OUT OF THE DOG-HOUSE: NRL star Joel Monaghan may not have committed a crime in dog sex incident because bestiality not expressly forbidden in Canberra

dogs In a stunning development in the Canberra Raiders NRL Joel Monaghan dog sex saga, VEXNEWS can report that bestiality is not a crime in the Australian Capital Territory.

After admitting appearing in the shocking dog sex photographs in a statement issued late today, Monaghan is in the clear, at least legally, because of an astonishing oversight in ACT law.

Legal experts – who consulted Wikipedia – tell VEXNEWS that while all states – and wisely the Northern Territory – have made provision for bestiality prohibitions, no such offence appears to exist in the ACT.

They cite the well-regarded current Halsbury’s Laws of Australia #9 page 247662:

  • Criminal offence: New South Wales (Crimes Act 1900 s79, not more than 14 years imprisonment), Northern Territory(Criminal Code s138, not more than 3 years imprisonment), Queensland (Criminal Code s211: "carnal knowledge of an animal", not more than 5 years imprisonment), South Australia (Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 s69, "buggery with an animal", not more than 10 years imprisonment), Tasmania (Criminal Code s122(b), not more than 21 years imprisonment), Victoria (Crimes Act 1958 s59, not more than 5 years imprisonment), Western Australia(Criminal Code s181: "carnal knowledge of an animal", not more than 7 years imprisonment).
  • Other: Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay Territory have "no equivalent provisions".

There is an animal welfare law which might possibly cover the activity represented in the photographic image although that is far from clear.

Indeed it appears the provision in the Crimes Act that once forbade bestiality in the ACT in the past was repealed on 28th of November 1985 and has not been replaced, which certainly covers all the material times in this case and also during Mark Latham’s tenure in Canberra.

In all seriousness, it appears this is a serious omission in the ACT law and that what passes for a government there should take immediate action to make bestiality a crime as it is throughout the Commonwealth. Perhaps it could be referred to in legal circles as Monaghan’s Law. The member of the Prime Minister’s hand-picked First XIII rugby league team could be immortalised for all time that way.



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13 responses to “OUT OF THE DOG-HOUSE: NRL star Joel Monaghan may not have committed a crime in dog sex incident because bestiality not expressly forbidden in Canberra

  1. omg

    I blame Kate Carnell

  2. There is very good reason why no beastiality prohibition exists in the ACT, and rightly so too. Late at night the corridors of power up at Federal Parliament can be very lonely places indeed. If you hadn’t worked it out earlier, the wolf whistles are NOT directed specifically at Julia Gillard.
    Visit my link above and you will see how hypocritical the RSPCA are in this debate – they have been supplying animals for photographs with nude boys in fundraising calendars for years. Little wonder Joel got a bit of cha-cha when he had the opportunity.

  3. Quokka

    The poor dear Pooch I know how he feels the tearing then tears as they depart. That Troy Buswell and his antics with me have left me a shattered animal.

  4. Craig.L.

    Bestiality is approved in the ACT? I’m going there, come in Jake bring your camera.

  5. Peta Singher

    As long as the animal enjoyed itself i have no problem with it

  6. Edmund Egg

    When will we, as a community say enough is enough when it comes to the loutish and just-plain-dumb behaviour of boofhead sports people?

    So many so-called professional sports people think they are above the law and above any social norms.

    I know all of his mates will think this yarn is funny but this bloke has just sunk League a little lower in the cesspool it currently occupies.

  7. If there is no beastiality act in the ACT.Maybe they should consider laying charges for animal animal cruelty instead.He needs to be punished for violating the dog.Not get away with it.

  8. hahahahahahahahaha!
    no, but seriously-

    NRL!n hahahahahaha!

  9. Congratulations on the NRL making the news outside of Sydney. Dull game, crap product, yet still manages to be entertaining once per year. Well done.

  10. carouser

    The minute you have sex with a dog and the shit makes it to twitter you can rest assured that your boss and the rest of the world will never forget one particular episode you happened to have one Monday night.


  11. nancy

    ronnie has doubled in size. stop overfeeding poor ronnie. Take him for more walks please mr vex

  12. Fred Nile's Dog

    “Just surfing the net for some interesting photos, Fred”. “Don’t worry I am using your Parliamentary account”.

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