GREENS FURY: Lower house Greens candidates sulk over Barber's preferences hubris

gregbarberpreferences Internal tensions in the Greens party are simmering over the fiasco over the party leadership’s handling of preference negotiations in the state election, VEXNEWS has learned.

Anger has been strongest among the Greens party lower house candidates Cyndi Dawes, the former spin-doctor for the troubled Myki ticketing system, and Brian Walters, a multi-millionaire property developer who has cashed in on central Queensland’s mining boom with warehouse developments and has represented fellow millionaire property developer (and Nazi war criminal) Konrad Kalejs, who was the chief guard at a Nazi concentration camp that killed 30,000.

The two are believed to be furious at public pronouncements by de facto Greens leader and numbers-man Greg Barber that he “held all the cards” in preference negotiations with Labor and the Liberals. They say it undermined the efforts of Marxist Green preference negotiator Ken McAlpine (no relation to the one and true Ken McAlpine of the Labor Right) who was trying to keep as many options as possible.

Barber’s supporters insist he was quoted out of context by hostile media barons intent on damaging the party.

The assertion seems to have been a tipping point in the Greens party’s relationship with many of the other parties, including Labor and the smaller parties.

Parties that fed preferences to the Greens at the federal election – the Liberals and Sex party – have turned their back on them in a way that has surprised observers.

Dawes and Walters are the principal anti-Barber voices in the Greens party as a result, complaining that they have sunk tens of thousands of dollars of their own money into a campaign on the basis they would receive Liberal preferences and are now having to compete on their own. The Greens party’s usually upbeat Anne Martinelli in Northcote was apparently in tears prior to the Greens Treasury Gardens press conference and nearly went home before being persuaded to attend, insiders say.

Barber’s backers insist it’s too early to write-off any seat and point to private polling and Gary Morgan’s small-sample size poll as indicating their primary vote will soar Saturday week.

One close Greens observer says “It’s clear the Greens party has botched this preference deal, they are torn between their desire for a Labor government on one hand and their understandable ambition to elect as many people as possible. The only way out for them is to show they can and will govern with and preference to the Liberal party on a case-by-case basis. It was interesting to see Brian Walters say this only to be later contradicted by Greg Barber. This approach has been damaging and I believe is stalling their growth. I think they’ll be many disappointed Greens and while some will blame Greg Barber they should actually be looking at themselves. They can either replace Labor as they say they want to or keep giving them preferences ahead of the Liberals helping Labor’s re-election. I doubt they can do both. Labor talks about a Liberal-Greens preference deal often enough, it’s now clear the Greens should have done one when they had the chance. It might be too late now.”

Dr Adam Bandt PhD (Marxism), the federal Melbourne MP whose first act as an elected official was to employ his girlfriend in his electorate office, must be wondering whether he’ll be able to get Liberal preferences a second time.



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27 responses to “GREENS FURY: Lower house Greens candidates sulk over Barber's preferences hubris

  1. Rebecca Quinn

    It does look as though the Greens bubble is leaking.

  2. Gregg Barbor

    Outrageous article, i should be upset but i can’t be because the ASX200 is up today.

    I’m in the money, sweet sweet money.

  3. Cyril

    Adam Bandt has a girlfriend?

  4. Dean Mighell

    Yes it’s my friend Delores the she-male.

  5. Sotherby

    certainly no reason to write them off, but what amazes me most about this bunch of self interested goats cheese gobbling mongols is the fact that for all thos young hip inner city types that are voting Green i wonder how well the reps fit in at the next bong session, can Brian bring his ASX ticker along?

  6. Anonymous

    After putting Adam Bandt into Parliament, the Liberals have seen that the Greens must be kept as far away from the levers of power as possible.

  7. Wendy

    I agree with Sotherby, this story means our goat cheese is under threat and we must hide our four wheel drives behind the plasma TV least the hairy underarms take our kiddies X boxes away and give them to third world refos.

    The giant soya bean is coming to western Sydney and it wears a headscarf and wants you to plough your own field. Sotherby, is there room in your bunker? I promise not to snore or fart?

  8. Green

    It is clear the greens have no choice but to preference the libs in a few seats or risk never getting any liberal preferences ever!

  9. looking right turning left

    The Greens and the ALP are such big sooks always loking out for wattles and wombats and so very very careless about innocent unborn !
    We are tired of their choice ie only their choice and no one elses! That is just IMPOSING their own selfish view of the world on others so much for democracy
    bye bye greens in this election
    bye bye ALP too hip hip Hooray

  10. Harry Lime

    One downside of the Libs refusal to preference the Greens (which is great news really) is that there is little chance of an early Federal election. Adam Bandt and Andrew Wilkie now have little hope of getting back in if the Libs fail to give them preferences so they have no incentive to tip the ALP out early.

