HATERS: Greens party attack ad "demeans and humiliates" country people says Country Alliance

greensattackcountrypeople Country Alliance Victorian upper house candidate and Shepparton businessman Steve Threlfall has slammed a Greens party Youtube ad that denigrates country people as “demeaning and humiliating.”

Threlfall is appalled the attack ad “stereotypes country people as slow-witted, uncouth and bigoted.”

Country Alliance – which is a dark-horse that could quite possibly win a spot in the upper house in the northern Victorian province due to its rising popularity and nice flow of preferences – has called Greens party to immediately remove the offensive video nasty and apologise for running down country people.

Their candidate in Shepparton Dennis Patterson said country people watching the viral video would be left “appalled by the way they had been ridiculed and humiliated.”

He wasted no time hopping right back into the extreme-left party:

“It confirms our view that the Greens are city-based lefties with a total disregard for the sensitivities and challenges facing country people,” he said.

“Here we are after 14 years of drought, fighting to keep our water , our jobs and our way of life – and all they can do is belittle and insult us,” Mr Patterson said.

The ad has been slammed on left-wing website Groupthink who savaged the ad too:

the Greens have stepped up to the plate and shown that they to can be just as dismissive of the electorate…Guys, winning votes by making fun of rural stereotypes isn’t the way to increase your base. And it backs up the one thing that The Greens should be trying to dismiss, that if you live in the country the Greens don’t like you and dont represent you. If the Nats want to get a leg up they should just offer to show this commercial in rural electorates.

The politically very even-handed William Bowe of Poll Bludger described it as:

the dumbest piece of political communication I’ve seen in years

It’s never a pleasant sight when political extremists let their kimono slip open and reveal the big hairy prejudice that lies within.



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25 responses to “HATERS: Greens party attack ad "demeans and humiliates" country people says Country Alliance

  1. BS Detector

    Where is the link?

  2. Trotsky

    I like the part when our young green voter pops out of the closet (how apt) in front of his father. Pissy will surely be all over that.

  3. Sotherby

    i guess they are realists in the belief that why bother to try and represent people they know will never vote for them and who they detest their very existance, because heavens knows Wendy, its easier to grow your produce in your inner city appartment roof top garden (or hop on down to Safeway) rather than get those mingers in the country to do the job.

  4. Micky D

    Even the Country Alliance could beat Ms Lobato in this election. It is a shame that Ms Lobato pursued issues of little or no interest to the Gembrook electorate. She then moved to blame the Labor Government for not doing enough for the outer suburbs. As usual she is preparing the way to blame others for her epic failure as a local member.

  5. Anon

    To think that the ALP preferences to these fringe dwellers!

  6. Christopher Feels Some

    the Greens are a disgrace – they don’t care for the average Aussie – only latter sipping wankers – the sooner they are off our political stage the better!

  7. Al

    I just gave birth to three big greens in the toilet.

  8. Sam Bauers

    Where in the ad do they say that they are country people? Why do you assume they are country people? Is it the hat?

  9. Sen. S. Fielding

    @Sam Bauers:
    You are dumb.

  10. Wendy

    I think they are slow witted, uncouth and dimwitted. Sotherby, are you a candidate per chance?

  11. lmao

    @Al: Hope you immediately flushed them to get rid of the evil stench.

  12. Sotherby

    That banana looks familliar, is that you Wendy?

  13. paul

    Country people? He looks just like my uncle who lives in Box Hill in Melbourne. Not sure where the country alliance are coming from with this comment. I live in the country – western Vic – but i don’t wear a hat and i’m not that keen on bananas. Perhaps it’s the CA that is stereotyping us country folk.

  14. True believer

    Typical of the greens, if you are not dirty, strange looking, come from push bike riding Brunswick, you are not worthy. Shame greens, hope you get your backside kicked on Saturday.

  15. Wendy

    Can’t be Sotherby, it looks like the tiny half bitten off thing that resides in your board shorts…

  16. Zaf

    Pot, meet Kettle.

  17. Jane

    Fascism,animal cruelty: alive & well in rural Australia.

  18. Pissed Off

    Can someone out there tell me if there is actually a political party whose members aren’t a bunch of squabling petulant,mendacious wankers? Greens;Country Alliance, for christ’s sake,GROW UP!

  19. Humanitarian

    Perhapes the r.n., gun toting hunters of country alliance could use the RSPCA,PETA & any other animal welfare movement for target practice. Knock back a few beers & get on with the loading of live sheep on to the carrier that will take them to their brutal, painful deaths in the Middle East.for more information check the videos at http://www.countryalliance.org/news.htm page 1.

  20. Humanitarian

    @Humanitarian: moderate by deleting first sentence.

  21. Humanitarian

    @Humanitarian: Perhapes the CAP would get more backing if it treated animals more humanely. Comment modified.

  22. Humanitarian

    @Humanitarian: I apologise for my immoderate comment. But, I found your political advertisment [as I see it ] lacking in compassion for animals in general.

  23. Narelle

    I am sick of all the misinformation spread around about Country Alliance.
    I am proud to be a fully paid up member of Country Alliance
    I am a full time working professional, mum & resident of a rural area
    I am a responsible pet and animal owner – and support the right of all Victorians to own, show, race and make a living from responsible animal ownership if they want to
    I fish recreationally and support the right of all Victorians to do likewise
    I have a farm property and have a documented submitted land, weed and pest management plan that includes the use of poison and shooting of vermin – and support the right of all property owners to do likewise
    I support the right of all Victorians to have equal access to government services and support – 27% of Victorians live in regional and rural Victoria – and less than 17% of State government funds go to rural Victoria – this is not equality of access
    I accept the science of climate change but reject the way in which governments aim to deal with it to date – planning to have rural and regional communities die off to sustain cities is not the answer
    The negativity and lies of the campaign to date has been awfull – I plan to enjoy the last few days of the campaign – I hope everyone else does to – and on Saturday vote for the policies and parties you believe in – I sure as heck will !!! Cheers

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