THE NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS: Greens thugs rampage through inner-city, smashing office windows, slashing opponents' billboards

Victoria Police is investigating a series of attacks on campaign posters and offices throughout the inner-city.

As these pictures – exclusive to VEXNEWS – illustrate, Brunswick Labor candidate Jane Garrett’s campaign office in Sydney Road Brunswick was attacked with a huge glass window smashed with Labor and Liberal billboards in the Melbourne electorate also slashed in the dead of night. The incidents occurred last week and over the weekend.

The window that was smashed is apparently just in front of the area in the office where community groups like mothers’ groups meet.

VEXNEWS has also heard many reports over the weekend of Greens activists engaged in acts of bullying and intimidation against ALP campaign workers and candidates. Members of Greens front-groups have also been involved in aggressively stalking ALP street-stalls throughout the inner-city.

The ‘Night of Broken Glass’ comes as the Greens fury surges over criticism of their candidates – including the swastika-worshipping property developer barrister Brian Walters for taking money from the coal industry and Nazi war-criminals – and of their policies with Victorian Treasury analysis revealing some of their policies would cost in excess of $20 billion (keep in mind the total Vic budget this year is around $44 billion). Walters’ spin on the issue of his willingness to take money from the coal industry for legal work while advocating the closure of the coal industry was set straight very elegantly in the Sunday Herald Sun by Peter Faris QC.

The Greens party – started by environmentalist doctor Bob Brown – has increasingly been infiltrated by those hailing from an ultra-left political tradition which is no stranger to violence.

The Greens federal MP Adam Bandt was involved in the frequently violent campus group Left Alliance, his campaign media manager Damien Lawson was a senior official in that movement too prior to flicking the switch to environmental. Sometime joke figure Stephen Luntz – a self-described Greens party strategist – was similarly involved in militant anti-Labor Left causes at the University of Melbourne prior to running a racket where he purports to be an independent polling official for hire.

At a campus level, the extreme-left Left Alliance frequently engaged in very similar tactics including threats to kill, assault, destroying campaign posters of opponents, smashing windows during protests and other acts calculated to intimidate. Other groups, like the Democratic Socialist Perspective, a Trotskyite organisation now merged into the Socialist Alliance, have operatives active within the Greens, including Maurice Sibelle, now the campaign manager for sacked Brimbank councillor and Derrimut candidate Geraldine Brooks.

The emergence of entryist militant leftists within the Greens party is a worrying trend in Victorian politics with attacks on offices and billboards by Greens operatives with a history of intimidation just the beginning.

As the state campaign goes on and the pressure mounts, are we starting to see the Greens’ mask slip?



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61 responses to “THE NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS: Greens thugs rampage through inner-city, smashing office windows, slashing opponents' billboards

  1. greens and nazis

    the green Kristallnacht is coming

  2. disgrace

    The Greens are dangerous.

  3. Rob

    Oh my god the greens are coming! Hide the children!
    What a load of…
    Do we really need fear tactics from dodgy self indulgent bloggers?

  4. sg

    Is it possible for a whole site to be Godwinned?

  5. Mick Malloy

    Labor Party sympathy spin, they are so desperate this is all they can do to themselves. They learned this trick from a local rabbi who found that painting swastikas on his synagogue won him a lot of support for the plight of his long suffering and persecuted people.

  6. Peter Wright

    It wasn’t ‘bloggers’ who smashed that window. The Greens must be held to account for their crimes of violence.

  7. The watermellon reds should stay in their beds after dark. Whatever your political leaning this is disgraceful and criminal conduct.

  8. Anonymous

    Interesting you mention Brooks and Trots. Ask her what she thinks of the Cuban ‘utopia’. Her response will come as no surprise

  9. Sotherby

    Pretty petty and pathetic turn of events, they can’t win legitimatley so they go mental (or more mental int he case of these violent leftists)

  10. mal

    The video by Greens candidate for Pascoe Vale Liam Farrelly is all the evidence needed to show they’re capable of anything.

  11. Anonymous

    The thuggish element within the Greens is certainly pretty evident. I was threatened by Green thugs when attempting to put up Labor posters in a suburban shopping street. I have been doing this sort of thing for 20 years, and this is the first time I have ever been threatened. The thugs concerned shouted Green slogans as I rolled up my posters and moved away.

  12. Luke Weyland, Australia

    Those who must be held accountable are those who support the bombing and invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Yes both the Socialists and the Greens can be called extremists – we believe such ‘extreme things’ as in human rights, peace and a renewable environment. such as extreme things as the ALP once supported.

  13. Wendy

    I told you they are coming for your children. Next to go will be milk factories – it’ll be soy only after the revolution.

  14. matilda

    What a load of bulldust! Don’t think that any such claims of damage made the ‘real news’, let alone the defammatory finger-pointing of who the alleged culprits were. However, this one did make the genuine news outlets: ‘Greens Sydney Office Attacked by Vandals’.

