HA HA: Vic Liberals put principle first and the extreme-left Greens last

The Victorian Liberals have announced they will put the Greens behind Labor in all state seats on their How To Vote cards.

The move followed the election of Marxist Adam Bandt to federal Parliament on Liberal preferences in late August and a rising tide of concern that the Liberals were tarnishing their reputation as the lead conservative party in Australian politics by being seen to greatly aid the extreme-left Greens party.

The Greens might have been guilty of counting their organic free-range chickens before they hatched, with Melbourne Greens candidate Brian Walters reportedly already preparing to become the state leader of the party. He’ll have to win the seat first, despite revelations of his involvement in mining-linked property development, his acceptance of money from the coal industry he denounces as ‘dirty’ and his residence in a leafy ritzy suburb of Eaglemont, many miles away from Melbourne electorate.

The Greens party strategy of relying on the conservatives whom they profess to loathe has been one of the most breathtakingly cynical political cons we’d ever seen.

We couldn’t be more impressed with Ted Baillieu and his Liberal team for putting their ideas above cheap tactics and game-playing with the extreme-left which while tempting in the short-term was corroding their proud brand and causing considerable discord in the party membership.



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68 responses to “HA HA: Vic Liberals put principle first and the extreme-left Greens last

  1. Anonymous

    Patriots. Only hope the ALP follows suit.

  2. Baron von Chicken-Pants

    Bad move, all it will do is reinforce to voters that there is no real difference between either major party and that they are so alike that they are happy to preference each other.

  3. Wendy

    Ha ha. This is brilliant news. And told so maturely too. You tell em how it is boys. Them commie watermelons are a comin’ for your wealth.

    My god, what if they get 20% of the vote? Shall we run for the hills? West Australia is the only safe haven left. They’ve taken over Tassie and the ACT. Who knows what’s left of NSW – something out of ‘The Road’ these days. South Aust is a wasteland too, so head west young men before them Greens start hunting you all down like organic carrots in a field of pesticide free mulch.

  4. Timothy

    Excellent. I was starting to worry that the Liberals didn’t consider us a threat.

    It was going to happen sooner or later, better sooner I think.

  5. Dr Dean

    The Liberals have betrayed the Menzies Legacy.

    Menzies himself preferenced the Greens in every election from 1949-1966.

  6. Sotherby

    Wendy we could smell you comming with that organic smelling minge of yours. Greens have a few too many tabs on themselves, and Vic certainley should not compare themselves to the movement in Tassie, i tend to believe they actually have some Green “principles”.

    The electorate wont be fooled by them, why vote out the most left wing woman for an old creept welathy coal investing turd…

  7. sg

    So another term of Brumby it is?

  8. Pong

    The real question is whether the greens will continue to do split tickets giving some of their votes to the libs – or will they change now?

  9. Damian

    So Labor/Liberal alliance?

  10. Anonymous

    Good bye greens, Bronnie Pike is back !!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. evil bastard

    greens preferences on how to vote cards are irrelevant. if the greens decided to preferenced libs ahead of labor, their voters would not follow the card. the libs therefore have little incentive to preference the greens, but it’s nice they decided to put them last on principle

  12. lol

    @Dr Dean: Dr Dean, the difference is that the newest reincarnation of the greens wants to destroy all that Australia stands for in the name of them having a ‘clear conscience’ instead of actually standing up for what’s best for all people.

  13. nan

    Encouraging to see some sections of the media are revealing Bob Brown’s Greens have been taken over by those who will sell their soul for power, using the environmental banner to achieve their goals.

  14. not Mike Baird

    I could never preference the Greens – they are not only godless – they don’t believe that the bible is the literal word of god – and we all know that to be a fact

  15. The ALP has always placed the Greens behind Labor. 🙂

    The Liberal Party have, as a result of their principled decision, increased their support not just in Melbourne but across the State.

    The allocation of preference from the DLP, FF and the Christian Groups was most likely conditional on the Liberal party being played last. The Greens could not direct preferences in the lower house. The Greens although they toyed with the idea of preferencing the Liberal Party in the upper house ran the real prospect of becoming a target of further opposition had they done so.

