FREEFALL: Age readership goes through the floor

theagecrisis Roy Morgan readership figures for the quarter just gone have added to the sense of crisis at The Age’s lavish new headquarters.

The Saturday Age is hemorrhaging readers, down 8.1% in just three months, the daily’s not much better dropping 6.5% and the Sunday Age doing dismally with a 6.1% fall. By contrast the Herald Sun is doing very well indeed compared with its competition and with newspapers throughout the English speaking world. The Herald Sun is truly the jewel in the News Corp crown.

In advertising circles, a readership number below 700,000 as The Age now has is regarded as putting one in the category of “niche publication.” It’s a bad look, insiders say.

One industry insider thought it particularly amusing The Age was so slavishly embracing the extreme-left Greens party because it appears that the inner-urban environmentally concerned are dropping off as subscribers, newspaper buyers and even as those willing to admit reading a dead-tree product.




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47 responses to “FREEFALL: Age readership goes through the floor

  1. Adrian Jackson

    Andrew, what are The Australian and Financial Review figures like? I get the Weekly Times and its good to see its circulation rising.

  2. Wendy

    The Age is dead. Long live VEX, the most balanced, fair and truthful news site in Australia. VEX breaks stories, it is cutting edge reporting. Terrific sports section, top shelf TV guide too.

    VEX should be a broadsheet. Andrew should write every story. Two editions a day.

  3. The Age

    The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

  4. Anonymous

    If the Age is closed down, what will I wipe my arse with ?

  5. Anonymous

    When the Age became a cheer squad for the Greens Party it lost my readership; now I’d rather read the HUN, it’s has a hell of a lot more balance in its political views.

  6. Dan Lewis

    Failed army washout and notorious antisemite Andrew Jackson is just upset that Der Stürmer isn’t available these days.

  7. sad really

    The real crime The Age commits is that it is boooorrrrinnngg!!

  8. How do you spell "Schadenfreude"?

    The latest audit bureau figures on actual sales tell a similar story of the Age’s imminent demise. Fewer readers, fewer buyers, fewer ads, less revenue, fewer friends, fewer and fewer days left until the axe finally falls. How sad.

  9. Newspaper junkie

    On the latest figures, the Herald Sun would be at number 15 on the list of top selling newspapers in the USA, just behind the Chicago Tribune. The Age wouldn’t even make the list.

  10. Elitist rag

    I subscribed to The Age for about 5 years. Over the past few years, as they’ve fallen behind Greens and have become the paper for the self annointed “educated thinking types” of inner suburbia. Their decision to print the angry, irrational and bigoted ramblings of Catherine Deviney was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Her insults, directed towards ordinary, decent working families and people of faith showed the contempt that the paper holds towards mainstream society.

    Big changes will need to take place before I give them another cent.

  11. Adrian Jackson

    Dan Lewis (9:37 hrs) haven’t they sent you to a camp yet! Like Gaza.

    I have been researching my family history and most are from England, Scotland, Ireland and Cornwall (UK) but another strand was from Bayreuth, Kingdom of Bavaria. No wonder I like Wagner.

  12. Basque freedom fighter

    What happened to The Age’s dominance of Saturday Real Estate? Oh, yeah, they sacked Anthony Catalano and he set up a new publication that has pwned the age’s real estate business. Tsk Tsk.

  13. Bye Bye Age

    This will be their last state election

  14. Uh Oh!

    Andrew, the Newspaper Audit figures are also out today and Fairfax is deathly quiet about the Age and AFR numbers. The weekday Age now sells just 190,000 copies a day. Take out all those dodgy uni student copies and footy club deals and you’d be hard pressed to think that they’re selling more than 6 actual fair dinkum copies at full price. And two of those would be to Ted Baillieu.

  15. Elitist Rag

    The Age political journalists arn’t too worried. If the paper crashes the ABC will send out a liferaft

  16. To lose the Age would be a tragedy for Melbourne. That is the unspun, unbiased truth.

  17. Is it any wonder their readership is dropping with quality journalism like this...

    An online poll on has sent a message to the Brumby government, with Labor heavily trailing both the Coalition and the Greens.Just 18 per cent of more than 27,500 people this week indicated they would vote Labor on November 27, a distant third behind the Greens at 36 per cent and the Liberal/Nationals at 40 per cent.Six per cent said they would vote for an independent or minority party. While not a scientific survey of voters’ intentions on November 27, the results of the online poll will concern many Labor supporters as the party attempts to gain a record fourth term in government.

