GREENS SPLIT ON COAL: Upper house candidate Cheryl Wragg defies party leadership on Hazelwood closure

greenssplitoncoalThe Age today quotes Greens Legislative Council candidate Cheryl Wragg as denouncing Greens MP’s for undemocratically imposing policies on the party that have not been approved by the party’s state council.

The Greens had recruited Wragg from the ALP where she was a frequently disgruntled member. It appears her disgruntlement has continued in her new home of the Greens.

Even on the Greens MP’s own website the brave Greens candidate Cheryl Wragg attacks the party over its plans to close Hazelwood power station complete with assertions it is “evil” and “toxic” and “the most polluting power station in the industrialised world” and writes :

There are some important errors of fact in the spiel about Hazelwood power station above. I really wish the Greens would take a more sophisticated approach to Hazelwood power station…

The former Australian Manufacturing Workers Union researcher and public servant fired up even more for the Greens-friendly Age newspaper when she:

■ SLAMMED the Greens policy to shut the Hazelwood power station saying Greg Barber’s policy was “pitched at inner-city voters and did not reflect the views of people in central Gippsland;

■ ATTACKED Greens MPs for being “over-zealous in putting forward highly simplistic and not necessarily technical competent solutions to the problems that lie ahead of us, when in fact the party has an endorsed energy policy that provides really robust solutions.”

■ PROPOSED the conversion of Hazelwood to a new “coal gassification technology” that has been savaged by inner-city Greens and climate activists

Wragg had publicly pushed for this in an article in the La Trobe Valley Express that hadn’t been noticed in the big city:

Ms Wragg said the Greens “recognised there had to be a lot of work put into securing the energy supply and jobs and reducing the demand for electricity” before Hazelwood could be closed.

To do this, the party would call on Loy Yang Power to modify its 22-year electricity deal with smelter company Alcoa and retrofit the power station with dual gas technology – that is, using a combination of natural gas and gasified coal to generate electricity.

This, according to Ms Wragg, would increase Loy Yang’s output by 40 per cent.

The gas technology is the same as that proposed by HRL company Dual Gas for a 550 megawatt demonstration plant at Morwell, but the Greens don’t support the project as a stand-alone station, Ms Wragg said.

She said Victoria’s electricity transmission and distribution system needed to be upgraded to cope with a decentralised power supply and she wanted the Latrobe Valley to become a manufacturing hub for ceramic fuel cells, carbon fibre products and solar hot water services.

These initiatives, Ms Wragg said, would create thousands of local jobs.

Ms Wragg said she was in favour of farmers becoming more fuel efficient to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

When confronted by The Age over her subversion, Wragg wasn’t backing away from her coal gassification policy either insisting she is an “industrial Green”.

Greg Barber, the author of the Greens policy that is not it seems official policy, struck back at the Greens coal enthusiast in The Age saying her policy wasn’t party policy either.

Another Greens candidate Brian Walters was accused of hypocrisy when despite supporting the closure of Hazelwood, accepted hundreds of thousand of dollars in legal fees representing a coal miner in a case involving a worker killed on the job. The multi-millionaire lawyer also profited from unsightly warehouse property developments in Rockhampton which were advertised for sale to investors encouraging them to “cash in on Central Queensland’s mining (mainly coal) boom”. Walters has recently also differed from the Greens vibe by telling a shocked audience of lefty teachers that he and his Tibetan Buddhist Anglo-Saxon wife “home-schooled” their children because of the failings of the education system. Added to his worship of the swastika and his defence of a fellow multi-millionaire property developer in court (who also happened to have been a chief guard at a Nazi death camp in Latvia that murdered 30,000 Jews, gays and gypsies) there are some left wondering whether Walters was the ideal candidate in the Greens-winnable seat of Melbourne. We’ll soon find out.

Meanwhile, Wragg as the second candidate in eastern Victoria province is regarded as very unlikely to win, and we suspect is unlikely to ever be endorsed again by the notoriously hard-line and intolerant Greens party leadership.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Cheryl Wragg has issued a statement excoriating the Greens party leadership over Hazelwood, accusing them of “aping the culture of the ALP” and attacks de facto Victorian Greens leader as “Tweedle Dumb-It-Down”.



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19 responses to “GREENS SPLIT ON COAL: Upper house candidate Cheryl Wragg defies party leadership on Hazelwood closure

  1. andy bult

    Greens are idiots

  2. Lib Party Member

    So looks like there is one person in the Greens with half a brain!

  3. Wendy

    Shock horror. A news item attacking … wait for it … (drum roll) … the Greens. Well blow my smalls off, who’d a thunk it? What a surprise.

    Now why would this be? Oh that’s right, there’s an election and the bunny rabbits are frightened that their fellow Victorian might not elect Sir Ted of the Make Money from Privatisation as your master.