    In the end support of other minor parties was much more valued for the Liberal party who can now maintain the support of the party faithful. The real contest now is in the upper-house. Analysis indicates that the LNP will win a majority of upper-house seats.

  16. you greens are loathsome poor losers

    it is interesting how the greens participate in vexnews. one learns more about the greens and their nastiness on this site than any other. ha ha indeed

  17. you greens are loathsome poor losers

    @Dr Dean: are you an idiot – the greens were not around until the eighties ….

  18. Syphologist

    Well done, that man.

    I knew you’d do the right thing in the end.

  19. Alex

    Of course this actually only means something if the Liberals don’t collapse their booths by not having anyone handing out their how-to-votes in inner city seats.

  20. Greg

    After the Green’s screwed the Liberals by preferencing Labor in the marginals, they are left crying into their latte’s when Liberals returned the favour. I guess you don’t have to be very bright to be a Green.

  21. Sam

    So Andrew, with all your hatred, whining and whinging about the greens and the possibility of the Libs preferencing the greens, are we too expect a tirade against Labor now about preferencing the Greens in the upper house and delivering them seats?

    I expect you are just like your mate Brumby and “do as i say and not as I do.”

    If this was a balanced news breaking/opinion site as you always claim, surely we can expect some outrage over Labor preferencing the greens

  22. Natasha Manclaren

    I’m hungry.

  23. Tom

    This is the end of the Greens.

    Every other branch of the ALP and Liberals will now follow suit.Hope you enjoy your few years in parliament because you will be leaving in the next election.

    Comrades this is a good, good day.

  24. [deleted - impersonation]

    I hope no -one knows I am sleeping with journalist [deleted – defamatory]. If Christine Milne knew she would use it against me.

  25. Wendy

    Thanks Sotherby, I knew I could count on you for an academic response. It’s great to hear from Liberals who get their life experiences from a glossy magazine and RSVP. And at least I have a minge, I gather your ‘partner’ only has hair on its knuckles.

  26. Christy Milne

    I already know Sarah and so do lots of others.

  27. Tom

    Wendy I love that you have a go at a Lib for having limited life experiences.

    As clearly demonstrated by the federal election almost the overwhelming majority of Green voters come from inner city suburbs, live in town houses, have blue collar jobs and make good money.They live in a bubble, have little in common with the average Australian mum n dad, hence why when you look at electoral patterns. Outer suburbs, the real Australia do not vote for the Greens.

    Greens do not know what it is like to bring up kids on a few hundred a week, pay higher power bills become some out of touch clowns wants to run electricity on inefficient solar power.

    Greens are not the party for Australians, they are the party for a few “progressive” Australians who have their own interests ahead of those of their society and nation. So how dare you have a crack at a lib for being out of touch, because believe me, come out to Western Sydney and you can talk about the benefits euthanasia and supporting the arts will have. But believe me, no one will listen.

    Stick to the your bubble.

  28. Wendy


    Come to Western Sydney? I live there you boring simpleton. You and your McMansions, your plasma TVs and over extended mortgages, your credit cards maxed out spoiling a bunch of snotty kids who demand every material good; your 4 wheel drives and McDonald’s for dinner and lack of tertiary education – you are what suck this nation dry. You want every capitalist, consumer Ikea bit of plastic rubbish made by child slaves in 3rd world country and you don’t want to pay for it. You think it’s your god given right to use up resources because why? some uneducated bint spawned you?

  29. Tom


    You would have to be the only green living in Western Sydney. I don’t understand why are you are so intent on betraying your own kind, I don’t understand why through your choice of political party you actively encourage a rise in the cost of living. Go ask your neighbours if they want a rise in the cost of living, tell me what they say.

    I’m not going to bother replying to most of your diatribe because you have beautifully proved by point. You clearly have very little in touch with the average Australia, your post clearly demonstrates that you are clinging to some forgotten facet of class warfare, where you and I are pitted against each other. I am of course the fat capitalist and you are poor abused one. This crap which have spewed out does not resonate with anyone except your few, few brethren.

    If you are going to have a debate with someone, it is unhelpful to descend to person attacks especially when I do not have the good fortune of knowing you.

