USELESS GOBSHITES: Irish Daily Star lets Irish PM Brian Cowen have it

The Irish tabloids are a lot of fun. And their Irish Daily Star didn’t miss beseiged “Taioiseach” (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen who was photographed surrounded by his government colleagues announcing deeply unpopular budget cuts and a desperately needed IMF bailout 15 billion euro bailout that depends on the government agreeing to those cuts. He also foreshadowed staying in office til early next year. despite unreliable coalition party – you guessed it, the Greens – walking out on the government, potentially depriving them of a majority.

Check out Irish Daily Star’s subtle front-page that declares the government ministers “Useless Gobshites” with the explanatory “Government in meltdown but STILL they cling to power.”





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14 responses to “USELESS GOBSHITES: Irish Daily Star lets Irish PM Brian Cowen have it

  1. Ben Doon & Phillip McCaverty

    Feckin grand

  2. Climb back in your graves

    Hey, Ben and Phil. I remember you guys when you were in the 1908 Diggers’ Book of Humour. But that was a century ago.

  3. Mrs P.

    I could not have put it better myself. I love it.

  4. martin

    The people should soon be slinging rope over lampposts.

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  6. Medici

    Mate it’s the Irish, they don’t bother with rope over lampposts it’s Semtex all the way these days, you cannot beat a bit of plastic explosive.

  7. Cut government size in WHATEVER Country yer in by a third, get people off the dole and working for their own kit and Pride, pay government workers 10% less than their counterparts in private, then Watch the entire globe Roar to prosperity for all.

    Think of the old Soviet Union, the levels of poverty, despair and want, then DO the opposite, in other words.

  8. stan

    the papers can say what they want and we can seethe and fume all we want but the truth is we are not going to do a thing about it. these pricks were bad but its not like any other party wouldn’t have done the exact same in their position. there’s a reason why we were oppressed for 800 years. there are schoolchildren in england walking out of class in protest of university tuition fees hikes.SCHOOLCHILDREN! we have god knows how many grown adults on the dole, doing nothing and we still won’t get off our arses to do anything. so you get the leaders you deserve. sorry.

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  10. Marcodelapuebla

    At some point a soon a western government is going to get the rope/semtex treatment. This is a golden era of government deceit and there will be a price to pay. I can’t see BIFFO the Irish premier having a glass of porter in the boozer on Tullamore high street any time soon.

  11. Miles O'Toole

    Utterly corrupt bunch of incompetent liars, desperately clinging on to power for as long as they can; they had no idea of the damage they were doing when it was obvious to the dogs in the street that the gravy train was going to get derailed eventually – it always does.

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  13. Syphologist

    Any similarity between the Irish and Australian governments is purely coincidental.

    They pissed money up against the wall. Just not on over-priced and unnecessary school halls, deadly fake insulation, and a consultant-fest NBN.

    Ah, the luck of the Irish … at least they never had Gillard.

  14. Alan Irish in Oz

    Would love a copy of that front page, framed.

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