  4. Adam Bandt

    Shut up Wendy you spastic

    Now where is Bob…I’m feeling horny again…

  5. Wendy

    And here it is folks … all the evidence you need to recognise a frightened little bunny boy – see the fake Adam Bandt comment above – the work of a small tool still tightly gripped in the palm of its owner, who won’t use his real name lest mummy bear castigate him for being a naughtly little Liberal.

  6. Sotherby

    typical Wendy, missing the point- but then im not suprised, admit it you have never heard of Gippsland have you? you probably think Hazelwood is only accessible by speedboat.

  7. LeftRightOut

    For someone who claims to live in western Sydney, Wendy certainly spends a lot of time at a Victoria-centric website.
    You’re not the Green equivalent to Brumby’s social media unit are you, Wendy?

    Ms Wragg sounds like someone with a little bit of sense… sure, I’d probably clash with her on many issues given her ALP past and Green present, but what she says as quoted above, makes sense.

    It’d be hard for you to believe, Wendy, that conservatives such as myself, are actively engaged in sustainability – but we use common sense and commercial acumen to get results.
    The problem with the greenies, is that they are environmentalists of convenience… predominantly far-left ideological types disguising their intensions under a green cloak. I feel for true environmentalists, as they really have no genuine voice, politically speaking.

  8. Anon

    Perhaps the left might pick her up again… Industrial Greens are pretty rate to find

  9. Vexed off

    Any merit in your arguments are completely trashed by all this ranting like you’re a half-cocked descendant of Adolf Hitler. Bizarre that you seem to think getting all jumped up lends more weight to what you’re saying. And if you really believe you are the saviour of journalistic integrity, as suggested in the About section, then you’re as pathetic and misguided as everyone you seem hell bent on criticizing. Maybe if you’d calm down and stop screeching like a whinging tosser, we could work out if you actually have anything valid to say.

  10. Anonymous

    So the GREENS want to belch out more CO2 and sulpher into the atmosphere?!?!

    All political parties are the same – say 1 thing and yet they want to do another.

  11. Wendy

    Sotherby, I thought Hazelwood was the guy who sand with Nancy Sinatra?

  12. Wendy

    LeftRightOut you make a reasonable point, although slightly off beam. It is farmers and those on the land who should be Greens, but they are social conservatives and would rather see the waterways die than let gays marry or kids smoke dope.

    The problem is that the Right see climate change and social progression as a threat, rather than be like Arnie S in California and deliver conservative economics with a leftish approach to the environment and social change.

    The only hope for the conservatives is Turnbull. He understands that you can be progressive and economically dry at the same time. Look at Mal Fraser … Now there is your modern Liberal.

  13. LeftRightOut

    Hard to agree less, Wendy.
    Fraser is a Liberal, but not in the Australia sense, he’s as far left as any significant member of the ALP.
    Arny is a democrat, not a conservative party last time I checked. Did you also notice that Calif economy is in the toilet? Caused in no small part by lunatic enviro laws.
    The right see Climate change, as an issue which has been hijacked by the left, which it has been.

    Sustainable farming is something that all farmers I know (not too many, but a few in NW NSW) are interested in. The Greens and their supporters paint them as you have above… this view, is I’m afraid, simply regurgetated rhetoric from trot faction greens meetings and is not based in fact, in any way.

  14. Maedros

    LRO, I can assure you that Arnie is a Republican.

    Wendy, Fraser was never economically dry, even when he was the rightwing demon who Don Chipp fled from.

  15. Wendy

    Sorry LeftRightOut, I mistook you for someone with a political brain, but alas, you are a baboon.

    Fact – Malcolm Fraser was a Liberal prime minister in Australia. Hard to take it, but it’s true. Why don’t you call him up and tell him he wasn’t, I’m sure he would appreciate knowing his term as PM of the Libs wasn’t real.

    Arnie is a Republican. You can Google it. Not hard to do. And California is in a mess because conservatives want to lower taxes, which means the govt has no money. D’oh, that’s what makes them so daft.

    And global warming is a reality, supported by right wing governments in France, Germany, the UK, even China recognizes it.

    Honestly, Your level of political acumen would fit inside a thumb tack.

  16. LeftRightOut

    lol, I always thought he was a dem… maybe the Kennedy connection 🙂

    Well, as conservative as Freser then 😛

  17. Wenchy

    Boofa if I make it on Saturday, no I mean getting over the line in the election, are you still going to give me a ‘BIG’ present?

  18. Sotherby

    Well the Green “not a party” Party have let the first blood, killing of a candidate before the big day, sad day for the democracy in the Greens.

  19. Alfie

    Ah jeez; wot can labor ever do right. i wil tell you copy the greens that si. the dlp was the foirst party ever to lok after tje earth. just ask dear franj mcmanus or cerinnal pell. pellie will tell ya.

    it al seems a birt too much for me.
    LONG LIVE DA DLP. vote us back

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