  15. Sounds like the Nuclear Disarmament Party all over again.

  16. Reds are better in beds

    Garrett must have pissed off the ETU

  17. evil bastard

    the greens have learned well from labor

  18. Medici

    Did you see the green paint bombs over Greens posters all over the city after the federal election? Anyway I digress, I know a NSW union secretary who distributes shit sheets about himself, defaces his own electoral material at election time and writes anonymous letters to his own members discrediting his own team and then screams in the media about the nasty tactics of his opponents, he doesn’t realise it is all so transparent.. It’s done to try and create a reason to trot off to Fair Work or the Federal Court in case he loses. He can then present all of his self created work to justify why any election result should be overturned. This is stock and trade in the ALP, really this story just looks like ALP tactics to me.

  19. I think what Luke is trying to say is that violence is OK if you are a loony lefty Greenie.

    Run along kiddies and make sure to be a good little bolshie.

  20. Alex Hork

    Someone should have called the cops.

  21. Wendy

    I love it! First you label all lefties as a bunch of sissies and tree hugging Masters students, now you run around like wimps saying they are all Mike Tyson built thugees about to rip your gonads off and serve them to swinging voters.

    Are you boys scared of what – soy milk syndrome? Going to be bashed by an old lady who stabs you with a Bob Brown badge?

    Hope your mummies have a stock of band aids.

  22. Costas and Geraldine Brooks Love Child

    Costas Socratous will save us from The Greens !!!!!!!! Yeah Baby ^&#$&^!!!!

  23. This week’s Essential Research poll shows the the Greens losing ground to the coalition with the coalition showing a two-party lead for the first time since the agency commenced polling in early 2008. The Coalition is up two points on the primary vote to 46 per cent, for a two-party lead of 51-49, while Labor is down two points to 39 per cent. Support for the Greens has  slumped from 11% six months ago to 8% in the latest poll

  24. Not Red

    Nothing the ALP hasn’t engaged in over the years. They just don’t like others using their tricks.

  25. oh dear

    This is not surprising, you only have to see how they act at university campus’s all around the country.

  26. anon

    There is nothing as vile as the vile rotting smell of a dead Pike.

  27. A Disgrace

    If it happened to the Greens Campaign Rooms it would be a front page splash in the Age – something like “Brumby’s Dirt Unit Turns to Violence”

  28. Dan Lewis

    Thank you “mick malloy” for demonstrating the continuing friendship between radical leftists and Jew-hating scumbags.

    I assume the Jewish Community also spends millions of dollars a year on security just to attract sympathy as well? Oh, sorry. You’re not an anti-Semite and there’s no such thing right? It’s all a giant Jewish conspiracy.

  29. Anonymous

    Actung! Actung! Actung!

    Fuhrer Barber is on his way.

    Feels like Munich 1925 all over again.

  30. Fiona Pickett

    You can’t make an omelette without breaking the eggs. The people’s revolution mandates the expropriation or destruction of all the property of the petty Bourgeoisie. Garrett is a fellow traveller of the fascist employer classes.

  31. c u on the tram

    Reduction Ad Hitlerum

  32. Anarchists on the loose

    This is the same group that dressed up in masks and jumpsuits and trashed the Police vans during the G20 meeting in Melbourne. They certainly are not peace loving activists dressed up in Koala suits.

    They are hard line left radicals who are out to cause the most damage they can inflict on our civil society. This is the same group that the Liberal Party want to preference ahead of the ALP. The group that the LNP will support at the next State election

  33. Citizen 76549276

    Wait a minute – wasn’t Julia Gillard also from one of the extreme left groups??? Not only while being a uni student but for years after.

    She infiltrated the ALP.

  34. Lawless society

    Gillard debated her concerns she most certainly did not set in such a reckless and lawless manner.

    The Greens are drunk with the prospect of power, They think they are beyond approach, They are riding a wave of disillusionment of the dissatisfied and restless.

    They have no respect for property or civil society. They support legalization of main stream drugs and lucid acts of bestiality. and depravity. They are worst then a rabies inflicted Dingo in the full sun.

    The sought you would not let your daughter associate with.

  35. Anonymous

    Dear Greens, will you put your barcode on my forehead or forearm?

    Just let me know so I can attend your citizen tracking centre after you take power.

  36. Anony Mouse

    Is this story true? Why hasn’t any other media outlet reported or just VN BS>?

  37. Craig.L.

    I’ll take my barcode up the ass thanks!

  38. Sotherby

    Greens are scum, they will not amount to anything other than the new placeholders of the big minor party position untils oemthing else comes along, or Bob Brown quits and sends them all after each others arses. This crap surrounding Wendy the Grand Master Nutter of the North and Greg Cool as Coal display how parts of the media, and the factions of the parties themselves hate anyone second guessing them or any level of sruitiny. New politics means better MP’s full stop, not a simplydifferent bunch of twats occupying the treasurery benches.

  39. Harry the B

    @Lawless society:

    What is a “lucid act of bestiality”?

  40. Adrian Jackson

    Its probably being done by Labour and Liberal nutters from the Caulfield area rather than Greens.

    They are constantly attacking each other poster in front gardens while in other areas most candidate posters are not vandalised.

