PICKING SEMANTIC WARS: Arbib and Greens exploit gay marriage for votes while being too lazy to build consensus

gaymarriagecynicism The tendency of the wealthiest and most educated Australians to lecture at and preach at the rest of the country will do much to alienate and undermine support for full equality for gays and lesbians in this country.

In a different era, politicians took the religious and cultural concept of marriage and enshrined it in their Marriage Act, defining it as a ‘union between a man and a woman.’

Our own view is that this shouldn’t change, unpopular as that view might be in the inner-city circles in which we mix. But we hope that a consensus can be built around providing for a non-religious version of marriage that gives gays and lesbians exactly the same legal status and protection and responsibilities and obligations as a married couple. The Brits call it a civil union and that seems to be a perfectly reasonable third way between opposition to any change and politicians imposing a radical change on marriage for which they seem too lazy to engage in any actual consensus building.

Once – and probably still – the vast majority of Australians once believed that Australia ought become a republic.

And yet the Australian Republican Movement dominated by Sydney investment bankers and know-all celebrities couldn’t have done more to alienate and destroy support for moving on from a rather eccentric English monarchy. There was too much preaching and whining and not enough genuine consensus building.

Australians ultimately didn’t like being talked down to on the issue of the republic and we see the same signs emerging on gay marriage.

Advocates of change have to win support through argument not demand it through petulance and bullying. With opportunists like the Greens party who have nothing to lose by cloaking themselves and using the gay and lesbian community with ruthless and reckless cynicism, there are great dangers ahead.

Even chaps thought quite socially conservative – who might think their reputation in need of a political makeover – are getting in on what some might think a very cynical and cheap act. Yes, that’d be you Mark Arbib.

He’s happy expressing his apparently strongly held views in interviews with friendly Sydney Morning Herald journalists. And that’s understandable, he’s taken a hiding for being a ‘faceless man’ who knifed Rudd. Arbib demonstrated great wisdom and courage in removing Rudd, more than we thought he could. But he doesn’t like the snobs and toffs of Sydney’s inner-city thinking he’s a villain so he’s keen to win their hearts as being a nice guy after all.

What isn’t nice – of course – is leading Australia’s gays and lesbians into an ambush of homophobia and amplified bigotry and stupidity.

Let’s see how the Senator goes actually making the case in the parts of the state that loyally vote for him in the Senate, hoping they’re electing someone who’ll stand up for them not for north-shore Sydney.

Those who botched the republic change are a powerful cautionary tale for those pushing for change to anything.

If you’re too lazy to build consensus and slowly win allies to the cause of the most controversial changes, if you go for the slam-dunk, you greatly increase the risks of failure and generating hostility for a community that doesn’t deserve it.

And let’s face it, in the parts of the country where our country’s most cynical opportunist – Marxist Greens party politician Adam Bandt who was elected with Liberal party preferences – doesn’t visit, there remain very confronting views about homosexuality that are perhaps shocking to some of our inner-urban readers.

When Gary Morgan’s researchers asked Australians whether they thought homosexuality was immoral, you’d have thought many would just laugh in response, these days.

But that’s not the case.

In Labor Lefty Kirsten Livermoore’s electorate in Far North Queensland, 44.7% of her community think homosexuality is ‘immoral’. Yes, immoral.

In her mate Regional Development minister Simon Crean’s electorate in suburban Melbourne, 36.8% of the electorate he safely represents from a long distance in leafy Middle Park agree with those in the far north.

roymorganhomosexuality Look at the chart.

In Labor’s heartland, there’s not a lot of love for gays and lesbians.

And that is sad. Shocking even, for those who – like Greg Barber MBA and us – rarely venture outside city limits.

In time, I believe this will change. It is changing, prior Roy Morgan polls had the ‘immoral’ brigades much bigger in number.

Acceptance and tolerance will beat ignorance and fear eventually.

Think about how far we’ve come in defeating racial prejudice.

It used to be common. It is now much less so.

It’s still there but is in retreat as perhaps never before.

Changing the definition of marriage – drawn from religion and expressed by politicians – in the Marriage Act will not help that process of acceptance. It will trigger an unholy confrontation that will go well beyond the normal party political conflicts.

