GREENS DRUGS: Liberal MP slams Greens on taxpayer-funded free heroin trial, injecting rooms and "medical" marijuana

As the extreme-left Greens party and the Liberals look set to cut a preference deal that could elect Ted Baillieu Premier, federal Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella is having none of it, reminding her constituents that Greens party policies on drugs would see state-sponsored heroin trials, heroin injecting rooms and legalised marijuana.

Mirabella has put out an important information to the community pointing out “Loopy Green policies”.

It’s triggered a local row with the local Greens candidate who has struggled to defend Greens policies and has instead just denied them. The Greens candidate Jenny O’Connor is in denial on drugs:

“It says very clearly in our policy that we do not condone the use of illicit drugs nor do we wish to legalise their use.”

That’s just not true as this official Greens policy document makes clear.

They claim – in response to a brilliant Gerard McManus Herald Sun article that hit the Greens between the eyes a couple of elections ago – they don’t support the decriminalisation of drugs but also explain they want:

â–  heroin injecting rooms;

â–  taxpayer funded heroin available to registered junkies in a nationwide trial; and

■ marijuana legalised for “medical” purposes as it has been in California leading to a boom in the dangerous drug that is linked to schizophrenia, memory loss and cancer.



Mirabella is well within her rights to point out these highly contentious policies that are proposed by the Greens party.

If published polls are to be believed, Labor is set to lose its majority in the Victorian parliament and will depend on the Greens party if they are to govern. Will the Greens demand of Labor that Victorian taxpayers fund free-heroin trials, heroin injecting rooms and “medical” marijuana as a price for governing?



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24 responses to “GREENS DRUGS: Liberal MP slams Greens on taxpayer-funded free heroin trial, injecting rooms and "medical" marijuana

  1. anon

    Which of the good Major’s Squaddies fired the live pellet into Sophie’s big round tum?

  2. RJ

    Out of interest, have you commented at all on California’s failed referendum on legalising marijuana?

  3. True Believer

    Good one you Sophie. It’s great to see someone speaking up against the abosolute disgraceful socially left wing agenda of the greens. Why bother with a preference deal which does nothing to help your own party govern?

  4. True Believer

    Good on you Sophie. It’s great to see someone speaking up against the abosolute disgraceful socially left wing agenda of the greens. Why bother with a preference deal which does nothing to help your own party govern?

  5. Wendy

    Medical use of dope should be banned, as it isn’t in much of Europe. How dare Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria and Holland allow decriminalisation of drugs and medical use of pot? EU toosers. What would they know about being tough on drugs?

    Look, it’s very simple. We know tougher laws work. That’s why the USA has no drug problem anymore. Bush solved that with his tough laws and increased jail terms. That’s why only 18,000 people have been killed in Mexico – because tough laws work. That’s why China executes drug users, and look, they only have an estimated 1.2 million heroin users.

    The safe injecting room in Sydney should be destroyed. So what if it saves lives – the point is these people should all be drunks like John Elliot and Mrs Andrews and not use illegal sustances to get sh*t faced.

  6. Civil Society under threat

    The Greens in Victoria are not environmentalists dressed up as cuddly Koalas. They are an extreme left ‘drug depraved’ socialist organisation whose real agenda is about destroying the social fabric by bringing down the Labor government, causing as much social upheaval and disunity possible in order to impose their political will over the people.

    They seek to undermine the sanctity of marriage and true Christian values. They go far beyond the call for Civil and Human Rights slogans that appear in their slick modern branding advertising. Advertising that lacks substance and truth.

    Monash University politics lecturer Narelle Miragliotta says that while the Greens are seen as inspired by a desire to preserve wilderness areas, this is strictly only true of the Tasmania and Queensland branches.

    ”The thing about Tasmania and Queensland, they did mobilise around charismatic individuals [Bob Brown and Drew Hutton],” she says. The Greens in Victoria and New South Wales came from a broader social justice movement, creating a sort of pan-left party.

    The last thing Victoria can afford is a hung parliament where the Greens hold the balance of power. Victoria is not Tasmania.

    The Brumby Government for all its faults has provided economic and social stability whilst delivering on services to the community. It may not deserve to be re elected but it certainly odes not deserve to be thrown out of office.

