OUT OF TOUCH: Greens party voters overwhelmingly support Victorian forestry while party leadership want to shut whole industry

forestryworkers A recent Galaxy poll reveals that a vast majority of Greens party voters in Victoria support the forest industry over imported timber and most of them want the industry maintained at current levels or increased.

By contrast, the Greens party leadership, seen by many as ruthlessly intolerant of diverse opinions following the brutal purging of their upper house candidate Cheryl Wragg after she disagreed with party leader Greg Barber on coal energy policy, supports policies that would lead to the closure of the forestry industry.

In results from the Galaxy poll obtained by the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit that might come as a surprise to readers, 71% of Greens party voters surveyed support the Victorian forestry industry rather than the current Greens policy of closing it and importing wood and paper from overseas.

Some 49% of them support maintaining the forestry industry in Victoria or even expanding it.

Greens party policies are out of step with Greens party voters on this issue with their forestry policy document saying the extreme-left party will work towards an end to “industrial-scale” forestry in Victoria.

It’s just the most recent example of how the Greens party is riding roughshod over its grassroots supporters and members.

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34 responses to “OUT OF TOUCH: Greens party voters overwhelmingly support Victorian forestry while party leadership want to shut whole industry

  1. sg

    I’m not quite sure why you bother with all this – surely there are more constructive ways to enjoy retirement?

    The problem is that you have to misquote their policies to make your point. If you didn’t misquote their policies, then you wouldn’t have a point.

    By this I mean that “Ending industrial scale logging of native forests” is not the same as ending “‘industrial scale’ forestry”.

    More from the PDF you link:
    “Forest plantations can be used to meet our entire domestic and export markets”
    “The Australian Greens Victoria will work towards: Moving Victoria to a fully plantation based, FSC-certified wood products industry”

    This is not the same ‘shut whole industry’.

  2. Wendy

    How scared must you be to run – every day – multiple stories about how the Greens are corrupt, dishonest, hypoctrical and out to wreck (Victorian) society.

    Give it up Andrew – your fears and phobias seem out of proportion. If the Greens are just a fringe party with no ideology, values or beliefs, why then are you obsessed with them and their support?

    Surely even your Invetigation Unit must wonder why you are out there, every day, exposing a group you claim have little support and little value. J Edgar Hoover is alive and well and living in inner city Melbourne.

    If these Greens are so irrelevant and shonky, then why are you threatened by them? Surely it is obvious to voters what they stand for, or are you by inference suggesting that Victorians are so ignorant that they will vote for anyone? Mind you, they did elect Kennett, so perhaps you have a point…

    Anyway, your fears seem unjustified. It shows a thin skin and an almost paranoid concern that a small group with minimal support poses a danger.

    Lastly, by constantly saying only the Greens have internal issues, you must make readers laugh, given the state of the Liberal and National and Labor parties. If the Barnaby Joyce vs Rural independents isn’t signs of a division in conservative ranks, them who knows what is.

    I suspect that after this weekend you will delight us with tories of failed candidiates and the like, further trying to muster support from what appears to be frightened mob.

  3. sam

    [deleted – anti-semitic conspiracy theory]

    Phillip please explain sir?

  4. janice

    At The Wheeler Centre there was a srong opposition in the audience to this very issue when Tim Flannery raised it at the climate forum earlier this year.

  5. Sen Hanson Young

    I am green and I have been touched by Mr Right many times after the Kennedy Room nightclub in Canberra

  6. RodH

    Tell me, where can the supposed Greens policy of ” importing wood and paper from overseas” be found?

    The Victorian Greens forest policy that you link to certainly doesn’t say that. Neither does their federal policy from what I can see on their website.

    Instead the policies simply seems to involve moving from native forest to local plantation timber.

    Hardly the same thing, is it?

  7. sam

    why do lobbyists staff go and work for federal ministers then…?

    There was no antisemitic rhetoric at all attached to that message but i understand where you are coming from.. was not intentional.