The only party not divided by it is the increasingly poll-driven Greens party, who now deal in secret opinion polls they won’t source, focus groups and – as we exposed months ago – engage in the most cynical political trickery and manipulation with fake letters to the editor and cramming talkback lines with operatives. They don’t care about uniting the nation around tolerance and compassion and acceptance, their aim is to divide and rule and they don’t care who they hurt along the way.

We can’t help but think of our mates who just want to live their lives and be treated the same way who just happen to be gay. It goes without saying that there should be equal rights, in all respects, including those who want their personal relationship to be acknowledged as a ‘union’ by the state. We don’t know any gay person who wants to be used as cannon fodder in semantic and cultural wars by cynical heterosexual politicians hoping to be seen as cool by inner-city hipsters.

The objective of good and decent people in this debate must be to defeat and destroy – not inflame – prejudice.

The Greens political party is truly the focus of evil and cynicism in modern Australian politics.

On this issue, perhaps more so than any other, we can see the Greens party’s black heart. Their rhetoric is love, their currency is votes. They do nothing to tackle and defeat homophobia where it actually occurs, they merely seek to cash in on a popular inner-city cause where they get their votes and donations. It’s sickening.

Genuine leadership is about taking risks to lead people where they might not otherwise be. The Greens are just preaching to their own choir and couldn’t care less about the damage done to the cause of defeating ignorance and exclusion in all its forms and all across our nation.

A compromise that gives gay couples their own entirely equivalent civil union is the right way of making progress without undermining what is far more important which is that we drag people out of the gutter of prejudging gays and lesbians as ‘immoral’. Civil unions or partnerships – as occurs now in Britain – have the same legal effect as a marriage without provoking a pointless and destructive semantic and religious war. A war we very much doubt can be won by the ultra-left and where – we can be sure – cynical politicians will start waving the white flag as soon as they think the issue could cut short their own careers.

Defeating prejudice is a far more important priority than secular and anti-religious Australia picking a big and unsustainable fight with the millions of Australians who go to church at least once a month and who believe that marriage is a religious institution as ancient as their faith not one divined by Canberra politicians.



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50 responses to “PICKING SEMANTIC WARS: Arbib and Greens exploit gay marriage for votes while being too lazy to build consensus

  1. RJ

    Concern Troll is concerned.

    Essentially you hope for a consensus on forcing gays to settle for less than equality. You may be right that the tactics of supporters of equal marriage rights alienate the people they hope to convince, but such a viewpoint reflects “homophobia and amplified bigotry and stupidity.”

  2. Correllio

    There is already a non-religious form of marriage. It’s marriage solemnized by a non-religious celebrant. Civil unions aren’t marriage. Marriage -an institution which preceded the state and all legal codes and is not merely or exclusively a religious institution – is fundamentally and of its essence and has always been between man and woman in all societies and cultures throughout human history – because of its focus (note the word) on procreation. I remain astounded at the profound ignorance about marriage (and basic human biology) from all those who think they can redefine it.

  3. Miles

    Marriage is an institution under threat – not from the queers, but from sky-high divorce rates. Surely allowing more committed couples who love each other to wed is something that will strengthen the institution of marriage – not destroy it.
    Correllio, I am personally astounded at the profound ignorance from people like you who think that homosexuality is an abomination and use the excuse of history to justify your bigotist opinion

  4. Miles, you should join RJ and Pissy Chryne for a circle jerk.

    Obviously in your world view anyone who thinks that a marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman must be a good red-neck cro-magnon ‘fag-bashing’ bigot.

  5. [deleted - impersonation]

    Also there should never be charges laid against distinguished gents who like to ‘dog’ outside Gentlemen’s public lavatories.

  6. RJ

    @The Truth if you can provide a single reason against gay marriage that doesn’t boil down to bigotry, I’d honestly love to hear it.

    Even @Correllio’s view that marriage is about procreation doesn’t stand up, since we allow infertile people to marry, as well as those past the age where procreation is possible.

  7. mick

    Give proper legal recognition to Civil Unions and all you have left is a fight over semantics.

    Everyone would be happy, except perhaps the leftard whinging rent-a-crowd, and who cares about them? If they arnt crying about this they will find something else to crusade over, buried in their bong-driven contemplations of the world.

  8. Wendy

    And worse still, that terrible Marxist Green Republican, Arnie ShwartWhatever, he supports gay marriage for California. I always knew those Republicans were sectret marxist feminist environmentalists.

