests.

  19. cynic

    Good god, man. You mean the greens LIE! Well i never. May camels eat their hairy armpits.

  20. They’ll soon be wishing they could fade back into the irrelevance that permitted them to lecture and pontificate without all this scrutiny.

  21. SHY Senator

    I don’t shave my pits but I do shave my puss to keep my men happy. Pour a bit of fizz into me and I’ll swallow anything else you put in my mouth.

    Please don’t tell Christine Milne or my husband.

  22. Just watched the ABC. I never knew how pathetic Greg Barber is as a leader, even worse than Red Ted.

  23. Wenchy

    Let me say I know a thing or two about pretending…Boofa always ‘respects’ me after my performances.

    And don’t forget to smile at the punters tomorrow Boofe or the pretending will come to a screaming stop!

  24. oh dear...

    my oh my, how wrong all you people can be. boy, youll believe anything yr spoonfed wont you? this is how australia has gotten itself into this pathetic statte, uneducted ponces like half of yourselves! Lift up a book people! other countries laugh about australians as cashed up bogans and neanderthals, and you are doing nothing to prove them wrong. Im soo sadenned that this is the ipe oopinion in my country, it makes me want to move back overseas sometimes. Full of conservative, old fashioned views… Progress people, move foreward!!!!!!

  25. LeftRightOut

    oh dear… progressive types complaining about the education level[s] of the readership here… check the spelling and grammar.

    oh dear, indeed.

    Another disillusioned [youthful] green voter, coming to the realisation that their party is a sham… warms my cockles 🙂

  26. LeftRightOut

    I gotta say, Wendy’s posts are slipping… kind of hard for her to keep the fight going really… is this the Greens’ Waterloo?

  27. Slutty Sen Sarah Hanson Young

    My wild plains have been mined and shafted by a fossil in the form of Mr Tony Right. Nothing wrong with some fossil fueling of the SHY pleasure zone.

    Don’t tell Christine Milne because she might want a bit of shaft mining herself. I’d be prepared to shaft her when it comes to leadership.

  28. Wendy

    Sorry if you think my posts are slipping LeftRightOut. The only thing that seems to be slipping are your fingers as they massage your lollypop.

    Hope you’ve stocked up on the vino for tonight. Not so much your Waterloo as the Battle for Stalingrad, and guess which side you’re on buddy boy?

  29. Sotherby

    So what will the Greens call this then, ratfucked? double ratfucked? or just high expectations?

  30. #

    I don’t shave my pits but I do shave my puss to keep my men happy. Pour a bit of fizz into me and I’ll swallow anything else you put in my mouth.

    Please don’t tell Christine Milne or my husband.

    Posted by SHY Senator | November 26, 2010, 19:31

    Hey i`ll be “one of your men”

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