  8. Wendy

    To the person who pretends to be Ms Hanson-Young – do you write this becuase your package doesn’t match up to acceptable standards? Are you more familiar with your pencil than is normal for a man? Does your partner qualify for Movember? Are you a major buyer of kleenex products and lotions designed in Asian labs?

  9. jan


    for the tweets by vafi’s ceo on landeryou being up at all hours to respong to tweets… here’s an idea for today

    Go home on time day is on Today!!

  10. Sotherby

    god forbid there be a discussion about whether a party is completely out of line with the people it claims to represent, just another pesky layer of scrutiny, bloody heck i thought this was the new paradigm, or is that only Club Fed, just shows how thorugh debate weeds out the rubbish.

  11. Stalker alert

    Sam – or is that Pam? – give up and go home before the cops nail you for stalking the great man.

  12. Wendy

    I wonder Mr Sotherby, when you talk about “a party being out of line with the people it claims to represnt” you mean the Liberal Party under Tony Abbott?
    Look how far it has strayed from the great leadership of Malcolm Fraser. It opposes development like the NBN, it opposes expansion of health services, it opposes the BER which boosted the economy. What is liberal about the Liberals?

  13. Sotherby

    I think you might be best to ask a liberal that Madam Wendy, The liberals under Mr Abbott have made a decision to move to the right, oppose pork barelling they would otherwise have supported simply because the party as it is currently, is parochial and populist, clearly this has won the party some votes as illustrated by the recent Federal election, i dont agree with it, but then i don’t vote Liberal.

  14. Chris.LePyne

    I enjoy a hardwood just as much as the next man.

  15. anon

    i’ve been pushing and straining in the toilet trying to pass an impacted stool ahh finally Bronwyn Bishop popped out.

  16. gt

    ‘Does your partner qualify for movember’.

    Why are you being so sexist Wendy?

  17. Wendy

    gt – sure am. Some spoof merchant writes smut about the lovely Senator Sarah just makes me question whether his ‘partner’ is on pages 45-46 of a glossy trade journal; or something simian with enough facial hair to raise thousands for Mr Kennett.

    There must be more self fulfilment jockeys here than I previously thought. Perhaps I won’t move to Northcote with my six unemployed kids and set up a hydroponic shop after all.

  18. anon

    Wendy is starting up ‘FANuary’ when hirsute ladies keep their bushes shaved for the month toi raise funds for the environment.

  19. Chris.LePyne

    Please, no more talk about Wendy’s wet bits. Let’s talk more about what I’m interested in, hard wood in the morning.

  20. Alan Jones

    Pissy keep holding your ankles here I come.

  21. Benvolio

    ‘this appears to be another example of how the party has lost touch with its voters and members.’

    They’ve just got there quicker than the other parties.

  22. Wendy

    Anon, I could not possibly qualify for FANuary as I am Brazilian all the way. You, on the other hand (you do use both hands?) would qualify for Sheeptober, where people blindly follow an ideological path regardless of reality.

  23. Sotherby

    “blindly follow an ideological path regardless of reality.” oh yes i heard that from Bob Brown.

  24. sam

    You’re not being stalked. Get over yourself!!!

    It’s a total jock for status.

  25. Al

    Wendy like all greens eats her own poo and then regurgitates it on the site.

  26. Barnaby Joyce

    Ripper where do I sign up for Sheeptober I’ve always had a thing for Baaaaaarbra?

  27. Stalker alert

    Nice swoopers sam/pam.

  28. Anonymous

    Have a delightful post- election party every-one!!!

    A change is coming…..;)

  29. Anonymous

    ethnic slurs are not allowed in the state of victoria….re: above comment!

  30. enjoy

    Brian Walters feast for forest clip.

  31. Anonymous

    bigoted dick….ds need not apply to reside in victoria as well and after the election result..maybe it’s time to go o.s and cleanse the party of hacks…

    wake up victoria

  32. Anonymous


    nouveau riche like the above seems to get in advisory positions in the alp and thus have shallow manners to match

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