    Yep so the poll is not scientific and has no basis in reality (do we really think the ALP vote will be 18% and the Greens will get the highest proportion of the vote state wide). So really what is the point exactly? And The Age online poll participants are hardly a microcosm of voting intention across Victoria on election day. Spare me this nonsense.

  18. Reds are better in bed

    Of course age sales are down, the JAMAGWSFB types all have internet access

  19. Unspun? WTF?

    To lose the Age would be like losing a toenail or possibly a large chunk of hair. Nasty and possibly even painful at the time, but you do get over it. And that, my friend, is the unbiased truth.

  20. Gary Morgan

    A poll of more than 5000 Victorians shows conclusively that fewer and fewer Victorians are reading the age every day. The poll, conducted by Morgan Research every week of the year and used as the basis for most media purchasing decisions in Australia is both scientific, reputable AND unbiased. In other words, the age is buggered. An ex-parrot. Joined the choir invisible. Rooted. Snuffed it.

  21. MIchael Burd

    If Al’ age closes down who will speak on behalf of the poor Palestinians?

  22. The Axis of Eltism

    Once, back in the days of Graham Perkins, the Age was a great br

  23. Peter Cohen

    We lost the Age some years ago when they stopped journalism and became a large size tabloid. I mean that figuratively. As a committed but scientifically educated environmentalist, I find their inaccurate, ill informed rantings on this subject hard to bear. They are equally ill informed with their continuous Israel bashing. They need real journalists who understand the need to check their sources and know the difference between news and commentary. Their shareholders should be taking the management to task for loosing their readership.

  24. The Axis of Eltism

    Once, back in the days of Graham Perkins, the Age was a respected paper that exposed what needed to be exposed and promoted debate abiut important issues.

    In recent years, it has gone from being awould be Waahiington Post inhabited by paranoid left-wing McCarthyists who found conspiracies under every bed and corruption in every commercial transaction, to a snooty, eltist,inner-suburban rag looking down its nose at working people in the suburbs and protecting the latte sipping, tofu eating lifestyles of inner-suburbam tossers in Carlton and Fitzroy.

    Lately, it has been little more than the official organ for the looney, trotsyite infiltrated Greens Party.

    Is it any wonder that the only people stillreading it have ice-picks in their heads?

  25. Peaceman

    Peter Cohen, don’t worry about their shareholders. Fairfax held its AGM yesterday and its CEO was questioned by two shareholders on the blatant anti-Israel bias in its reporting. You can listen in on the Fairfax and decide for yourself whether he lied in his response.

  26. Anonymous

    El Age, mouthpiece of the Islamic cause, about to bite the dust.

  27. Adrian Jackson

    Michael Burd (17.55hrs),I WELL.

    Aren’t you meant to be sitting around the family table now eating chicken soup and other kosher tucker instead of using machines like computers?

  28. Leon

    Adrian Jackson, the Jewish Sabbath starts late when we’re saving daylight time. Helps the Joos to better observe the goose-stepping dullards who infest the Middle Park region.

  29. Sally T

    Agree with The Axis of Elitism. Can’t see The Age recovering as it does not appear to want to improve.

  30. Daniel Small

    Unfortunately I no longer have a need to subscribe to The Age. I do not own a fish and chip shop, and my dog is toilet trained. In any case I don’t even think he would defecate on that left wing rag.

  31. Greg

    Today’s online Agepoll shows that 36% of participants vote Green, about double the rate in the rest of the population.

    Given the Greens never like to pay for any of their policies- and believe that everyone else should pay, the Age’s strategy of targetting a group that has short arms and deep pockets (they can’t reach them) doesn’t seem to me as being a great business model.

  32. Chalk n' cheese

    The Age began during Victoria’s goldrush and has faithfully reported events ever since. It will long outlast Vexnews, a rather ordinary boring internet blog.

  33. Don’t forget the freebies they give at the football. Sadly for The Age, even when it’s free I don’t read it because it’s crap!

  34. MIchael Burd

    Note that SMH [ Syrian Morning Herald] published an apology [ sort of] Page 2 ] in Fridays rag for just one of the lies and slander that appeared in the 6 page Hatchet Job in last weeks Good Weekend Magazine.