    We should stop recognising de facto relationships too. If you want to share a bed, then get hitched. It’s in the bible. Oops, no it isn’t – because marriage wasn’t invented when Jesus was preaching the gospels!

  9. Adam Bandt

    Just shut up and f*ck me

  10. Bill Hef

    Rule 1: NO POOFTAS
    Rule 2: NO POOFTAS
    Rule 3: NO POOFTAS

  11. Craig.L.

    Jake if you’d like we can still tie the knot ?

  12. Disillusioned

    Erm, doesn’t the Relationships Act 2008 cover all of the legalities anyway? Similar protection has been afforded under the Family Law Act as well. Have a little garden party and chuck around rose petals if you wish, but it seems to me the statutory stuff is all in place and make sure you have your super and your will sorted out.

  13. Bill Heff's Bro

    Those rules sound a bit harsh.

  14. Nothing wrong with pooftas!

  15. Leviticus 18:22

    Homosexuals are an abomination. The LORD says so in the BOOK and those who engage in this abomination will certainly burn in hell for eternity.

  16. Ted

    Before laws are made they must conform with the natural law of the universe. Equality does not and cannot over ride natural justice.

  17. Wenchy


  18. Disillusioned

    @Alex I don’t mind the odd poofta every now and then – at least they swallow!

  19. Disillusioned

    @Leviticus – Google “god hates shrimp” – all will be revealed

  20. Wendy

    So let me get this right – you boys are scared of the Greens, scared of the ALp, scared of your own sexual identity, scraed of progress and social reform and scared of being scared?

  21. nniicc00

    I agree with RJ. This article is pushing for me to accept that I can never have the choice to get married. Marriage existed in different forms across many cultures, LONG before any religions claimed hold of it. It’s history of political relations, transferring property and owning women has come a long way. This is the next step. I’ve only been to four weddings in my life, none of them were in church. Yes, non-religious weddings are available to heterosexuals. I would love to have that option. In countries where marriage is available to gay people, such as Spain and Argentina, two pretty religious countries, they have still managed to separate church from state and granted full equality to their citizens. I can’t impress the importance this will have on gay people on the future, knowing from the outset that they can get married one day, it will really help them feel less alienated from their friends and family. It will also hopefully reduce their risk of developing depression. This has become a bit of a long rant, sorry, but I hope that people really think about how little their marriage would be affected if I was able to marry my boyfriend. Marriage has an intrinsic value, not a relative one. Ok, thanks for reading.

  22. I always new mark Arbib was a sodomite may god prary for him and there unclean dirty sinful kind wwjd !!!!!!!!!!

    he does look pretty thou

  23. Leviticus 18:22

    No matter how much you scream, GOD has spoken through the Holy Bible that homosexuals are sinners and shall be condemned to the fires of HELL for eternal damnation.

  24. Timothy Scriven

    Government need not be by consensus, if it was we’d never get anything done. So many of the changes we now regard as being of value- votes for women, the American civil rights act, the legalisation of homosexuality, were not by consensus. The suggestion that gay marriage needs a consensus, or close enough, is an ad hoc ploy from an increasingly small and desperate minority which can smell its own defeat coming.

  25. RJ

    @Leviticus `GOD’ has also said a false set of scales is an abomination, that shellfish is an abomination, a proud look is an abomination, remarriage is an abomination and that incense offered by hypocrites is an abomination. The list goes on from there if you’d care to read your bible.

    I’m particularly intrigued by remarriage (Deuteronomy 24:1-4). Why are the christians not arguing for that to be banned, since it too is an abomination?

  26. Disillusioned

    Arbib certainly ain’t a ‘proud look’

  27. Peter


    I think you may have misunderstood the debate in calling for “a non-religious version of marriage that gives gays and lesbians exactly the same legal status and protection and responsibilities and obligations as a married couple”.

    You do not see to have understood that marriage in Australia is already not necessarily a religious thing.

    In Europe couples generally have to be married at the secular registry. You can then go off and get married in a religious instituion if you want to.

    Much confusion reigns in Australia and the US as a result of the fact that there is no requirement for a separate secular marriage process ahead of religious solemnization of marriage in our countries. This is because Australian religious leaders are authorized under the Marriage Act in Australia to perform ceremonies that result in marriages that are recognized by the state. Same in the USA.

