PICK YOUR CANDIDATE: Greens party on-camera nose-picker candidate ignored health warnings

timbaxternosepicker2 Self-described climate activist and mature-age university student Tim Baxter is an earnest chap who has interrupted long bursts of unemployment with a Greens political party (GPP) candidacy in the state seat of Box Hill in the 2010 Victorian election.

Baxter was one of many GPP activists lathering themselves into a rare bath of frenzy following the decision of the Victorian Liberals to take a principled stand and put the extreme-left Greens party last on their How To Votes.

Despite normally denouncing the Liberals as racist and evil, Baxter and his ilk were filled with apparently heartfelt concern about what was best for the Liberal party on preferences. Baxter’s savant-like rapid-repeat tweeting led members of the VEXNEWS Investigations Unit to probe his activities.

Needless to say, he hasn’t done much but we did discover that he had prepared a straight-to-camera video for Youtube last week that had him presenting what purports to be a “plan” for public transport in Melbourne’s affluent eastern suburbs.

Of course, you can’t plan transport infrastructure without planning how to fund it and the law student is a little reticent about all that. OK let’s be honest, he doesn’t mention the cost or how to fund any of it.

greensmagicpudding Some might think a policy without the money to pay for it might be a reasonably massive political fraud. Greens (GPP) policies are not only unfunded, they are also uncosted.  Even the Sunday Age GPP cheer squad seemed to be calling bulldust on this yesterday.

It’s a useful quick summary of the Greens party black hole where even their cuts are actually multi-billion cuts in revenue and the only clearly espoused revenue increase would involve increases in the costs of water and electricity.

The Sunday Herald Sun’s Peter Rolfe has previously revealed that Department of Treasury and Finance estimates of only 15 Greens party policies would cost taxpayers more than $20 billion. And even that number excludes the promise of 16 new tram-lines, heroin injecting rooms, etc.

But while shy about how to finance any of the lavish promises he dreamt up over a bong, VEXNEWS can reveal that on his little-viewed video (39 views when we first chanced upon it) – while addressing the public on the issues – Tim Baxter very carefully and deliberately – with malice aforethought – picked his nose on-camera and continued droning on after the shocking incident.

timbaxterdweeb Left-wing font of slightly biased facts Wikipedia reports:

Nose-picking is the act of extracting dried nasal mucus or foreign bodies from the nose with a finger. Despite being a very common habit, it is a mildly taboo activity in most cultures, and the observation of the activity in another person commonly provokes mixed feelings of disgust and amusement. In many cultures nose-picking is considered a private act akin to defecation, urination, flatulence, and belching. To be caught nose-picking may be considered humiliating.

We can be grateful for he didn’t engage in any more of the listed private acts on-camera.

And while considered a highly unusual act to incorporate within a political video pitching for votes, nose-picking is not without its defenders in the medical community:

Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist at Privatklinik Hochrum in Innsbruck, claims that nose-picking combined with nasal mucus eating is beneficial for the immune system.

Although mainstream medical opinion says nose-picking – of the kind demonstrated by this Greens political party candidate – carries grave medical risks:

include an increase in the diversity of nose flora, occasional nosebleeds (in 25% of those who pick their nose, considering that most of the population picks their nose occasionally) and in rare cases perforation of the nasal septum or self-induced ethmoidectomy. Also, due to the special nature of the blood supply to the nose and surrounding area, it is possible for retrograde infections from the nasal area to spread to the brain, although this scenario is unlikely to arise from normal rhinotillexis…

Alarming stuff.



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7 responses to “PICK YOUR CANDIDATE: Greens party on-camera nose-picker candidate ignored health warnings

  1. Da

    at leasthe has not been charged with drugs – unlike the Greens in NSW

  2. Hahahaha… love the graphic!

  3. Watermelons

    I did find this article entertaining however I am disappointed that you didn’t mount a more serious attack than pointing out that Mr. Baxter has a penchant for nosepicking.

    From last night’s tweet rage I was quite confused that someone who wants to be elected to the parliament could be so easily bated into unwinnable arguments with members of the public on twitter. Hardly the type of behaviour that I would want to see from an MLA. Not to mention that Mr. Baxter seems to be quite delusional when it comes to assessing the actual “power” of the Greens. When talking about his transport plan he tweeted “he point is that we will make these things happen. We are driven and committed to them in a way that no other party is.”

    I’m quite perplexed how a party who’s best case outcome in the election would be to be the minor partner in a minority government (which now appears to be miffed) could make something as significant as a transport plan “happen”.

  4. Disillusioned

    “A finger is a positive appendage no matter which way it picks.”

  5. Dan Lewis

    Such a shame. If he’d gone for the ear instead, he could go on to one day become Prime Minister.

  6. Adrian Jackson

    A Greens nose picker just like Labours Kevin Rudd and little Kev ate his “snot” too – yum, yum, yum

  7. Solo Man

    Let’s re-cap. He’s filming his little segment on his own at home with no-one behind the camera. He’s done it in one take and seemingly hasn’t reviewed the footage see how dorky he looks and sounds before posting it to Youtube. He’s wearing the t-shirt his mum bought him. And he’s saying nothing much of any consequence. It says a lot about teh greeens, and quite a bit about Vexnewws that you could be bothered to search out this drivel. Need gainful employment?

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