    Victoria is better off with an ALP-Brumby Government then the alternate possibilities.

    God Help Victoria

  7. Wendy

    I agree with this “extreme left drug deparved socialist” comment. It is a well known fact that no person who ever used a drug has ever voted or supported the Liberal/National parties.

    Only people on drugs vote Labor-Green. According to the Institute of Criminology, cocaine and ecstasy have only ever been used by socialists (who else can afford blow these days?

    It is a fact that if you ban drugs, suppport for the Greens will diminish. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere in the world that people who vote conservative have ever tried pot or used a party drug.

  8. Adrian Jackson

    Surely one way to stop or reduce injecting drug abuse is to ban the sale of or the giving away of needles.

  9. Reds are better in bed

    God can’t help Victoria because he doesn’t exist

  10. hababa

    What is it with these Liberal Federal MP’s and Senators that suddenly have green apartheid consciences in a State Election, but were quiet as mice in the Federal Election preferencing.
    Failed in the Federal election, leave us alone in the State election.

  11. Wendy

    Gee Adrian Jackson, what a policy genius you are. No really, it’s amazing no one thought of that before. You know something, they did ban needles. Then all these people shared them, usually after stealing them from some traumatized chemist.

    Then they had sex with other men and lied to their wives and girlfriends and hey bingo, we got ourselves an AIDS problem.

    What to know something else you mensa club graduate? There are other ways to take drugs without using a needle. In jail, they use pens.

    Let’s ban pens.

    Let’s ban drugs. Especially in sport. That’s why there are no drugs in sport … Cept those 12 Aussie who just tested positive. Probably refugees …

  12. Alfred Deakin

    Very funny Sophie – your party put Adam Bandt into Federal Parliament and now you are going to put four Greens into Victoria’s Legislative Assembly. When you stop putting the Greens into Parliament I might start listening to you!!

  13. Adrian Jackson

    Wendy (17:57 hrs) so what is your point?

    Who cares what happens to prisoners, who cares what happens to druggies and who cares what happens to adulterers and those who practice unsafe sex.

    Even with your spouse or partner a condom should be use and in the case of a heterosexual couple when they want to conceive a baby a health check should be taken first for the sake of the couple and particularly the baby.

    This would only need to be does twice in a lifetime as anyone who has more that two children/births is a liability to the world (over population) and the taxpayer (baby bonus, etc).

    Go it now Wendy !!!

  14. Wendy

    Adrian, did you finish kindergarten? You cannot spell, you make no sense and you are a poster boy for hand karaoke.

    And please, don’t use one of those plastic things on your flesh pistol. It is against the teachings of the Pope and you cannot ban drugs but support the glad wrap method.

  15. Adrian Jackson

    Wendy you are one sick chick. Keep using your vibrator its safe sex too

  16. Sergey Brin

    I love the ad for the Victorian Greens on the side. I might just join up.

  17. Wendy

    Please name one country that does not have a drug problem.

    Name one country that has won the war on drugs.

    Name one country whose policies will stop drug use.

    And while you are Googling, name one sport that is free of illicit drugs.

    If you can’t, then maybe it’s time to rethink the Sophie tough on drugs policy.

  18. Adrian Jackson

    Wendy, NO and I am bored with you as my cyber lover

  19. Ronnie

    I love it when Wendy gets angry.

  20. not Mike Baird

    I have always got on well with the Greens by mouthing platitudes – just glad they do not look at my record with big oil when I was a merchant banker

  21. Not Matt Church

    Wendy, you are a narrow minded buffoon. Good day.

  22. Wendy

    Not Matt Church – if I am a narrow minded baboon, then surely we are the perfect couple? I trust the narrow minded baboon you currently lay with won’t mind another primate to join your pod?

  23. Michael

    I believe strongly in both prescription heroin (the main health problems are related to impurities and overdosing due to the unknown potency of street drugs)…

    I also believe in the full legalization of marijuana for people over 21…

  24. andy

    wendy, you are off your head, where do you pull your facts from? ps. i voted conservative in fed election, theres your evidence. legealize mj

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