    Please explain, how are the greens in touch with the average Australian when A) comparatively no one votes for them B) their policies raise the cost of living and 3) almost all green presence in devoted towards inner city seats.

    And I’m not a Lib.

  30. Hold Stephenson to account

    I live in Preston and i can see how dangerous green policies are,in 2008 then Joke sorry i mean mayor Peter Stephenson used rate payers money on all these weirdo water saving schemes. It now rains every day! What a joke, it was just a dry weather pattern but no the goose spent all our money on Greenie water saving schemes.He was the worst Mayor in history. Don’t vote Green!!!!!!!!

  31. Wendy

    Tom, my friend, it’s very simple. You’ll pay for it one way or another, or your children and grandchildren will. We cannot sustain the current use of fossil fuels. It pollutes our air and destroys our water, and then it will run out.

    Petrol is now over $1.20 a litre. It will go up and up. As resources run out, the cost increases. It’s called economics. You think I want prices to rise – you bet. Cost influences behaviour. If petrol reaches $2 a litre, then people will drive less, or share or use trains etc.

    Blame your Labor and Liberal Governments for not building services in the west. Bigger cities in Europe and US cope because they don’t have the sprawl of Sydney and the lack of services. It’s the major parties who have failed to develop the infrastructure in the west. Look at France or London or Boston etc – big cities, well serviced by public transport and regional health and shopping centres.

    It’s not class warfare, it’s greed and over consumption that I ridicule. You don’t want to pay for it now, but you seem not to care about what you lewave your children.

  32. Miles

    But what about ME!

    Why doesn’t Paul Sheahan write about ME when he writes about all my friends.

  33. Anonymous

    My view of Ted Ballieu has risen sharply after this decision.

    The Greens won’t win squat and thats the way it should be.

  34. Ronnie

    Bloody hell

    The comments section now seems to be regularly haunted by angry Wendy, hell bent on abusing innocent Vexnews readers.

    A one woman vendetta.

    Never has the phrase ‘get a life’ been more pertinent.

  35. Tom


    What sums up your position is how you just claimed that it was a good thing if cost of living goes up.

    This is the green motto, ideology over practicality.

  36. Finally! I am a moderate. My transformation is complete!

  37. PS. I don’t actually believe in anything other than my own ambition.

  38. Red Ted has proven he is more tease than toff. Well played sir! Breaking the hearts of the Marxist latte lawyer toffs of inner suburbia… it’s a marvellous day in Melbourne.

    The real question is, who got to Ted to get out of bed with the watermellons?

  39. Wendy

    Ronnie, I am on a vendetta, but I also like sunsets, walking on the beach, weapy books and the films of Natalie Portman.

  40. Ashley Pittard

    I want my $175,000 back Alex. A promise is a promise.

  41. Adrian Jackson

    I just voted in Albert Park District and I put Greens last too however I put the Greens ahead of the Libs and Lab in Southern Metro Region with Sex Party first (voted below the line too).

  42. andy bult

    I wonder if bully boy Hulls and his ill informed Premier BrumBEE will come out and slag themselves now about their deals with the greens?
    listening to Greens fuhrer Barber yesterday convinced me that the Greens are so far out of touch with reality it is scary. And Wendy the sad thing about you is that you are representative of what a Green female is. Fanatical and ignorant of facts not to mention the hairy armpits,mohair stockings and the hair in a bun. ‘BEWDIFUL’

  43. Cyndi

    stephen luntz is the worst negotiator ever… I think amateur hour is over.

  44. Sen. Sarah Hanson Young

    why isn’t anyone commenting on how hot I am? Don’t you know a gallery journo can’t control himself around me. I get the porking of my life a few times a week when in Canberra.

  45. The Barber

    Barber – “We hold all the cards”!

  46. Neil

    The decision by the Liberal Party to preference the Greens last will play out well in Ballarat, Bendigo and central Victoria where many of the marginal seats are found. In addition I expect the Liberals to pick up additional seats in the upper house. This is a cold and calculated decision rather than one based on principal. Nothing wrong with that but lets see it in that context.

  47. Anon

    Everyone knows it was Kevin Andrew’s speech that did it. Well, that’s what he told me.

