BENT: Liberal MP Joanna Gash pulls down online poll gauging her electorate's opinion on Marriage Act after it was corrupted by foreign same-sex marriage militants

electionfraud Hard-working federal Liberal MP in regional New South Wales Joanna Gash has had to close an online poll on her website soliciting the views of voters in her electorate after it was rigged and corrupted by same-sex marriage militants who mobilised from around the world to manipulate the results using tactics that appear to include a form of hacking.

Ms Gash told VEXNEWS that she’d put the poll up “in good faith” following the passage a House of Representatives motion encouraging MPs to solicit the electorate’s views on same-sex marriage and explained it was “annoying and disappointing that outsiders from particular groups had manipulated the poll.”

joannagash The MP explained that between 8000 and 9000 votes had been recorded in the space of 24 hours, including in the wee hours of the morning for a vast total approaching 20,000.

Normally a poll on the MP’s site might attract a couple of hundred constituents expressing a view on issues, in this case the poll was made useless by those attempting to corrupt it. It’s not possible to discern who the local votes are from the poll.

One observer of the poll explained to VEXNEWS that “auto-voting” computer bots had been used to generate a huge number of votes in favour.

A search on Twitter – displayed here – reveals that many dozens of Twitter accounts including many from overseas were engaged in urging same-sex marriage activists to vote in the MP’s online poll.

And the effect is clear. In the wee hours of Saturday morning from ten to one through to one thirty am nearly two hundred votes were cast in favour of changing the definition of marriage. a rate of 4.5 votes per minute, a level of highly suggestive of some computer bot manipulation.voteresults




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19 responses to “BENT: Liberal MP Joanna Gash pulls down online poll gauging her electorate's opinion on Marriage Act after it was corrupted by foreign same-sex marriage militants

  1. The Gay Lobby has tons of money and they are using it to defeat the democratic process. If there is anyone who should be made to pay “Super Profits Tax” then that should be gay lobby groups!

  2. Sen Hanson Young

    I am not gay. Just ask anyone who has seen me at the Kennedy Room in Canberra with my new man friend Mr Right

  3. Kellie

    As a voter from Gilmore. I congratulate Joanna Gash for asking the community our opinion. I voted on her website before it was hacked into. It is a shame that these looney tunes are not doing their cause any justice. So what do the real voters of Gilmore think? I dont believe in same sex marriage. I believe in Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  4. adam

    lol, so promoting an internet poll (which is impossible to be scientific) is militancy now?

  5. Rob

    Unfortunate surname for an MP. No jokes from me

  6. Wendy

    As opposed to say an online website that lets people post using false names of famous people?

  7. Right Said Fred

    If ever an MP had the potential to be a lesbian icon if they wished

  8. Wendy

    ahh, excuse me, she’s married with children, you clueless glue addict.

  9. Anonymous

    Great name “Ms Gash”, I think I remember a porno star with that name too.

  10. Ben

    Disgusting. When will these gay marriage activists grow up. I mean from overseas? If they were locals, well, that’s fair enough, but overseas?

  11. anon

    If you check her out ‘downstairs’ she should be called the “Monster Gash”.

  12. Anonymous

    If you’re too stupid to implement something like captcha to ensure that your online poll can’t be tampered with by a bunch of kids running bots, you bloody well deserve it.

    On the other hand I’d barely even call it hacking either. That’d be giving too much credit to the perpetrators for what is a relatively simple thing to do if there are no real measures taken to prevent it.

    For a party that likes to position itself as being far more knowledgeable about IT, you’d think they’d have somebody around to ensure that their own MP’s websites have some degree of security against minor things like this.

  13. namenamename

    Lets not drift from the central issue here. We also (nth Tas) had absolutely bizarre polls and yes/no meeja votes during the latest homo propaganda onslaught.

  14. RJ

    So people advocating for equality are `militants’? The shrillness doesn’t exactly hide the bigotry.

  15. To the Point

    I don’t think the name “marriage” should be used for gay legal union- perhaps a version of that though- something on the periphery- a periphery version? lets shorten it to per-version!

  16. Anonymous

    It was a dark day here in Tasmania when homosexuality was decriminalized. Homosexuality should remain the criminal act it is.

  17. Paul Terrett

    It is disappointing that Jo Gash was not given a fair go. What gays and lesbians need now are friends in high places.

  18. John Holmes

    Oh the gash, can we make a video about this?????

  19. Brendan of Wollongong NSW

    What an absurd biased beatup. So where did the over-900 votes AGAINST marriage equality come from, hmmm? A bit rich to slur gay activists when, by the numbers, clearly the conservative religious lobby and its minions had their own bots clicking no – militating against marriage equality – in even greater numbers.

    It is also ironic – and a small weak start – for Joanna Gash to be put up a crude web poll given that she voted AGAINST the motion in Parliament calling on MPs to consult with their electorate on this issue. Perhaps Mrs Gash would care to check the News Ltd poll from August 2010 ( – enter the Kiama postcode 2533 for a snapshot of Gilmore) which shows a minority oppose same-sex marriage, both in the seat of Gilmore and nationally. How dare this unrepresentative minority impose their essentially religious heterosupremacist version of marriage upon the rest of Australia.

    The fact is that many Australians – gay, straight or otherwise – support the civil right of couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, to be married if they choose; and for those marriages to be equally recognised and registered by law in Australia. It seems to me that the opposing minority view too often verges on derogatory hysterics and does not make much sense.

    The institution of marriage exists to serve humanity, not vice-versa. It is not set in historical stone but has evolved over time – usually, when tradition yields to reason. Marriage is not the private property of religion.

    People unwilling or unable to have kids (eg. elderly or infertile couples) can marry. Unmarried people (eg. single parents, de factos, and – shock horror! – even same-sex couples) can have kids. Clearly marriage is not uniquely nor purely about having kids but serves other significant human needs too.

    Marriage is about belonging, marriage creates belonging – in our families, in our communities, across our nation, and in our ideal of what it means to be Australian. Marriage would be strengthened – not undermined – by including same-sex couples.

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