JOEL MONAGHAN: The day NRL threw up in its mouth over dog sex pic

joelmonaghandogsex NRL Canberra player Joel Monaghan has been identified in a still photograph engaged in what have been described as “Mad Monday” celebrations.

It is worth keeping in mind that images are very easily digitally altered, using freely available software like Photoshop.

Twitter rocked early this afternoon with many accounts – including prominent media figures – identifying Monaghan as engaged in a sex act with a dog.

If the image is correct, this is most certainly a criminal offence, even in the Australian Capital Territory.

Mainstream media has already reported on the astonishing situation but has been reluctant to name the player, one of the top NRL players, representing New South Wales in the State of Origin.

We have republished the photograph but have obscured the very graphic parts of the image that appear to indicate a sex act has occurred for legal reasons. It is currently being published by others here which indicates it was re-tweeted by a prominent ABC comic identity. Be warned, it is not a safe for work image. It’s pretty scary even for those not at work.

We doubt even Brendan Fevola will be able to top this.



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36 responses to “JOEL MONAGHAN: The day NRL threw up in its mouth over dog sex pic

  1. Mr Inga

    At least it’s more attractive than my wife and I bet it has nicer breath to boot.

  2. Anonymous

    @Mr Inga: WTF?! bastard…

  3. com edian

    whats that old saying? That’s right…. You’ll never be alone…. If you give the dog a bone.

  4. Anon

    I look forward to Chas explaining how this is somehow acceptable behaviour.

  5. Anonymous

    Cant wait to see what she wears to the dally m’s

  6. anon

    Woof woof woof woof I just sucked off a rugby poof

  7. Brett Logan

    It is commanded in the Tora.

  8. Pisstopher Chryne

    i wish I was that dog.

  9. Christine Milne

    So a footballer got a blow job from Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. What’s the big deal?

  10. Gerto

    Come on. Dogs lick their own…what’s the difference?
    His are probably just as clean/dirty…
    It’s the fact the canine can’t give informed consent…and the fact he’s holding the poor dog’s head down…bad form.
    It’s just a bit of silliness that went too far.
    How political correctness goes mad so easily these days.

    So you’ve never been sniffed by a dog DOWN THERE? Barely a slip tween a sniff and a lick..
    What a lot of outrage about nothing.

  11. nate



  12. Pissy

    Oh how I long for my four legged friend Buster when I see photos like this one.

  13. Anonymous

    Sick little puppy…after sucking yr cock!!!!

  14. Boofa Leigh

    What is the big deal about the dog? I have had a few dogs in my time. In fact I am servicing one at the moment until the 27th November election……

  15. sam newmann

    id definatley share this moment with hajnal

  16. Simon

    I agree with Gerto, SO WHAT?! An image of one split second, and probably nothing happened. (hope so)The media has created this, and the sponsor sucking NRL is all apologetic. About what? Couple of pissed boys having a laugh. This country and the pathetic tabloid media is getting worse every day.

  17. Anonymous

    @Gerto: your an idiot

  18. Craig.L.

    Is this a MALE dog? If so, send him around to my house for a bit of fun.

    If FEMALE send round to my ex-wife for a bit of fun.

  19. Anonymous

    Dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

  20. Dude

    Well ya know, at least it isn’t like other league or even afl players that are forcing this kind of behaviour on young (human) women. Dog cruelty is terrible and unforgivable, but it’s better than raping or sexually assaulting some poor defenseless 16 year old league fan, and the dog may not have considered it ‘cruelty’ anyway. Good on him for leaving young girls alone. What a dick though, whether you laugh or cry at this, famous people really should know by now that their drunken off field actions are always watched and scrutinised. Dumb-Ass!

  21. Anonymous

    Two NRL Players were sitting in there lounge and saw there dog licking his balls,one said to the other I would like do that , other player said watch out he could bit you.

  22. jose

    Why do all the media outlets refer to him “simulating” a sex act?

  23. Wenchy

    Maybe the dog is trying to win a seat in Parliament and having to ‘service’ his master just like me, hopefully he’s seen his campaign funds unlike me.