  11. BS Detector

    The beauty is that the Greens snatched defeat from the jaws of victory because they are hide-bound Marxist fools.

    If they had promised anything, ANYTHING, by way of support for the Liberals in marginal seats, they would have got Liberal preferences.

    But, cry as they might, they have only themselves to blame.

    Suck on it, baby.

  12. Red

    Wow you people are mad. I was there, and this is all lies.

  13. The Truth

    If anyone thinks Bandt will get Liberal preferences next time, think again.

    He’ll be a oncer.

  14. Boofa Leigh

    Ahh….I feel an election coming on…oh what a feeling! Let’s hope my mates in the ALP keep on keepin on…I need them for my ‘consultancy’ work in the Green Wedge and urban growth boundary. And to think people used to think I had scruples. You bunch of absolute suckers….

  15. Sotherby

    Wendy you silly cretin, I’m not in Western Sydney but I’m sure you struggle to find your way out from behind the latte curtain, perhaps that’s why you watermelons will never eventuate to anything other than a spunk licking group of Marxist twats with a seat here and there to sustain your nepotistic party..which is not like any other party..I’ll happily drive over you in my 2ltr Subaru, if only the gargantuan mountain of hair were not impassable for anything other than a 4WD.

  16. Giuseppe De Simone

    I’m no tree hugging leftoid but even I am prepared to admit(under duress) that there are many decent members of the Greens in Victoria. Unfortunately, not enough of them are active in the structures of power within the Vic Branch. The Marxists control the party and it is nothing like the Tasmanian Greens which would have to be regarded as a comparatively moderate outfit when one looks at the rabid radicals in charge in Victoria (and NSW). Like all Trotskyite organisations, the Greens are likely to splinter. It reminds me of the song (to the tune of the Green Bottle Beer song)

    One Trot faction meeting in a hall
    One Trot faction meeting in a hall
    And if that Trot faction should accidentally brawl
    There’d be two Trot factions meeting in a hall

    You get the drift.

  17. pharmacy technician

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  18. Jimmy

    Slime is Green therefore Green = Slime

  19. Georgia Brownless

    Adam Bandt and a few of the Greens senators have really upset the Liberal Party big time by overdoing their politics.
    It is no suprise that the Liberal Party is not going to assist them any further.

  20. Wake up Greens are in coalition with Labor

    Q Why did Barber filobuster on VC71?
    A The deal for preferences was done weeks ago with Labor.

    Wake up, smell the roses, Labor and the Greens are one.

  21. Jennifer Healy

    I see Ansteyopoulos is the Greens candidate for Prahran. Has she moved her stacks there?

  22. Jimmy

    I met Nicki Haslinghouse the Greens candidate for Macedon today. She is an over opinionated, know it all immature hypocritical blow hard. She has no life experience and still lives with mummy and daddy. If this is the best they can do than they are doomed to fail. Eat shit and die leftards. I’m voting liberal. Not because I am one but Brumby is a wanker and the greens are worse

  23. James

    I met Nicki Haslinghouse the Greens candidate for Macedon today. She is an over opinionated, know it all immature hypocritical blow hard. She has no life experience and still lives with mummy and daddy. If this is the best they can do than they are doomed to fail. Eat shit and die leftards. I’m voting liberal. Not because I am one but Brumby is a wanker and the greens are worse

  24. @The Truth:
    Hey you filthy sockpuppet, hands off my name!

  25. Last time I voted Greens – Not this time

    Victoria can not afford to have a hung parliament. Whilst Brumby has done little to deserve to be elected he has done nothing that warrants him being thrown out of office. Its a case better the wild horse you know then the silver tailed thoroughbred that yyou do not know and who does not care about the working class.

    The Greens are the most disturbing aspect of this campaign. The Liberal party’s decision to place the Greens last is understandable and their decision has gained them 1-2% additional support. The Greens are all spin no substance in their delivery. Once Bob Brown passes there will be nothing left but a puff of idealism and socialist rhetoric.


  26. Congratulatiosn to the Sunday Herald Sun Newspaper for its editorial. I could say it any better, My thoughts exectly.

    Mr Baillieu deserves applause for taking a stand against the Greens. By refusing to give them preferences he has all but ended that party’s hopes of holding the balance of power. Voters should be wary of the Greens, a party led by self-appointed moral arbiters who believe themselves to be above scrutiny. As Victoria faces the challenges ahead we will need strong government more than ever.

    The Sunday Herald Sun believes that on balance Labor is best equipped to deliver strong government over the next term. So today, we urge Victorians to re-elect John Brumby.

  27. Just wanted to say, it’s all good really.

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