    Perhaps the Caulfield mob are still conducting themselves as they did in South Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Asiatic Middle East before immigrating to Oz.

  41. Wrenchy

    Boofa don’t forget tomorrow night outside Pompei’s at dusk with a little blue pill and the cheque for my campaign and I’ll give a session like no other.

  42. Michael the great Williamson

    We the members of the HSU thank Michael Williamson for taking time to visit our work places this week. This man is a true friend of all Health workers.Michael will stand up to Government without fear.

  43. Brimbank Party hack

    What else is new? the ALP and the LIBS are like two stranded Whales flapping,but going nowhere,good only for stapping each other in the back.rang and file members nothing but a pain in the arse.Most members are past 50 with very little new blood.Most MP’s are dumed on us,never mind there quality as branchstackers,or as in our case in Brimbank,dont have a say at all.George Seitz replacement,a part timer all the way from NSW and from comments I have heard useless and not worth a piece of s***,and the powers to be wonder why the watermellons are getting all those votes?the only reason sane people dont vote for them is they are a pack of nutcases.Still there are plenty who believe they say,a sucker is born every minute and will vote for them….

  44. Wendy

    Southerby, will you stand with me in our new party – the Soy Tea Party? We want to lower taxes, increase mining, abolish climate change department and Water Board lefties with soy milk.

  45. Tuxnews

    Meanwhile in the outer suburbs, nothing of interest happens.

    Heaven forbid some crazy lefties or clever false flaggers buy some Zone 2 tickets.

  46. Anonymous

    Lefties and chardy socialists dont venture more than 5km from the cbd.

  47. when Pauline Hanson was pelted with urine filled condoms and human excreta – her attackers were Greens and Socialist Alliance goons! – that was 12 years ago and I wonder what those geniuses are doing with their pathetic lives today???

  48. Citizen 76549276

    One of them, initials JG, became PM.

  49. Barry

    Wasn’t it the Liberals who tried to put “your Pauline” in jail Pasquarelli?

    I don’t remember anybody from the Greens ever pulling a sawnoff shotgun on an unarmed man like you did either.

  50. Barry

    @john pasquarelli:
    Wasn’t it the Liberals who tried to put “your Pauline” in jail Pasquarelli?

    I don’t remember anybody from the Greens ever pulling a sawnoff shotgun on an unarmed man like you did either.

  51. Adrian Jackson

    When Pauline Hansen got over 4% of the primary vote (as she does regularly) and got taxpayer funding like other MP’s my local MP Michael Danby (ALP, Melbourne Ports) tried to have the funding threshold raised to 15% because he did not like Hansen. This proposal was rejected by others (Lib & Lab) on the Parliamentary Matter Committee. What a fascist Danby is.

  52. Pisstopher Chryne

    I have been pelted with urine and excretia before. It was unfortunate I had to pay a lot more at Ken’s bath house for the pleasure but it was worth it.

  53. StBob

    There are any number of respectable ofrty and fifty something journalists and politicians around town who were part of the “Angry Left” when at uni. They eventually grow out of it. While any illegal activity should be prosecuted to the full I think it’s a bit of a stretch to tar the Greens based on the juvenile behaviour of a few kids (who only think they are grown-up). Expose them and humilaite them all the sooner for them growing up.

  54. Sotherby

    Oh Wendy, I wouldn’t want to be within a radius of you that would expose me to your awful, and likely infected, minge.

  55. Wendy

    Nonsense Southerby. We could stand on a joint ticket. The Soy Tea Party would attract support from the Left, those with unnatural underarm hair and a fondness for wildlife and vegetation; and your mob who like a big gun, a treeless plane and a private school boy.

    We would be unstoppable. Ted and John wouldn’t stand a chance. C’mon, what have you got to lose, other than a deposit and your fondness for untrimmed bushes?

  56. Monash University politics lecturer Narelle Miragliotta says that while the Greens are seen as inspired by a desire to preserve wilderness areas, this is strictly only true of the Tasmania and Queensland branches.

    “The thing about Tasmania and Queensland, they did mobilise around charismatic individuals [Bob Brown and Drew Hutton],” she says. The Greens in Victoria and New South Wales came from a broader social justice movement, creating a sort of pan-left party.”

    The Victorian Greens are extreme left radicals, the same group that trashed Victorian Police vans during the G20 meeting in Melbourne

  57. The Australian Orange revolution

    Australia needs an Orange revolution that can counteract the Green madness push. The Victorian Greens are not an environmental party they are a socialist extremist party. we need a party that can opposed the Green push to destroy our economy and democratic values. A party that can restore the balance in the debate and offer support to moderate ALP and Liberal minded candidates. A party that supports small business and our farmers. A party that is Orange.

  58. Luntz's Past

    You want to see the real face of radicalism. Just take a look at a photo of Stephen Luntz, Green bagman and election strategist – rigger of elections, A look back into Stephen’s past at Melbourne University and all will be revelled.

  59. The Fairy tale nightmare

    Luntz looks like a cross between a hair nose wombat and an oversized hobbit/orc.

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