OWN GOAL: SMH unwittingly slots Sunday Age over their stupid attack on VEXNEWS

Last week VEXNEWS exclusively reported the historic name change proposal from the LHMU to become “United Voice” because they insisted Muslims didn’t like the word ‘Liquor’ and some had trouble spelling ‘Miscellaneous’.

On Sunday, the sad Sunday Age denounced this as not newsworthy because they knew about it all along and that the process had started months ago. Or something like that. Like much of what gets run in The Age, the logic can be hard to follow without extensive postgraduate critical theory coursework.

Today, workplace reporter Paul Bibby at the Sydney Morning Herald, owned by the same troubled parent company as the Sunday Age, reported the name change yarn as the notable story we thought it was in the first place. Naturally there was no mention of VEXNEWS or their stable-mate insisting it was not a story at all.

Fairfax is the most shorted stock on the Australian Securities Exchange. Its current corporate structure is thought unlikely to survive with the once-highly profitable Age newspaper believed to be barely breaking even following the near-complete collapse of their once-lucrative classified ads revenue stream.


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One response to “OWN GOAL: SMH unwittingly slots Sunday Age over their stupid attack on VEXNEWS

  1. The Age has some good people (like Nicole Brady and Shaun Carney) but you can see the difficulty the editors have in accepting the new regime in Spring Street. The other day, after the Coalition’s triumph, The Australian and the Herald Sun both had the new leader, Ted Baillieu and wife on the front page. The Age had John Brumby and wife! Victoria’s Val Doonican had gone, but The Age was still looking backwards. Wistfully.

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