  24. doggy style

    what is the problem here,boys will b boys and if i was there I would have taken over from the dog lol….Someone should find some shit on the twitt that posted the picture, lets c if his kennel is clean

  25. Anonymous

    wonder if it was cat, would there be the same outrage

  26. Adrian Jackson

    Is the dog what Kerry-Ann Kennelly called a “stray” a month or so ago on her TV show.

    Perhaps a Roman Catholic priest was not available to help Joel out

  27. Cardinal Pell

    I am always available to assist the young man in that department

  28. Gerto

    Oh for Heaven’s sake. Thank goodness Simon and I say what a lot of fuss about nothing.

    Anonymous, the correct grammar is YOU’RE an idiot.

    Look, I wouldn’t let a dog lick me. Because I KNOW where their tongues go – on their own balls, bums, other dogs balls and bums, rotten meat etc etc.

    Monaghan was a silly buggar for pulling his strides down and letting the dog have its way…it was a JOKE that went horribly wrong.

    The dog was having a nuzzle and a lick – not sucking him off, nor did he want it to suck him off. Once they got the silly photo to pay out on his friend, I’m sure he pulled his strides back up and went on drinking…as league players do…

    All I can say is thank goodness I did my stupid stuff before there was Internet. I feel sorry for young people now…while they’re growing into their brains, their silly mistakes are posted world wide.

    Oh that we could all be without blame in the things we do each day.

  29. Gerto

    Sorry Jose the reason for posting was…explanation of why the media says SIMULATED sex act…

    The silly drip wasn’t ACTUALLY encouraging the dog to give him a blow job or to have any sort of oral sex with him – he wasn’t feeling sexy, he wasn’t aroused by the dog, he was just being a fool, pretending to be up to no good for the photo, ergo, SIMULATION.

    With most cases of bestiality, it’s the poor animal that’s been violated for some selfish human’s sexual gratification.

    In this photo, it’s the dog who’s the “aggressor” – the bloke is just chilling out and in a brainwave, thinks “might pull down my strides and let my mate’s dog do what dogs do…”

    Which is nuzzle and lick smelly sweaty musty pongy areas – including, I guess when the opportunity presents, league players’ crutches….

    I can’t imagine a dog would be capable of performing the “real deal”, which is why the media says “simulated”.

    Mind you, I suppose any nuzzling and licking “down there” is a “sex act”…

    But the fact is, this stupid bloke wasn’t trying to get the dog to lick or suck him to orgasm…he wasn’t forcing it to perform oral sex on him…

    He was just trying to get a photo to make his mate sick, PRETENDING he was having it on with his dog…ergo SIMULATED sex act.

    Most people gently redirect a dog’s attention when it sticks its nose in your crutch….this bloke pulls his strides down for a photo!

    Unusual…but league players are not known for their circumspect behaviour (see Nate’s post above)

    I feel sorry for this storm in a teacup because I have three young sons…and I hope they never do anything as stupid as this young man because a moment of lunacy will haunt him for the rest of his life.

    I hope he has a supportive family and loyal friends to see him through.

  30. The Cavalier experience

    Looks like a sussex st party trick

  31. Ben Rauwe at de greenes

    Looks like our policy development officer having a go

  32. Adrian Jackson

    “and they call it puppy love” and the dog can sue for sexual harrassment or worst.

  33. Adrian Jackson

    Canberra must be a pretty boring place

  34. Adrian Jackson

    The Sunday Canberra Times says Joel has quit the NRL. I wonder if the doggie will be lining up in the rugby scrum for a bit of push and sniff as his replacement

  35. Grace

    “Boys will be boys”?? this isnt right, dont drag your whole sex down. this type of behaviour is what both New Zealand and Australia are struggling with and this type of drunkeness sadly is accepted by some. but speaking for myself, I refuse to accept that this is acceptable behaviour. No matter what your sex.

  36. Viv

    The dirty piece of s**t. The poor dog looks to me like it’s trying to pull away. Of course it’s ‘only a prank gone wrong’ now that he’s been found out. The RSPCA should prosecute and he should be made an example of and if I ever came face to face with him I’d spit in his eye. As for his father trying to comfort him, if he thinks that’s a son to be proud of, he has a VERY strange idea of fatherhood. My sympathies are all with the poor dog who deserves to be taken as far away as possible from his so called owner who allows his pet to be treated in such a fashion. Monaghan you stink!!!!!

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