CYNDI DAWES: Greens candidate tries to hide extensive links with coal-fired electricity company TXU

Despite pledging “politics can be different” and higher standards of transparency and accountability, Greens candidate in Brunswick Cyndi Dawes has desperately tried to hide her personal and direct involvement in the Yallourn brown coal-fired power station.

Dawes has been campaigning in the inner-city Melbourne electorate of Brunswick as a strident opponent of using coal for electricity yet appears to have personally profited from coal for many years.

A member of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit has been investigating and has filed this urgent report:

Cyndi Dawes, Greens candidate for the seat of Brunswick, has been a director and shareholder of Simocynd Pty Ltd since its inception in February 2003.

Simocynd, as recently as 2008, on its website (which has since been removed with archived copies obtained by VEXNEWS) proudly stated that Dawes has acted as an employee relations consultant for energy giant TXU (formerly Texas Utilities) who operated the Yallourn brown coal fired power station prior to its sale to Singapore Power in April 2004.

Carbon Monitoring For Action reports that Yallourn releases 11½ million tonnes of greenhouse gases each year as a result of burning coal – a more than 20% increase in emissions since 2000.

Simocynd, on their website in 2003, confirm Dawes’ worked with TXU whilst they operated Yallourn. During 2003, TXU reported 63 environmental incidents, including one incident where 200 litres of transformer oil leaked into a drain and made its way to a nearby lake.

Notwithstanding Dawes’ employee consultancy work, TXU have been found by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to have permitted a worker to work unconscionably long hours with TXU’s approval, which resulted in a non-fatal electrocution incident in Euroa.

In August 2000, TXU resolved to extend the inspection period of power lines in bushfire prone areas, even though in early 2000 a TXU pole fire caused a bushfire near the Philip Island Penguin Reserve. In 2003 alone, 77 ground fires were identified as being associated with TXU assets or activities.






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25 responses to “CYNDI DAWES: Greens candidate tries to hide extensive links with coal-fired electricity company TXU

  1. Sotherby

    A paradigm, new politics- just dont mention its the same just a different colour (with bonus moron factor and outstanding hypocracy)

  2. Wendy's daughter

    The last desperate bleatings of a deperate bunch of conservatives.

    Paranoid, fearful and afraid – day after day devoted to a politcal party lucky to get 7-8% of the vote.

    I gather Labor is your friend and you support them, after all, you are giving them your preferences and obviously will deliver them yet another term in office.

    Enjoy opposition losers, you’ve got another four to eight years as irrelevant nonetities. LOL!!

  3. Sotherby

    Enjoy irrelevance in the not too distant future just like the Democrats, Liberal Movement, Nationals and Steven Fielding you fool.

    And just remember theres only so many positions in an MP’s office for you and the great unwashed to share in, will be some extra efforts required to land a plum one.

  4. Al

    Wendy’s daughter is the piece of elongated poo that Wendy had trouble depositing due to her all lentil diet.

  5. Wendy's daughter

    Great intellectual input from Al, the hand karaoke champion. I presume your diet is a smeg burger and chips?

  6. Jose

    So you’re bagging Cyndi Dawes for working for a publishing company has/had a client that is a big carbon emitter? That is almost as bad as bagging out a barrister for what his clients have done.

    And note to Sotherby: not all of those who may have an interest in politics are also obsessed with brown nosing their way into a job as a staffer. Some of us already have quite satisfactory jobs.

  7. Sotherby

    I dont know Jose, if your convictions are strong enough i would think assisting an “evil” company might force someone with values to actually do something, otherwise they are simply a bloody hypocrite when they go out there bleating about how bloody important it is to stop what they have profited from.

    and i assume many of the green “faithful” are as unprincipled as their representatives if Cyndi, Greg and Brian are anything to go by- why is it that the Green are immune from the crtiscisms other bonifide parties face? i guess i put it down to incompetence, like the greens attack material in melbourne, not very new paradigm to lie so blatantly?

  8. Bryan

    So according to Sotherby every lawyer in parliament must take responsibilty for the actions and beliefs of their clients. What rot. And no matter what the party, to brand everyone for the actions of a few is silly. We are not all Wilson Tuckeys or Barnaby Joyce’s!

  9. Sotherby

    whatever makes you sleep at night Bryan, i would preclude some including lawyers as they undertake such cases- but the case of a lawyer accepting the commission of a client on the “cab rank” basis is far different to an indvidual making money in the way Cyndi has, its very simple and your attempts to cloud it are a pathetic attempt to cover for Green scum.

  10. The Greens are so vexatious!

  11. To the Point

    All the Greens need is a change of image- I suggest changing their name to the Algae Party-a toxic green scum made up of monocell organisms that are no good to anyone!

  12. Low carbon candidates needed

    To all the sad greens voters in Victoria.
    Your party has been hijacked by high carbon amoral consultants and lawyers.
    Your vote is powerless inside the fake Victorian greens party.

  13. Sally Twomey

    Low carbon candidates needed is accurate about the fake Victorian greens party.

  14. Bryan

    Sotherby = idiot.

  15. Sotherby

    I like to insert hotdogs into my anus.

  16. FatInga

    My eating my plentiful scrumptious lunch I’ve just blurted out some toxic greenhouse gases.

  17. Piv

    Bryan, you are so typical of Greens with your skewed, utilitarian moral compass. If Cyndi Dawes opposes the use of fossil fuels (coal) to produce energy, then she is a hypocrite to associate with that industry in any way. If we are to have change in society (on any issue) then it has to start with individuals acting on their stated convictions.
    One of the primary reasons people are outraged by Catholic priest paedophilia is because they are engaging in a practice that they publicly denounce. We have a name for this: hypocrisy.
    If a political candidate, one who publicly espouses a change in public behaviour and government policy, is found to have acted counter to their espoused beliefs and values, beliefs and values they would willingly impose upon others, then they too are a hypocrite.

  18. andy bult

    The Greens should change their name to the Mudguard party. All shiny on the outside and full of shit underneath

  19. Sotherby

    great attempt there Wendy, you lose an argument and a couple of seats now you stoop to pretending to be others a posting disgusting comments in someone elses name, you sad whore.

  20. andy bult

    watching fuhrer Brown talking tonight about how goood the party did made me think he must have had one too many Sperm sandwiches

  21. Wendy

    Hey Sotherby, you infantile small lollypopped little goose – I have never posted in other people’s names. There is more than one idjit around, so before you run off like a Liberal with a one seat majority, get with the program.

    And as for calling me a sad wh*re, I can only surmise that is where you spend your wage, buying what no respectable woman would offer you? Now, gack to servicing yourself buster.

  22. cynic

    Have to wonder sometimes. Labor copped a major kick in the bum & lost the unlosable. A rerun of 07 in WA. The greens just plain lost as many now see them for what they are, nutters. Thoes unable to accept that are pretty juvenile. No wonder labor lost with supporters like that. jeeze.

  23. Sotherby

    Hey Wendy, one seat majority would seem better than a net loss of 1, great to see your stuck in your fucked up little world, where all you can do is bitch and moan about how everyone is mean to you and your pathetic greens then attempt to dish out the same shit you bemoan so loudly and regularly.

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