THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: Greens claim "Politics can be different" shattered after candidate purged for disagreeing with powerful party boss

gregbarber450 The Greens have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer and rich candidate’s dollars telling voters in Melbourne’s inner-city that their “vote is powerful.”

It seems after today’s explosive story that played out on the Greens favourite radio outlet, the ABC, that it’s Greg Barber and the Greens party executive that is actually powerful.

When Greens party candidate Cheryl Wragg – in the unwinnable 2nd spot in Eastern province covering the La Trobe Valley and Gippsland – was outed by the Age for expressing views contrary to the edicts of de facto Greens party leader Greg Barber on energy policy, her demise was all but guaranteed.

Within hours, the “endorsement review committee” met (without hearing from the candidate) and stripped her preselection.

The candidate is outraged, describing Greg Barber as acting like a tyrant, referring to him “Kim Il Barber” in an interview with the ABC’s World Today that was probably the worst PR for the Greens since superannuation multi-millionaire Senator Bob Brown pretended to be on the verge of bankruptcy as a fundraising exercise.

It’s hard to do the interview justice without actually listening to the full dimension of its carnage and we urge all patriots to listen to it in its entirety. Also compelling listening was Jon Faine’s interview of Wragg and Barber.


■ Dumped candidate Cheryl Wragg accuses the party leadership of “bullying”

■ She noted that while Barber was extremely powerful in the Greens party that he did not “as yet have the power to make the Sun shine for twenty-four hours a day” making his solar and wind only policies ridiculous and her own coal-gassification plan more credible, practical and likely to avoid massive jobs losses in the La Trobe Valley and power shortages elsewhere;

■ Wragg explained that her policy is in fact more compliant with Greens policy than Greg Barber’s policy and that

■ Party leader Greg Barber refused to mention Wragg’s name in interviews despite being specifically encouraged to do so by the puzzled ABC journalist;

■ Wragg noted the the “immaturity” of the Greens party was “hanging out at the moment” after the debacle;

■ Wragg accused the Greens party leadership of engaging in “smearing, bullying and public humiliation” of those who don’t “toe the leadership’s line” even when it’s not endorsed policy;

■ Wragg described the Greens party leadership’s conduct as “extraordinarily damaging” and “foolish” and most notably referred to de facto party leader Greg Barber by the North Korean tyrant’s monitor “Kim Il Barber”;

■ Barber struggled to explain how the Greens reconciled being a party that promoted a different kind of politics and “free thought” with the Stalinist approach taken by the party hierarchy;

While inner-city voters might be shocked at the rough-as-guts approach that the Greens party’s executive adopted, it will come as no surprise for regular VEXNEWS readers. Their approach is Stalinist and unashamedly so. At times, it seemed as though Barber couldn’t quite comprehend the high expectations of the Greens held in the mind of the ABC journo.

He wanted her to understand that he is running a political operation and there is only room for one clear message from that operation and that must be faithfully expressed by all candidates. Makes sense to many VEXNEWS readers probably. But it’s not the product Greg Barber MBA has been sellling to the groovers and shakers of the inner-city who want “politics to be different” and herbal and loving and nice.

Today is a very  important day we think in revealing what we believe is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on Australian voters. The reason why we believe – as The Australian so eloquently put it – that the Greens must be destroyed at the ballot box is not that they are environmentalists, not that they are of the extreme left but that their whole presentation as being different, purer, better, more honest, the only candidates with integrity and so on is such an outrageous fraud that its continuation can only harm our fragile and wonderful democracy.

We think the Socialist Alternative or whatever they call themselves this week are an extremist party that we strongly disagree with but at least their honest about who and what they are.

The Greens are a very similar operation of course, just fronted by attractive smiley young women who get to pose for pics that appear on phone boxes but actually have no real say over their party.

Today’s debacle will have done much to expose the ugly truth to even the most unquestioning and duped Greens voters. And for that we can only give thanks and praise to Greens supreme leader Greg Barber.

kimilbarberpic For those who can’t get enough, you can listen to the ABC’s Jon Faine interview Cheryl Wragg and Greens leader Greg Barber which were nearly as bad as the World Today.



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25 responses to “THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: Greens claim "Politics can be different" shattered after candidate purged for disagreeing with powerful party boss

  1. Wendy not

    Whragg the Dog?

  2. True believer

    Well well well, the cracks are appearing, the trendy party has no soul, no policies. Adios. Greens

  3. it seemed as though Barber couldn’t quite comprehend the high expectations of the Greens held in the mind of the ABC journo
    ABC journos have minds?!?

  4. Jennifer Werden

    The greens have become the stalinists!