    An information panel with the Good Weekend story `Project
    Gaza’ last weekend should not have said that Mohammed al Dura died after being
    shot by the Israel Defence Forces. The events at Netzarim Junction, Gaza, on
    September 30, 2000 remain in dispute. The information was introduced during
    the production process.”

    It’s interesting that the SMH Editor described the hard core anti _Zionist activists and Arab propagandists as an’ Information Panel” how crass.. also what the f-ck does that last sentence mean in their ‘Clarification’ ?

    It should also be noted but not surprising that al’ age did not publish the same apology to their readers.

    Perhaps Maher Muhgrabi Fairfax/Age employee { full time Palestinian activist] from al’ age’s foreign desk did not allow it?

  35. Anonymous

    Hot rumour: Ramadge to replace Churchill upstairs when the shake up is announced.

    Hot rumour #2: Bruce Guthrie seen having coffee with Greg Hywood and talking money.

  36. Adrian Jackson

    Leon (20:13hrs), OK but daytime saving is only a recent innovation so I am amazed that it is taken into account on Friday evenings as most religious ritual is based on the ideas from the dark aged and much earlier.

    As for goose-stepping we see lots of it on TV in the occupied territories of Palestine by the IDF.

    One good thing with the rag-head settlers mainly located in one place or settler cluster is that if a Neutron bomb is dropped (which kill beings but does not destroy buildings) the settler home will be ready for occupation by Palestinians after a spring clean.

    It might be smarter strategically if the settlers mix with ours but settlers are not smart only arrogant

  37. Narcissists unite

    Guthrie and hywood having coffee?

    Unlikely. There would have to have been a third person there to pay the bill as neither would shout if a shark bit them.

  38. Chalk up one loyal blog reader

    Dear chalk and cheese, the age has always reported what it wants to report. It’s just that lately fewer and fewer people are interested in what it has to say. Which is probably why you were here at midnight last night? Or are you an age sub using the bosses’ Internet at knock-off?
    Mention of the great Graham Perkin is always instructive. It was the one time The Age actually campaigned on mainstream issues that mattered to everyday melburnians.Oh, and do you know where his children work? News limited. How poignant.

  39. Angus border dymock

    Hot rumor #3
    Someone who doesn’t work for the herald sun rumored to have bought a copy of the Guthrie book. Thought it was a book about woody guthrie.

  40. Can you publish a graph over the last five years?

    I agree the Age is in a sharp decline as more and more people go online for their news looking for articles that offer a variety of opinion and informed sources. I use to read the Age religiously now I am unlikely to read one article a week from the Age. The quality of journalism and editorials has diminished significantly over the last ten years.

    Our News is now available 24hr x 7 we can turn on the TV or log on.

    The days of specialised Victorian based news is limited.

    The shift in reader interest is also showing up in the political polls as the difference between State and Federal political polling varies by less than one percent.

  41. Ahab

    The weird attacks here on The Age are like gnats attacking a happy, healthy whale.

  42. Doubting itz

    The World’s ideology is ‘upside down. The UN is a distorted, unprincipled wreck. Why shouldn’t The Age reflect this in Orwellian fashion?

  43. Dan Lewis

    Adrian Jackson would make a great Arab. He’s a total military failure, who resents successful Jews for everything wrong in his own life.

  44. MobY

    If the age is a happy healthy whale, then the greens are needed down at stkilda beach to roll the poor dear back into the water. Don’t forget your buckets and towels luvvies.

  45. joffa

    The Age doesn’t seem aware that the world extends beyond the borders of Fitzroy North. It’s become dominated by pretentious, inner city fixie-riding wankers. For proof of this, look no further than The Zone with wanker-in-cheif Michael Short. Or the painfully pretentious Epicure writer Larissa Dubecki giving us all inside gossip from the inner-city cafe scene in which her husband is a big don. Who cares? Yawn.

  46. Dan Lewis

    Have you ever noticed that when you mention Jew-hating Adrian Jackson’s military career, he goes all quiet or tries to change the subject?

  47. Paccojenks

    I can’t believe the mini Kennett’s who get so ragged up about bagging The Age. FFS get TF over yaselves. No doubt it’s full of a fair bit of pretentious crap, but do you little Hun readers read every page of the Hun and agree with it? If The Age wants to boost its readership it should make the paper littler and put a footy player on the front every second day. Most of you scribes will be in-house clubby types who are protecting your own territory.

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