  48. Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Only Labor voters get called dummies and morons. At least us Liberal voters don’t have this problem because we are the smart ones. And there are drones more of them to come with all of the upcoming young generation and more and more people are turning to a Coalition government for a much better option for future generations, and everybody that turns against labor never go back. So in the very near future the Labor party will be a spent force, while the Coalition will Be a powerful force

  49. Boofe Leigh

    Gee I never put principles first! What would people ever think of me?

  50. Cane Toad

    It isn’t sleazy being green …

  51. Wenchy

    Gee I always put Principals first, followed by firemen, policemen, chemists, fish and chip shop owners and the occassional road worker….ohh and sometimes boof heads….

  52. Breg Garber

    I was so upset today i could only manage 17 share trades

  53. Sen. Sarah Hanson Young

    Don’t listen to that nasty Christine Milne. I really am loyal to my husband and journalist Tony Right is not my Mr Right….although I shag him a lot

  54. Not Red


    Petrol is so expensive because of taxes and excise of somewhere around 50%. Blame the government. Then the evil greens want to add carbon pricing to it. Luvveerrrly.

    Add to that the terminal price at Singapore which the oil companies set and then blame for high prices, moaning they don’t make enough margin in Aus. No, the refineries don’t make massive margins but the whole business does… known as a loss leader.

  55. Real Patriot not patrot

    The term Patriot has been misappropriated by the jew influence in Australia. John Howard followed his mate Dubya who has a government infested with jews, into the jew battle in Iraq.

    This had nothing to do with oil, but everything to do with revenge on Saddam Hussein, who dared to fire scud missiles at Israel during the first Gulf War.

    Australian blood shed for Israel and the jews is wasted.

    Your jew obsession with hurting the Australian Greens who do not felate Israel and the jews is unpatriotic and unAustralian.

  56. Giddy Up

    Awwwww my friend Teddy just cost me yet another failed attempt at public office 😦

  57. Steve Sensible

    Adrian Jackson is posting under another name…

  58. Sotherby

    Wendy i return in kind, your vomit enducing tirades seem to bring out that side of people.

    oh and I’m not a lib you fool- just because i think your some sort of mal-formed gutter monster that enjoys displaying porn to your neighbours children while you braid your hair singing hippie music and smoking weed does not make me a tory.

  59. Harry The B

    @Real Patriot not patrot:

    What????!!!! Hitler is back?

  60. anon

    Andy, please deal with the nutty anti semetic comments please.

  61. Disillusioned

    Yeah they should go. Let’s have Brian Walters’ coherent anti-semetic comments instead.

  62. anon

    No such thing as anti-semetism, the Zionist lobby factions just don’t like any differing opinions to thier own biased bigoted views.

  63. Wendy

    Thanks Sotherby for your literate and erudite contributation to the political discourse.

    What does make you a Tory are your views. They belong to a bygone era. Your potty mouthed abuse and degridation of women, well I guess that says something telling about your status and self esteem. I presume you are either single or partnered to someone already dead?

    On to politics though … please, read a policy document or two. It may enlighten you.

  64. Disillusioned

    I wonder how Walters reconciles defending a Nazi war criminal with supporting gay marriage?

    Didn’t the Nazi’s delight in killing the homosexuals too?

    I guess no matter which way you point a pink triangle, it’s always going to look the same. At least that’s what my grade 3 maths teacher taught me.

  65. andy bult

    Walters and his greenie mates will be out barking at the next full moon wanking the joy stick whilst thinking of what might have been. Thanks Ted for nothing!!!
    And wendy will no doubt be there to clean up the mess with her toothbrush. The Greens are a lost cause.

  66. Gerry of Mentone

    Dear “Real Patriot not patrot”, presuming that you are serious [sadly,Andrew, a rare thing here], may I suggest you look up Frank Knopfelmacher’s [who knew a bit]warnings about the [er, try ‘really painful’] differences between free societies and the others, and the ‘desirability’ of learning the obvious lessons. Then, you might not be so glib re Australia’s critically national imperatives [but I fear that this may be presumptive of me].

  67. Green & red enemy

    This was the Charter, the Charter of the land.

    And guardian angels sang this strain:

    Rule Britania!
    Britannia rule the waves.
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

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