  5. Voted for ya Greg!

    Got my postal ballot papers today, and Greg’s in my province. Voted 1 for your Greg, you are a true Australian.

  6. sg

    Good on you Greg for sticking to your principals and making the tough cuts.
    Hazelwood has no future.

  7. closer than u think

    Landy this anti-Green agenda has all become a bit obsessive, has Little (‘way out of his depth’) Billy put you up to it? Maybe the Greens are going to ban Christmas and invade Israel as well!! The same for your obsession with The Age – now that would have nothing to do with The Age printing a couple of facts on your father and Brian Burke would it now? 95% of the time I fully support you, but please drop your obesessive compulsive psychotic attacks.

  8. 4 more years

    Bring back the democrats. At least their leader was hot. G Barber has compared himself to Che and Kylie but remains just a militant geek who was day trading until he jumped and missed the resources boom to feed his own ego by chasing the green dragon. Forgot negotiation 101 on preferences and so: Four more years Greg. Four more years.

  9. ann taylor

    And the Greens would have us think that they are an alternative to the other parties, not now.
    They have just shown the voters what actually goes on behind closed doors.
    I wonder if anybody supporting Mr. Barber has actually gone on and read the endorsed Greens Energy Policy?
    If you had then I would suggest that the saying, “liar, liar pants on fire” would apply to Mr. Barber and those who are supporting him.
    Anybody with any knowledge about the power industry knows that his spouting of closing down Hazelwood Power Station with renewables is just laughable at best, unless all of the voters in Melbourne and the rest of the state would actually like to go back to candle light. There is a wise person who said you should know when to put up and when to shut up and if I did not know about Energy and actually read my Party’s policy, shutting up might be the wisest way to go and those who are supporting him would be wise to actually read the policy before placing anymore feet in their mouths and turning the Greens into such a laughing stock.
    After you have done that, then I would suggest an apology to your ex candidate would be the least you could do if you wish to have any credability left in the public’s eyes when they read the policy.

  10. waiting for the tragic opera

    cannot wait for the opera adaption of the fake victorian greens party – suggested title:
    sweeney todd the barber

    if you agree with written policy of greens then it is off with your head…

    how many more decent people have met a sticky end in the barber’s chair?

    How could any part of Victoria elect such a shallow and dangerous man? the barber clan is a tragedy in the making for our democracy.

  11. GO VIRAL




  12. Sally Taggert

    Where was the natural justice and procedural fairness?
    The main parties would not have acted like the Greens.

  13. Greensborough Growler

    Apparently, she’s a Wragg Doll.

  14. Right Said Fred

    Inspired by my hate for the Greens, I turned my air con up tonight so I could enjoy a roast dinner on a hot night

  15. elhombre

    This is very disturbing and could ruin my love life. Greens Party meetings are the best place to pick up dumb chicks!

  16. The Hair Dresser

    It is Greg’s way or the highway

  17. Nuclear Dam

    Two alternatives for clean carbon Brown Coal energy is to build a nuclear power plant in Latrobe Valley or construct a hydro electricity generator dam in Tasmania and cable power to the mainland.

  18. deen mighell

    i love the greens and getting rid of people who disagree with you is good management. greg is my apprentice and his next lesson will be to tell lies about people to tarnish their character. another good tactic is to ignore them and hope they go away- like i do to howard

  19. mags

    To Nuclear Dam. They had a chance to do that back in the 80’s when Tasmania had a decent government for once. But Bob Brown made sure that didn’t happen, aided and abetted by Bob Hawke who overrode State’s Rights on the issue. And the state has remained the poorest for their efforts. Good job Bobs.

  20. Darren

    @Jennifer Werden – you are totally wrong – the Greens have always been stalinists

  21. David Stone

    Why is dumping a candidate Stalinist?

  22. Sen Hanson Young

    I should be leader of the Greens. At least I have a journalist – Mr Right up my skirt to push all the right buttons for my campaign.

  23. Bill Calvin

    “One candidate had their own view – we cant allow that to go on”. That quote sums these wankers up perfectly.
    They sack the only sensible candidate they have in Victoria – fucking hilarious!

  24. tru believer

    i love that the greens are becoming the warehouse for all the spastics whose tru value was not recognised by an unappreciative labor party – it sort of like one nation at the other end of the spectrum – having somewhere special for retards to play makes it easy to identify, and thus ignore, them

  25. Big tree

    Obviously is not enough gay’s and lesbians out there.I’am so frustrated about the resoults.But no worries until the next elections many other Green party voters will come out of the closet. Then you see how we can use our bikes without seat pad ,just the tube, That would be marvelous !!!!

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