    There is nothing wrong with a “one stop shop” for those who prefer a religious marriage ceremony.

    As far as I am aware nobody is suggesting the law should require Priests, Rabbis etc to be forced to marry same sex couples in religious ceremonies. Whether or not they do so is an issue of religious freedom to be determined by the religious institution.

    Rather the argument is that same sex couples should be entitled to marriage performed by marriage celebrants, just like heterosexual couples who prefer that over a relious ceremony.

    Even Luther said “marriage is a secular thing”.

    Once we understand these distinctions support for same sex marriage is really just an extension of Labor values of fairness, non-discrimination and religious freedom. And as Labor has often said of itself “it must govern for all Australians”.

    You are correct in saying there is hatred. But we should not pander to that.

    Things have become better not worse for gay people in those countries where same sex marriage is now allowed.

  28. The theme of your blog is very beautiful and the article is written very well, I will continue to focus on your article.

  29. Leviticus 18:22

    You homosexual blasphemers continue to pervert the word of our GOD ALMIGHTY.

    You know deep down in the moment before you die and face judgment at the alter of the ALMIGHTY that you are going to burn in HELL for eternity.

    Not only will you go to HELL for your wicked sexual deviance but also for falsely teaching the word of GOD.

  30. Bill Hef

    Us Libs must stop those nancy boys and pooftas from joining our party.

  31. RJ

    @Leviticus 18:22: If you’d care to point out precisely what was false or perverted, that’d be nice.

  32. ChrisW

    @Leviticus: The Lord and his Altar appear to have altered somewhat in your quite obviously earthly and imperfect rendition of His teachings. Are you sure you’ve got the rest of it right … or are you just ranting like a bogan?

  33. Anon

    Civil unions for all then. Get the state out of marriage and call it the ‘Civil Union’ Act. The point is that any discrimination leads to lack of respect of the ‘other’ with fewer rights. Which unfortunately, in my case, had let to violence.

  34. Wendy

    And so the small minded boys who won’t own up to their own repressed gayness slowly reveal themselves.

  35. Pisstopher C

    I am happily married – as long as I can have my man love on the side. This is how the men on the lowdown should operate – happily married with four IVF kids and a frumpy wife in public but a passionate man-rump shagger in private.

    Oh…one other thing…I tried felching the other day and loved it. Do any vex news readers know what felching is?

  36. Duchess of Sturt

    Mark Arbib has never been the same since I gave him a blowjob in the dining room toilets. I am not surprised he has changed his tune.

  37. Craig.L.

    @Pisstopher C. Oh yes I know all about Feltching, Jake taught me much.

  38. Leviticus 18:22

    Just you fags remember that the closer you come to death the closer you come to burning in HELL for all your abominations.

    You pooftars might try to justify your sodomistic ways but deep down you know GOD will send you to HELL.

  39. wolf

    This is up there with your defense of Israels attack on a civilian flotilla.
    Andy I remain in awe of your capabilities.
    By the way, I notice your praise of a certain Adelaide carrot top has dropped off in the leadup to the elections. The sexy girls with sexy guns thing can only take you so far I guess.
    When you’re ready to step towards what the old school regards as journalism and dish the dirt equally let me know.

  40. Sam Dastricari

    oooh arab style for me

  41. deen mighell

    can you marry transvestites?

  42. namenamename

    Homosexuality is a form of pathological narcissism and needs to be reclassified as such. There’s no need for sane people to be duped by these worshippers of the self.

  43. Boofa Leigh

    From one c?nt to you two c?nt’s – you just gotta do what you gotta do! Look at what I have to do with the Wench every Wednesday night? Do you think I like this? Well do ya?

  44. Unknown.

    Homosexuality destroys families and is against the natural order of things.

  45. Anonymous

    Faggots. Gotta go. Law of natural selection says so.

  46. Concerned

    Is Alex White a poof? just putting it out there for discussion

  47. Disillusioned

    He has that ‘bear’ look about him. I can see him swinging in a leather sling with his legs in the air screaming “Noooo” when really he means yes.

  48. matty mc

    don’t!!!!!!!!!!! you’re making horney

  49. Сильно отличная новость! Автор делайте новости в таком же духе!!!

  50. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

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